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Part 1: Parts Cannon!! Can it be saved? 95 Jeep Wrangler 4.0
Part 2: Frustrating Diagnosis! It LIVES AGAIN! Jeep Wrangler 4.0
Part 3: Old Jeeps Die HARD! Thermostatic Switch and Water Pump! 95 Wrangler 4.0
Part 4: Razor Sharp Gears!! NOT Good! Project Jeep 1995 Wrangler 4.0
Part 5: Smallest Shaft Ever! FRIED Flywheel! | Project JEEP! 1995 Wrangler YJ
Part 6: Exhausting! Project Jeep YJ 4.0 Wrangler
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Customer States: Engine barely runs and has a severe lack of power. It also has the occasional no start or long cranking before it starts. So far I've found vacuum leaks, clogged ports, antifreeze leaks from the water pump and the electric fan is damaged. I had the fuel pump, filter, spark plugs, ignition wires, and a distributor cap and rotor. It also has a new coolant temp sensor, O2 sensor, MAP, intake temp, IAC and throttle position sensor replaced. The ECM / PCM has been replaced too. See part one.
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So I figure it's a good time to go ahead and uh, get those bearings pressed on? Uh, onto the differential. So what we're gonna do is one of the bearings that came in the kit. I've got another one right here. What we're going to do.

Let's go ahead and set these up into position and see how the size of the hammer is pretty close to the size of that bearing. A couple good Hard Solid wax and that should dry that thing right on there. Okay you guys ready, it's gonna be perfect. Watch this one hit and it's going to be on opening.

Z Hood Thank you Hi everybody good day to you! Welcome back! We are uh coming up in the final chapters of project Jeep I Just got a whole bunch of deliveries here and we're gonna go ahead and unpack them. I uh I got myself into actually some a little bit of trouble with this Jeep uh if you guys recall I I made an offer that if a certain video got x amount of uh likes and or subscribe buttons pressed then I would up gear upgrade. words I Would upgrade that blown up rear differential that we found. see all these uh the gears are chewed up and sharpened to like razor sharp points I Had a lot of pin pin wear or wear in the pin on the carrier here and we found some crusty feeling bearings.

So I was going to go ahead and rebuild this anyway. The deal was if you guys liked and subscribed enough I Was going to upgrade this open rear differential with a a locking differential. So that happens to be a Dana 30 rear end. and it has all kinds of uh of locking differentials that you can purchase to upgrade that to a a limited slip which is what I got here we go.

Very nice and shiny looking within this case. we've got a few gears and there's a set of clutches on either side and when this unit detects wheel spin uneven speeds between the two sides, it'll engage those clutches and then lock both Wheels together creating a limited slip differential. Now there were plenty of these on the market. The issue that I had is and I should have done my research.

This Jeep is equipped with a 307 gear ratio ring and pinion sets. Okay That's our ring gear. It's the ring that goes around the differential carrier and then the pinion gear is the one up here in the front of the differential. Let me get a good good zoom in on it.

That's the pinion gear right there. That's a 307 to 1 ratio and that means for every 3.07 times that that pinion gear turns, it will turn the ring gear one time. Now, the part where I got myself in trouble is all of the available options for an upgraded limited slip differential are only available in a three I think it's a 356 and numerically higher ratio. Therefore, they won't work with the 307 ring gears.

probably because the size of the actual ring gear itself is too small to fit around around this carrier right here. So that put me in a very sticky situation because what I was not prepared to do was make an offer, have the YouTube Community fulfill their into the deal and then I bail out at the last minute and go oh well, it's not available so I can't do it. So uh, I chose to not go that route. but what I did do is go ahead and order the bearing kit.

This was to the Dana 35. that's the rear. Looks like we've got pinion bearings and pinion seals and I think these are the the carrier bearings. These may or may not be the axle seals I'm not sure yet.

those are the bolts that actually Bolt the ring gear to the carrier and along with this service kit, I got a duplicate kit for the front axle and to solve the problem of the gear ratio I ended up ordering from Yukon gear to go with this: Eaton limited slip a different ratio ring and pinion set. so it looks like what I'm going to be doing is re-gearing this to a 356 gear changing the pinion. Actually this one's tiny. That might be for the front.

Yeah, that one's for the front. because since I have to re-gear it to make this Locker or this limited slip fit in the rear, that means I'm going to have to re-gear the front also. Oh wait wait wait, hang on. Hang on.

