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In this video I fix a customers 2017 Chevy 1500 with the big 5.3 that had a code stored in it for "loss of communication with a device on the LIN bus" U1510. Lucky for us there is only one device on the LIN bus in the ECM and that is the active grille shutter. Easy peasy!
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We have folks working out of the 2017. Chevrolet It's a big Z71 that's got the big Five three. It's got a money light on. Imagine that.

I don't remember what code is in it, but it is a code for loss of communication with a device on the Lin bus. This code is in the PCM and lucky for us, the PCM only has one device on the Lin bus in the PCM that is and that is they call the active Grill shutter. Um, why they couldn't write one more line of code to it and say lost communication with Active Girl shutter? It's beyond me. However, I know they do in the later years.

This one they do not. So we gotta get this panel off here and I'll show you what's up. They gotta take the whole stinking friend off the sink to do anything. There's that.

Take that little guy off. We'll tell her up here. And then here is your connector for the active Grille shutter. That's a pretty easy check them out baby.

Ah, give up. It's an easy check if you can get the connect round done. There it is. So we're looking at your classic five wire action going on here.

Two of these wires are for the ambient air temp. Three of them are for the active Grill shutter, power ground and a Lynch box. So it has hollered ground and that has the ability to talk a zero to 12 volt Lynn data bus. Now this guy stopped by with a Chevy the other day, had me have a look at it to see if you just needed a gas cap.

Well, he doesn't need a gas cap. however. I did check this. We could pull up a diagram actually what I did, but essentially a test light.

Uh, a high amperage one because this is like on a 15 amp circuit if I remember right or at least 10. I Stuck a headlight across it, lit up bright, stuck a scope in the Lin bus. Robert's your mother's brother. We got everything we need except that ain't communicating.

So here we are. It needs a new one. I ordered a new one and I got no idea how to tear it apart. so let's figure it out.

I'll tell you what, folks, take some piss-poor engineering at it. About 12. multiply it. That's about 12.

you got enough with Chevrolet This is ridiculous. I'm following service data here too. So the whole prying and snapping and clicking and crunching Trust me folks, is by the book. I am all for Progress Don't get me wrong, but not golly, this is one of those pieces that's made to go on.

Do not come off So you've got to try to get to all the release tabs here that hold this little fella on. Okay, there's another one there. Place my light in here and then we can pry out on it and I have no way of showing you this until it's off. Make sure it, make sure I'm looking at.

here 's another one. Foreign. There's one. Let's try to use prime devices.

All right. I Got a five foot bar and make it all fall apart. There's another one. we're getting closer.

All right now. let's come down and listening. I'll show you what we did. What a disaster.

I think once this is off though, Grill pops right off and wham bam we're done. So ultimately we've got to get this. You know, plastic trim here off the front in order to do so. It's like a bumper cover.

It has this you know, retaining block I don't know the proper name of it without looking it up and I thought this was weird. they had you unbolt this according to service data from the inside of the fender which you know I I know GM is kind of ridiculous in a lot of things, but typically they don't have to get the stuff like this where you can just get in there with a wrench and that's what it was. seven millimeter wrench back there just getting after this thing and they tell you you know to pry it out and then to release the tabs on it and cook me if I'm wrong. but this is made exactly like a bumper cover.

Typically you just grab these and pull and you know you have to remove the bolt from it and in this case also where the fender flare clips into it. So on that side, I'm not taking the bolts out of this because it's a pain in the Hulu To get the whole top, there's three of them. uh, four. rather.

so there's one that goes up in through the bumper cover up through here. two from the back side and then one through the front of this. Fender Flare Now this Fender Flare was already broke however. uh when I took it apart.

But so this piece here goes on the back of this fender flare. Uh yeah. I assume this is probably glued on from the factory. It glues in here and it clips into this and it clips into that.

and then there's other. Clips There's see one, two, three, four, five white clips right across the inside of the fender flare. so they pop right in. but this one here.

As soon as I took a screw up, it was kind of loose. But it doesn't really matter because I have the screw that holds it on. So anyhow, there's all my excuses. I'm gonna set my screws over here to the side.

and that side. We're not going to pop all this craft loose now that we're armed with a little bit of knowledge. All right, you're wrong. Still knowledge.

We're gonna do it our way. Do it my way. So we're going to take that off. I'm gonna peel a couple of these bolts out of the fender flare.

We're just pulling the fender flare back I Switched ratchets because I wanted a close head one because I thought I could get in there now. let's see if this one see this one is also broke I just look back there and that little thing. It must be double-sided tape because it's just hanging there like just prying it back like that. it's already there.

So we're gonna very gingerly come up here because we want to scratch the crap out. So you just kind of come along here. Give her one of those and you can see this is stuck there. It must be just double-sided tape or just really crappy adhesive.

