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In this video I have a look at a ladies 2017 Toyota Rav4 that she says stalls out when ever she turns on the wipers. It was easier than you might think once we follow the clues.
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I'm gonna go out check out this. uh Toyota here. put the door closed. uh Toyota RAV4 Oh here it is.

It's a newer one that's all-wheel drive. What year is this saying? 2017 customer complaint is stalls Once you turn around the windshield wipers unless you drove by the other day and I'll keep picked if he wasn't lying I fired it up I Got to see back here. a little bit old lever and uh sure is sure as heck installed when I turn on the wipers. where's our speedometer here? let's see if it does it required to drive.

Oh there it goes. She's stalled just like that brown wipers and it dies. For my support She'll stay right. let's see squirrel.

Nothing happens. We flick them up. motor shuts off awesome right? I Don't think it's as hard as what we might think it is I Took her for a little trip around the block the other day and I think I figured it out. Let me show you because I popped the hood.

This thing's got a little Force cylinder and it doesn't look like anybody's touched it out there under the hood and I wiggled on the wiper arms and stuff and wiggled on the harness going up in there I'm like man, there shouldn't be anything that can do it. However, it's not the act of turning an appointment to see in drive. I Can turn on the wipers but if I give them a little flick the engine stalls. Wow now it's making a liar out of me.

Sometimes you got cold I don't know why but like this I guess what? I'm getting man, there she goes. Now she's stopped so it's not the act of turning on the wipers. What's happening when we're flicking this up while we're wiggling the column covers with what's happening? Watch sure now it's gonna Collier out of me. Oh there it goes.

So all I'm doing I'm reaching underneath giving her one of leafies. don't wiggle there we go. Just stalled the car out and all I was doing is simply grabbing the column button right. makes it so quicker.

Let's see. watch. So all I'm doing is wiggling this column. There we go.

Car stalled. So what's that mean? Well let me share you with you a little something something here. I've picked the name tag off the keys so you guys don't freak out God forbid you see somebody's name. The answer is right here folks and it's not Williams Toyota It's not it.

Let's play the support of the Dvnf. it's not the key. I'll give you one more clue, it's Best Buy We don't know if it's Best Buy or not, but what I do know is this car has a remote start. What else I do know it's probably a freaking Rat's Nest under here.

So when we give her one of those and wiggle wiggle and it stalls the engine out, It's probably because whatever Ding Dong put in a remote start has it all freaked up. So let's go see if we can't fix it. Sorry, it's not really any more climatic climactic. I can't speak? um sorry.

it's not even more exciting than that, but it was one of this. Let's see what it really is. something in this column I Bet it has to do with some Scotch blocks and some black tape. It's all the way back.

I Don't really want to go moving around the comb? I Don't think we're having any choice. Let's just see. so I see some wires hanging down right here by the tilt lever. Okay and then oh yeah, I see the massive Rat's Nest down below.

So let's try to get some of these panels off, see what kind of mess they made under here. So I ended up speaking with this lady and she told me that I told her what I thought my findings were and I guess it wasn't best try. it was the dealership. she said that put in the factory remote start.

um I sure it was not a factor, it won't start, it was an aftermarket and the uh, if it's anything like these dealerships close by to us, they just have some company shows up. A guy pulls up in the minivan. he's armed with a pocket full of Scott flocks and some wire strippers and a test light and 15 minutes later you got yourself a remote start. He's out 35 scotch locks and half roll black tape but he got her done.

So I got the column lower column. cover slipped out. just had to. It was just being a little miserable around where the uh, we're a lot killing their goats.

so a lot of wires here in the column. However, the only things I'm seeing tapped into are down here below the best: I can tell unless something is chafed through which. immediate initial inspection I Don't see, but down here there's some Scotch rocks I just want to fiddle with them and see if I can't get it to act up, but it doesn't seem to be acting up Currently you wiggle these wires up here in the column. Oh there we go.

So there. I'm wiggling here All right. Well guess what? let me move you guys down here so let's have a look-see here folks. get light set up here.

he's on. Okay, there it goes. So every time it beeps is when we're having this issue, let's make sure see if we can make sure we're wiggling isolated harnesses that that's screwing up right here. just wiggling right there.

it's dead. Okay, so where is this harness this is? This just goes into the wiper harness. Yeah, so we're good there. Dead right there.

and that's all. I'm wiggling. Let me just make sure I'm gonna wiggle it down here. Let it get back alive here.

Yeah, even if I wiggle I'm just wiggling this here. All right I need to stick my head down here. I'm gonna see if I can't isolate exactly what wire it's doing this. So these two unplugged.

See here. it's still going dead. Okay, so wiggling the steering stock or the turn signal stock is still causing the issue. That's really bizarre.

