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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I'm super glad to be here. You guys remember that uh I think it's a Hyundai Sonata they're a little red one over there. that's the one that had the bolts falling out of the rear axle and or the rear subframe and uh, that little crossbar bolt was stripped out I Went to the hardware store uh, tried to find a replacement I did not measure correctly I measured zero times and cut twice and uh I was stopped in my tracks with a failure for a repair. so uh, because of that, we all put our heads together and decided that the best option to fix that uh sub frame was to replace the rear subframe.

We got one in the mail. this is the replacement junkyard unit. The issue on that one is this bolt on that car was put in like cross threaded or sideways or it wasn't tight and the threads were yanked out of it and it was damaged I Like I said I tried to find a longer bolt to pass it through all the way to the other side and then use a nut but I couldn't get one that was long enough. So we kind of threw in the towel on an actual repair and we just bought a new stuff frame.

So I'm gonna go ahead and get that car back into the shop. We'll lift it up in the air, drop the rear step frame, and then see what it's going to take to get this thing changed out. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video baby! 2011 Hyundai Sonata Three Stockings The Engine. You know because this particular Hyundai has Whoa 282 565 miles on the odometer and a low tire pressure warning indicator Okie Dokes, Let us make some haste.

Let's pull this thing in the shop. Get it on the big lift. We'll start pulling the subframe out of this thing and uh, get that thing swapped over. Look guys! I Closed the door this time.

See see I can close it. That's right there. Swing this bad boy in right over here on the big rack. All right.

Oh by the way, sorry for not posting for the past couple days. I've been a little busy uh, doing some off-duty action at the house. We had some guests we had a birthday party down I Had the giant fire in the yard from all the hurricane debris I Was really busy. had no time for videos and editing so I took a took the weekend off but I am now fat.

alrighty. The rack is set both sides pads are in position on the pinch welds. Moving on up, green subscribe button. It's a thing we do here.

It's a friendly, passive reminder to remind you that way you do not miss out on any future content because that could be bad. Moving on up and that will end my moment of Shameless self-promotion So what we're gonna do here? Get this up in the air: I'm gonna pull the rear wheels off, disconnect the Uh the struts, remove the brake calipers, remove the rotors I think the bearings are going to stay I think the control arms are going to stay on that unit I'll remove what I can? Uh, we'll drop the subframe out, place the new one in position, lift it back up, bolt it in, and then uh and then we'll go from there. This will need a wheel alignment when I'm done. I Do not have a wheel aligned machine presence as of yet so we'll have to send that out for uh for somebody else to do.

no big deal. stuff happens on the locks coming down. okay hey, we haven't done this in a while. Impact gun, cam All right.

It's like a first person shooter, but for car repair on pickages, set these guys up here so they don't go anywhere. Get the other side foreign and over tight. Okay Lauren came out life unit, shut the door I think I'm being too loud for her to come off. All right.

No more screwing around. Let's go and get this thing apart here and uh, we'll go down below, get set up, and start pulling this uh, this unit out of, uh, out from under the chassis. All right. So we're gonna take a look at what we have to work with.

Uh, we're gonna find that there's a lot of duplicate parts that uh, you really don't need to change. Um, you don't need to replace. Well, the cables are cut off here. We don't need to change these.

uh, these lateral arms here. We don't need to change the wheel bearings, the knuckles, any of the sensors don't need to change the control arms. All we really need to replace is this, uh, subframe right here. So I think what I will do is avoid removing everything possible off of the suspension side.

So I mean we do have to pull the Springs because I've got to pull this lower control arm out. But I'm going to leave the knuckle here. I'm going to leave this bar here, tables, wiring, all that good stuff and we're just going to take off looks like the lower control arm, the upper, the exhaust and then we'll drop the subframe out. So I'm going to leave as many parts as possible on the car and just swap out the piece that's damaged.

I Think that's the battle plan so far. So uh, let's go ahead and start with the sway bar links. Those are in the way. Let's pull those off first.

