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Pt1 Vehicle recovery/tow and Diag-Deep Damage! Rejected Repair! 2000 Ford F150 4X4 5.4
Pt2 Sketchy Fix Attempt | 2000 Ford F150 4x4
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All right guys! Hi everybody, good day to you! Welcome back the Uh. The saga continues. The bad idea: Saga The attempted Resurrection after death Saga on this uh, 2000 F-150 this is the one I Just put a radiator in. uh the other day what had happened was was the uh, the trans cooler inside of the radiator ruptured and it pumped a bunch of engine coolant into the transmission.

So I put a radiator in it to fix the problem. Uh, in lieu of trying to or in lieu of replacing the transmission or getting it rebuilt I'm just gonna flush the Daylights out of it and we're gonna see if I could bring this thing back to life. or at least, uh, make it a little a little bit longer. So stay tuned because the conclusion of this video is going to be very interesting.

I Don't know what's going to happen? You don't know what's going to happen, but we're going to find out happening. Z Hood Grassy, squeaky, clunky, squeaky. yeah, it's uh, she's showing her age. We still don't know the mileage because the odometer is still broken.

We'll call it 400 000. Why not powering down just to kind of revisit here? Oh that's a new cat I Went on there. You can see all that nasty crusty in there that is transmission fluid and we put a new radiator in it I Flushed it all out the coolant side with the garden hose and it once. at one point we pulled the pan down and checked for a bunch of debris and nasty stuff in the trans.

we did indeed find some, but uh, due to cost constraints and uh, we decided we're just going to go ahead and flush all this stuff out and not replace the transmission. Uh, by we I mean not me I mean I'm not going to lie I'm okay with taking some risk every now and then, but that one looked, uh, it looked pretty far gone. Um, there are other videos. uh on that transmission I think there's two other videos on this vehicle.

Uh, one was me going and picking this thing up with the tow truck and then pulling the trans pen down and finding all the Carnage and then calling throwing in the towel. Then the next video was changing my mind after some persuasion and we went ahead and proceeded with repairing it in hopes I can save the trans. So like I said, I put a radiator in there because that was the initial failure point and now I'm just gonna flush the Daylights out of this transmission and uh, we're gonna ship it and we'll just find out how long it lasts. It's really all we can do because they, uh, the idea of putting a transmission in.

this is rather expensive and not cost effective for the vehicle. They're kind of already in it pretty deep because that's a newly installed engine and uh, we don't want to throw away a car with a newish engine I Think it's a junkyard motor, but it's been resealed, it's been gone through it's had. you know, the plugs and the coil boots and the thermostat and all that good stuff replaced. I Think they put timing belts or chains timing chains in this.

Also, Regardless, we're not focusing on that engine. we're focusing on what's behind it. See when? I get this line off. we're going to see the nasty condition of that trans fluid.

I Don't think what it looked like on the dipstick really did it any justice. Yeah, there we go. It's that strawberry milkshakey looking nasty see that I even see clutch material in it? You see the black, that little black stuff that's some of the clutch material. So let me go and fetch.

Uh, fetch my adapters for the fluid flush machine. We'll get this thing hooked up and we're gonna pump. uh, probably 30 to 50 quarts through this thing to get rid of all of this contaminated fluid and replace it with known good fluid. So stay tuned.

Okay, so here's how we're gonna do this: I've got uh, adapters that fit the Fords for this particular Ford and we're just going to connect my machine adapters to the fittings, snug them up, connect the lines, and we put the fluid in the machine. Some of you guys have seen this before, but fluid goes in the machine. We start the engine and the Transmissions pump will do all the uh. all the work for us.

Took that guy on right there. Then we're gonna get a hold of this one here. The torque on that one kick. Yeah, that's kind of a tight squeeze down there.

So I've got some 90 degree adapters to clip onto these and then the lines on the machine will connect to the adapters. Here we go, point that one up and run the machine lines into our adapters. Here there we go. there's one and number two clicks.

Okay, moving on. we're gonna head over here in front of the machine. We're gonna open up the valve. This is going to, uh, fill the bladder tank down below inside of the machine and once that tank is full, we can reseal this thing off and then start the start the process.

