How it all started HERE. Over Engineered Bolts! Four wheel brake job. Actuated Calipers. Volkswagen Jetta 2.5
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Everybody welcome back to part two of this. 2007 volkswagen jetta 25. Liter in the the last video. I did.

A 4 0. Brake job on this we looked at few things found an oil leak at the oil pan and uh in this video. We're gonna go ahead and uh replace that old hand if you missed it or would like to go back and re watch. The first video of the brake job on this particular jetta.

I'll leave a link down in this video's description. Below. Now that all that's out of the way. Let's get to it we're gonna raise this all the way up pull the drain plug drain.

The oil pop. The pan off and then slap a new one into position. It was parked here overnight you can see how much leaked out already all right drain pin. We need you alright squeeze before we get started here let's uh pull this cover off and get this thing out of the way all right let's see what's going on here in its fullest.

Yeah. We see all kinds of oil saturating. The perimeter of this pan. It does not appear to be the upper pin.

It just appears to be the uh the lower pan. So that's what we're going to replace somebody has failed to uh put that on i don't know why it's off. But it goes right here. We'll just put that back now.

It's out of the way click all right let's move around back here and get this drain plug out and drain all the oil okay beginning engine oil training procedure now who is this i wonder if leaked all right it's not coming out of there easily gonna work uh. There's the crush washer. This is great got it okay. I don't know if these fasteners are torx 30s or torx 27s.

So i brought both and it looks like the 30 is the winner. So let's start pulling these guys out okay last one. I think. It's a lot of bolts.

Let's try a miniature pry bar. First it's a kind of glued on with sealant. We have to break that bond here it comes did you hear it go donkey donkey dunk. I have you now look more sealant.

Okay we have new parts. See what we got in here. Ah tricked. You into watching.

An unboxing video. This is a survey says dorman oil pan yay made in china not much to it stamped steel. And a drain plug all right what uh. What is this why do i have a gasket set from velcro oil pan set yeah.

This is for the upper pan. Not the lower pan. The lower pan is sealed with sealant not with a gasket pokey dog so real quick. I need to come in here and just uh rub off this residual sealant um.

If i find it really thick in any place. I'll just use a little scraper and scrape it off or razor blade. We have to get this surface here completely clean in preparation for the next layer of sealant. Oh yeah.

It's coming clean. Very nicely the towel is abrasive enough to pull that little thin layer off of the aluminum. Which is nice all right 15 minutes of rubbing it down. And i think we're good to go.

Here let's go ahead and get some sealant uh set up on the pan and we'll put it up into position. But first i should like to rinse this down just wee bit this guarantees maximum shiny okay let's get our sealant on this pan we're gonna do it's gonna be black on black so it's gonna be hard to see. But i'll try to get through this uh. We're going on too thick.
I don't like it why is that cars alarm going off again and then people look at me like like i did something wrong. What is this seriously. Everybody's always quick to blame someone else for something they find mildly inconvenient. That was a nasty blob wasn't it we'll just smear that around later with our fingers.

I do not like the sealant that i have i do not like it at all it doesn't adhere to things it just kind of smears around like a liquid. Yeah what is this stuff it's not permatex it's like uh oh pro seal. I think yeah that's what it says pro seal. I'm sure it's a fine sealant it does not meet my personal preference.

Yeah. Because this is hideous look at that ugly it's too thin in some spots. I don't uh. This is a disaster screwed up i can fix it it's what i do i'll just unscrew it up it's gonna make it worse.

Okay um. It's going to seal. So we're going to go with that all right pan coming in that's a delicate balancing act. I've got going on here.

Got the pan here i've got my torx here and a driver here with my fastener here. And we need to orchestrate a little bit of harmony. See how this is going to work out once i touch the skirt with this pan. That's it that's where it lives because we don't want it to smear around all right.

