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PT1: Complete 4wd Rebuild! Ford F150 6.2 4x4 Custom
PT2: What??? NO Preload??? Ford F150 6.2 4x4
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Foreign 2014 Ford F-150 4x4, 6.2 liter with 164 555.1 miles on the odometer. Uh, as soon as we get this thing up in the air, you guys are going to recognize this particular F-150s undercarriage because I spent uh, about three or four days a couple weeks ago putting Uh 456 gears and Yukon limited slip differentials in this particular Ford and now it is here for it's a first differential fluid exchange, so we're going to lift it back up in the air. We're going to pull the drain plugs, We're going to check the fluid, we're going to put nice new Amsoil fluid in it and then send it back out in the wild, so stay tuned. This is going to be a very good follow-up video.

and uh, what I mean by that is uh, this is a Told You So For all the people that said that the gear cases in this, we're gonna destroy themselves and eat themselves alive within 20 miles. It's been 500 miles and they're really good shape and we're going to prove it after. I Close the corner of death Completely unrelated Mustang Moving on up. That truck is long and the wheelbase is long and I cannot fit it.

So I'm gonna raise the staying up and kind of squeeze underneath all the way up all right trying again. Moving on up so you will squeeze it in. We'll cut her left, we'll go all the way left. We're checking the door.

we're gonna clear the door I Hear that threat differential doing its thing since we're full lock I Can feel it there we go. Very good, you know. Fun fact: I uh I said this was a 6-2 and it's a non-raptor This is the only year that they put the 6-2 in the non-raptor F-150s I think are the first year something like that powering down here? Okay, rack is set on this side. I've got the extensions on it.

a rack set on this side. We've got the extensions on it. There they are. Let's go ahead and raise this thing up.

green subscribe button moving on up. Looking good, all right off the ground. Let's give it the wiggle. make sure it's not going to fall down I Think we're good.

We'll visually check the other side Ah that's good and uh, how's that one that was good too? All right, good to go. Moving on, that's the safety. Alrighty, first things first, let's just check for leaks and things like that. Make sure we uh, what we started with is good or what we left off with is good.

rather I don't see any leaks coming out of this cover. It looks very nice, very good. And let's go check our rear see no axle leaking? That's odd. Look at that.

a little bit of saturation kind of. Who knows. Anyway, no actually leak on that side. That's good opinions, not leaking and rear cover is not leaking.

Okay, so far so good. Let's go ahead and uh, grab drain pan, let's pull the plugs out of this thing and get the fluid drained. See what it looks like? Yeah, it won't last 500 miles. You guys are crazy.

It's gonna go at least 600 miles. Come on. Okay, let's see here: I Think this is a yeah that was 3 8 if I recall and I recall correctly. Unclick this.

Ah, come on. Nope. We'll try again. Become unclicked.

Now there we go. Let's get that oil drain back in position. I See no sparkles? Don't know what that phone's about? I wonder if it was a little overfilled? No worries. Very good.

All right. let's love this drain. I'll head up front and pull the skid plate down and then we can work on that front cover. Okie Dokes First things first: skip bait.

again. more loud. Now we got away from him and he's fronting. differential here does not have a drain plug.

so I do have to pull the cover off of it. It's unfortunate. Um I don't know if it's going to come off without doing something about the placement of that steering gear or not. So I might be able to squeeze it through there I might have to take the steering gear loose again and and drop it down.

I Don't know yet. Show we'll go in there with the ratchet. The electron ratchet. pull these bolts out come out stuck in my socket.

ding Uh. I Can reach, uh, most of them. There's a couple on the other side. they're going to be hard to get.

Yeah, that's that's way up there, you know. I cannot reach. that's the very top one and then there's another on its flank that one. I think I need to get with a the ratchet I can't fit anything else in there.

Okay, so again I don't know. but I might have to pull. uh pull the steering gear loose again I just don't know. Get on there wrench.

What is this tool is not fitting. day? Come on. Um there. I had the the wrong angle I think still have the wrong angle those things.

Yeah, it's a quarter turn at a time of My Life One Click All righty. I've got that. Uh, I've got that last bolt out of there. Let's go ahead and crap this thing loose and get it drained I am going to put one bolt in it kind of up high so it can't uh I'll just fly off at once and dump all the oil out because that would be, uh, unfortunate.

All right bolts in. just get behind it and tap, tap it. here. it comes.

nice clean fluid. That stuff's brand new looking but we're gonna get it out of there. and like I said, change it out with some Amsoil as long as this cover comes off and the survey says it's not okay. Great! So uh, it appears that the Labor Guide was wrong because they said it takes like like six tenths to change this cover and uh, this thing's not coming out of here.