This might be it. Yeah, that's the bigger opinion. that's for the rear. That's what I needed.

Now here's the cool part. I Have to sweep the deal. This is where I got myself in trouble because I was not able to re-ring here just the front with this set of Gears with the stock differential. I Ended up ordering a replacement differential for both axles.

So we've got two differentials, two ring gears, two pinions, and two sets of rebuild bearings. Now, while we're unboxing all this stuff, let's make sure everything fits. So this is our small pinion. That's the small differential.

This is the stuff for the Dana 30 up front. Let's get that foam out of there. We don't want that. Yep, Yep, Yep, these are gonna fit just fine.

Let's make sure the bolts line up and they do nice. This is going to be really nice when it's all done and put together. We'll move you over here. Here's the Dana 30 service set and what we need is the bolts out of it.

So let's go ahead and get those guys out and we'll bolt this ring gear to the diff right now. I'll get everything assembled and then we can get everything installed. look at there. We even got a bunch of shims.

Nice. It's kind of a tight squeeze on that gear. I would never ever do this with a metal or even a brass hammer. This is a rubber dead blow.

I Can do this just making it, pressed it around and seat like it should be and then I can flip it over and it won't fall good. Make sure these are all lining up. What do you guys think? Threadlock? No thread lock. I Better put some thread lock on this.

Okie Dokes. Let's run these things down. Apply some torque. It's tight squeeze.

I Don't like that it's not gonna work for me and that's because it's not a 17 millimeter standard size. that's an 11 16. let's try again. Better.

Whoa. Got a little weebie wobbly That's one unit put together? Let's uh. let's get this back in its box for now. Safe keeping I Want to get the next unit pre-assembled or assembled? Not reassembled.

It's never been assembled. All right. There's our gear. Yeah, that's what I was what I was gonna do.

We'll get the holes lined up or not. Oh, it's on there now. I don't know how I just did that, but I did it come off tight? squeeze? Okay, put a couple bolts in to hold it and align everything. Then I can flip it over and tap it together.

That's what I was aiming for. Good. Okay, that's two ring gears installed on two limited slip differentials. you know? I figured well I've got this out.

I have the parts kits here now. Would be a good time to. uh, go ahead and press these bearings on. What do you guys say? Okay, what we're gonna need next is I figure it's a good time to go ahead and uh, get those bearings pressed on.

Uh, onto the differential. So what we're gonna do as one of the bearings that came in the kit? I've got another one right here. What we're going to do. Let's go ahead and set these up in the position and see how the size of the hammer is pretty close to the size of that bearing.

A couple good Hard Solid wax and that should drive that thing right on there. Okay, you guys ready. it's gonna be perfect. Watch this one hit and it's going to be on.

Yeah. I'm just kidding you guys. I would never do such a thing I've got a press. No worries.

Yeah. I Would never, ever, ever, ever ever ever do such a thing. God No, no, never. Anyway, let's put this thing on the press and press this bear again.

Okay, let's set this thing up. Oh perfect. Almost perfect fit. Close very close there we go.

Let that guy in right there. set our bearing up and I need some kind of adapter? I've got some steel around here standby. Okay, here's what I'm gonna do. We'll just slide this piece of uh Steel in right here and that'll be enough to hang on to this or press against while the Jack comes down.

and then once it's down a little further, the bearing I can switch the steel out to a piece of to like a socket. Something that fits a little better. going right on down nice and smooth. I don't even have to switch to a socket I Don't think okay, foreign, a little bit more.

I do need a some kind of a socket right here to press down. Here we go. I've got an adapter for my ball joint press. that should you know? Yeah? I don't know I don't have any space.

Okay, let's try something here. Let's get this guy out. now. Do I have space? Kind of.

We're getting closer. Oh, you couldn't see I pulled uh, one of these big plates out and I put that piece of Steel in because this is much thicker than this and I'm still a little bit short on Space here. Yeah, I've got something. Check it out.

It's my brake caliper depressor. I'll just take one of the pieces from this and use that as my uh, my little shim. Check this out. Like so yeah, now we're cooking I Like it.

are we going? Yep, it moved, It moved, it moved some more and that bearing is seated against the differential. Perfect. And then we'll just flip it over and repeat with the other bearing. Okay, let's get that slipped back into position right here.