I'm going to tell you how to after a three-day weekend I don't know what I'm doing I've been uh, off duty for far too long. All right. that's one side. You just heard the other side sway bar is disconnected from the lower control arms.

Got it all right? Let's go ahead and get all the sketchy stuff out of the way right now. Let's take the pressure off of these. Springs I'm gonna put this jack stand under here and then we're going to unbolt this control arm right over here. Let the jack stand down and that's going to hinge this control arm down and relieve some of the spring pressure on this coil spring.

All right. We're looking for a 21 and a 22 millimeter. That was wrong. That's a 19.

see I told you I was out of practice I can't even eyeball Fastener Sizes like that's a new development I'm wrong. like 90 of the time on that. It used to be a skill, now it's uh, it has become lost I Don't know. so this is actually an adjustment.

Bolt You'll see that there's a cam right here that rides on a couple ridges that stick up that are part of the subframe assembly and it's set based on that cam to achieve a certain wheel alignment. In this particular case, the lower control arm handles the camber angle and that is the vertical measurement of the tire. So if Tire leaned in, that's negative camber. If the tire leans out, that's positive camber.

Lower Control arm adjusts that measurement on this particular car. Pull this guy off. and if we give that cam bolt some Wiggles here should be able to get that cam out of there. See little notches in there that rides on these grooves in the bolt and when you rotate the bolt, it rotates.

the cam presses against those little tabs and then it moves the Bolt left and right, thus moving the control arm left and right. See that fancy all right. I'm gonna go around to the other side, just kind of work this bolt out with a little pry bar here. Come on or not, maybe if I work it and rotate it, it'll uh, it'll start to come out.

these come out I'll hammer it I will. In fact, I'm not even gonna mess around. Hammer Time Just a little bit. Just some encouragement.

There we go. All right. Sketchy. sketchy because there is a potential energy in the spring and if this thing goes all willy-nilly on us, it's going to relieve that energy.

Spring is going to get sprung. We don't want to do that. I Stuck this pry bar in there for some added safety just in case there's more, uh, more pressure on this unit than I am anticipating. and I think there might be.

You know what? I'm gonna move the jack stand over some. We're gonna put it right over here. increasing sketchiness Factor by a level of six. Let's try this.

Come out please. Why? Right now, we'll build a little bit more safety in now. It can't fly off and kill me. Come on.

Bolt We're all waiting on you. Really? I wonder if there's a side load on that? Bolt Let's try to try to move it this way. No, it's still kind of hung up. There is a side load.

Yeah, we're so close there it is. Relieve some pressure. It's not flying out trying to kill me. That's good.

Let's go ahead and let this down a little bit. Oh, the sway bar nut is capturing it. Hang on. let's unknut that slowly.

coming down a little bit more down. It's pretty loose so far. I Think we're we're almost there. Yeah.

I Think the spring has now been unsprung. That's pretty close. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. it feels good.

Are we good? It's either gonna fly out and hit us or we're good, right? Actually, it's gonna hit you guys first and that's free and loose. Good. Okay, okay. let's pull this spring out of here and just get her out of the way.

There we go. That's good. This goes back later on. Okay.

I'll repeat set procedure over here on the other side and we'll take some more. uh, more of these components apart. I Will need to, uh, take this exhaust off at some point I Think yeah, yeah. I'm pretty sure because it's uh, this mid-pipe in the back right here is uh, gonna be in the way of pulling the subframe out.

So yeah, I do need to pull the exhaust off. Hey, is that gonna fit? Yeah, you better fit. Look, look, the bolt might hit the fuel tank here. That just changes everything a little bit.

Hmm. okay. it's kind of not what. I uh.

anticipated a little bit of a roadblock. foreign this guy out just a wee bit more. I'm pretty sure that that bolt is not going to come out. so we need to take this side off over here.

on this side. Yeah, because that's just not gonna. It's just not going to come out far enough to clear the fuel tank. Oopsie.

erroring calculations. All right. Moving on. let's go ahead and pull this bolt out next.

