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In this video I fix a ladies car that came in with a complaint of a "whomp,whomp,whomp,whomp" noise in the rear. I took the Jeep for a shake down only to find out the noise is coming from a severely warped rotor caused from a locked up brake caliper. Easy enough.
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Working on the 2020. it's a Jeep it's the Grand Cherokee it's got the big two four. Lady brought it in yesterday, had her stop by because she called and said I had a huh noise So I thought maybe she had a broken belt on the tire or something like that. Uh, at any rate, what's your hands with a lot of smoke coming out of this wheel? This caliper is locked up your tight.

uh my guy. Josh put it on the lift yesterday, cracked this bleeder loose and then the wheel's still crazy tight. The brake job is pretty recent though, apparently about three four months ago. Uh, that side over there looks like brand spanking new.

So we've got new pads, rotor, a rotor, and a caliper. We're going to reuse that road over there. just gonna pad slap it even though the pads are are like brand new. Uh, but this side here everything went up in smoke so we've got to get it tore apart and it's got that electronic parking brake on this side.

Oh foreign. Give me a pick. I guess before we break some connector under here, hit the hit this tab. there it is.

I Think you're supposed to push it with your finger, but the arthritis is strong in my thumbs today so we'll stick that out the way. We're gonna bracket move it out of the way and see what we're gonna need here. we've got some tools. Looks like the brake hose is hooked to the back of the caliper there if I Had to come work today.

Yes! I Was home taking care of your house. Oh it's really nice of you. Oh thanks for thanking me. We love you.

Thanks! All right let's see what we have here folks To me: grab us a couple wrenches so we're gonna have to undo this little guy down here. Of course it's not a 13. good thing I Grabbed the 12. All right, this line cracked loose here.

foreign enough. Let's see if you can't reach through the spring here. Get on that! I Already cracked it loose so shouldn't take much There we go. might be a little easier if the uh we have the caliper off, but I thought we'd just do it while it's sitting right here.

Get your bucket ready. Looks like 10 mil. So I grabbed us a 10. give us a little bit more wiggle room to, uh, get that off.

There we go. It's way easier. All right. So there's our brake line.

So slash brake hose. What's this offends you? Uh, go ahead and turn your head for just a moment. Okay, we're gonna squeeze it with every bit of everything we have. Not really.

just give it a light. uh light. pinch there and that hose won't hurt anything. Um, keeps it from pping all over there fella.

There's our lower one. There is our upper one with the lad off. look at that should smoke that outer pad that's crazy. Well in the inner one too.

Oh you can smell it. It smells just lovely. But yeah, for just being a couple months old. they're toast.

But you can see how white this brake rotor is too. And when she brought it in yesterday, this baby was rolling. Some Coal Off this wheel. get it the first try.

Oh yeah, back there. T-55 it says crack these Loose by hand first I Imagine they're probably pretty tight I Have a hard time lining things up this morning. There we go. Oh not too bad.

too bad at all. Okay, white brake fluid makes everything slippery. At least makes your gloves pretty slippery. Take our rotor off, all right.

let's see. I Guess you can get it with a sofa? Oh I'm looking screw. Do you see that? It's a little different? There we go. We can't have a breakdown without a little bit of brake clean.

I Almost forgot to show you guys. Fun! Wipe that off. She's pretty clean. Still a little bit of lanol in keep it from getting steady.

Let's see, let's do this on here. Oh any old. Direction I Guess as long as it's the right direction, stick that on there. Give it just a little kiss with this thing.

There we go. Good enough. That way the next guy can get it off. Well another spreads of the old brake clean.

Get the inside in. Yeah. I Think it's really dirty on the inside? Yeah, we need to wrap these. uh, parking brake motor there I Got some torx bits I Don't know what size we'll need that size right there.

Probably get a longer one. it's kind of binding on the motor. What do we need? a T30 Let me go see if I got a longer T30 Boom. a little bit loose.

Let's uh, give it a try here. What did I grab I Grabbed a 27 instead of a 30. That's why that's why it's a little bit loose. There's that there's our park and Brake motor.

I Assume our new one's going to come with a o-ring there. Holy. if not, we'll just steal this one real quick, just in case we need it. Same thing with the bleeder cap here.

Take that in case we need it and then we will open up our new caliber. I Was curious if it came with the correct bolts and appears that it does. and it also appears that it has the O-ring on it and a bleeder cap and is the blue deer in the right spot it is. Look at that.

we even got the right parts. It's a miracle. It's a miracle. And then I Suppose we can stick this little fella right back on there.

