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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I Know I'm super glad to be here. This is a Jeep Grand Cherokee Colorado package. Anyway, hey customer. uh States They just replaced a brake master cylinder.

Uh oh, the alarm's going off. Hang on here. I've done it wrong. Okay, customer, replace the brake master cylinder and they state that the pedal goes to the floor while braking.

so we want to achieve a better brake pedal. start. Yeah, that does sink down pretty far. It's not terrible.

What do we got here on the odometer? It looks like 288 384 miles. How about that? This thing's been around All right. Let's go ahead and get it in the shop. I Speculate that there is, uh, still some air in the hydraulic braking system.

Maybe there is. Maybe there isn't. Maybe it needs some adjustment on the drums. We're gonna go find out right about now.

so stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video again. Let's go ahead and swing this in up front. right here. We'll throw it up on the lift, check the brake fluid level, we'll check for leaks, we'll check for rusted lines, We'll check for drum brakes in the rear, and go from there.

I Think we're right on the money. A little bit more rip, right? There is good parking's, the auto powering down and of course we shall pop. Oh I Can't fit popping easy Hood That was a good one. Now it's imperative that we get the brake system functioning properly on this particular.

Jeep Because this thing is on its way. Uh North through Tennessee land. Ooh and it's got the V8 A little steam. that's the big engine.

Was that a four seven? I think they put in these? Was it? No, No, No. Five, two, five point, two liters of V8 not a Hemi Okay, here's our brake master cylinder. We've got fluid. It's not looking that great though.

A little bit of light on the subject. yeah, that's that's kind of some nasty looking fluid. They said they replaced the master on this once upon a time. It might have been a while.

There's some Rust and corrosion on it already. Okay, well. let's cap this back off. We'll set the rack real quick.

like lift it up in the air and uh, we will check the underneath Carriage again. looking for leaks which I don't think I'm gonna find any. Perhaps it's got drum brakes and they're out of adjustment. It's gonna look.

Check that right now and the survey says that's a negative. Those are discs. Okay here, let's get our lift arms set up right here under the unibody subframe. What's that? That's corrosion? Reclamation Okay, Lift arm Number two.

Kick that guy in. and again right here under our unibody frame. That's good. Another good right here.

Yep. and number four. Pick that guy in. Is it gonna reach? Sure.

Is there We go. a little bit more. That's all we got I Think right there again under our, uh, under our unibody. Okay.

Rack is set. Moving on up and we will do that with our black subscribe button. The thing we do here. Friendly reminder Shameless Self-promotion Let's recheck our lift points looking good on this side.

Checked in the other side just to make sure we don't die today. That's good. And the front one there. That one's good.

All right. Continuing to move on up. Oh look, the vent foot is down and now that back wall has to come down and then the front wall has to come down. Lots of construction.

Anyway, that is not the task at hand. What we're trying to do is achieve a positive feeling, breakable, and a responsive breakdown with them way up. It's good on the locks Now we're safe. Rolly chair time.

here we go. wee. I Can't help myself. All right what's going on down here I See no fluid? Brake lines look okay Hmm got an axle seal leak? see that right there.

But again, brake lines look okay. that does not look okay I Don't even know if I'm gonna be able to get these bleeders open. Okay, moving on up. So we've got this isn't right.

This should not be pointed down like that. I Don't think that's right I think these are upside down. The calipers look like those are okay, but these lines that's not. Uh, not the greatest.

same thing with that one that Ben should not be there. So these things are upside down. might need to fix that cool car. An opinion seal leak in the front diff.

Not a huge deal. Okay, let's see what else is going on here. All right. So what we need to do I Need to fix these lines I Basically need to unbolt them.

Uh, flip this manifold thing over and then bolt them back on. So that's not a huge issue. but I do not believe that those go on that this thing pointed down. That's that's not going to work.

