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Man, what an absolute piece of junk. Drivers look at that thing like the first time I stretched it out to its maximum capacity and the thing unspooled the footwork. and I'm just trying to do some light duty survey work here and my tools are failing me because I ended up with a chico I can't find my good one I think they're it's at home but um I figured this would work for for shock usage and it has failed me. I Don't like jungle goodbye opening Z Hood Yeah, hey, you guys want to hear something cool? I've got a kind of a major announcement going on here.

It's not super Mage Actually yeah it is. It's it's a major announcement. So uh, you see I've got all the space here. Uh, what? 2 300 square feet or so not counting the office.

Um, it's working really well for me. Uh, just being me and one person. Um, that being said, I'm capable of operating not with just two lifts. You know we've got a project lift and then we've got a daily in and out lift.

I'm capable of operating with like three or four lifts because I've got a couple projects out there. There's that red S10 that needs some stuff I've got an engine that's going to go in that Miata There's a few things going on. That being said, I could use more lift space and I was thinking about putting a really big one here and then just driving through it to get into the shop, but that's going to be a super nasty traffic jam. I was uh, also thinking of putting one right here in this area, but it's not exactly wide enough and we'll have cars right against the wall right here, so that's that's probably not the best the best place to do that either.

So I started thinking about this little flat area over here. Now this isn't my space, but I I did consider the possibility of putting in a lift right here and then I've got you know it'll be outdoors, but it's still another lift. and again I can do uh do some Project work but then I Got to uh, got to thinking about this section over here. Now you'll see that's a concrete wall.

Then we've got another concrete wall right here. We've got Windows those used to be exterior windows. Those are classic. Oh, that was a heck of a zoom.

Those are a classic old school Florida single pane crank. Windows There's like a flap here and like another flap here. when you open them, they just kind of hinge outward. Two of those and there Once upon a time was a door right around here somewhere and I realized that because I was on the other side of this and you can see where there was the door.

Additionally, there is some roofing material up there which is trust or like wooden wooden trusses I forget what they're called, but there's roofing material up there now. That tells me that this concrete building was here first. and then once upon a time someone came through and installed this big giant, like 40 by 80 or 120 foot long uh, metal building over top of it. But they kept that concrete building.

Now this area right here. It used to be just storage in there. it's not my space yet. it used to be storage.

Uh, the announcement and the Improvement is going to be, um, a big finger to all of those who said I'll be out of business in a month because it's been two months and I'm about to lease that space over there all the way to that pillar which is going to be that wall way back Yonder See that right there. I'm gonna lease that space. We're gonna roll a dumpster out front here pretty soon and I'm gonna get a uh, a front loader like a skid steer and we're going to come through and knock down this wall. Okay, that wall is going away.

That's going to be phase one. Phase two is we're going to call the door people and they're gonna come out and set up another roll-up door right here similar to this one. and then I'm gonna knock down that wall. and then we're going to redo the metal stuff over here.

So uh, effectively, I'm going to be doubling my square footage of workspace and potentially adding, uh, the capability of a like a third lift out here. I'm not certain if I want to do like one lift in there that's just kind of caddy cornered similar to that one and we'll have the one door just to make the uh, the entrance I may do that and then stick another lift outside or I may if there's the space, put two more lifts in there next to each other and then one more door right here. I Have not determined that yet because that's going to be phase two or three or four of this project. but uh, like I said, that's pretty much going to be mine over there and we're knocking this wall down.

So at the very least, I've got a lot of expansion space to move into. and uh, so that's uh, that's a message for all the naysayers, and and more importantly, it's a message for all the non-snaysayers who, uh, who support the the project that's going on here. So to everybody who's involved or interested or even disinterested, we're moving forward. We're expanding, the company is going to grow I'm going to force that to happen.

Um, basically all you do is every penny that you make you roll it right back into your operation and you do that for five ten years and then maybe I can retire. So that's the plan we're adding on. We're expanding, we're building more stuff I'm reinvesting into the company and uh, and investing into you guys because the more stuff that I can work out here, the more stuff that uh I can produce to entertain you and educate And that's that's what this is all about. We're all sharing ideas and experiences and uh, and we're going through this together.

So before I sign out I'd like to thank all of you guys for all the support that you've given myself. uh, the channel, my family, you name it. I Really appreciate everybody who's involved themselves in any capacity I appreciate the uh, the donations to the shop with all the cans of Brake Clean you guys? Yeah, I get about two cans a week or two cases a week. Um I I appreciate that the most because that that's a way to give back to everybody now.