Sure, there is no debris, we don't want that and then, uh, where's that other bearing? There she is, you know I wonder? Yep, that works too. Perfect. Center That as much as possible, we don't want it going on. Sideways Yeah, this is going nice and smooth.

If you're ever pressing something and it gets real tough to to make your part move or it starts to bind or things move, then you're you're doing it wrong and you're out of alignment and should stop immediately and uh and reevaluate. It's usually press fit items don't require boatloads of force to, uh, get them to go together. Okay, it's 90 of the way there I Just need a little bit more. So again, let's switch out our plates.

The big one out here, put the little one in and yes, I'm aware that's a very small plate and is probably very easily bendable, but for the amount of force that this requires, it's not too terrible. There we go. centered again. this is pressing on the inner race of this bearing has nothing to do and it's not pressing on the differential, just on the bearing.

All right, we're reset going in for the final press cap. Good to go. Okay, let's pull that out. Set that aside, let's take our diff unit with us back to the roll card workbench.

so we're a little ahead of schedule for this part. But like I said, while I've got the the parts out and uh, I was unboxing them I Figured, why not? We'll go ahead and assemble these units a little bit, put these back in the boxes for now, and let's go ahead and put the bearings on the front differential as well. All right. both bearings pressed onto the front differential here.

We're not going to need this until we do the pinion, so let's move that aside. Let's go ahead and lift this thing back up and we're going to go back to the rear axle and we're going to pull the pinion shaft out of the rear differential housing. Jeep Moving on up. Okie Dokes.

What we need to do is pull that nut off of this yoke, pull the Yoke off the pinion, and then drive the pinion out through the back of the differential. All right. So my socket set goes from 24 to 27. So I'm going to bet it's 27.

Negative: 29. dang. I Just lost a bet to myself. Yeah, that's 29.

Rapid on clicks, no puller necessary. It fell apart Good. Okay, let's move around back and fetch that opinion out of there. See what we've got to play with Light? Oh yeah, look at that.

Check out the bearings. They're all chewed up right here in the center and at the base. Yeah, that bearing is junk. Okay here, let's go back.

and uh, pull the front pinion bearing and check that one with pry bar. You get the seal out of there too because we're not reusing that, it's gonna come out. Wow, That's a it's in there. Got it? Okay, there's our seal.

Nothing special. Actually came out. uh, without damage. How about that? And here is the bearing.

This one looks. No. that one's junk too. Yep.

Destroyed. Destroyed. Destroyed. This whole axle is destroyed.

Well, no, no, no. not the whole axle. But the, uh. the bearings.

The bearings are destroyed. The axle is good. I'm not creating a problem by talking. No, All right.

So while we're here, what we're gonna do is: I'm gonna go around the back side and I'm gonna remove this race for this front pinion bearing. I'm just going to tap on it with a long chisel and it should come right on out of there taking care of course and not damage the case. switch sides a little bit, move it up to the top a little bit bottom. next.

I'm going to drive out the inner pinion bearing race. Ding! Text message: I'm making sure that the end of this chisel is only in contact with the bearing or the bearing race and it's not hitting the differential housing. If you chew up the housing by hammering on it, you've ruined the housing. Foreign.

I Feel it moving? I See it moving? Is it going to come out? It's almost out there. It Is Got it all right. So that's both pinion bearing races removed. You can see plenty of damage on that one too.

See that? Look at all that in there. That's uh, it's not good. I'm gonna clean off the rest of this nonsense right here. gasket material and blue silicone.

and I'm going to clean this all out one more time. Spray it out, Get rid of all the debris that way. I'm not pressing new parts into a dirty work environment. spray it out later.

But why? why add risk factor? It's just a little scrubby, not abrasive kind of cleaning wheel. I believe it's called rollock 3M makes these. You guys always ask about them Scotch Brite Scotch Brite roll off bristle disc. That's what it is I don't have a part number if you Google that you can find those not aggressive enough.

All right. I'm switching discs. This one's a it's not sandpaper. It's like those green scrubby pads for washing dishes.

Put on a little ziz wheel. a little more aggressive and since this is steel, we can be a little bit more aggressive. There we go. Really nice and shiny.

Looks looking good, much more better. However, there is a bunch of dust and dirt and stuff in there. We got to clean that out too. All of it up top, in the holes, down the tube flushed out from the bottom of the drain.