Okay, so it's nothing to do with these two. I'm gonna unplug. Come on plug. Wait a minute here.

Unplug this. Wait for everything. Come refrigerator. Okay.

I gotta not touch the wires. Wait for it to come back on here. Everything's good there. Still, it's just bringing up a lot of Errors right now.

that's all the beeping that you hear. Okay, just touching this harness like this made it all happen. Let me let it come back alive here. Okay, yep, there's a little bit of a left, right.

wiggle right there. made this happen. What in the Thunder is going on here? Yep, right there. So wiggling it like this kills it.

Second here. Wait for it. I Want to turn back on. Yeah, so just going like that.

It has to be something right here. What in the heck? man. I See this tape hanging? Okay, just a second here. Okay, is there something is something taped under? Okay.

I'm gonna shut the key off here because we know. what do we know? We know approximately. let me turn this light down so we're not all getting blinded here. We know approximately where this problem is.

It appears to be right here. I'm wondering I'm thinking this is not Factory tape right here. Okay, the best try guy might he might be back on the hook. Let's open this up because this feels suspect right here.

and I got an arrow gone where I'm just barely touching this and it doesn't like it. And please, for the love of everything holy, do Not send me sewing seam rippers please I appreciate the gesture I understand that they work well for you big Grace Blade guy myself: okay oops I'm a little razor blade safety device here. feels like a wire. oh boy.

I think we're coming across the factory installed wiring issue here. wanting that fire was that? oh it's just same time I cut that some snow slit off the roof Here we go baby. Okay so we got two wires that have been tied into right here and then we have some. Let me turn up my light here.

I Think they might have been playing poking. Hope you know that game. the old poke and hope game because they got some extra tape down here. That means they got GM full of holes.

Oh no, they got the wiring stripped right back. Okay, awesome job! The thing I always appreciate about remote cert installer guys is that they cut the harness as close to the plug as they can get and that one there is also stripped back. Okay so let's turn key on. Let's fiddle with these two wires and see if we get the same symptom.

I'll wait for it to quit beeping there. No. I Gotta wait for all the lane departure. She's got a lot of errors in it.

Let me, uh, plug the wiper switch back in. Let's see here. Okay, I think all of our safety warnings are gone. Of course.

now that we've tug that just a little bit, we may have restored a connection. I Bet you pay you 50 bucks We did. Oh, there it goes. Wait for it to quit beeping.

It's just going through its malfunctions again here. and clear out that screen. Foreign, wrong dang wires. Because you know what? Yep, we are.

We're on the wrong ways boys. We gotta find out where the how deep this hackery goes because I'll let it clear up here. Yep, it's right here. If I touch this right here, let's wait a second.

Okay, we're all good. Yep. I touched it right here. I'm just barely put my finger on this thing.

Let me let this clear up again. Okay, you're right. I'm just gonna barely touch it right there. stalls.

Yep, so it's something right here. Wait for it. We get on the clear screen. now.

it's not gonna do it. Oh you pissed by? Okay right there. Okay, right around here. Is this okay? Let's shut this off.

Gosh, this is kind of annoying because we gotta find out what's Factory and what's not Now this has this appears to be Factory I Can see how much hackery they did I'm guessing quite a bit, but this I just can't fathom an aftermarket guy taking these Factory zip ties out and then reusing them. that's not their Style Typically they'll do the biggest hack job they can and just use a style of the path and zip ties and tape so it has nothing to do with these wires right here. Just see if when they were chopping through here with the razor blade, did they chop up some other stuff but this appears Factory Let's see. Well I'll tell you what folks, let me pause the camera.

I'm gonna let this down a little bit. I might dig a Little Deeper see how far the sin goes. side thrower up and stand to stern the only wires I see that they hack up through here for the for the data Network I Believe this pink and white uh twisted pair runs up to uh you know the clock spring so it's gonna be all the data bus for all the buttons on the steering column and everything. um other than that I mean they they put all new tape through here so I opened up I took all their Cape off and I looked at every wire individually I don't see anything I just plugged everything back in.

But one thing I observed and I should have made a note of this: I unplugged this connector up here. so uh I don't know if you guys can see it. this this one right here for the ignition and when I unplugged it, it popped out like super easy. like I just reached up, my finger, pushed it, pulled it out like that and that was you know, some off-camera stuff I was doing as I was doing some some checks and then I popped up and I clicked it in.

Okay and then I'm going through and I mean I'm wiggling every single wire and I cannot get this sucker to act up again. Um, you know, doing try to keep this crap out of your way. but hey, I got the flip past it you know I'm I'm giving her all all she's got here and I cannot get this thing to so much as glitch. So that's why I decided to unplug every single connector and that's when I got to this connection.