Not with this in the way. So I need to unbolt uh, the steering gear and kind of move it over there. So I'm not a huge deal. Not exactly what I wanted to do, but not a huge deal.

All right. Okay, you need to get the two big bolts broken loose that both the steering gear in. so we're going back to the ratchet and the breaker bar slash uh, floor jack extension on. clicks.

Try. it. feels like 300 foot pounds. Something like that.

There's one there you go. Rapid unpicks that. Big Bolt Again, another one. All right.

let's see. Can't uh maneuver this thing out now? steering gear is loose. I'm just going to go up under the steering gear with the pry bar. just push it up some.

Yep, that's all we needed a couple millimeters. oh that's funny. Still has some gear paint on it. I Guess it didn't get much wear in the 500 and 86 something miles.

Let's see what we're looking like. No metal in there. Nice and shiny, but in a good way. not destruction shiny.

Yep, so far so good to my eye. Okay, let's get this cover out of here. We'll clean up the sealant, put it back on, tighten it back down, and then we'll go ahead and refill both these differentials. I'm going to let this one drain for a little while because the other one in the back is finished.

and I put the plug in it already so we can go ahead and refill that one right now. What's that? Amsoil 1540 No. I'm just kidding. Yeah, we've got 75, 90 and 80 90.

in here. Picked box opener, Click. Everything's good. Nice.

We have bags in a box. We do bags in a box. All right. that's 80 90.

that's for the front. Okay, there's one. 75 140 Severe gear. All right.

that's for the rear. and then we got one more box in here. assuming this is three more quarts for the rear Sure is. Okie Dokes I Like the bags in a box, it's easier to install all right fluid coming in.

Am's a little severe. Gear: 75 140. not sponsored. That's just what I'm using.

Go ahead and fill this thing up. Last time we filled it up to like the top of this plug. I'm gonna fill it up to the bottom of this plug because it was a little foamy and it's probably just a wee bit overfilled. Dead in? Yeah.

Whoever Thought of a putting gear oil inside these bags was a genius. You guys remember the uh, the hard containers. just the hard plastic bottles and you couldn't make the fluid go up and you couldn't make it sideways because the bottle was so huge. So here's a cool little trick with these.

uh, these types of bottles and these nozzles. So you've got to cut that nozzle off in order to get the fluid to flow right? Since we have multiple bags and our bottles, rather than cutting every nozzle, what we can do open, hang on. It's being non-compliant Seriously embarrassing. So anyway, now that that's open, what we can do is we just take the old nozzle it's already cut, switch it over, put it on the on the bag, and just reuse the same nozzle.

That way we're not cutting new nozzles all the time. I Mean you don't have to do it that way. I I Like to train and we just give her a squeeze, fill it up till it runs out. It'll overflow when it's full.

That's how you know you're good. There we go. nice and full length. Another eye.

We've got court number three coming in should take this one plus half of the next one and we're probably about good here. Come on. Funny sounds, that one's in one more another. Okay, this is number four.

We're gonna use most of this one and we should be about done. There we go. Got some overflowage so we used about 40 percent of bag number four. Good to go.

Let's go fetch the plug, fill this thing up, clean off my driblets here that's not good, and then now we'll go back to the front and get to work on that side. Okay, there it goes. Click all right. let's roll on over here near the compressor.

I've got the front cover set up on top of the little blue wheel Dolly thing right here and we're gonna clean off the all the sealant and prep it to go back in. Beginning loud noises. Now we'll use the little fingery scrubber first to get all the big chunks of silicone off and then we'll finish it off with a smaller, more abrasive scrubbers. Oh beautiful gravity.

It's okay. Oh good. nice noises. Okay, let's clean this thing off.

Goodbye Nasty. Oh, hold on Another foreign to our cover right here. and then we'll go ahead and get it reinstalled. I've got a tube of a Yukon gear differential cover sealant.

It's RTV All right back to the truck. we go. mess, try again. There we go.

All right moment of truth here. We got to get this cover in position and we need to do it without smearing the sealant all over anything. So we're gonna go ahead and lift this up a little bit here and I'm gonna sneak that cover in position. This is gonna be.

this is awkward because look, look at here. I've got I got that sitting on the shoulder to hold it up. So now I've got two hands to play with fingers crossed? Yeah, covers coming up I Need to sneak that guy in Foreign. That's a negative.

Not gonna make it I need to figure something else out. All right I pushed it up a little bit higher with the pry bar here. let's try to slip this guy in now. Super duper tight squeeze.

fortunately I can see the other side. bring it in sideways. There we go. it's this is gonna work that was almost really bad.