Thank you! Now we think this is clean, don't we? What we didn't do is go all look at that. Look at all that metal that was in there hanging out. We washed away a bunch of debris and we unlocked the boss level of the metal chunks. Look at that.

it's all a bearing material. Always got to go back and try to wipe manually after some kind of a catastrophic failure. Oh more of it on the other side. Look at that.

Yeah I need to I need to blow this out with the air gun and then clean it again. That's like how you blow up a brand new parts. That would have been instant destruction. All right I Think we're good.

All right. One more rinse and then we can think about putting those uh, pinion bearing races back in shiny. Okay, here is our inner bearing race. It's a very, very tight fit.

We'll get that started and then I'll go in with a race driver, send it home. However, seeing as how I don't have one, we're just going to use a big socket. Is that uh, that'll drive that thing in no problem. See that works.

It did not require a hammer of Thor Level of aggression all right now. I Believe that is flush all the way. Let's go around to the front side and uh, we'll check it and see if it is actually sitting flush and survey says yeah, yeah, we're good to go on this. I think I know Lighting in there is terrible but yeah, looks very flush to me.

Yep, now you can see it. There it is. That's what we're looking for. Okay, that one's good.

Let's go ahead and get the front bearing in front bearing race. In words: all right now. Listen: I'm aware that uh, there's a large quantity of folks telling me not to do this and it's a bad idea. I'm aware I hold the risk here.

If I slip up and I damage this race, then I have to punch it out and get another one I have a bearing race installation device and it is does not accommodate these races I don't have time to order another one so this is going to work out just fine in my estimation because again, I I assume all the risk cannot see due to Shadows that was good. Move it in I think it's about there. Yeah, it's getting close. I'm not doing this with a sharp chisel.

It's a very, very blunt rounded chisel. That way it doesn't Uh Mar that bearing and deform it. Oh there we go. Did you see that one go in? That was good.

It even squirted at the end there. Okay, both pinion races are installed. This is good. Okay, so we have the pinion coming in.

The inner bearing is installed. Here's our outer bearing. both races are installed. I Should put this.

uh, the seal in and then I'll use the Yoke to pull that bearing or pull the pinion into place. Bad Bad man. All right. So we'll get the yolk lined up and that when I tighten this down, it's going to press that bearing down on that shaft.

That's what we need. Remember there's a new Crush Washer in place and we're not going to crush it just yet again. We're just mocking this up for right now. So you still weebi wobbly, still weevy, wobbly too much.

Weebly Hmm, it's not right. Hang on back up. I Know it's not right. unclick.

There were two seals that came in this kit and uh, one of them is the one I want and this is not it. All right. Let's get this seal out of here. That's not the one we wanted.

it's a different design. I don't like it coming out kind of coming out in pieces. Foreign. that was one piece.

there's two piece. okay. the Seal's out. again.

attempt to number two. Let's try this seal. nice and even like. Okay, let's see how this one works out.

That's better now. I can tighten it down some without uh, bottoming it out on the seal. Yeah, we're not setting preload or anything. See the Crush Washer hasn't even crushed yet.

Not yet. Close though. we're actually really, really close. Yeah, there's I Can't feel any more play in it.

That's good. All righty. What I want to do next is I want to mock this up and just get a general idea for how it's going to fit. Got both of the the bearing races over our carrier bearings here I'm just trying to kick this guy in.

uh, naturally, they need to be shimmed quite a bit. Actually, they're way off and I think I'll put in one of the Caps just to make sure this thing doesn't fall out. Is this gonna work? Yes No Maybe It's a little flippity floppy right now. Let's get another one of these caps in there.

That one feels good. What I don't want to do is slip up and let this thing fall out and hit the ground because then I'm gonna be up a creek. A deep one. Yep, that's a much more better.

Earth hit switching over to the driver's side and I'll put the other shim back in again. We're just getting an idea for what kind of fitment we're dealing with here. See, that's pretty tight. It's actually almost feeling kind of perfect.

Let's put this cap back on and I'll put a little bit of torque on these and then we'll uh, we'll spin it around and just see how well it or how it feels. We'll see how it feels I know you guys can't feel it, but I can feel it. Not bad so far. See what the backlash feels like? Oh, that's very minimal backlash.