See my whole plan and strategy. Blowing out of water. all for a fuel tank? It's a mighty long Bolt as far as we go because now we're entering into unsafe territory here. Let's uh, get our jack stand under here blood.

Hammer that's special. Okay, that spring is uh, kind of free to do whatever it wants. It's a little scary for a pry. it's not releasing from that little spindle over there.

There we go. Now it is. Come on down there we go. Are we safe? Yes.

Okay, all the spring pressure has been relieved. Swing this guy down, Come out, got her all right. We moved up and in a little bit we see there's one more control arm here. This one also has a cam on it.

This control arm when adjusted, would adjust the toe of the rear tire that's the left and the right angle so we had down below and the lower control arm. that's uh, that camber angle. And then this arm right here adjusts the toe angle. So let's get this guy pulled out next.

Loud noises. Okay, there's a bolt. There's the washer. Here's the cam.

Come on out Cam please. Now please. Now there we go and everything's a hammer. There's our adjuster Now, since we're starting to accumulate a lot of pieces here.

I'm gonna put this guy back together. Where'd that washer? Go there. It is like I was saying I'll put this guy back together, set that on the on the cart, pry this guy out of the subframe that's not coming out I think I have to detach it from the knuckle. Also, and Slide the whole unit over or let's take off the this control arm.

This is the one that actually has the broken affected Bolt the one we tried to replace which did not go so well. Oh, you guys can't see what I'm doing trying to get this uh, temporary bolt out that I I threw into this thing just so I can move it around the parking lot. It wasn't long enough, but it was, uh, transport purposes come out foreign. got it? Save this thing for later.

there we go. Now the whole suspension side over here is free. We'll just Jam that thing up against the body. That's going to keep this thing pushed off to the right and give me clearance to, uh, operate on the subframe here.

Very good. Okay, one side's completely detached, the other side is partially detached. Let's go back over here. We'll repeat procedure right here.

right here. Then we can pull the exhaust and then drop this unit out of the car. all right back on the uh driver's side coming in. Loud noises.

There's our nut. there's the lock washer. Let's get the cam in the bolts out. You know, even when used improperly, hammers are also hammers foreign.

There we go. Gravity Got it? Okay, one more bolt right here. Come out pry bar. Loud noises.

Thank you. So far so good. Very good. Let's go ahead and push this uh suspension assembly back away from the center line.

We'll prop it up just like we did on the passenger side, right up against the body. Yeah, get up there Nice. All right. Let's go ahead and get this exhaust removed because we are about to unbolt that uh subframe.

I'll throw this guy in just to support it. I'll unbolt it from the front, then we'll remove the hangers starting from the front to the rear and I'll be able to pick the thing up and uh and remove it. I'm gonna need some lubricants. It appears we have some corrosion.

Let's give that some spray. There we go. Yeah, that's fine now. I Think that the impact gun can defeat the corrosion.

Goodbye rust. Yep, that was good. That was gravy. Nice.

Another: there we go. Okay, we're on bolted. Let's go ahead and get the hangers unhung. Uh, that one.

What do we got a that's bolted on? How about that? Okay, unbolting the rubber hangers. Good. So I moved the jack stand back a little bit to support where the majority of the mass is. I Was thinking of unbolsing this Muffler from the pipe and leaving that hang.

However, I learned that these Mufflers are held on which is two brackets with two bolts nuts. So I'm just gonna pull those off. Drop those guys out and I'll just take the entire assembly off in that and one swift motion. Don't fall on me.

Okay, getting a little loose. Let's get this side over here. A little dark on this side. The darkness there goes there.

Don't fall. Good Good good, very good. Can you help me Come here? I Need your assistance? I'm I'm seeking help from wipe Unit. Okay, what? I want you to do? Come over here.