Epic failure. Start to get some, uh, some fatigue here. That's fine. I will endure as long as I get this cover back and I'll be a happy camper.

So close. foreign, foreign. It's like right there guys. It's like right there.

All right. We got it. We got it. Let's get a couple bolts in it too.

get this thing secured. We don't want this stuff smearing around. it's in. I'll do one more over here.

Begin Stress relief now. All right. Woohoo! Squishy. squish, squish, squish.

Small control switches. nice, not nice. Gravity: Okay, that's the majority of them I got oh no. Oh, let's wipe that off because it's ugly.

We don't want ugly differentials, do we? There we go now. I'll get those ones up top that I couldn't reach I think that's eight with uh, two more to go. okay I need to get the very very top one neutral drop. it's tight and there's one more up there I need to get that one by hand see I can't even see it up there or are you last bolt way up there I can't see it but I can I can move the flashlight then I can see it.

That works. Let's get that started and we'll let's finish that one off with a wrench because that's really the only tool that kind of fits in there. All right, it's tight. Where's my wrench? Okay, 13 milli foreign.

ER There it's half inch. That's why I get some slippage. No big deal. Another good little wipe down here.

Get rid of all that schmoo that sticks out so it looks good. Okay, all right, let's back up again and we can go ahead and get those uh, steering gear bolts reinstalled. Remember the big ones? Okay, let us reapply the blue thread locking. That's what it came with.

That's what I'm using. There we go. foreign, kinda. get the second one next.

Oh no. I put thread lock on the lubricant. Okay, spray it off. That's better.

Foreign noises. okay, more torque, a lot more foreign. There we go. All right.

those are tight. Again, let's go ahead and hold the plug. and uh, refill this to this front differential. Next drain pan is coming back in.

We're going to spray off all this nasty. One more time and we can pull the uh. we'll pull the plug out and then go ahead and refill this with its uh with its 80 90. Uh, yes.

This thing required two different uh weights of gear. lubricant. Shiny money shot. It burns the face.

It's never good. Where's my light? See what we're doing here? I can't I can't see what I'm doing? Okay, let's pull the plug. It's right here in the side of the differential neutral drop. Yep, that's how I break my ratchets too.

You're right. But I can do that. Okay bag coming in and we'll just fill this till it overflows again. with should take just over two two bags.

It's like two and a half. Something like that. nice and one all right. Bag number two Foreign I think that's it.

Yep, Okay, I'll turn the wheels, let the gears kind of suck up some of that oil coat everything. squeeze a little bit more in. If I can, then we'll put that plug back in. There we go.

Okay, we'll let that drain until it kind of drips a little bit. Oh, you guys didn't get a very good view. I'm sorry my zooms were inaccurate. Oh I need that? The worst feeling in the world? Foreign, click, more shiny, Very nice.

All right. Back this thing up and uh, get our skid plate and whatnot installed and we can get this thing back on the ground. All righty. we're all done here.

This thing's uh, been lubricated, It's been sprayed off. We see the the drippings going on right there. I Cleaned off all my mess. We've got Amsoil installed.

We've got the rear cover buttoned up, the front cover is reinstalled, steering gear is tight. We're good to go. Yeah, he's eager to go on out and play with his 456 gears now. I Guess UConn Said he's got to take it easy until the first dip oil change at five, five, or six hundred miles and then, uh, once that first dip oil change takes place, it's uh, it's free for all the time.

So it's time for, uh, for the fun to happen for this truck. I'm not going to experience that though. I'm staying right here I have work to do so. All that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out, back this vehicle out and I'll do that by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video.

As always, hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tap that like button down below. If you do not enjoy this video, then um, let me know what you think in the comment section. Also down below.

If you wish to go back and see any of the other videos on the differential installs on this particular truck, I will leave the links to those videos down inside of this video's description. I think there's four of them. They'll be in chronological order if you're interested or you can just wait all the way until the end and then there'll be a pop-up right here in the middle and that will take you back in time to part one. So again, as always, thank you guys for watching.

Most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of transmission and see thermal meter told you he was doing the proper break-in procedure starting Z Engine nice. Hey, that's not an eye Dash Backing out for safety. There's a gremlin around here somewhere. Let me make sure she doesn't uh, come darting out, you know? I'm not really a huge fan of backup cameras because I'm like I'm old school.

You just look behind you and see where you're going. but when you got Close Quarters combat those little nuggets running around I Guess they come in handy I Suppose my issue is the things. Uh, they teach us to rely on them too much and then we forget to do things like use our mirrors or turn our turn our heads. Kind of like the uh, the auto radar, cruise control, braking systems, and the autopilots.

You know you, you can't learn to drive a car if you're not actually driving it.

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