I'm not saying everyone go out and buy Brake Clean now I'm good I'm good I have plenty of it. Don't don't send me 500 cans of Brake clean? uh then I'll have to spray more of it. but uh, my point being is as I'm I'd like to just show some gratitude to all of you and uh and I just want to let you know that I'm right there with you and I appreciate you being here with me as we go down this uh, this journey together. So uh, that being said as always like thank you for watching this video, hope you enjoyed this video.

Let me know your thoughts on this uh in the comment section down below and I really mean it this time. I Really want to get some feedback for for what's going on, uh from everybody. So if if you've got an opinion, please share it with us. I Don't always respond but I do read them.

Uh, same thing with the emails. um I'm about a month behind on reading them I Don't always respond but I do read you guys emails I Really appreciate all these communications and uh, and I want you guys to keep going because uh, your your push is helping me fuel My Fire So again, thank you guys for everything that you do for us. And most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later real quick! I'm uh, refilling the primary tank in the truck right here. We just started it inside at idle and check that out.

36 37 load at idle and that's just the alternator draw being caused by the motor on this fuel pump right here. We'll check it when, uh, when the pump shuts off? There it is okay. What was that number? 37 percent? Let's go see what it is now. Oh by the way, thanks again to A Rod! Powerstroke Tech Talk for flying all the way down from Uh Michigan to put a locking uh fuel tank cap on my auxiliary tank.

Thanks again! Aaron Dang. look at that 23 22 percent. That's a huge load from the alternator just from that itty bitty electric fuel pump. Actually, that's kind of a big fuel pump, but that's a lot of a lot of engine load just to run one component.

I Found that interesting. Hope you guys did too as I Learn new features of this little device right here. I'll uh I'll continue to update and we'll see you. We'll see how this plays out.

but I'm really enjoying this thing right here. We're gonna take the kids for a ride. You want water? Yeah. Track Ten, Not a chance.

Like watch. Watch how this exponential curve goes. Watch this process we're gonna I'm just gonna turn this all the way up all the way up. You like that exponential throttle gain? Okay, let's let's go back to normal.

Now that's how we break things.

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    sorry I missed this vid. but I did see the demolition of the wall .
    it is always a great thing to expand due to business need.
    loved that spread sheet for the books, that was so interesting
    looking at how different things effect the bottom line of a business.
    I know that there are tons of hidden costs, with that program
    it will be so much easier to track things. do you use the hour
    estimate book? I always wondered how accurate they really are.
    great job! keep safe, stay healthy and much luck.

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    I just ran across your channel. The first two years building customer base is a scary time when you open your own shop. I like your expansion plans. The best investment for my shop was a 14k four post alignment drive on rack with 7k rolling bridge jacks. With that lift it is quick to get a vehicle on and tires off to preform many tasks versus having to set up arms on a two post lift. I am not sure where you are located, but here in eastern Wyoming I get a large amount of Ford F350 and Dodge 3500 which can be a pain to set up on a two post lift. Don't get me wrong I still use both of my two post lifts for general service and cab offs. I purchased that rack as a rack alignment machine combo. You may be thinking to yourself that is a lot of money, will I see a return out of that? The answer is YES. So many big box service location are just doing oil changes and not checking out the vehicles. Brakes and front ends are not being inspected by the big box service locations. I get a lot of customers that come in and say "Can you check why my tires are wearing? I just got tires and alignment at big box location 3 months ago but my tires are wearing." Most of the big box service stores are just doing a toe and go alignment. Camber and caster was not even touched. Another thing that helped my shop greatly was Having a service advisor at the office. As a tech you can lose so much time answering phones, setting up appointments, finding parts, invoicing customers out, building workorders. If you are not turning wrenches you are not making money. If you have the right workorder platform someone with no automotive experience can adapt quickly to the system, that makes it easier for the service advisor. I would advise not to cheap out on your workorder platform. The cheaper workorder platforms are hard to use and the linking to the parts stores to check inventory in most cases is incorrect. The system I use is linked directly to the parts stores and does not have a third party in the middle. Once the customer approves workorder just click a button on computer and parts store sends their driver and no wasted time on phone calling the parts store. What I have stated worked for me here in eastern Wyoming but your vehicle platform may different where you are located. Use your best judgement. PS Whatever lift you buy DO NOT use the lift bolts provided. Purchase the longest threaded rods for your concrete depth and concrete epoxy them in. Have a good day and keep looking up.

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    Carlo (Scotland) UK

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