Okay, so we need to fix that and probably, uh, do a fluid exchange with the pressure bleeder just to, uh, pass all that old fluid through and make sure there's no air in the system I Imagine that uh, there's air on the rear side of this system because I don't think these have uh, been opened up in blood for quite some time actually. let's uh, let's put a 10 millimeter 3 8. that's gonna be three eighths. Let's put a wrench on these and see if I can't crack them open to get some fluid flow.

if I can't get fluid flow I'm probably gonna have to put calipers on it just to uh just to be able to bleed the air out of the system. Okay, let's start with that and we need a 3 8 wrench 3 8, 3 8, 3 8. that one sure thing creates it is. Let's see here, let's get our wrench on there.

and okay, turned. we're gonna get some fluid. Yep, all right, that's good. Definitely a good sign.

Kick: Let's check our other side real quick. get rid of that thing and let's get a good bite on it. We don't want it to slip on kick. Oh, show me the fluid.

There we go. That's good, All right. So fluid can flow. That's just fine.

Let's go ahead and pull these front wheels off and we'll get those lines detached and flipped at the calipers. I Ended up busting out the 19.5 millimeter socket because these are Chrome capped Acorn lug nuts and they swell up. Then you can't get a uh, your 19 mil on top of them. See that? See how? it's all kind of kind of swollen, misshapen, a little bit worn out.

if I uh, stuck in 19 on there, the lug nuts wouldn't want to come out. So I've got the 19.5 I Also have this set. It's a flip socket set. You can go either direction.

It's a 19, 5, 18, 5, 17, 5 and a 21-5 That one's stuck, become unstuck. There we go. Yeah, look at that. Rusty All right, we don't.

They're coming with me. Oh, it's heavy than I thought. So what we'll do? Let's go ahead and turn this. yeah, look at that.

That's that's not okay. it's not gonna work. So what I'll do here is unbolt the uh, the banjo bolt right there and just flip this line upside down some light on the subject. Okay, let's do this with some haste on click and yep, it's making a mess.

No worries, it's all gonna get flushed in blood. Anyway, flip that over. Hang on. That's how it goes.

Just like that. Now we're cooking. you're getting forward clicks Now there we go. billion times better.

Perfect All right, let's go over to the other side and flip that one over. and then we can try to do the uh a bleed procedure on this. Uh, on this. Jeep I'm gonna need this tap though.

it's not going to work for me. Okay, actually, you know what? while we're here, let's make sure this one's going to come loose. Come on. get on there.

Are you gonna bleed? Might take a minute because I spilled a bunch of fluid out of this hose here. Begin bleeding now. I'll wait I Don't know if everybody else is gonna wait, but I'll wait. Let's find out here a few moments later.

Hmm. okay, we're not getting fluid yet. Let's uh, let's just circle back to this later. Let's go flip that other hose real quick.

Okay, wheels off the other side. Now that thing spilled a little bit more fluid than I thought it would in the time that I figured that we had. So what? I'll do. What I'll do over here is we're gonna clamp off this line right here.

That way you can't just dump fluid everywhere I Believe the majority of it actually came out of the caliper but couldn't hurt. I mean I'm gonna flush it all out anyway with the pressure machine, you know? I Almost wonder if these hoses aren't even specific for this. Jeep I Don't know. Maybe they are.

Maybe they're not. Yeah, it's nice clean fluid that came out of that one. Let's see. Oh, hit you guys with a with my tool.

Again, pull this guy out. see if I go like this. It puts a a bend in the hose. it kind of Kinks the hose a little bit so figuring flipping it around is probably the best option.

Hmm This one kind of wants to run into the bleeder though. Maybe I can bend it I think I'll bend it or what if it goes like this. yeah, that's how it goes. look at that.

I had I got the other side wrong. It doesn't go vertically. It goes. It goes like this.

That's the the best way to make it fit. Okay, so I'm off 90 degrees on my driver's side. We'll try that again in a moment. Let's tighten this guy up.