I cannot unplug it with just my fingers I sat here and filled with this thing. Wow. Like why in the heck can I get this thing unplugged? It unplugs very difficult the first time I unplug it I just reached up Boop popped it out I believe in my heart that this connector was not plugged in all the way I think it was sitting in there just like it is because if I leave it like that I can wiggle the harness and I'll get the dash to cut out. Well now it's just flicking some relays on and off.

but I do believe I believe that may have been our problem I wish I would have. maybe when we look back on the video I don't know if I can see this connector. maybe early on we can see the difference between it being all the way in which sits in past the flush edge of this housing. boy I don't want to plug in.

always pain to get undone because I got to take this back up and I gotta put the zip ties back on it. but that's all I See folks I don't see anything else like I said where this zip tie was was right here I take my own taped probably a half inch past it. Um and and these wires are all tiny. They're all like you know, 24 gauge and I don't see where they played the Hokey Pokey game with their test light.

Where anything is you know touching itself you know, metal to metal like I say. other than the fact that you know they tied in here which we proved even though it's really you know, poorly done, it's not the problem, it's a problem. But it's not the problem. you know this is all Scotch blocks and butt connectors and all that crap under the dash here.

um I'm thinking in my heart that this connection was loose, which is plausible which will make it still. I'll cut out the dash even though now that I've unplugged it I cannot duplicate it exactly I'm going with it I'm getting some tape I'm gonna put this hard piece back in here that keeps this harness stiff up through here. I'm gonna double check all these wires again. be a triple check at that point because I already double check them and uh, we'll tape it up and we'll move on with our life I Sure hope I can see that connect room some earlier footage, but at this angle I don't know if we'll be able to decipher or determine whether or not that was sticking out.

It'd be really awesome if we could 've got tape put back re-zip tied I included the hackery harness into the tape so I could put the little stiffy piece on there and zip tie it at least to try to keep that from ripping itself apart in the future because this is a telescoping wheel where we were having all of our issues before and I am I am very certain I'd like to think I'm very certain and if that had unplugged nice and easy the second time, I may have not have caught what was happening, but I unplugged it with such ease the first time I should have gave it a second look then, however, I didn't Well, I guess that's all we can do folks. I did ask Lee if you want me to just take the thing out and throw it in your trash, but if she wants a remote start so we'll we will leave it in uh typically I Just throw those things right in the garbage. probably clean up all the hack wiring and then you know, move on with life. But I think in this case I think in this case we're done.

I Don't know if these were originally taped from the factory or not. Hard to say we'll put the calm covers on. these were hanging down in front of this lever pretty close to it. You can see them through the column cover.

I May take a little zip tie and at least zip tie them back to this harness just future keep them from rubbing on. You know our little uh little Ding Dong are there a little lever for the Tilt and telescoping wheel. We'll give her the old black tape special right here. Watch this.

The only top difference. If it's me or the other guy, we'll give her a little wrap up with some Super 66. Boom! Lots of clearance now lady. Well folks goes over.

So try to get this lady go back to the dealer because this car is still our manufacturer warranty. I Think he said she had extended warranty but she said no way she going back to that dealer. She's already had it there. a bunch of times.

I Guess trying to fix this issue. apparently they couldn't duplicate the problem. but I mean when she brought it to me I don't know. maybe it was just more persistent, but it acted up, you know I didn't make a parking lot and you know, a couple minutes later I determined and they got nothing to do with wipers.

That's got everything to do with moving this steering column around. She's gonna have to put that back where she had it I guess I Guess that's it folks. Uh, put the format back in it and that's all we can do. Uh I don't know what you can do other than heading into that comment section.

Go around there, Leave me your tail of whoa. A Remote Start Systems If you're a mechanic, work in a shop, let me know what you think about remote starters here and everybody. I Know that works in the shop. except for the guy that installs remote starts hates them.

They're nuisance in our business. They make every job difficult. Uh, for example, if we had pulled sharing column. now it's a big pain because you've got all this rat nests of wire.

You do anything under a dash. you know you got this rat Nest wire now I know in other people's defense, they're going to say well if I put it in you never know it's there. Uh, that's BS you might put it in cleaner. Yes I know that you've solder and heat shrink every joint connector.

It's still a pain I got put Here chord in this thing I can't pull the I can't pull the instrument panel out aka the dashboard assembly because it's a rat nest of wires that are all soldered and heat shrink nicely. It's it's still a paint no matter what. Um, so I'll leave it at that three years frustrating and in this case you know it could have been a simple oversight by the installer to not have that connector in all the way and just took a few while how long she's had the car the rear its ugly head. maybe it was loose from the factory I don't know I don't know and I don't care I'm gonna get paid either way and we're moving on so you guys keep on keeping on.

I think I already said this about the comment section. You know what to do I can do it. You can do it. Thanks for watching.

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