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In this video I install a new clock-spring/spiral cable in a ladies 2012 Nissan Rogue. It's not a bad job to do but the part is pretty expensive. I would definitely recommend using an OEM part though. Aftermarket SRS components are usually trash.
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All right folks working on a 2012. it's a Nissan It's a rogue. It's got the big two five and the airbag light tone. So this lady stopped in with it a few days ago and um, it loses connection with the driver's side airbag here.

Oh, they're tamper-proof torques and I checked it out and it has a bad spiral cable so the clock spring if you will, or a spiral cable whatever you prefer to call them has an intermittent Connection in it depending on where you turn the wheel and then it loses connection. Throws the code. So we have a new one here from Nissan Just trying to see here so we have to pull the airbag out to do that. There's a couple little plastic tabs on the side of the wheel over it looks like it's a tamper-proof Torx bit.

That's what we're gonna find out here. I think I think it is. Yes, sir, Now what size is T30 I believe and a tamper proof. Which means it has the hole drilled through the middle so if you got one of these, you can take out of the Nissan airbag and a toilet stall if you feel inclined to do so.

I think there's just two of them here there. they are. That's what that screw looks like I Don't think you can see it, but there's a little lactating on it and then once we get this off, we should be able to pull the steering wheel off, take our column covers off, and get to what we need to get to. We did unhook the battery safety.

Third, there's that one. Our airbag module should come out here, and then there's going to be a couple wires here on the back. so well, several wires. I Can't really put you guys in a great spot so you have to stay in that spot, but you'll see what's up.

One big gray connector here, see if we can't release that we did. and then we have our two airbag connectors. Oh my. eyes aren't doing good this morning.

We should be able to release the latch here in the middle of them. All right? Yep, So yeah, we release the latch in the middle. I Don't know why this one didn't want to come up, so these ones usually work there. We go once they're up so they could pop both of them out and then very carefully go set it somewhere.

You have to be that character. A lot of people kind of get freaked out about them, but think about it, man, you're driving down the road and that thing's 10 inches from your face at all times anyways, so it's getting a whole lot more jiggling driving down the road. We need probably a 17 I'm guessing or a 19. and then something to pull the steering wheel off.

So let's go get that stuff. Oh yeah, first try 19 must be what's that movie tweet I got you guys right in the way. So before you pull a steering wheel, ever look to see if there's a mark on this one. There is got mark on the shaft and a mark on the Wheel because sometimes they're not key weight and you can put them just any old which way.

Let's see if we have enough lead in our pencil to just give her a little wiggle today. Yes sir, we do. We don't even need a puller now when you brought the guns, just took separate so we can all see. I'll try to keep you guys there as long as I can, but we'll probably make sure our wheels are straight ahead and they are straight ahead.

I Want to make that mistake? Do you pull them babies through? There we are. Here's our little clock spring. Okay little steering wheel. put your steering wheel puller away.

I Even bought the wrench of croissant, but we don't need that. Do we need to know how these cone covers come off and it looks like we got some screws up under there? some Phillips screws? Maybe they're JIS Who knows who can really tell the difference? Let's see, we're gonna go with your classic Numero 2-0 I Don't know if this will get up in there or not. Yes it does. Here's one of them.

Another hole here that we went up in there somewhere. Yeah, little fella. and that one. Get there wiggle.

Another hole down here. Oh that's a deep. feels. like there's something in there.

there's that one. Another hole here. but I don't think there's anything in that one. We'll get that little feel.

nothing. Man, it comes the part where you got to turn off the camera because you might have to. you know, do what you got to do. Got some separation over here? Usually combo covers.

you give them a little one of these. they'll pop apart. see. Just like that, we didn't have to turn off the camera.

We'll slide that one out. I Don't know if we have to take the knee bolster off. Got a little trim piece here. it pops off I won't hold that thing on, but not much apparently.

what? All data? Not much. and then, well. then we've got a little Keyhole you can get around it without pulling lower trim piece off here. Oh, look at that.

Well look, you're lucky we're doing that. Tear it all apart. Okay, let's set this stuff to the side. Let's see now where we have too difficult.

From this point, the hard part's over. Hmm. all these other switches hook into it. Okay, let's get a pocket screwdriver here.

Instead of unplugging some things, that plugger there can't unplug that until it's detached. Let's see. I got a plugger up here I can't see I think it's a little tab there. My sight's dwindling Folks by the day and it looks like maybe a couple screws down through the middle is all right.