I'm reaching in and turning the pinion. It has almost no backlash. It feels nice I wonder if I got it perfect on the first try? What do you guys think did I make it? It's not a chance. I'm totally gonna have to set this up with the gauges I'm gonna go ahead and put some gear paint on this and we're gonna spin it around a couple times to check the the pattern on these gears.

and if I find out that it's actually looking good and the pattern is right, then I'm just going to set the pinion preload and uh, we're gonna let this ride I mean I got my hopes up I it might not work out that way and I may have to set this up uh with all the indicators but if I can, uh, if I can get this right then it's gonna stay because if it works, it works right? So what we're gonna do, we're gonna do forward when I'm I'm gonna hang on to this and create some friction. I'm going to rotate the pinion and as uh oh I need a little bit more paint as this painted section makes its way past the pinion gear, it's gonna rub and change this. uh, or it's going to imprint the pattern on these gears right here there. And if the pattern is within spec then uh, we know everything's set up the way it should be.

See what our gear pattern looks like? Show me the money. All right. Here's our pattern right here. Like you're here.

That's uh, that's actually a sweet pattern that looks really good on the drive side. Um, what we're gonna need is a very similar pattern on the coasting side. Now let's spin this back the other way and uh, see what kind of pattern it gives us on the coast side. So we're gonna go back past the painted portion again and we're going to go into reverse.

We got okay, so it picked up some paint on the reverse side and that's a pretty decent pattern. Look right here where it started. Nice perfect oval I'm gonna I'm gonna let this ride I'm gonna set up preloads and uh I think this is gonna stay I like this I'm uh, presently and shockingly surprised that that seems to fit. but I mean this is it's a nice fit.

However, I am going to go ahead and wash off all this gear paint. We don't need this. goodbye your paint. Good use for the low pressure spray.

Clean all right? Well listen. so now that this is all bolted in, let's have some fun. I Have my uh, my gun over here on the front of the uh, the pinion. Let's just watch it work because that's pretty nice I Like it couldn't help myself I Had to do it.

Okay, so a couple days have gone by ready to do a little bit more work on. Project Jeep here. I've got a couple rear axle bearings and some rear wheel seals. Let's unbox these guys and make sure that they're the right ones.

looks like they are. Let's go ahead and drive these guys in. Then we'll put the seals in and uh, at that point, um, we're good to get this rear axle reassembled. Oh, for the record, these are National bearings.

Uh, the ones that we put in the differential. Those were Timken bearings. So uh, it's all brand name goodies. So I'm gonna do this, tap it in a little bit, then I'm going to take the old bearing clean all this nasty off of there and I'll use the old bearing to drive in the new bearing.

Clever No. without smashing my fingers, that one came close. So the rear end is set up. Now you'll notice I'm putting some some bearing grease on these bearings here.

A lot of folks won't do this. They'll just let the uh, the oil from the differential lubricate those bearings. My issue is is how long does it take for that oil to actually reach these bearings once you install everything and I figured, uh, you know, a quarter mile of driving before that gets, uh, saturated with a lubricant is unacceptable? So I have supplied a break-in lubricant. Okay, axle shaft is ready to go in, it's been cleaned off, it's been wiped down, all the debris is removed.

The Uh. the actual bearing surface is in good condition. There's a couple little grooves in there, but I cannot feel them with my fingernail, which tells me that they're not deep enough to cause any kind of ceiling issue. So let's get our axles inserted, our axle on this side inserted, and then we'll go around to the passenger side and a repeat set procedure.

That's one. Move on over, get that other bearing installed, and then get the second shaft installed. I've already taken the liberty of cleaning up this drum brake as well. Give that a good wipe looking good.

The tube's clean inside, new bearing time. We're just going to tap it on in foreign without hitting the fingers. All right. Second axle prepped, ready to go, moving on in, the best thing in position and then, uh, we'll go back to the differential and set up the clips that retain these.

Let's move on over. I Think we're gonna reuse the uh, the factory C-clips Ah, there we go. That's what I'm looking for. See the uh tops of the axles there? I've got the notch for the C-clip All right.

Here's how this is gonna go. We're gonna slide this C-clip into that little notch and then once that's in position, we pull the axle back out and this clip will ride inside of a Groove that's machined into this housing. It's a very tight squeeze in there. Foreign.

super tight like a bunch of tigers get in. Negative: Not in there. It is. Now it's in.

Let's pull that back out. See how the, uh. the clip disappeared into the housing? Now that's retained. We have to do the same thing over here on the driver's side.