You're gonna hold up the weight on this section here, which is not very much. There's the wall right there. sorry about that, nobody. Just hang on to that.

I'm gonna take the weight back here. We're gonna kick this thing out of the way and then I'm gonna come down. Look I'm gonna come down. and then back.

and then we just need to walk it away. Okay, so there's there's nothing really. There's no weight for you yet because I see those studs on the other side of the exhaust. Those are holding up all the ways on your side actually.

I'll tell you what change of plans. Grab that jack stand and pull that out. Now come over here to my right. There you go.

Get that side. There's your hand on that pipe in front of you. That works too. Now let's go over there see how I'm doing.

Yeah, let me come down and now we're just pull it away from the car towards the back. There we go and then walk away. Perfect. and you can set it down right here.

Go ahead and bring it down there. Thank you for helping. Okay, let's survey the uh, the area here. It looks like we're just down to these four bolts.

two on this side and two on this side and the unit should, uh, should come free. I Don't think there's anything else attached to it. Yeah, let's go ahead and let her down. Okay, let's see how this is gonna work.

Loud noises Again, that was loud. There we go. Let me go grab one on the other side over here. loosen the other second one.

How are we doing? Not bad. Let's go fetch the uh, the transmission jack. Get this thing set up with the support and then we can unbolt it the rest of the way, lower it down safely. Okay, rolling out there we go, a couple pumps and we will be up in position.

Okay, so Jack stand is in the in position here I Was gonna say in the way, it's in position to take the weight, that's what I was doing I'm gonna go ahead and pull the bolts out the rest of the way, it's just these two. Then I can hang on to that unit with one hand. We'll let it down, stabilize it when it's all the way down. I can set it on the ground.

it doesn't weigh too much. I'm still going to use the Machinery to help me. I'd rather not just try to manhandle the thing. Okay, it's loose.

Let's go ahead and cut this thing down. some coming down lift coming down. We're gonna go real slow because I need to hold on to this with my hand here. Yep, we're free.

we're coming down, it's stable, go down faster. we're good two all the way down. Hello, a little subframe and as a refresher we had to replace this because these threads right here are destroyed in there and now you can see. Yeah, that's not.

Uh, that's not okay. can't fix that I mean I probably could now that it's out. But since we have a new unit, I'm just gonna put the new unit in. No big deal.

Okay, let's go outside and strip down uh, this subframe assembly and get the parts that we need. Get rid of the parts that we don't need, and then we'll get this thing back in the car. So uh, we're gonna lose. Let's see.

this control arm stays. We need to lose both of these control arms. and then uh, the lateral arms and those. Knuckles Also, so let's get this thing disassembled.

This is the passenger side. The unit's upside down. so this is passenger side. That's driver's side.

That means this control arm stays on here because the fuel tank is there so that one stays. The rest of them go. They're pulled apart on kicks. That was loud.

Okay, losing too much reverse torqueages. Let's try a straight on socket. Yeah, there we go. not strip cool.

Do the same thing on this side here. Need those? Goodbye? See, We'll do the sway bar link. Need that? And of course the other one here on this side don't need that. Very good.

See, this guy needs to come loose. This one needs to come loose. I Need a wrench wrench? return tie out? See now. I Have all the giant Hardware that I'll ever need.

How about that? Uh, one more. one more control arm right here. Hang on. All right Hammer.

Okay, we don't need that. Get out of here. Let's go ahead and strip the other side next. I Made an error.

This is actually the control arm that's going to stay. Not a huge deal, but I almost. uh, took the wrong one off and left the wrong one on. I'll deal with that later.

Let's just get all the parts off of this that I for certain do not need and one more up there. I Need to move this little guy out of the way some. Just Gonna Take It Off Lots and lots of hardware for my stash. Get out of here.

Grab bar There we go. Pry this side out too. Okay, we've recovered the components that we need. Let's cut this seat belt off and get this thing back inside and up on the jack.

Oh, that was wonderful. Okay, uh. let's see a zip tie. Don't need that.