Let me get some o-ring Grease Everything looks pretty clean here. I'll get some o-ring Loop for us. We'll get this little guy back on there. Come to see, it's a little bit of silicone grease here.

We're just gonna twirl it around in there. Let's see. and it went this way. Line up There we go.

Let's get that line up nicely. We'll grab our wrong size here. t27 there. They don't have to be very tight, just lightly.

Don't like that. I'll get the ratchet here. Let's give them a very light. Snuggie Speaking of snuggling, what's up? You want to snuggle again again? You know me, what's up.

You're embarrassing me. You're blushing I know. Oh, it can be okay. he wants to come get this.

Okay, let's go. we go get my number one guy on it. Okay, appreciate it. Oh, she doesn't remember.

we just caught you in a lie. What's up? Oh I See yeah. I can't hold that one. That one had lactate on it.

This one did not. You better hope that tire is fixable because we uh-oh you caught red-handed If not, that's though. uh. I was just doing what the boss said.

100 000 people just heard you tell your your very first lie. Only half the tree. Oh yeah, what's up? We got there I brought you a stone. Oh, we got some chabuka.

Love me some chabuka. Yeah, appreciate that. It's good for your gut. I'm starting to get one of them so I need some of that? That's the way I look at it I think so I should be super skinny one I didn't say it got rid of your guy I said it's good for your guys.

Oh okay, oh nice I brought your super cup too I didn't even notice I got halfway to work I went to take a big haul off it and I'm like I don't know what kind of weirdo hippocrats got in there so I didn't dare drink it. Oh I wasn't sure I figured it'd be some kind of Ginger Spice something and I was gonna get smoked so I was like not today, not today I'm gonna grab these two folks that I'm gonna put the scratchers the uh yeah there you go. Use your word Derek my Squealers on the Leading Edge of the brakes rotor. Wow okay you got me off should I got you some caffeine or something I don't know, you got me off I'm sweating.

look at it I'm making you I don't know what's going on? Yeah, we all bothered over here I'm going to look at service data though, folks. rest assured before we put them Squealers in the inappropriate spot and we get called out on it. People do that, you know? Listen though. Oh yeah, they love it when I make a mistake.

Love love love. what did they get out of it? I don't know a good comment Satisfaction: Yep. Ultimate Keyboard Warrior Hard to say I don't know. we all got to be experts I guess Yep.

I'm not expert in anything I don't like much, let's keep trying. Is that really where you're gonna lose? Kombucha up there? No. I'm gonna drink it. but I got it.

I hope I'd Leave it up there. looks dangerous. It's not dangerous. So how's how's things trying to make some small coffee there? I'm gonna move it.

Oh now I'm certainly gonna spill it. You just don't Trust me. you're too much of a mother. It's glass gosh.

I'm 44 years old, you know I know I have three children now. Yeah I know and I live video. That's true I See you busted out your half denim shirt again. No, there is no other hat.

it's your little short shirt. What do they call them things? crop tops and that with the girls calm nowadays it's a cropped jean jacket. That's unless you got that thing for 50 off. I Think you got ripped off? You think that a full length jean jacket would look great with this dress? Oh great.

yeah, you're asking for comments I Think you need to get some rock with that. You need to get them bangs. I Guess Spring lift I'm talking 1990s bangs. Is that what you want? and uh, what was that onesie? The body suit that the girls don't wear? You remember that I'm not cut out for the bodysuit if you're doing the jean jacket and the Aqua Net No, it goes with the dress.

You gotta have the right. Otherwise it would be like down here it wouldn't be right. All right you say? So okay I was just gonna say yeah I was right the Squealers go on the bottom and then here I just put them together right? So let me start over as I was saying the Squealers do go on the bottom according to service data they say opposite the bleeder screw. that's how they, that's how they word it.

We're gonna stick in the bolts here. I did put some orange Loctite on our brand new bolts. always replace your Hardware naturally and these are torqued to 89 foot-pounds so they say fine socket which is right here. All right.

Torque wrench which is right here. We're going to get her all the way up to 89. there's that one close here? All right, that's the final twerk these little fellas. that one.

and there's that one. perfect. Now we'll get our Kettle prop on here I think these were they were something 30 something I think probably ought to have a look at these pins as it's our habit to do and that one looks nice and greasy. just want to make darn tooting that they have stuff on them and that one's nice and greasy.

