In this video we help a customer that wants his Chevy Trailblazer to live to die another day. He was driving down the road when he started noticing a really bad vibration. No worries though it's just the rear end ready to fall out 😁
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We got a good one today, folks. 2008 Chevrolet It's a Trailblazer It's got the big four two. He's got a wicked vibration in the back I Was instructed to fix it as cheap as possible I Drove down the road. it shakes violently in the rear like the U-joints getting bound up and that's exactly what's happening.

Oh, so why are we pulling the tire off? the U-joints all bound up because that's white lady right there. Uh, both rear upper control arms have snapped off. All right. Well, I'll be doing chopping off.

Uh, so that one's broke off, that one over there is broke off. so when you give it a little gas, well, the axle kind of turns a little bit. U-joint binds up vibrates Make Some noise. I've got some of your classic zip ties here.

Show you a life hack right here. You want to fix it on the Cheapo socket on here. Typically, we take the fender liner out. We're going to do something a little fancier here.

Uh, it's gonna probably spin some people's cranks, but you're gonna have to get past it. We got to see if we get these bolts out. The truck's super rotted out frames rotted out on it, but he wants to be able to drive it. I Guess so I Don't know.

We're just fixing what we're hired to fix. For those of you with a faint heart, turn your head so behind here. there's uh, there's an opening in the metal and we're gonna come in just a little bit. We're gonna remove some plastic here.

Spin your spin your hole saw backwards. get right through the plastic and look at that. Now we can fix it onto cheap 21. this thing is super super.

Rusty You gotta be careful with these bolts. Oh mother of Pearl! Wow! I Looked up in the frame before I Did this thinking we better get the camera because she is ugly would you look at that because that much of the bolt sticks through inside the frame and it looked like a giant bunch of pus up in there I didn't bother spritzing it with any Panther P of any sort because it didn't look like it was going to help. I thought for certain we were gonna need the torch. what we got here 21 there.

Let me grab a wrench and a swivel socket. see if we can do this without losing a tooth. Well wow, Today my lucky day or what. That bolt came right out easy peasy! I mean honestly I can't imagine I can't believe that we're fixing this thing.

but like if there's a frame on this thing is smoked being an 08 I Can only assume he knows the guy for the inspection. Let's see if we can't get this out and still have something left to attach it to get everything here a little bit. I Can't try it out. a little open this cavity up while leaving a little bit of the frame left to attach it to you.

Open up baby! I'm gonna get rid of that one. two spreaderoo here. Everything's so freaking Rusty Yeah, all right now we're talking our time. and that's the nut inside the frame.

So so buttons on my underwear scrape out what's left of the frame in here. Oh, we gotta leave a little bit. Thank you. Foreign.
There we go. Get rid of some of that scale, be able to spread the tab, close this tab up a little bit here, and we should be able to stick that back through the shape. So let me, uh, get our new arm. straighten out some of the stuff that got bent on this.

Get that back in there. I'll probably knock some more. It's a ton of rust that sits in here. Those are really poor design with that pocket that holds everything in.

So oftentimes when these Trailblazers comes in, this is usually rotted right, clean off the frame, it's usually just gone. and then of course the uh, the rear arms that break off these super common. I Put the nut back in there trying to beat that clip down as tight as I could get it. Here's our new Oh bathroom.

as I said I Pried this out a little bit also and we're going to stick it in dry. No, never sees, no, nothing. Because trust me folks, there ain't gonna be a next time on this truck. We got barely enough frame to get it up in the air, so let's make sure that we have that one started here by using.

Oogie Dougie All right. so that one started for sure and on this side. Whoa. Missy We're way off.

Um, let's go get the other side done and then we'll We'll give this seal tweakeroo. I Don't know if we can get in here with the if this bar is probably too small. No, it's not. See, yeah, we can get it back far enough.

Let me move you here. Well I guess you guys can see you're still in the frame, Aren't you? One-handed tweaker? Not on there. You want to go do the same thing to the other side? It's just as ugly. Bingo was his name-o This should just drive people crazy like I say when this thing's uh, next trip probably coming right to the junkyard.

I'm just gonna start putting my magnet tray on the floor that way all the bolts go in it. Yes, yes, ma'am there's the other half easy. That's why it didn't spread out as far, but we still made it sure that one started. I Want to start it.