That's how it goes. Okay, now we know. Let me go back over to the driver's side and readjust that one. Then we'll go ahead and initiate the bleed.

Okay driver side. Once more redo again on clickage. Thank you. Where's my bolts my washer? There it is.

So if we're doing it, see how we're gonna do this here. I don't know if this one's gonna fit that way. Hmm, what's that thing bent I mean it fits like that, but the other side has this thing going like sticking out like this in this direction. Uh, judgment call judgment call I think I want to do it I don't know how I want to do this.

Meanwhile I'm jumping. uh, oil everywhere I think I want it see that it's kind of Twisted it doesn't like the way I had it is the best way that it seemed to want to fit. but then it interferes with the bolt here. So I don't know I think what I'm gonna do is put it how I think it goes and then I'm just going to bend this slightly for relief I think that's how we're going to do this.

Let's try this. Yeah, that's a little better. Clicks: Let's try. Let's go in with the angry pliers here.

I'll give me a good bite without possible damage or minimal damage or no damage. Just put a bit of a turn in it. That's better. I Believe that's how it's going to go.

That's how it's supposed to be and that's the same as the other side. The hose is away from the shock where the way I had it just now. The hose is actually really close to that shock absorber and that wasn't cool either. So I think right here is good.

That's better. Okay, let's get back out of here again. We'll move this tire out of the way so I can let the rack down I'm going to let the car down and I'm going to bust out the Uh brake fluid exchange machine. Let's get rid of this too.

We'll hook the machine up to it and we're going to pressure bleed this unit coming down Jeep All the way down there we go looking good. We have clearance, good shape. Let's go fetch the brake fluid machine. the Bgp F7 unit.

It is a pressure bleeder and a vacuum bleeder. It's got a vacuum pump on one side and then a pressure vessel on the other side. What I'm going to do is connect the oh, locked up brakes. I'm going to connect the pressure vessel to the top of the master cylinder.

We're going to apply some pressure to the brake system. Then I'm going to connect the vacuum side to each individual caliper, open the bleeders and pressure is going to feed fluid in and vacuum is going to suck fluid out and we're going to go ahead and do a complete exchange on all of the fluid inside of the system. Sound like fun? I Think so I think that's my adapter. Three little hooks and three three tabs and three tabs.

Flip this guy up to one side this. I Don't know why there's two two caps on this because the chambers in here are connected I believe they're I believe they're connected I Don't think that they're separate. If they are, then I'll do two fluid exchanges actually redo. Let's just test that theory out right now and see if these are separate.

Chambers Or if they are one single chamber, those are empty spare brake fluid. We'll use this as our top off and then I'll use the uh the BG stuff as the flush fluid fluid exchange. I don't like to say flesh. We flush toilets.

So what I'll do is I'm going to fill this back chamber up. if the level rises in the front chamber, then we know that they're connected. and if it does not, then they are not connected. And the survey says fluid level is rising.

they appear to just be connected at the top. So yeah, let's just go ahead and fill these both all the way up. We can suction it down to the proper level. uh, later? that's good.

Put that back on right there, put that back on and our little adapter thing here. So what I need here is my pressure line with this guy right here. We will connect this to the reservoir valve closed and let's go ahead. and oh, we're already full.

It's prepared for the next service. All right, let's go fetch the air, the airline hook Air Supply up to it and then we'll get the process started. Compressor on I haven't needed it today. saving electrons.

Now ordinarily we would start with the wheels that are farthest away from the master cylinder, but since I broke into the system right there and I know that there's air inside of those calipers, I'm going to go ahead and start with the fronts and we'll just do the rears later on. If I have to, we'll bounce off the rears and move back to the front to do The Purge But I don't think I will just plug this guy in. There we go. That's our pressure side and I'm going to set pressure kind of low because it's got that other cap on it and I don't want to blow that cap off so we're going to dump this down to let's do like 12 pounds.