And then we put the retainer in the actual differential itself. All right. Axle Number Two: Push that all the way in. and then we get our clip in.

Oh, clip. Gravity: Ah. I Got it dirty Again, Hang on. Bear with me here guys.

Thank you. Super tight squeeze. Please go in there it is. Tink And then we pull it out and it's retained.

Stuff: This is a non-factory piece. This little button spacer thing right here. This is part of the Eaton differential that's going to hang out in there. and that's going to prevent these axles from working their way their way inwards.

words, and uh, and allowing those clips to fall out. Then we plug off that whole assembly. This little plug right here. and that is retained with a snap ring.

There's a groove cut and machined into the housing just in front of the face of this little plug and that's designed to snap into it and retain that little little plug right there. So so basically, we have a retainer for a retainer. For a another retainer that holds two more retainers that holds the axle in. That's how that works.

It's like compound retainers. Sequential compound retainers. There we go. Now it's gonna work.

Yep, sure is. Oh, gravity. Is it all the way in the groove here here? Yep. everybody's in.

You go spray this out one more time. Thank you. Check out that uh, that in play Fifteen thousands I Think oh foreign. All right guys.

let's back up some. I'm about ready to put the cover on. Got a gasket cleaned off all the material. There's a lot of silicone and there there's a gasket siliconed to the cover and then that was silicone.

Again to the case. So we eliminated all that and we're just using a gasket. this being a high-end differential. I'm not going to load this up full of sealant stuff because chances are this is going to be removed and replaced often for maintenance purposes because we don't want to have uh, that nice shiny differential swimming around in a bunch of really gross worn out fluid.

So this is going to be a maintained extensively in the future to preserve its awesomeness at least I Hope it will a couple more to go. Nice. All right. It's about ready for uh for some oil if I get that off right? Driver? All right? it's about ready for some oil.

All right. Next job. Get that guy in there. that's our, uh, our fill hose.

We've got five gallons of a 80 90 here and a little pumper. It's uh, easier and more cost effective than uh, the little bottles. Oop there it goes. That's fantastic.

And I'm just gonna pump this thing. Oh, we got leakage. Yeah, we're gonna fill this guy up. We fill it until it runs out of the top of the fill hole right here and when it runs out, it's going to drain on that radiator.

And as soon as it, uh, that happens, we know we're good. And it is Full Pumping Pumping Z80 90. should be pretty close. Let's check it.

Almost a couple more pumps. Are we there yet? Nope. a couple more whoa. Hose came off.

Ah, that's not good. Yeah, now I'm all lubricated. It's not supposed to happen. I was pumping too fast and I lost control of the hose.

spilled everywhere. Oh, looked over there. some shot over there. it's on the wall.

Oh well, at least I didn't get any on me. I think we're about full. Yep, there it is. Now we're full dribbling.

Okay, so what I'm gonna do I'm going to rotate these axles and that's going to saturate those gears inside. Let everything get nice and oil soaked. Let all the fluids spread around. It's already sounding more quieter.

There we go. Pull this guy out. we don't need you right now. Gorgeous.

Everything's covered in lubricant. Let's put the uh, the cap that I lost gravity. Very clean gravity. Let's fill that guy back up.

Plug this thing back in Oh, it's totally silent now I Don't hear anything now that it's all got Lube on it. Excellent I am pleased with this. I Can't wait to take it on the road. All right guys! So the runny rear end is buttoned up, axles are in differentials in pinions.

In all the bearings, races and seals have been replaced, this axle back here is good to go. This video is good to go! I'm gonna go ahead and close this one out. Seems like a good stopping point to me. I'm gonna pick back up later on over here on the front side because we have to do a very similar procedure to the Uh the front axle here after that I need to go through and button up a few loose ends I Get the drive shafts back on, see if there's anything else that catches my attention and then we're gonna go hit the road and do one finalized test drive of our project.

Jeep So again and as always like, thank you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you enjoy the series aptly named project Jeep If you did enjoy any of those, please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below while you're down there. don't forget to tap that like button! And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in. the transmission.

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  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 1954jeremiah says:

    Well,now that you've re-geared,and rebuilt the axles into a near perfect 4wd set-up, perhaps some 35" inch Super Swampers,to better handle the Florida terrain would be next in line!!😎😎😎

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