Another zip tie don't need that. Okay I think this is the strip down as we need to get it. Let's haul this thing inside and get it on the Uh Jack Here you guys help out. You hang on to this side here.

We'll pick it up and bring it inside together. Stay right there. Okay up. let's get out of here and we'll Orient this properly set that the right way.

There we go and then we'll take this one, set this one down and switch positions here. That's good. Bring this one back up on the jack right here. Good stay.

Okay, we're back up on the stand here or on the jack Let's go ahead and lift this thing back up in position. We'll line the pins up with the holes in the body and we'll get this thing bolted in and then at the reverse. Our previous procedure moving on up. A lot of work just because we went full send on some bolts.

This is why we start things by hand to avoid, uh, such mishaps. This is a very unfortunate mishap. It happens though. That's how we learn.

Some of us are stubborn on that learning curve myself in particular. Step back. some become centered. Let me see, the pins are making their way up towards the holes.

This is good. Same thing on this side here that Bolt's still in I left this control arm on, took that one off I Figured there's no reason to put more bolts and stuff than necessary. Okay, that pin is going in. See it.

Let's get this one lined up. Look I'm hitting the fuel tank. Hang on Slide all the way up. Caption looks good.

This side's looking good. Okay, let's get the bolts in foreign. You want to risk stripping because the threads for these guys are in the frame and uh, ruining that would be a bad day. Oh by the way, I do have a all the hardware that came with this uh replacement unit as well as the hardware that came with the good unit.

so I'm gonna get extra Hardware out of this little operation. Yeah, there we go. Four of them are in. let's go fetch the impact.

What? I do Oh there it is I brought it with me. Let's run these guys in good bolt gravity. That one came out I Guess it wasn't started all the way redo. It looks better.

Okay, let's get rid of this goodbye transmission jack Nick Foreign now I Just need to undo everything that I already did. Let's go ahead and pull this thing back. We'll get our uh, our toe adjuster arm back in its little groove right here and then run that bolt in. We'll get the springs in under control arms and then these last, uh, these last control arms here that would throw the wheels back on this should come together swimmingly.

Let's see. I need to give this thing a tug out. Slide that guy back down. you're gonna go down control arms in the way.

Hang on, let me maneuver this. There we go. Got it. Okay, I've got the adjuster bolt here.

Let's maneuver that thing in. Please go in. come on there. Okay bolt coming in.

Finally. All right. The little cam has slipped into place. There's our other cam, washer, lock, washer, and a nut.

again. This will have to be realigned and this is all said and done. Let's move over to the other side. get that one installed next.

Scooch on in here. Okay, pulling this guy back down again. we'll slide it into that little Groove There we go. Dropped in the flashlight.

no worries. Let's get our adjuster lined up and installed next. Go on please. There we go.

It said please or I said please and it listened. That's nice. Get on their lock washer and of course our nut. Wonderful! Okay now let's get to the part where our original failure occurred and I can see how it happened.

if we, uh take a look at this control arm, we can see that it's a slightly at an angle like it has a Twist this way. so it's a little twisted and it's not meeting the uh, the front of or the rear of the subframe flush. It's like at an angle and kind of downwards. So the problem is is if you try to run those bolts in just as they line up, you'll start it cross threaded and because of that that's what uh I think happened to the other one.

So what I need to do is get this bolt kind of started and then put some pliers on this and then just kind of torque this and rotate it back and that'll align the hole and the threads with the the bolt here and then allow that bolt to go in without stripping and cross threading. But tell you what if I cross thread this I'm gonna I'm gonna lose it I will 100 lose my pool because I don't want to do this again. So what? I'll do. Grab it with the frustrated pliers, give her a twist, make that thing slip out.