There we go. All right. So we fire up the pump that suction on our suction side. There it is to bring this hose back around on the inside here.

connect it to the spring. We'll connect it to our bleeder valve right here. So and 3 8 wrench crack this guy, open it again. Opening it's not enough there.

that guy's open. plug it back in and let's let some fluid flow. Oh, we're leaking wrong adapter. Hang on.

hang on. hang on powering down. That's uh, not the correct adapter. There's two of these that are very similar and I don't have.

The one I had is the small one. Um, it makes this uh, this Jeep a different color I wonder if I can adjust this here? Maybe I can switch these over to the other side. Let's try that. Let's make a mess.

Feels pretty good. Try again. Give it some pressure. Please don't leak.

Please don't leak. Please don't leak. It's not leaking. Okay.

vacuum. pump back on. I Think we've got fluid flow here. Get some light on the subject.

Yes, we do. Fluid is Flowing Very good. All right. let's just let this thing shoot for a little while.

We're gonna run about a half a quart through this one. We'll do a half a quart through the other one and then likewise with the two. Uh, the two rears and we are leaking again. Let's turn the pressure down.

I Don't know if it's leaking from this cap or from this one. That's a little better. It stopped. Okay, not cool.

All right. We've had uh, about a quarter quarter go through this. half a quart, 33 percent of a quart somewhere in there. Let's go ahead and lock off.

This valve. goes it up. Disconnect our suction side, drop the wrench and messy in here, and we're gonna crack this valve open just once just to make sure that there's no, uh, no residual air in the system. That's all coming out from the pressure side.

Yeah, we're good there. Nice clean fluid. Let's go ahead and lock it up and we'll move over to the Uh the right front. We can leave the pump going, we can leave the vacuum going and leave the pressure in.

We just have to poke the hose over there and hook it up. Moving on over. Okay, let's hang the hose and we'll crack our line open all right. You Hear Me Line Open Uh-oh I Have no, no, it's not okay.

Oh there it is. Found it. We'll let that run through for a little while and then close it up. Then we'll move out back.

Let's go check our fluid res level words in the reservoir. Okay, so our first run we went from here. Second run: we'll go all the way down to second run that we'll refill this. So I've concluded that the fluid is leaking out of the other cap right here because it's not leaking out of that guy.

I've already wiped it down once and it started to pull up like right here. I Think it's just pushing its way out of the cap because this vessel right here is in fact pressurized. Uh, no big deal. It's got some closing off to do when I'm done.

Okay, we're getting down to the mark with our fluid level. Let's go ahead and close our valve off over here and we'll check it for. I Lost my wrench. Oh no.

Oh oh there it is. Can't let the thing run dry. If it runs dry, it'll start to pump air into it and that's not what we want to do. Let's tighten this guy back up.

Am I Going the right way. Yep, little clicks for those and let's just crack it open Purge out a little bit more fluid. Yep, there we go. It's running out.

No bubbles, no air. Good to go valve thickages. Let's go out back after we refill the machine. one more, one more quarter fluid.

There we go. We have to dump all the pressure before we open up this vessel. otherwise it'll shoot all the fluid out like you guys here and that would be bad. Back to the cabinet with us I Need another brake fluid bottle? Where are they right there? Hide now.

Got it. Ultra Dry. It's formulated. It's an ultra dry liquid.

Who'd have thought? Okay, pry bar poking. There we go. Let's refill this guy right now. Pouring things long range.

Nope. Still pouring, pouring, pouring, pouring. and no. I'm not going to use a funnel because that could contaminate the fluid even if I clean it with brake clean.

Okay, that's about full. It's like a half ounce left in there. I'll save that in case I need to top off master cylinder, put our cap back on air pressure powering back up right about there. That's good.

Okay, let's go out back and bleed the rears. come on vacuum line coming with me. Let's see here. we're just gonna lay down and crawl under.

Hang the hang the hose over here. on the spring. It's always a good spot. Break this guy open' ing.

