In this video I bring you along as I change out the front ball joint on a 2012 Chrysler 200. Easy Peasy!
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Foreign 2012 It's a Chrysler 200. I think it's got the big three six. Uh, it needs the right front lower ball joint. I Thought I'd Bring you guys along see how this process goes.

Oh I Believe you get lucky stuff to remove the axle nut, make sure your axle moves. Step three: We're gonna take the nut here. off the ball joint. This ball joints junk.

so we're going full. Old school pickle fork. We don't care if the boot rips. Well, that was epic fail.

Let me see if I got a fatter one. Round two: you've been pickled. Slip that baby out boy. this looks like it's gonna be a tough one man.

this thing sits up inside the uh knuckle here. I Don't know if I've ever done one of these. It's like the old Hindus Um huh. Well, I'm sure we'll figure it out.

If you've got a jar of pickles and you're wondering how to get them out and you need a set of pickle, Forks This is your Astro Tools five piece pickle, pickle pork kit. your Classic 78 807. take our axle out not all the way, just out enough to set it to the side. Let's see if we can't just go like this.

Hmm, well let's have a look under there and see what we can do. Uh, swap on this ball joint. I've got the new one here. This classic TTX From there for uh, not a sponsor Nampa Chassis stuffer junk.

Um, what's this here? Oh, it's a boot installation tool. perhaps? Interesting, see what that's all about? Of course it comes with your snap rings and stuff. As you know, like I said, we've been having problems with the Napa Mevo Tech blue boot garbage so we don't use that anymore. I use the TTX here when available.

These things are wicked awesome. Yeah, so this is a boot install tool. Interesting? good to know so we'll take that boot off I'll wipe some of that grease right there. I'm just going to stick it in the edge of the boot for right now and then we've got to figure out how to get after it.

I Don't think getting it out is going to be an issue. it's the getting it in. It might be a bit of a problem. so let me see what I can come up with here folks.

So the first challenge is we have to take this ball joint. we have to drive it down which I think we can do with the air hammer but you see it has a it has a snap ring on it and the opening for the snap ring is way on the inside here which would require us to pull you know pad rotors, caliper and then also the dust shield. Uh, which in New York usually they dissolve or the bolts break off. I'm curious if we could just take the torch and just Nick the snap ring and then just knock it off two pieces here and then drive the ball joint out and then see what we've got to deal with.

That's going to be my Approach Try to do it with the camera in a way, but it might have to move. you guys. let's see. here we go.

Wish me luck. this one's a snap ring. Oh Mega Fail Mega fail I Think blasted it out of there. Let's get our light back so we can see.

Get my head in here I Don't know I don't think so. Let me crack the torch up here one more time and my flame a little low on it. All right, let's see if we can do this again. Thank you there I saw that disappeared so that's good.
Now let's see if we can't just let's try tapping one side. you guys stand by. We may end up taking everything apart I don't know that kind of worked. let's see a little more difficult.

Dang it. hang on. Uh, let's see. All right I Still need to get this whole thing out of there.

Come on little fella, let me get a pair of needle nose. Maybe I can just grab that and wiggle it around there. Okay, so not really a snap ring. it's more like a clip that pops on so that's out of the way.

Let's just try using a long punch on air hammer and just see if we can't drive it out because that would be pretty awesome. Let me go get let me go get the dog. We've got safety glasses and hearing protection on it. It's about to get real.

oops. My shaft's just a little too long. Let me go get a shorter one. Yeah if I had a nickel for every time I Heard that I'd be broke.

Let's see here we go. It's Hammer Time that's how a dog does it said May special edition so behind dude the Honda Accords they have a similar setup and I've got a actual air hammer bit for those. it's an offset air hammer bit just for doing the high news. I think we're just going to clean up the bottom here.

give her a little hole polish Shiner up here I'm gonna see if I got a cup that fits a ball joint and instead of trying to get our press up in here which I know will fit we're just gonna with the with the dog. the whole polisher got a little water and host today also like Turbo the only line in the whole shop I didn't put a drip leg on what was I think clean hole, clean lip. We're gonna get a little squeezy grease out of the grease gun here. Okay, don't need a ton, we're just gonna put a little bit in there.

I'm gonna run that lip perfect. Let's hook up the old air hammer we're gonna air on the side of lazy here. We're just gonna try to use the sack. Hopefully this doesn't bite me in the behind.

Put on my earmuffs, grab us a bit I grabbed us uh inch and 11 16 inch and 11 16 fits the lip. Perfect. Got the blue dot facing on the inside. say what? So you have a dog donut right there old son.

That's good. We're in yippy skippy. Let's go get our grease from Saved reapply it. Hurry up on the boss portion of it same way your grease an inner tie rod end.

In case you didn't know this mirror on the ball. Usually they come greased up around the ball. This one this one has greased quite well. So all right goodie.

I'm gonna put a little bit around this little guy gonna take the hole face it away from the rotor. It's like that baby up on there like. So we're gonna get the install for which it came with so generously. I'll tell you the TTX man they usually come in clutch for this stuff.
That's what it says to do right? I Need to get my light over here. Definitely don't want to ruin the boot if we can avoid it. There it is all the way around. Is it a little bit in the back? We've got a Tippy tap? Yeah, we'll make sure.

All Right looks good. You did good. great. You know we don't know if he's going to take it to a car show so we better take a little hanky here.

Let's wipe our boot off. Casey Goes to the car show and puts the mirror under here. You know what I mean you want it to look good? Perfect. Well that bad boys in there.

Let's open up our Hardware packet. We've got a grease fitting and Snapper in the end of the clip. Let's see. so this one had so it comes with both.