I meant to do that, checking the alignment and now I can just kind of wiggle it until the threads catch and I'm feeling it by hand. There we go. Nice, it's going okay. that thing's threaded.

send it clicks good. that's gonna repair where we started from. Let's go ahead and get that other side in, then we'll Toss The Springs in position here. one more to go.

and actually that was a little tough. So I think on this side, I'm just going to unbolt it here and try to get that bolt in first and then we'll run this other bolt through. I didn't I didn't really care for how uh, how difficult that kind of was. Sure, let's pull this one apart I think that's how it has to go.

there we are. Yeah, that's that's. a little better. the twist is still in it.

but I can manipulate this piece better over here on this side than I could on on this side over here. So even though that twist is there, we can work with it over here at that bushing. And of course, that's just going to take a little bit of hammer action. Tap it in there.

Let's tap on the metal piece of the bushing because it's starting to uh, torque a little bit here. It's good up there. The bushing still is not all the way lined up, so let's tap the back side of it up some. We'll get that twist out of everything.

There we go. Foreign bolts through, nut coming in. Yeah, now we're cooking of course the one on the right. Get in there next.

Sweet. Okay, let's back this up a little bit. and uh. work on getting that spring installed and compressed.

That's uh. that's next on the list here. Sure what? I need to do? Bring it up into position. We'll pull the lower control arm down, line the spring up.

Where is that spring? Stop There it is. and then I just need to get under it with the jack stand, push this control arm up, and then put the bolt in. Okay, Jack stand coming in. Set that guy up right down here where it most likely will not slip out.

For a bar. Pry bar. Pry bar. Pry bar.

Where are you Fry driver? There it is as I run this up. It's already conflicting with the uh, the knuckle right here. so let's pry that guy back. wiggle it.

Come on down there. Once it gets closer. I Can maneuver it a little bit better with the pry action here. See that? Oh, by the way, whenever you're compressing Springs with some kind of stand, always watch your lift points just in case you're about to pick the car up off the lift because that would be bad.

and it will happen. And it can happen. I've done it. We've all done it.

Not safe. Hammer almost lined up so close here. we'll get in here with a punch. kind of just pry that down pretty close.

Let's get the bolt in it. That's the big bolt with those little, uh, big rubber things on it. I think it goes in through the front if I recall Yes, it does. Sure I need to align this side of the hole back here.

there. we go too far. actually too far. Hammers foreign.

There she goes. it's going in beautiful. Tighten this guy down the springs in fix cool beans so this side is put back together. everything's tight with the exception of that tie rod adjuster over there I Need to hit that real quick.

make that control arm bolt tight because it's not going to drive to the alignment shop with a loose Fastener that's just not going to work. The sway bar links are not installed yet, but I will do those last after the other control arm gets uh gets installed foreign. There we go. Okay, back to the passenger side.

Okay, let's uh, tighten up this uh one adjuster that I missed last on the last one. Let's get that out of the way because I actually almost got it. Let's go ahead and clamp that guy down. now.

these measurements and adjustments are nowhere near accurate. Like I said, it's got to get a wheel alignment kick. Okay, that's good. Let's get the control arm up there.

That's tight. That's tight. That's tight. Control arm and spring that is next on my.

uh, that's on our list here. We'll fetch the Jacks and roll it on over. Get this thing set up and in position here. You guys can't see what I'm doing there.

We go. Terrible cameraman. but I'm but I'm not a cameraman. so I guess I can guess I can be terrible at it or am I a cameraman I am many things I have many hats multiples backups from my backups.

Okay, stay there really Hang on We're all discombobulated here. It's there coil spring coming up and going in. Definitely discombobulated. There's a step ahead of myself.

the pendulum of finger smashing Doom Could have been bad there. We'll index the spring now. put this guy down and we'll crank this up, line the bolts up with this little knuckle thing over here just like the other side and get it secured bar. It's probably the safer option.

rather not stick my fingers in there, especially when things are spring loaded. Danger Spring Danger Foreign a little more again. I'm washing my left arm to make sure I don't pick the car up off the lift. Now we can pry bar this back into alignment.