Here we go. We've got flow that vacuum on there. Oh, lost it. Perfect.

Since that was barely open, we can crack it open a little bit more with the open end right here. There we go. All right. let's go back.

Watch the reservoir, let the fluid level come down some, and then we'll switch over to the left rear. How we looking right about here? How's our leaking? Minimal leaking. Okay, so the compressor came on using air pressure vacuum and while that other wheel is going I'm gonna go ahead and toss these front wheels back on. Fishing Girl I'll get these guys, hold it on and then as soon as we're done, we can pull this thing out.

Go for a test drive. now. this one should get you guys going. Got a torque stick, an electric gun with an extension, and a flip socket? What do you guys think about that? Yeah.

three. You can't do that torque properly and maybe maybe it will. Maybe it won't Foreign. Okay, wheel number two is on.

We're just about at the halfway point. Let's go out back, close that right rear valve, switch it over to the left rear, and then, uh, we'll see how our brake pedal feels rolling around the dirt. Tighten this guy up, pull the hose off. Disconnected.

Purge Nice. That's good. Clean fluid. finalize.

Click right there and off. to the left rear we go. putting this guy on over there. Oh, by the way, this is not brake fluid water.

This is, uh, left over from an explosion. Coolant system. explosion on a Volkswagen is quite violent. That guy.

plug our hose in. Get on there, please. all the way. yeah and let it ride flowing.

See that? Very good. Any good? I'll just monitor that, uh, that tank right there until it's about empty. Once it's done, it's done. And then you can go hose this thing off and the floor because that spillage is from me.

That's from this master cylinder overflowing. Yeah, we're still going. It's a little less than halfway. All righty, our Reservoir is nearly empty.

Let's go ahead and close this guy off. Connect that, let it suck out all the fluid and check it for some air. Negative: No Air I Know what you're thinking: How can there be air when you're running fluid through it? Because there could still be air in the system And I just want to make sure I feel better doing it that way. So that's why I Do that, bro.

Let's get out of here and shut our machine down. Now this next. Uh Next Step Here is kind of critical. We dropped the flashlight every time.

Gravity, flashlight, gravity you're moving. The next step is very critical. Uh, what we need to do before disconnecting this line right here is to purge the air pressure. Stay if we don't Purge the air pressure.

When we disconnect the line, it's going to spew like a volcano and dump fluid everywhere. That would be bad. There we are. now.

we can close that off, disconnect slowly. Dude, let's recover our adapter. hey and look at that fluid level in there or fluid quality. condition is squeaky clean.

That's beautiful, but we're a little overfilled so we need to vacuum that stuff out. No worries, come on over. Reconnect our vacuum or our air pressure router. Vacuum back on and we'll just use the suction hose, pull this level down and set it to the max.

We don't want to leave it overfilled because then next time somebody does a brake job and they can press the assistance in the calipers. It'll displace all the fluid and then overflow this master cylinder again and we don't want to do that. If you go right there powering down, let's put our caps back on. Very good.

Let's go. let this thing down, clear the rack, we're gonna back it out, hose it off, and then we'll go out test drive. It hit the road lock release. Jeep Coming down all the way down like all the way, all the way down, not just mostly.

come on, come on, hurry up. Maybe if I stand on it, we'll go faster. probably not. Give me that clear car, it's clear again and good to go.

Okay, let's climb on in here real quick. like restarting the engine start. It's alive good. Let's back her on out.

reverse. Kind of got a brake pedal backing up, backing up yo fan. Gotta watch out there's another Jeep behind me I don't want to hit it. That would also be bad.

All right, right about here is a good parking is the auto and Shiny. Let's Do It All That Old flu. We don't want that in here Watch Me Down and I'll get all the fluid on the calipers. I'm just going to give it the hosing reach around treatment here.

bottom of the car, bottom of the chassis. Anything that could have gotten fluid on it. we're gonna spray that off caliper on this side and spray that off. We got it.