It's double-sided tape. It's all gooey. So we're going to come like this because this is plastic so we can scratch that I don't know and we'll just uh well, we'll come right up on here. We it's not like we have to take that right off and out the way.

It's a say. set that down Okay and then that leaves us one bowl up in here. Let me go straight up in that little guy. Okay, see if we can't get that out.

So it's just like a bumper cover. Now it's just got the one bolt there. all right. So that's it right now.

Should be able to unless you know something I don't know which is possible I don't know everything we're gonna get behind this bumper cover. Let me give it a little push. Push push push. Foreign.

just like that. Why do they got you taking that whole speaking thing apart? So if you're filing service data, leave the fender liner in, pop your Fender Flare off and take the stinking bowl out of this and then pull it out and you'll see. Let me show you something here. We'll show and tell.

Okay, we're gonna look at this. Anybody's taking a bumper cover off. This is the same type of cane you got one, two, three tabs this third lock Tab and I'll show you on this. Once we take it down, they go into the corresponding female holes.

It's like the whole you know, male female thing. Um, and this one I noticed on the other side also stuck up the most. but all I did is reach in here. depressed a little male end down.

Oh, she pops pippity poppy. So now we need to come across and release all the recipes which are kind of a piss pot to do same type of thing. You know it's a little lock. Tech I Don't think you can probably see, but I guess you'll see once it's all apart.

but so we'll stick it right in here. it's 100 sure you can't see them. I'm gonna try to release that little fella. give it a pull it.

The whole thing came off. It was the last one we had to get to. Makes you want to just flip this thing to burn. Let me turn the camera off for a second.

Here's your retaining tabs. Like I said. you do have to take the the two bolts, the bowl right Fender Flare and the bolt that goes up through one, two, three tabs. There gang they're using this.

pop out a couple retainers here. don't hold much, but it's uh, where's the little mother lovers that are under there? I can't see them now. They're all hiding from you. These things right here.

there's one, there's another one, there's another one, and there's another one and another one right there. and another one right here. I Suppose you can probably just yank, but what they do is they go into these corresponding we'll call them female holes and then the ones on the side you know, click through here and then up by the headlight through here, and then that's where the screw hole goes and then the other one from the fender flare goes in there. So that's that.

Yeah, easy. Don't waste your time putting the bolts from the back side. it is. That's the number of bullets you have each side.

two front, one from flare, one going up through the fascia, and then the two from the fender flare itself. That's it. Boom. Foreign.

All right. So now that we know what we're doing, we can, uh, save some time on the next one. We do. Just had a 19 Chevy Traverse came in same code.

Um, same problem wrong way. Well, we better go take a look in Service say that I thought it showed just eight bolts. However, this feels Stout still might be uh oh there he goes. Wherever it was holding, this is released feels kind of springy in the middle.

The squawking noise you hear is this alignment pin. Now this side's pretty loosey-goosey Yeah, it feels pretty stout here. Let me grab a flashlight and look just in the middle of the grill. see if I see any I'm holding it and I don't So I just give her a little tuck I think it was just hanging up on the plastic alignment pin right here that lines up in that hole.

Oh, we got some aftermarket gizmos. Hang on here folks. Um, we got some Aftermarket Wiring here. At least they left enough wiring because then we can go just like this.

we'll just set the grill right here. Looks like he's got some light the fella added on here but left plenty of wire. However, I think this is all we got to do. We we see what we came to see.

Let's get out of it. So here's our active: Grill The borders back here looks like a bunch of 10 millimeter headed fasteners so we'll zip them out. Let's grab an impact though. we don't have to listen to that little guy screaming the whole time.

Bring out the big gun a quarter inch Thumper right here. Boy, we'll just peel all the bolts out of it. They did not want this to fall off. Oh it smokes.

Hey, there it is. That should be all the bolts I Lost track of how many, but you can play the video back account if you'd like. It's this many All right there, Exactly. You got a little clip.

We got a little clippy doodad there just like itself. So there's that. We've got an ambient air temp sensor right there and that's it. That's it.

junk. Let's grab the new one. Thank you Foreign. Chevrolet Right here it was in the closed position.

There's a couple clip one there and one there that'll Hold Us in when we put it in the 35 bolts for however many of their electric encounter. Just like that. I Guess it's not fitting in there. Is it? there? it is.

Fella And then there's a little Notch right here where the wiring goes at all. Oh I did not see that. Them tricky little suckers. It did not come with a new Ambi air temp Sunset the harness just hanging there.