We'll take some of these out. We'll see what happens if I Get on to it. Yeah, that feels a little Wiggly over there. I'll do this one right here and let's see.

Oh, that's Wiggly there. And then it feels like there's a little tab up here holding that There it is, baby. So screw in there. screw in there.

There's a couple connectors at the bottom that we have to undo now. I Have no idea. this guy doesn't have a clue. Let's see.

looks like must be a release tab here. Let's give her a little push. It's kind of on an angle. It's kind of kind of funny, but not funny.

Let's see if we can't go like this. Click. I'm gonna say click two screws, but never mind. we gotta get our screws that way.

Oh, apparently they're staying in. and how on the Thunder do these connectors come up Done. Looks like you gotta do the gray one first. apparently.

apparently. come on. a little gray one there. That's quite the old connector and this is a great one here.

They gotta push that sucker down. A stinker of a design. There's that they should make a car like this is. if you drive it like this, you know, like a motorcycle.

Let's go get a new part. There's our new part right from Nissan Stick that baby there. The screws are in it, so apparently they just stay now. Apparently we need to take these off.

They got little Pinchy tabs inside. You just pinch them little fellas and then they must realign with the connector. I Hope Oh look at that. line drained up and then this one again.

little pinch tabs. then you just guide me in baby. There it is. Then if you remember right, the yellow one.

Oh this is like Tetris down here. The yellow one went in first because it came out last and then the green one. So I thought nope, maybe it wants to be a jerk. Well, we don't want to break it so we're going to take the other one back out.

Maybe they go in together? Foreign. That's a weird one. Let's see if we can couple them together first. They kind of.

They kind of get snuggly here I have to kind of look at it. It's been, you know, almost 30 seconds since we took it apart. So that one was like that and this one was like that. So do they cut it? Do you make them cuddle first and then put them together? I Don't understand Why won't you latch together? Fella slides down? Okay, Oh, I See, So then they're kind of maybe you're supposed to do one and then the other and then pull them out together? I Did look in service data folks I Don't remember coming across anything like this.

anything special. They certainly will not slide in together, so that's not helpful. Let me go double check service. I Just don't want to break the connector.

They do latch together. They have that little gray latch right there which you can push that then and disconnect them well. I Didn't think this is going to be the hard part getting to connect to it together. I Would have thought yellow one in first.

Okay, yellow has to go in first because of the way that these lock. The yellow one goes in and the gray one slides into it. but it has a latch on it right here on the side that you can release down through here. So perhaps we put the yellow in.

We go to put the gray in, but then we have to push back the release tab here to get it passed. Let's try that. Okay, always something yellow in KS I Didn't have any other word to say. I'll push this one in, but then we'll reach in with our special tool.

push the gray tab over. Boom! They made that simple. How you supposed to know all this crap? That's what I want to know I'm pretty sure it wasn't the service data and then this clicked in. Clickety clack.

Don't talk mate. Where was that plugger? Oh, you idiot must be the steering angle sensor is not part of the new one. Here's a guy who should have made a better observation: I'm just making sure it fits before. I Put the steering angle sensor on.

see the difference there? Charlie Brown Oh yeah, Yay! What's all this stuff? maybe? I don't want to know? Um, let's get a little Phillips head because our steering angle sensor clearly needs to be installed. You think for the half a bazillion dollars that sucker costs, it would have came with one. All right, let's see here, we got a little screwdriver. We don't need the big one.

About both of them, these are the OEM stuff comes complete I Didn't pay attention. Here's one obviously I didn't pay attention We not to say the obvious. Well here baby, there's that one. Let's look at that in our fingers.

look at this one here. so we'll have to go through and relearn the steering wheel position. wouldn't work done it looks like pretty sure. I read Service date on this call reading anything funny? What kind of funny business? So that has a notch that lines up with right here.

the smaller of The Notches lines up with there the bigger Notch lines up there and we did have our Wheels Straight Ahead still so we didn't give that about 600 different spins and the new one is locked in the straightforward position. so we'll just kind of line that up like so I like it. So I see it has a little standoff pegasits on too. Put the screws back in it, we'll just get it started and we'll finish her off here in a minute.

Let's see it down the under. I Don't do that connector. but it was such a rigor. Merle Getting her together Where we're just going to leave it together.

It's like hanging a caliper by the brake hose. You know before it's twitching on the other end. That's right. Don't worry, it's not that heavy.