Here we go. Good. a little more right there. Where is me? Big bolts? Got it right here.

I'm still prying on this. uh, it's pushing to get it lined up again. it's got a Twist to it just like the other side did. Foreign: Tighten this guy down.

Click. Excellent. Now we can, uh, get the sway bar links down inside of their hole. that one's lined up the other side.

I Need to kind of set that one up. get it in line and then we can rotate the sway bar down. There's our washer. There's the nut and the stem or the shaft is through on this other side here.

So again, big washer. there's the nut. Couple forward clicks here and sway bar is now tight and it looks like I forgot this ball and now that's tight too. Very good.

All right. Suspension has been reconfigured. it's reinstalled. Let's let this, uh, control arm down.

Everybody's tight. This is good. Let's throw the wheels and the exhaust back on and then I can ship it to the alignment shop. Come here now.

Wipe unit has gone for the day so I need to put this exhaust in all by myself to figure out how to do that. I'm for certain going to need the jack stand again. so what I'll do is I'll go ahead and bring the string in. Put you guys over here I'll bring the thing in, set it up, uh, on the studs on that exhaust pipe, and then we'll set it down on this.

and then I can put little brackets back up where they belong. So that's actually the closest thing that I have to a plan. so we're just gonna do that. Yeah, this thing's quite awkward.

Very cumbersome, unbalanced, heavy on one side, lightweight on the other side. That's weird. Oh okay. all right.

All right. All right. Sketchy. Okay, the exhaust is here.

it's on. uh, it's on the jack stand. Let me throw some Fasteners in this so it can't fall out because that would, also, uh, be pretty bad. I don't want to drop it.

hurt myself. Okay now I just need to. uh I guess just raise this up until these brackets come into line and hold them down and let's put the rubber hanger back on. I had to transfer it and remove it from the uh, the old unit and again, that's going to bolt in right there.

So we'll uh, let's raise this up until that bolt lines up. All right. We're almost in line for that bolt. Let's see if it's going to go in and thread.

It's getting a little dark in here. One of my flashing lights has a has died. No more batteries. Again, this is weird.

I Don't really usually see bolted in rubber exhaust mounts. Very strange. There we go now. I'm not taking that out yet because it's still hanging onto the weight.

Okay, back here. under the right rear. Muffler We've got our last little bracket. slide that over the studs.

Two Nuts Let's get that other one threaded on and we'll give this some clicks. Get in there my big hands in a way. sorry I found out to see anything there. All right.

One is done. One more over here on the driver's side. There it is. Get that stuff lined up.

Very good. Two more nuts. You get those guys started. Oh not gravity.

Hit you guys in the face with my nuts. That didn't sound right. Oh come on. yeah.

get in there. Okay, sweet. Okay, so we're tight. We're tight.

We're tight. We're not tied up front machines. I Need a gun one more time? Let's go ahead and run this stuff down. Oh no.

I put that one on backwards. Look the uh. the socket was not engaging the fastener and now it's stuck. Flip that around, Do it the proper way.

Clicks There we go. Exhaust installation complete. Okay Jack stands. Get this thing out of here.

Roll that thing on out. We gotta let her down some pop the tires back on and uh, job is complete. So that being said, as always, but thank you guys for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this uh sub frame replacement video.

Not really a common repair procedure. Finalized test drives of these cars like I said go to the alignment shop I'm not going to drive it over there so no finalized test drive. The only test drive we get is going to be out into the parking lot. As far as we go, it's unfortunate.

sorry. okay. Sonata restartings the engine I left the keys out of it again. Why do I keep doing that? It's like a newly developed bad habit that I keep engaging in restarting.

Very good backing up, reverse backing out rack's clear. we're good to go. Thanks again for watching. See you guys later Have a great day! End of high on day transmission parking.

is the auto windows up powering down? Hey hey get back up. The switch is broken when I snapped it. watch it goes down. get a release it slowly keys goodbye Hyundai.

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