Fingers crossed. Let's see if it's going to work. See: I'm reluctant to kind of give an opinion on it because I tend to say things and it causes them to occur. So I don't really want to go.

Oh, it's not going to work or also on occasion I can say things and the opposite of what I said uh can occur. Therefore, I'm just going to keep my mouth shut and we're going to let the car Gods decide the fate of this truck. Okay, that one's done. Switch it out with the next one.

This is some Cheapo fluid. We're gonna do the first flush with the Cheapo fluid and then I'll do another one with uh, better fluid. Okey-doke So that was about 11 quarts I think that's what I've got left of the my Cheapo stuff here. So we're gonna flush the 11 ports first and then uh, we'll do the 16 quarts with the Primo fluid later.

Uh, before we do that though, I am going to install some cleaner into this transmission and we're gonna start the engine, let it run and the clear is going to circulate through the system and hopefully it'll break down, uh, some of that contaminated fluid and uh, and help to extract it. This is a BG product. very high-end Primo stuff. not cheap either, but I figure going through all this is the best.

Uh, he's gonna give this thing the best chance to live, but we'll see. Okay, funnel time, stick that down in there now. I've also got a filter that didn't come out I've also got another filter. um I'm not going to do the filter just yet.

If in fact, this thing does, uh, show signs of life, then once we do all the flushes, I'll uh I'll go ahead and pull that pan down and change the filter. but we're going to hold off on that until we know for certain. So that's our quick clean. We just dump that in and let it circulate.

you know? 5, 10, 15 minutes? whatever. And then we can begin to begin the process show. Let us go stopping the engine. See here.

Oh, check. Valves closed, closed, closed cats. Now we're ready. All right.

Ford Let's do this. restarting. Check the leaks. We have no leaks.

This is good. We've got contaminated fluid flow. You see the Milky strawberry looking color in there? That's due to the coolant contamination. That's not what we want to see.

This is the old fluid that's circulating through the machine right now. that's going to go ahead and uh, become foggy pretty soon. It's going to look just like that. And then once we begin the process, we should start to see a color change occur, where the new fluid is in good condition and the older fluid starts to uh starts to clear up and there's that fogginess again.

cloudiness, cloudy. So like I said, 10 minutes or so with that cleaner circulating through there, we'll go ahead and begin the process on the machine and see how it turns out. Oh yeah, look at that. That's terrible nasty.

That's a transmission killing nonsense right there. Okie Dokes. An undisclosed amount of time has passed and that cleaner's had ample, uh, ample time. Actually, about 40 minutes circulated machine.

So I'm going to go ahead and start the process real easy. We flip it over to process Purge and it's going to begin to do the fluid exchange. So what it's going to do As the pump pumps the fluid into the cooler, go through the unit into the cooler it's going to run into the machine. It is going to travel into the storage tank below which this tank contains uh, two vessels inside.

There's like a diaphragm inside and one side is going to be the used old fluid. the other side is going to be the new fluid. So as the old fluid pumps in, it's going to push on that diaphragm, pressurizing the chamber with the new fluid. It's going to send that into the other line and then through the cooler and then into the transmission.

We're gonna have to do that two or maybe even three times, so we'll see. So standby. This will take about 10 minutes or so and I'll check back in when the process has finished. Hey, look at that.

We had a color change. It's still flowing though. we're not. Uh, it's not complete yet.

It's getting somewhere. What this is showing us is now. What's moving into the vehicle is the new fluid from the diaphragm in the tank down below and what is coming out is the old nasty fluid. You know? I've got to say I have done more of these types of services here by myself than I've ever done ever working for somebody else.

In fact, now that I look back on it: I've never done this type of service working for someone else. I've only done these here. Maybe maybe I'm I'm risky or maybe I'm less inclined to pull the trigger on replacing Transmissions Who knows. I'm not sure how's our temperature gauge is temp.

uh, engine coolant temp is that's in the middle. Okay, we're not overheating. Yeah, everything's looking good all right. I Was a little worried about the overheating possibility because all that trans fluid was also flowing through the cooling system now.

Although I drained it out and then flushed it with some water and stuff like that. I was afraid that perhaps the thermostat or the rubber gaskets inside. All right. I'll give this some more time I'll check back with you guys when we get a pressure rise over here.