I Can't see but you can and same thing back here on the rears not going to reach. Hang on I Know what to do. We'll put it on a jet. it will go long range.

Yeah. long range Shiny? yeah my hose isn't that long it does not reach. Let's get this other side left. rear fire.

That's good. All right. let's hit the road, see how this pedal feels. See you later.

5.2 liter now because I potentially could contaminate the carpet with my watery shoes and or dirt. We'll throw this uh floor mat in here I Probably should have done that to begin with, but I didn't realize I was going to be swimming and brake fluid and water and whatnot. So I changed my mind last minute I Can do that All right Looking good. That feels pretty good, but we won't know until we, uh, we're out on the road here.

Can I go? Yep, sure can. Straight line plus pedal. Okay. feels good.

it didn't pull off the road or anything crazy like that. I Definitely think it could use some front end parts. It's it's real loose in the steering and that axle seal. There's a couple things to let them know about, but what we wanted to do was make sure the brakes were good.

We had a sinking pedal it was, uh, all the way at the floor while driving and now it is not. Feels pretty good. it's stable I can't press it down all the way and that's also good. So I'm going to go ahead and call this one a success with a hidden bonus.

And that bonus was those, uh, incorrectly installed brake lines. So glad we got that thing squared away. So I guess at this point there's really nothing more for me to do except to thank you guys for watching this video As always I Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below.

If you do not enjoy this video then let me know what you did not enjoy about it in the comments section down below. And then I can use your feedback to create better videos moving forward into the future. So again as always thank you guys for watching and most importantly do not forget to have yourself a great day! See you guys later! End of Cheap Parking Seattle Powering Down Goodbye Grand Cherokee.

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  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Danny Linc says:

    When brake hoses get that kind of stress they can begin to tear internally.
    It can cause a bubble or act like a valve.
    Good to see it road tested alright.
    Do some parking lot quick panic type action to check, and some long gentle strokes at speed.
    If they're good, they're good.
    I like your BG machine bleeder new goes in above, old stuff shoots out below at the bleeders below.
    Put your little caps back on and sell the axle seal and some shocks and rebuild the front end when they are ready, right.
    If it has a track bar, watch out where it attaches at the LF.
    They can elongate the body attaching point.
    I know they did when the jeep pickup came in that smaller size.
    Times are getting tough so you choose what to fix first, perhaps.
    Nice video and better than average pace.
    I enjoyed seeing it and not having to suffer the back and leg pain.
    You're a very good tech, Ray.

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Jordan says:

    Extra dry because it's hygroscopic.

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jason Mitchell says:

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    You are wasting way too much brake fluid. There can't be more than a half a pint that goes between the master cylinder and the farthest wheel.
    And that is a fuel injected engine, you need to turn the key on and wait a few seconds while it builds up fuel pressure before you try and start it. That's why you're getting hard starts at higher Miles because people have been starting it without letting it prepare itself. That's hard on the starter and the fuel injection system when you try and start it before the fuel injection system has come up to pressure

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Arthur Samson says:

    Unclustering someone else's F***up; that's like half of what we do! The other half is trying to track down our 10mm sockets while waiting on parts…

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars daanski82 says:

    Dear Ray. Yea, your floor could use some scrub after the forbidden milkshake! Please show us how you do that :-). Kind regards, from a wet Netherlands ❤

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JCs Opinion says:

    I bet that jeep needs an alignment, new tires & front end dangling bits that arnt so dangly . That’s probably another day… lol as I’m typing that you confirmed it. Fucking stellar 😂😂😂

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    I was a little concerned when I saw you mix DOT 3 with DOT 4 until I remembered that's fine. You just can't mix DOT 5 with 3 or 4. Just the front brake lines will have a lower boiling point (no big deal). Did you give the guy new dust caps with the flush? Not sure of the point of fixing the brakes with an axle seal leak around the one rotor.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rude Dogg says:

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