So let's see. we got a lace to go here. There's that one this one. Make sure we got that one started.

Let's see here, we're making a video. before you say anything you shouldn't There's tomorrow afternoon you ordered on the repair link or do you need from Hazelton's Chevy oh what? uh for which vehicle I always said there was no wanting to know the ETA this morning you said in the repair link order I didn't send any repair on quarter in today. We're not getting our orders today, so it would be. If some Draco calls and says we're not getting an order too then that'd be just great.

Well what is the order for? is that one? Is that what you said? Oh yeah, no, it's for uh yeah, we're good. Yeah, okay, yeah, tomorrow's fine. Okay, good. All of our Oh Yeah Parts orders are screwed up perfect.

Hey, if Napa calls and says we're not getting any perks, it'll be all three places we need to get parts from today. They're from school today so well it should be because we got a half an inch of snow. Everybody needs to calm down. I Had to stop because I got kind of bust on a downhill and had to slow down and all that snow all came off your roof.

You can see it coming. so I was pulling over as it was like oh dear, you gotta kick your wipers on at the right time so you can keep it off. It was heavy. Oh standby folks.

I just let my truck run long enough all that crap melts off. Yeah, but I have a van so there's a lot of snow up there. Yeah, yeah, it's kind of annoying when you rip up to the stop sign that all falls off. I Like it when it blows off and that big sheet and hits the car behind me.

I Know it gets people going though. some fella or blew off. uh, some big old ice cream flew off a tractor trailer. Yeah, you got to care for me.

it's somebody hits him. Yeah, they hit a bridge joint in that hole. They got 50. it sounded like it did some damage but I didn't Yeah, 52 feet of ice sheet on top of them things? Yeah.

I guess that's tight enough there folks. There's that foreign today? No. I came into work early. you didn't even know I left, did you? I knew you left.

You know I left. Yeah, you weren't there. Oh I didn't think you heard me. Boom, You were downstairs.

You didn't hear me. Ah I guess that's it folks. the spring of clock is in. This is your lock tab here.

It keeps here from just twirling around so we'll leave that on momentarily as we reinstall the plastic bits. slide that over. it's way up to are you tired? No, no did you enjoy that for the next week? I was sick. Kind of.

Not really. I mean I just I'm a man so when we get sick, it's more like I'm sick I'm baby. If I'm being honest, this is what you had. You shouldn't have been whining.

oh no, what I had was much worse. Oh I know I was flirting with death. That's what it felt like when I'm working and dealing with the public. That's what it feels like when I feel good I guess you don't sound as sick as I was I know I need help I think I need to go home I'm really sick no I never went home once I stayed here sneezing all over everybody's stuff I'm helping to build immunity throughout the community I don't know if that's the thing I didn't feel good though I'll tell you that much and it was from that one lady that came here like twice season all over my stuff I'm sure that's all right.

Look how much stronger you are now. Yep, I'm stronger and sneeze ears? what the heck I left the other ones loose. so this one wouldn't be such a big deal. I don't even know if I'm in the yeah I'm in the hole there um I don't know where it goes? Let me take a look over here folks.

I'm gonna stick my head in front of you for a minute. Oh, you know why that one doesn't go in. There's no corresponding holes of corresponding holes on here. That's why this thing goes back on there one way or another.

I know it just oh perfect. We're gonna see it just kind of fell off. it just kind of fell back in. sorry sick for real.

yeah. I'm for real have whatever you had. but I don't know why you're relying in for real soon. Been kissing on me.

Oh that's how I was the first day I was like oh this is this day Yeah, the first day I was sick I was like oh, this ain't a big deal Oh, that's what I was whining about. Next day eating all your vitamins you're giving me drinking water, sweating it out, waking up in the middle of night soaking wet. go home. So I don't get sick.

Our whole family dies. If I'm sick, you just get a new husband. I'm serious We're Men we can't live without him I better go home and have a day of rest. It's almost a weekend.

It's Tuesday Yeah, almost a weekend. Tomorrow would be another day closer. You can wait until the weekend. Yep.

I did. Oh there's that one there. Is it. She's a tiger attack, folks.

Remove the piece. She probably wants this thing back. I've never forgot to put one of these on our wires through. foreign and then there's a little Peg back here.

This little Peg goes in that little hole. Wow. What is it? Really profound? Well, some people don't know yes and then line up your slot. You know what? the slot is up here.

