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Now look at this: Ford F250 67 Power Stroke Customer States Sticking Steering We've been checking everything out trying to find a sticking steering, but here's what we've come up with. This is a four-wheel drive with a manual locking hub. so let's lock that Hub Watch this. You try to turn it, see that starting to bind right here.

We go over to the other side, reach on in, lock that Hub get it turned and then rotate. Watch this. this one's turning. What's Happening Here The U joints are binding in those front axles.

There's an axle shaft that runs into the differential. It runs out through that universal joint and then out to the Locking hubs. If those universal joints get full of dirt or one of the bearings fails, it's going to lock up and it won't let your wheel return to. Center Sticking Steering Problem solved.

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