Boy that would have burned my biscuits. Man, get that thing all together. Found out I did a ding dong move like that? So I think it just pops in there, but that would set the engine light you little suckers. GM You couldn't spring the extra 10 cents to put this thing in there, huh? Thank you I Couldn't take the extra five seconds to see if it was in there, Huh? So there it is that just clicks in there.

you go. Yay! Got alignment pins on it. Sometimes you gotta slow around the gold fast. Now we gotta put all 34 bolts back in there.

Foreign. Missing one time to go fishing. That's that First try. Here's my lucky day.

Foreign. We're going to double check all of these I'll make sure it was hard to tell where the when you're just baby in the impact. So let's say a quarter inch one. All right.

find it Max where we started. Let's plug it in. Foreign function just fine and the code is. Of course we have extra coats now.

Um, it's this u15 10 1510. Uh, this ignition cycle pass so that means it's good right now. That would have said failed with the old one plugged in these other codes. this double o73.

That's because we had it unhooked. uh the other ones. It must have set since last time it was in all for the actor of Grill but when it first came in, the 1510 was the only one. So first thing first.

uh, we're gonna clear the codes out of it I should have done it in that last screen but I got popped back in there. We're gonna erase the codes I'm surprised it didn't open them, just key on. but it didn't So now our codes are gone and we'll back out. and then we'll I Think we can probably find it under Active Test here.

Come on baby! Yeah, there we go. Active Grill Shutter Oops Let's hit the alternator or something. Well look at this guy. Active Test Active Grill Shutter should go get my little poke stick.

Wait for this to communicate. Active Girls Shutter Position 100 right now. So we're going to open Open Sesame and you can see they're opening okay and we'll close it. We're sending it to position zero and it's closing.

Let you see that and we are now at Position zero. So we're going to open again. So it wants commanding it to 100 and it's opening our intake. Air temp is working.

It says it's 71 degrees in here, which it's not. It's about 62. So we'll back out of here and we'll go back and make sure we have no codes and we'll read the codes. see what the survey says? Boom, we're done.

That's it. Shows over time to go home. Oh I guess we can't quite leave. Yeah, that's all tight, right? right? right? Let's see.

and on the back side of this: Grill there was nothing holding it on other than that guide pin that I mentioned. We'll stick that there. We got to take the aftermarket wire in here and you have that kind of up here in the top now. I'm just behind that light I guess and kind of a little wide up there.

You get real twist to do that. Let's figure it out in there. Line up the alignment pin here. Oh, that comes in way easier than it came out right.

Four bolts on the top, four bolts on the bottom. No, we're done. Grab the elegant dog again. All right.

Full power. We can put this thing back in, make sure the seal is where it needs to be a couple hundred Fasteners here in your own plastic ones. These things sure go together a lot quicker than they come apart. which stands to reason.

Reason being when the guys are standing on the assembly line and his job all day long every day is to put this clip in. They want to go quick. He ain't got to take them apart, he just gotta put them together. That's why these things always go together way faster.

at least that's my theory. Sticking to it. Foreign plastic piece there, huh? You're lined up here in the middle. There's a little tab down here on the bumper that it slides into also.

and then give me a little pocket screwdriver this foreign making darn sure that these Tabs go up on top of their intended latch, reach you like that, and then give them a little click. you do boom I'm gonna make sure that's all clicked in. Whoa. Hallelujah And we got this little guy.

We'll click that on. Uh no. I'm not going to double side tape that back on. you think I'm gonna? you're crazy because I'm not.

Oh bless your little heart. Perfect fit in my mind. This little fellow back up just like so and then that has a bolt that goes through the front side there seven hours. Put that in there, give it a snug click.

You got a couple of screws that go up through the fender flare. Piece of cake, huh? Way easier than service data. Well, they pretty much have you taking the tailgate off and hole in the front seats. Sometimes service day it doesn't make sense and sometimes it does.

Foreign There she is. it's made in. you. just write in your own thing now.

eight four three six three one eight four right from Chevy Um, they might make a master. Market We got another great Chevy here. What year is this one? This is kind of an oldie oldie but a goody 14. Chevrolet Malibu Oil pressure control valve has gone bad on that.

Unlike the pickup trucks where you gotta tear the whole mother loving truck apart GM Got smart and said hey, we're gonna have to screwed up oil pressure system. let's make it accessible. this one they got on the outside. these ones you gotta pull the engine apart.

Well that's enough deduction for one day. you guys think I hate Chevy So I keep it going. But really I'm a I'm a Chevy guy in my heart I mean let's be honest. they bought me a house, a bunch of property I'm gonna put my kids through college.

why would I hate them I Don't want to hate you for not going in that comment section so make sure you do that. Questions, comments, concerns insty Facebook Just my reviewers I can do it. You can do it. Thanks for watching.

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