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In a previous video we had a look at this customers '18 Malibu that had an issue with no center display and no radio. I diagnosed it as a bad radio module and had to order one. Well It is here now and time to put it in and see if we are correct.
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We're back with part Two Folks back in cuz everything's frozen this morning and we got the new unit. do not open it says ever there she is so it's $1,500 core charge I Got the computer booting up because we're going to have to look in service data and see how to program it. Uhoh, we just bought it now. so I think probably our best bet in case we did it wrong and we got to do more is to just plug it in right here.

make sure that it works and we'll stick it up in the hole now I don't know cuz I have no experience if this will do anything prior to being programmed. that's one thing I don't know. Well, there's lots of things I don't know, but that's one of them. oops sticking in the wrong hole there fella and this is for the most I think that's all of our connectors? Yes sir, let me, uh, just turn the key on or whatever they call it nowadays.

let's push the button on pushing and holding. Oh yeah, hey, we got a Dinger now that's good and then I see the screen lit up a little bit, didn't turn on fully cuz I didn't turn the car on fully. Oh what the freak! No remote DET Oh I took the remote out. that's my problem Lady it's the Amateur hour this in me I take the remote out because the doors are froze and I've heard this thing like lock and unlock his doors a couple times.

Oh she turned on that time we got a Dinger we didn't have a Dinger before Chevrolet she's lit up. We did it right. Hallelujah I guess we can leave that on I thought I heard you out here. Do you want to go inside? Come here Hi Luna How you doing You want to say hi? Say hi? Yeah, that's a good girl.

So first thing we have to do before we program it, probably before we put it in. We should have looked to see what we need to do as far as programming and setup. So GM's always been really nice. I say that term loosely uh with finding where their replacement programming information is.

Uh, doesn't matter what service they're using. uh, it's always under control module references. So if you're you know using Mitchell type in control module reference, programming and setup so they've They've had that for quite a while which is pretty nice. Pick out the module which ours is the A11 radio module and and ours if you remember correctly is the uh Io5 uh RPO code.

So we're going to do programming and setup without IO a go through. Uh, read all this stuff. Uh, let's see here. We'll just kind of scan through this here.

Uh, see you have the RPO build information available which we do. Um, all right. he's got XM He's going to have to go through the setup procedure on that. Um, let's see here.

Special Tools: repl and program Uh SPS Onscreen instructions Select A11 Follow onscreen instructions okay and then here's how to uh do the XM activation and then if we brick it, here's how to do a programming recovery. So valet mode reset if no Dtcs are set so Cre Radi configuration erase valet mode code with scan tools so there. Sometimes there's little tidbits in there but uh, let's go in here. We're going to pick SPS I've already hooked up to the vehicle so 18 Malibu Hopefully this goes well.

the keys on obviously we have a battery maintainer on it. We're going to come up here with replace and program sometimes. GM Techline Connect doesn't play real nice, but today it started up way too quickly. Has me a little bit nervous.

It usually doesn't go that smooth. We're going to do programming. Sometimes you do have to do a USB file transfer, but this case we're going to do a programming audio system. ours.

it's I I5 Okay, we've already talked about that so we'll select that we'll hit next. This radio came from GM which GM gets radios from model Electronics which you can just call them directly I Don't know if they if they sell directly to the general public or not but used to be uh GM did their business through United Radio here in Syracuse but um now they use model Electronics which I believe is in Pennsylvania I'd have to Google that for sure. but wait for this thing here to get some validation. Let's see doesn't give us any options of anything we'll hit next.

all these unrecognized calibration numbers. Here's everything that it's going to calibrate. We hit start programming the last radio I did for a fella. it took a long time.

It took like 45 minutes. A really long time. So we'll sit here and wait and see how long this one takes. Well, that one didn't take any time at all folks.

so that's good. Um, we'll have to clear the codes out of it a lot of times. Programming stuff will, um, will set a ton of like, um, you know, loss of communication codes So we're going to proceed with the same bin here. We're all done here so we'll close this little guy out and then we're going to open up.

uh, the scan tool here. Being that we're all hooked up and we'll go through, we make sure we can talk to it. now. we should be able to shut down.

Denied you've been denied. We going to get in the scul here I Only had to restart it two or three times to get the tech Lan con up working again like I say it's kind of hit or mess with General mess here spoke too soon. This guy's getting all click at. We'll go to vehicle diagnostics DTC Information You guys remember the this thing was littered full of codes and we have a suspicion that it's a collision car because of the shoty body work and what not and what have you and the fact that the airbag has about 3 million codes in it.

So we're going to let it read codes. We're going to clear all the codes out of everything and make sure that we can talk to the radio which I suspect that we can soon as it's done thinking here. All right here we go. let's clear out the codes.

We're going to add all. We're going to remove the engine controller in case he wants to, uh, you know, have this thing inspected. We don't want to erase the codes out of it. We're going to hit Okay, we hit okay again.

might take it a minute. Lots and lots of codes in there and then we're going to do the old refresh. Engine control module has one coat in it but I don't believe the money light was on. So let's um, our radio here is is happy though.

We got the green check mark that says it's happy so let's go see who's got what code. uh each V has a couple codes in it I wonder if um, they've been fiddling with that? And of course the inflatable restraint module is littered full of codes p1101 All right, so we're good there. Let's pop back. like I Say we weren't hired to fix any of the other problems with this car, we're just hired to fix the radio.

So now we've got to go into the old A11 wherever she is here. Elemental p r There we go and then Configuration reset. Remember we got to remove Valet mode. Whatever that means, that's what Service State has told us to do right.

Select Radio Configuration reset, Erase Valet mode code with scan tool Clear command State Clear So we did what we had to do. Turn that little guy off. We should be all done here. when I was waiting there a while ago for the furnace to shut off.

We got to hook this back up to this battery. Put the transmission in the old Hondu. It's got 400,000 Mi on it. First transmission.

Can you believe that? Not quite 400 380 some th000 first training. You know that's kind of a new record. Oh she's full. Let's see what we have here.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, we've got that. Let's see. where's the tune button? What's it? Oh wow, let's go to the classic night 98.3 Oh, it's cuz we're inside the building I forgot but looks like it's got all the other stuff here I Don't know what else it does. Whatever, we'll let him mess with it.

It works now o my Chevy that's fun. Oh that does. We ain't got that kind of time though. All right we did it folks.

shows over. Oh we got to put that thing back I Know there's trust issues so I just wanted to show you guys I Really did put it back and of course I put the carpet back too you weirdo. Anyhow, that's it folks. Uh, it's done.

Wasn't over difficult. uh probably a little difficult for the home gamer. You know if you don't have a pass through device to do the programming, you don't need the Mdi2. We could have used the pass through device uh from our altel we could have used that.

We could have used our card Act 3 that we use for like Chrysler and Ford and Honda and everybody else. Um, so that's it. Not not much to say. we checked it Powers Grounds and ability to communicate which we had and then that's it.

Like I say car seem to have a lot of other a lot of other codes and a lot of other modules but he just wants the radio fix. We did it and I want you guys to go do it in that comment section questions, comments, concerns the NC the Facebook you guys where to find us. Just remember Viers If I can do it, you can do it. or at least most of it.

Thanks for watching.

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