It comes with your regular classic you know, snap ring and then it comes with the same style lock ring that was in it. so that's what we're going to use. See if I can do this without just by looking in the viewfinder. Here are we in the groove? Push push push.

Not quite. Dude. not quite almost hit we had here. this.

Can we come in here with this? A little over the top action. Oh and the Thunder is going on there. Oops sorry fellas. Super difficult with the camera in the way.

probably bumping the mic a bunch of times. Oh there she goes I Fight you not pop? Felt you that time? Oops. All right, let me just make sure I'm not looking at the shadow on the other side here. Okay, now it looks good.

We're in all the way there and then on the ends of both of the Clips. So beautiful. I'm happy with that. If you're happy with that man, you need to see if we can fit our grease fitting in them and take the cap off.

Just enough room in here. Get our fingers in here started. Let me go get a wrench. I'll just leave it like that.

we'll put the little cap on it. It's got plenty of grease in it for right now. And let me move you folks because you guys right in the optimal area. I'm surprised we're able to do this.

We're going to, uh, put our axle in and put it back in torque. Everything to factory specs. You guys right here. That was my optimal viewing area like this.

Go like that. Get that realigned. I don't want to ruin my boot. so I got to kind of get her one swift motion here so we're just going to hold down there.

We just wanted to realign that ball joint. Done. Hopefully, what are you guys? You'll figure it out. We're gonna push this tie rod back in.

and there we go. Bingo! Bingo! Is that something? Sex? Naturally foreign to believe that these ball joints come from the same company that makes the really really crappy ones. I Know we've mentioned in another video, but boy I tell you what where I'm done selling Napa chassis parts until they drop the mevotech line. That stuff is such garbage.

it's freaking embarrassing. The old Napa chassis line I don't remember who made their stuff then. oh that stuff was solid. but this blue booted.
Metal Tech Stuff Absolute garbage. Do not waste your money on it folks. if you're buying Metal Tech The TTX from Metal Tech Great. The Blue Booted stuff.

Absolute trash I mean garbage. Safe to say they're not a sponsor I'd be happy to talk to him about the craft itself they ever called. and I Have no problem telling hundreds of thousands of people and millions of people that their product is absolute garbage. Because it is.

It's they should not be selling it. It should be illegal to sell it, but there's a lot of store brand stuff out there that's really crap too. But the fact that Napa sells it in their Napa chassis line, that's embarrassing. It's a disgrace.

Some people are going to get kind of offended by this part. Ready most controversial: Bend on the Internet. It's how to bend your cotter pin whatever you want to call it. Just to be sure we've pissed each and every one of them off.

We're gonna do it for you. Zoomed in, super enhanced. We're going to trim it there. grab it with some side.

Cutters Give it a push up there. a little squish in extra tap on the bottom. Leave the comment how this guy is likely going to die now. We'll make sure that there is no problem putting grease in this in the future.

We'll give her a couple pumps. Yep, everything seems to be flowing good there. People will grape about the Cotter pen. the way you solder, the way you see the word solder amongst many other things.

But nobody will ever grape about the mixture of the different soap bases and the different types of Grease like ever. And the thing is, it's actually something they could talk about that actually has some sort of value. You know are you? is the grease that you put in there? miscible? You know? Uh, likely it's not because I Don't know if that's mineral based or synthetic based or whatever, but nobody ever says anything about it. So maybe if you're a chemist, you can clue me in.

Please criticize me There we are breaking out the old clicker. let's show the wheel on it and then it's just got to go over to Josh You get alignment done anytime we do any type of frying work. ball joints. Tie rod I won't like.

Tie rod ends and stuff are obvious but struts, you know something that doesn't have like an adjustment on it per se. We always check the alignment. Um, you know, having this ball joint in there. If this sets this knuckle in or out just a little bit, that's going to change, you know the Towing on it and that's usually what we find.

changes. Also, you know, setting an air out, we'll change the camber, but even though we didn't touch anything, that is an adjustment, we could have changed. You know the geometry here on the steering, so we always always double check that it's usually close enough to drive to your local alignment shop ours is right next door. one may open this tightened up and then we're done.
Well, that's it folks. Putting the ball joint in your oh your crates are 200, not your hundred I Was just talking to so about another car. um so not a bad job. I think as easy as the air, hammer and stuff, push that out and then push it back in I Would imagine that you could do this with just normal tools underground, you know, hammer and a punch.

The only dilemma might be it's getting that snap right now. you might be able to reach an air with a Dremel tool or worst case scenario, depending on where you live, you know, take the brakes off. um, take the caliper and the rotor and stuff off, take the dust shield off. and then they did put a slot in the front of that knuckle so you can see the other two ends of that clip and then you know, push it off.

or if you live down south just reaching there with you know, an old flosser and click that thing off I guess but up here we do what we got to do. Last thing I want to do is mess with the with the brakes and the backing plate to get in there. So I found it just as easy to take the Torches Nick it uh, air handler wise we had the dog. This was your 498k which is a special limited edition from.

Astro You can't buy it, there's only two in the whole world I got one and another dude does. but you can get your classic 4980 long barrel a little bit shorter than this and then I used just your standard long bit I don't know what that is. probably 10 inches, maybe something like that and that's a number that's an astro bit. Also Astro makes some really long ones too.

I Like to play Astro it's got a big one in my book. they do. They make some nice tools and then putting it in. you guys seen that we just used your everyday run the mill socket now I was going to get a cup that fit the other ball joint perfectly but this fit it quite well.

you know in my opinion. but that's that. Um oh man. I got some brake clean on my muffs.

melted them. things happen. surprise that hasn't happened before. one of you guys happen to go down in that comment questions, comments, see and see the Facebook You guys know where to find us and just my viewers.

If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching! Thank you.

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