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In this video I have a look at a customers 2016 Chevy 1500 5.3 that has a customer complaint of an EVAP leak. All of us in the rust belt are pretty familiar with these rot box Chevy's and their EVAP leaks so I was pretty surprised when the customer told me he had it at two shops and they both told him there was NO LEAK! Needless to say I was disappointed after recording this one to find out Hellen Keller could have found this one.
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Hey there viewers! Welcome back to the South Main Hall Channel Got 2016 Chevrolet It's got the Big Five Three Money lights on. Apparently it's been several other shops and nobody can fix this evap problem. They tell them there's not a leak and there's nothing they can do. His inspection's out by a few months and he wants to know if we can, uh, help him out.

Holy scan here. See what it has? We can guess just as good as the next guy. so let's see just one coat. but I did see a uh little scan tool in there.

so I'm assuming that's it. The old cold clearing routine EVAP System: Small heat detected. All right, not a problem, right? Should have a small leak. Let's go in here.

Uh, let's just have a look at some preliminary things. First of all, let's look at some live data. Let's see what evap. Whereas I can't read and don't get everything up after admissions.

All right, it's venting. We want to see our fuel tank pressure. All right 1.5 So that's right on the money. Let's um, fire it up here and see if we just have a purge stuck open.

Excellent. We expect to see no change in the uh fuel tank there. Foreign check here? Uh, let's see. let's make sure we have control of the vent.

Bell and we want to do the dent now. see if we can hear it. Okay, probably more like that. turn the switch back out and make sure well and it doesn't shut hands standby.

Guess what? I didn't have the key on it. Let's try this again. This is pretty loud when you're clunking away back there, so that's good. I Do want to do one thing.

let's go to not many. Let's just go ahead and start it. Do a freaking concealed all right? So let's uh, put a little bit of a vacuum on the tank here. All right.

We're going to seal the system up radio. DK and we're dropping down. so I'm pretty sure we probably have a leash it is dropping down Road Not relatively quickly, but I guess just enough you can see where the purge back on it again come off and we do have a fair amount. Okay, so we shut it off.

foreign. Of course we're back to the atmospheric pressure. So uh, we know the purge works. We know the cancer vent valve works.

Let's get out of the Avoca smoker and see what we can do here and see if we can see a leak. See what the smoke machine indicates? Let's see here: I Need to get a little adapter. show you this one here. Unhook the line right off the purge valve because there is no got a little spout.

I've gone through no trigger valve rally so click that in there. I'll hook up the Avoca smoker I'll get a hose to turn that baby on. All right. she's gurgling away over there.

We got smoke get on there and then what we're going to do is we're going to seal off the system so not venting so now it's sealed off. Our fuel tank pressure should start increasing and it is just for poop and laughter here. Uh, while I was gonna show up now, we'll let her get filled up. There's a flow gauge on the smoke machine.

If it's flowing air through the system, we're gonna see it. I'm assuming it is because uh, the DK rate under vacuum was I think a little higher than it should have been. One thing I didn't look to see is how much fuel is in it. Oh, remaining fuel 4.23 gallons.

so Tank's almost empty. Gonna take a little while to fill that little guy up. Give her some time, we'll see what happens. Here's the flow gauge what we expect here: I'll Kink off the hose so as it quits flowing, you know the flow gauge goes down.

You know it has a small leak. We're probably going to see it around this area down here. Let her sit here and fill up the system and see what we see now. I Have seen in some rare cases, very rare cases where a system will hold pressure but it won't hold back you and that can be a little trickier to diagnose so we'll see what happens.

So one thing I did while I'm waiting. uh I logged in put the VIN into uh GM Klid to see if there's any programming updates that pertain uh to this code. uh but there's not, so we're good in that regards. and I'm thinking we must have a pretty good size leak because that doesn't come down here.

I'm gonna give her a few more minutes I'll start getting a lift under it. not only can I smell it I can hear it gurgling out there I took a little bit of soapy Luger as they say, because I could hear it hissing back here on top of the tank. I Don't know if you guys will be able to see this or not, but I'm not doing that because she's uh, blowing some pretty good bubbles up there on top of the sending unit. so super super common.

You're in the PRN Why? this is one of the plastic ones. so the metal saying units that GM makes they ride out in the plastic ones. Well, they ride out. What happens is the metal lockering that holds the fuel pump into the tank.

it uh, gets Rusty and then cracks the top of plastic. but she's a 16 so she ain't got long from the world Anyways, really not much more to see here folks. I Was hoping it's gonna be something exciting being that it's been at multiple shops and been smoked to every one of these shops according to the customer and he keeps getting a report back that there's no leak. Uh, Not only was her leak, it was a really big leak so it was easy to find which is great but I was hoping that was going to be something else.

so I can't make the videos up. They are what they are. This one needs a new fuel pump assembly and a new lock ring. It didn't look too terrible.

It looks like we'll probably be able to reuse the tank sometimes. Underneath the little tabs rust off the tank and then you're screwed. Now you gotta buying the tank. They make some repair kits but I don't know how about those so that's it.

The only thing I do know about is you need to go in that comment section questions. Comments: Instinct Facebook You guys want to do it, doesn't want to be responding to it. You can do it. Thanks for watching.

Thank you.

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