No. I don't know what that was the slot. the little Mark on the shaft with the mark on the steering wheel. okay nut.

put it on that. these nuts. it doesn't work with just one mess. Look at that one snug.

a Duggar It wasn't very tight coming off our wires ran through there and this is where you're going to want to be quick. What's the money in the cup holder for it was it was laying on a seat like is that your tip. This was all laying on the seat folks. I Was gonna steal it but I didn't I Hope she ain't looking for it because it was literally laying right here on the seat when I got in the car this morning.

so hopefully she's not missing it. So we're going to plug this thing back in. This is where it gets really dangerous. If this thing pops, you want to move your hand like this, it's not gonna pop.

Vanessa I Don't think it's gone anyways. Nope, not yet. and nope it didn't pop I was ready though I was like oh I was gonna be like that. You guys don't even see me twirl it around town I'm sure your wires aren't pinched in there.

you can see them kind of look back behind there. Everything looks good nestler down in its little nest. Get out your Torx tamper-proof toilet stall Torx I Call them I Don't know why they tamper-proof toilet saws. Is that really a problem? people? You know they use all the one-way type Fasteners on it every time I Use a public bathroom I Think about that.

like is this is this really a problem? It must be So we're gonna put the screws back in this fella. I'm not going to tighten that up till I get the other one in just in case we gotta give it some giggles I Gotta say they must. They must use the tamper-proof stuff and toilet saws because at some point it was a problem. There's obviously a problem with the water because you've got the little faucet you got.

Push in and wash your hands really quick and push it again. So clearly there's some sort of issue with people and toilets. Put that on. Let's move back to this one.

We're going all the way folks. There's that one ready to impact. There we go. That's it.

Hook up the battery, take care of our tools. So our code that B1049 is now a passed code. oddly enough on Nissan you need to clear the code to get the light to go out, which is kind of weird. usually airbags.

Most airbag stuff is kind of self-clearing so the light just went out now. I need to see where we can redo the uh steering angle sensor. uh, it says keep the steering wheel in the neutral position when driving straight ahead, then touch start. That's the first one I've ever seen where we've actually had to have it dynamically calibrated.

I Guess if you will pull out here? I Guess we're probably ought to go out on the high school I Don't know if we could just pull the head here in the parking lot or if it actually has to be driven. Pull out here. Dropper and drive. Keep the steering wheel in, keeps it to keep that the steering wheel is in the neutral position driving straight ahead and touch start.

so I'll keep her okay. so the steering wheel straight right there I'll hit start. It says waiting for your operation Now adjusting complete. So I guess that's it.

Okay, let's go around the block. The tire pressure lights out your left front tire was a little bit low. The airbag light is out. That's even better.

I Guess we're all done. This is all clean and green now folks. Whoa! We got the key for the lady, got the airbag light fixed a little upper Tire it's only a couple pounds low and then cleared all the codes out of it so she should be happy I'm thinking and you guys should be happy. There's some fiddly stuff there on that connector and sometimes that's kind of frustrating because you know I did look in service today that obviously before I did the job to see if we're gonna run any hiccups and just to kind of get the overall topology of how things are going to come apart and that's usually what I do and they didn't mention anything about any kind of funny business connector or anything really.

Sometimes Nissan service data can leave a little to be desired. some of your best service did out there I think is Chrysler GM Hyundai Kia they're all really good. Toyota is really good, a little more confusing than some uh, you know there's you got a really kind of Pop around. but the best service data I would say is is Chrysler Hyundai Kia and then GM in that order, they're my favorites.

Uh, a lot of them. Very in-depth how the systems work typically and you know little nuances like that connector perhaps sometimes, but not always and I've always really never liked Nissan service data in my opinion and we're all entitled to those whether you like it or not. And what I would like is if you go down in that comment section and give me your opinion on this video down there and see Facebook You guys know what to do folks and uh, just whatever viewers. If I can do it, you can do it.

Thanks for one action! Foreign.

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    If I can do it, you can probably do it better! 😅

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wallace Loper says:

    Yep, it's just allergies. right just saying

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars hoosier trail rider says:

    You really brought the sh__ with that two handed valve lapping move on that screw driver. 😁

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DW says:

    Another great video, brother!

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MaxMintz says:

    Well done!

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Larkin says:

    Ivan it was the blind leading the blind but you got thru it so I did too!!!🥸🤣

  48. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Melvin Jones says:

    The plastic gods were looking after you.