This one back here should be really close if I decided to pry up on it a little bit. So I just go on top of the sway bar and then right on that lower perch that sticks off the axle. There you can slide that baby. Get this one kind of close here.

that all the way. flame on this one. Oops, too much. it's too much.

There we go. Leave that one loose, stutter down. we'll stick a floor jack under the rear diff and jack it up and it'll snug those babies up. maybe my camera lady for a minute.

Oh please. I don't know I should get paid the big bucks to hold the camera. You do, huh? you will. Here you go.

They're using these old-fashioned tools because we have to check the rear end up to get it at right height. and then you gotta get your torque wrench. Where's your pad? It's up there that won't even be here for a second. So torque that one to spec that one the specs and then do the same thing on the other side.
there's that one. This one's gonna be tricky. Oh, make sure your lift is still good. I should make it weird.

That's it though. you're making it weird. What? I Don't know. Isn't this what I'm supposed to be doing I Feel like I should be saying something was doing something? Wow.

Well I guess we still need this don't we should? recording the whole time I'm not used to people watching you. No, not like this. is it done? Yeah, you're back I fixed it. What do you mean? What? What are you looking for? You gotta look through the camera myself.

People don't even know what you're pointing at I'm Well, I'm pointing at you and looking to see what you did I thought you were doing I did rear upper control arms something else I guess pay attention to me. Oh I pay attention to you until I was in there telling you what I was doing like Here's what I'm gonna do with myself I know but I didn't really know what the rear control arms look like I was imagining like a Upper Front Nope. a career So oh I See it now. Okay see everything's Rusty crap yeah something's shiny I See it.

Good job man. Tires are getting heavier as I get older. you know what? I say drink water, exercise don't swear I did I said mother we say mother lover on this channel all the time Mother: Pearl stuff like that mm-hmm Mother Lover we don't say mother you know, um a bad one sometimes I do want cameras off? Really? man? Not not usually though that's not one of my go-to's no no, no, what do you keep looking at before you told me the point? The camera I'm pointing like what? What do you want me to do? Look at the ground. Nobody wants to see that you are the star of the show.

So you're the star of the show. What? I'm doing? Come on all right, we'll get us a turkey bull ranch I Think we have many nice days left. Oh we'll have plenty of nice things. Some of them just will be colder.

Yeah, I know. but Summer's winding it down well. it winds down every year. What's that? It winds down every year I know.

but it seems like the older I get, the faster they go. the slower you go, the faster the days go. I think So foreign. Well let's see what way does this go? Oh, it doesn't matter.

Hmm, that doesn't look like it's gonna stay. Oh there's the spot usually. that's gonna say. Usually they mark them with the Bell Sim spot.

There we go. Della Doesn't seem like it's gonna stay. You want to try it myself? I know I'm just curious. Oh boy.

here we go. This is how every five minute job turns into 45 minute ordeals. It's got the valve stem I Know it just doesn't seem like it's got a lot of like Snap-on power ready. Now try to try to take it off.

Oh let's butter that now it's not as sticking out as far. see I was right. You're always right. you're always right.

Oh yeah. I'm gonna watch over here. Make sure it's like a hot. You're like that supervisor on the job site like all your viewers.
Stand here and do it all day. I Don't know anything about what you're doing, but I can definitely point out where it gets wrong. Yep, that makes you like a viewer. That's terrible.

So you tell me not to be cynical. I'm joking. It's easy to do them. So you go down that little trap lift talking crap.

Next thing you know, that's all you're doing on. Do you need me to check this one? Go ahead. Seems good. Oh I See the new Nails Show you people New Nails I did they were they could candy candy red yeah candied number 69 on the Wheel You're just a little matures I am I'm just telling you.

Oh okay. I knew you and my children would get a kick out of that. Oh yeah, this one. not some more to see here.

I can't tell you what's your face? What? we can see your face. You can't tell what we can see. Yeah. if I turn around I won't be able to tell what I'm holding it.

It's weird to put that background, you're messing up my shot. All right folks, that's it. 2008 Chevrolet It's a Trailblazer rear for control. Arms completely rotted out.

We're not gonna do a wheel alignment on it. we're just gonna make it. so it drives down the road without it feeling like the rear ends falling out and vibrating. So that's it.

Why don't you guys vibrate yourself right down that comment section. Questions, comments, concerns, see and see the Facebook there's my reviews. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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