There's one let's get another bolt in right over here man all right and then we'll get another one out here in the back. I've probably got to put all of them in because there's really no dowel pin or alignment device. That's going to keep this centered other than the actual bolts themselves. So i think i'm going to set them all in first and then i'll just go around and torque them the idea being i want to get all of them threaded before the silicone makes contact with the block you can even see right now.

How this pin is not aligned it moved and repeat. I'm just going to run them all in yeah. We need more on this side. It's hanging unevenly.

There we go and then as soon as they're all started. I can come through with my ratchet and tighten them all down okay the back side's done with the exception of this last. One right here this side right here is done the front side can't really see it it's not done. We got what eight to go over here.

And the back side. Loud noises and the back. Where the trans is at look at those two that was some construction truck in a trailer going over our speed bumps. Oh bolt gravity i lost one but it's on my shoe.

I'll get it i think i'm down to three four wait a minute here i got three holes. But i've only got two fasteners that's uh that's unfortunate. Where's that last one at i know i dropped it earlier. I did i recovered it it's right here there we go okay let's torque these i'm going to start from the center work my way back and forth like a zigzagging star pattern just to guarantee even distribution of torquay.
I got noodle arm. It's so bad ah mini flashlight gravity seriously. It's a mini light. That was its first fall.

Oh. No you don't bigger flashlight get over here all right. That's all of them. I'm actually going to take a longer break now let this set up a little bit.

And then i will uh torque wrench them after about 20 minutes. Normally. I wouldn't really do that but since this is a dormant pan with some not permatex sealant that i'm not really familiar with and like i said. I'm sure it's good it's the same chemical.

But it's just like not my my flavor. Oh i missed one look a little straggler back. There clickage. Now one thing.

I do need to make sure of is that this drain plug is tight because because it's not and that would have totally leaked for sure coming down one click time okay jokes. We've got the engine cover and intake reinstalled let us see if we cannot make this kind of shiny ish. I don't know it's pretty stained. I think that's as good as it gets let's go ahead and start this engine.

We'll raise the car back up real quick and just uh recheck for leaks. Hey do you want to see something cool. Watch this surface of the sun. What look at that the rotor's dirty again all right guys back down below.

We are uh re inspecting this old hand. It is looking good. I see uh no evidence of leak action occurring here the remainder of this video was shot a couple of days later so consider this part too it never left marked it out the parking lot when i was done and the next day. I look underneath of it and what do i see one of those let's get some light on the subject.

Yeah look at that see that that's what i see now this oil slick is from last night. We brought it in i didn't get a chance to fix it yesterday it sat in the parking lot i brought it in last night parked it again and this is what we find this morning. So uh rather than using the component that we ended up purchasing. We now have to uh buy a better one which is probably going to come from volkswagen.

Because aftermarket. Volkswagen parts are well they're just not volkswagen parts are they in fact aftermarket car parts aren't really parts for anybody's car. Anyway yeah. I'm grumpy i'm i do love my job enough to do it twice.

But under these circumstances. I'm i'm upset. I'm i'm actually really excited because it didn't have to be this way we could have just ordered volkswagen parts what i don't know is if i'm like going to make a full video about this because that's what i seem to be doing or if uh. If i'm gonna make a short video about this and just uh slam this workout.

Real quick that i am undecided on moving on up again. Yeah. I feel better now that i got all that out of the way. Let's just do our job again all right now.
I may have already jumped the gun and gotten a little excitable about this so uh let's go ahead and back it down a notch. And let's just make sure that i did not screw this up yeah. Because i already already spewed out all the reasons. Why this is not my problem um.

So let's let's just go make sure. It is not my problem you know perhaps. I should have taken that approach before i put myself in a position to insert foot in mouth. Yeah.

That is engine oil a bunch of it all right what do we got going on here there it is okay we have a crush washer. We have a drain plug. We have an oil pan. But let's see if it's tight now you can't see torque.

But actually wait you can see torque this is my uh cylinder head only torque wrench actually. I wonder if i have one that does reverse hang on bear. With me here guys bear with me is that new yes. This will measure reverse all right now we're in business.