Okay, sometimes the remanufacturers have the tendency to forget. We'll see I'm gonna put a little bit of grease on our piston face and a little bit right here. we'll slide this caliper on I'll slip that maybe over like that top bolt started and our bottom bolt started. We'll find a 10 mil in the right direction.

Well hang on to our pin here. Let's get the right size. It's wrench, but run what you bring I Guess let me go get the right size wrench and we'll torque them down. first.

Try going the 17 mil in there. There's that one and there's that one. Hooray now! Hopefully let's get our line started here. Let's find the Yep brake line hole.

it's open I Just want to make sure it didn't have a little plastic plug in there I wasn't noticing or something. There's a light turned around there. Got our hose? Make sure there's no dirt on the end of your bubble flare, but that nut probably has a torque spec. Also, you'll have to hook that up if you're interested.

Click! That's our torque spec. We'll grab our 12. same thing with the brake line here. This is going to have a torque spec on it also, but we're going to come right in here between the spring.

let's see if we can get one more flip on that. There we go. perfect and we'll get that right to factory spec right there. That feels like Factory spec.

Ific: remove your hose pinch pliers. We're gonna grab some more of the good stuff here. Ronald McDonald We're not gonna have a leak right there and I think that's it folks. We need to get the very lovely Miss though again, if she's done talking to that lady in there get this thing bled out.

We'll let it gravity bleed. First of all, well, I'm doing that. I'm going to slap the pads on the other side real quick. We need you.

You never really got into the Aqua Net did you did you? Oh yeah I had big hair but I was like you were young I was young. Yeah, you didn't have big hair when it was like in like in high school, not high school. No, no, you're more like I don't even tell people I don't even tell people even on the what's up Wednesdays they all want to know about you and your youth I don't know we all. we're young enough Once Upon a Time So do we really need to tell those? I Don't tell them stories? No.

but if you meet my mother, she'll tell you all of them. Yes, But you better have a while. A long long. Yeah, she's gonna start with what she ate for breakfast that morning.

She might start with what color hair I had when I was born well I know what color hair you had in school purple at least one time. So what's up? You know the driver of this car. Yeah, you know how he's like really nice and just smiling and he's like a just a nice guy. Yeah, what kind of you do you think he was? He's probably a good kid.

Is it good? Just a good old boy. Nice boy. went through high school. no problem.

He was A. he was a mush but heavy metal. Was he really? shut up? Really? Yeah. You know him.

No, he was telling me yesterday. That's hilarious. Really. Yeah, he has such a chair like demeanor I know like he gives me hope for my own children.

Uh, go ahead and push down there miss though. Up, down, up, down. a little bit lower that time. Oh, go ahead and pump him up here.

Get this caliper out. but it should have got a little bit hard right there. Yeah, yeah. okay.

hold down. let up one more time. Perfect. How does it feel? baby? Pull that up.

Yeah. I Just follow directions. Good woman and now we got her all bled out. We're gonna plug it in.

Do you see a parking brake lever in there? Mr Button Park and break button. Uh. go ahead and push it whatever way it goes. Oh There She Goes Uh.

start, start the car up all right. now. pull the parking brake lever the opposite way. Okay, push it down again.

Okay, there you go. release it all right. Shut the car off. Well, we got it folks.

Uh, we need to get our bleeder cap wherever we left. That all right? Well, thanks. a lot there miss though. Yeah, you almost got the bang thing going.

Yeah I told you I had some hair get some. Okay, we're gonna get taller. Yeah, you know how the girls did it. They had wings on the outside.

you can see their ears. You had the two big dumbbell ear things and then the big curl thing on top. Yeah, you remember I'll just drive I just drive around my head out the window. Becky and Stacy they're so funny.

Uh no. I'm not. You know me. why is trying to relive my school days? I guess I was a baby? Then you're not that much younger than me there.

Oh let's pretend. Yeah, what? Let's dig this little guy for a rip folks. Wheels on tight brake pads are going on the other side. Brake fluid is a double check.

Hood's closed bricks pumped up. Find the button parking brake. Yeah, it's pretty aggressive. There we go.

All right, good deal folks. She's nice and quiet and we'll leave it at that. I'm gonna head back to the shop. Uh, this customer should be happy.

things are fixed. tires not on fire anymore so that's good. Um, and that's that. and now I'm waiting on now is to read your common in that comment section.

questions, Comments: the concerns find us on the entity folks. we're on Facebook too. Don't forget it, we're not on Tick Tock though. and uh, just remember viewers, if I can do it, you can do it.

Thanks for watching foreign.

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