I actually never use this one it's a vintage antique snap on torque wrench. It is accurate though i have checked it attack here both directions okay first. We're gonna see if this has been brought up to spec or not and the way. I'm gonna do that is we're going to use the regular old torque wrench and forward.

And i believe spec on this is 30 pounds something like that 30 pounds is always a good measurement. So we're just going to set this wrench to 30 you can see hope you can see it we are set to 30 and if it turns. We are not yet at 30. If it doesn't turn before it clicks.

We are over 30. So let's see if we're over 30 or under 30. Okay we are under 30 pounds. So let's step it up let's do 35 pounds.

We're gonna watch the bolt. If you can see it hope you can i saw it turn ever so slightly. So i'm just gonna step this up to 36 pounds let's see if it turns and the fastener is turning now we click okay the entire point here is that the drain plug is tight let's see what breakaway torque is we'll set this all the way down to 20 pounds. See.

If it breaks away at 20 pounds. No it clicked. So do 25 break away it broke away at 25. Okay so it wasn't over torqued.

It wasn't under torque. It's got a crush washer. It's got a drain plug. It's got a brand new pan.

Yet it leaks everywhere other than that this is a superior quality unit. Made from the finest standards materials and workmanship known to the industry. And it's got a good finish okay. So i think what i'm going to do is just keep recording as we go through this.

But to not make this video. The exact same as the last time. I did this like two days ago. I think i'll just switch this up a little bit and we'll move the camera over there.

And do this in super high speed lightning fast motion. Train pen coming in okay. First things first drain plug goodbye. You need to waste a bunch of oil.
Again and booyah look at that bolts are out before the oil is done i can't help but to personally challenge myself sometimes oh here we go. This is interesting we're doing it again oh that silicone is garbage. I've just reminded myself to never use that it came off very easily very easily that was not permatex like what is this i'm like manufacturer bashing today in this video or they're bashing themselves. Yeah.

I'm gonna go with option b. I don't really like to talk trash. I'll let their actions speak for itself. Yeah.

The silicone is just coming right off it's not putting up any kind of plate. I know it's fresh. But i think it should adhere a little better this surface up here is actually somewhat textured. Yeah i'm actually kind of glad this leaked but that's okay because with the help of our friendly local.

Volkswagen dealership staff. They have supplied us with the proper sealant. It's that real expensive stuff that comes in the squeeze tube. There time one minute and uh 13 seconds.

That was the time okay so we're nearly ready to prep. This to uh put a new new new pan back on it got some sealant here straight from a volkswagen auto group and here we've got a volkswagen group box presumably containing an oil pan. I wonder if they're going to give us a drain plug skirt stick shift. All right.

Said. Order. A. Drain plug.

Yeah. Oh yeah. Look at that we got one. King.

Tan. Is done yes. Volt's hacking good. This is what we're looking for there.

Oh. This is gonna go so much nicer than the from the first time around with that little squeeze bottle. Oh this is beautiful my i have sweat on the pan you can't silicone over sweat. What bad that's what i'm talking about much more better earth.

Okay. Let's go put this thing back on the engine. Okay we're back in position underneath. I'm gonna get the pan ready to go let's go ahead and put this back into a super high speed lightning fast motion enjoy all right last one there we go and we're gonna check uh torque on that real quick just to make sure it's not loose and here.

I am saying we're not gonna do a repeat. Yeah. That's really tight good. I like it i'm over here saying.

We're not gonna do a repeat of the last video. And this one's like a carbon copy of it just a little bit faster. Oh. The irony anyway.

I'm going to let this set up then i'll put oil in there. All i've got to do on this now is to put the little skid shield panel back on again like i said let this thing set up put oil in it uh that's going to take a while um. I'm not going to keep you guys for that and so i'm going to go ahead and close this knot right. Now as always like thank you for watching hope you enjoyed this video.

See you on the next one. Don't forget have yourself a great day. See you guys later okay restarting the engine let's head over to the car wash station. I want to knock the dust off this thing click yv wipers attack.

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