All right, we're coming up on uh, well, we've got a pressure differential now. We got 11, 12, PSI, and 10 or so. so this thing's uh, it's about complete. I'm gonna go ahead and shut it down, disconnect it, and then refill the machine with a 16 quarts of fluid.

and I'm going to do it one more time. It's going by. uh, no cleaner in the second set. so we're gonna do this rather quickly.

Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and empty the machine and go ahead and refill it with a another round of fresh fluid. It's still nasty. We'll refill it with one more round of fresh fluid and uh, and that's that. It's either gonna live or it's not.

So I need to disconnect these lines in order to drain this machine. We just hooked an air up to it and it pumps it right out into the uh, the oil drain there real easy. We do need one straight adapter plug that guy in kicked. Okay, so the lines down inside of the oil drain.

Let's go ahead and plug this guy in. Send some freshers. I'm going to want to grab that as quickly as possible so it can't fly out and cover me in. Nasty.

There it goes. A nasty pink fluid. swirl it around in there. Yeah, no, it's like oh yeah.

I can smell that cleaner that's in solution with this fluid. it reaps stinky. But I guess that's also how you know it's good. You can dilute it in three or four gallons of fluid and it still smells.

makes sense. Uh oh. it's starting to fill up and my tank is almost full. Bubbly.

Okay, so the internal tank is now empty. Let's disconnect the Air Supply We don't need that and we need to depressurize this unit. Let that thing bleed out, crack open a valve, and while that thing's bleeding out. I'm gonna go fetch uh, a box of the BG Primo fluid and we're going to dump that into the machine and then process it one more time.

All right. Round two: Let's get this machine refilled. It's my bag in the box. It's not red wine so don't drink it and this is a 16 quart box.

Come on machine. slowing me down. Have another one of those late nights. You guys have noticed that like 40 of my videos are after.

Dark I Work a lot I Have things to do I mean Granite Dark is? you know, six o'clock Still Okay, That's one bag in the box in the machine. So what we need to do is: close our valve, close our valve, close our valve, put a lid on it. connect our hoses one more time to the system to the vehicle. Stick and click.

Get on there. Oh, get on there and stay on there. You see that. a little bit bad.

All right. restart the engine. Then we will restart the procedure again. Okay, that wasn't supposed to happen.

What is wrong with this truck? That's not a happy starter? Okay, it's a new one. Line pressure. come on up. let's see some flow again.

Well that's weird. Look at this. We have more line pressure. Second time around, that's that's a new one.

Yeah. I Think that pump is garbage. it's so junk. Anyway, we got line pressure.

Let's start the procedure again. Let it ride. I'll be right back when this thing is done. Fingers crossed to see if it's going to live.

Whoa. Look at that. that cleared up fast. I Guess now that we have lime pressure, it's uh, it's actually circulating.

That last service took quite a while. Yeah, we're cranking now. Cool, you know. I'm kind of excited to see all that line pressure show up.

So I'm gonna go ahead and prep and assume that this is actually going to work I don't know, but it might leave that right there. That's the additive package that goes in after this. After this, what we want to see is this thing clearing up I Realized earlier that this was the old fluid and this was the new fluid I must have just swapped the lines around when uh, when I hooked it back up a second time. So now this is the new fluid and that's the old fluid.

Um, that's gonna I'm gonna kill me for saying this. same difference. same difference. So while we wait, um I want to share a Google review with you guys? somebody Googled uh Googled The shop here I don't know if they found it under Ray's Auto Clinic or Rayman raised repairs in Bradenton but somebody Googled it and they went in.

left me a one star review and they said that the one star review was because they're here to tell everyone something about we're not celebrities which I know that I'm not a celebrity but the guy said that and uh, he also said something about how he's not going to be using me for to fix his cars in the future because my phone number wasn't listed on on the Google or on the Google Website or whatever. The Google review page for the company here and I actually responded to the guide I was like you didn't follow directions. You're supposed to contact me at uh via email at my website and there's a link for the email to get service done and he didn't listen to that or he didn't read that or he just was trolling me and he found a found my my Google page or whatever and decided to leave me a one star review. but he is, uh, he's the single singular anomaly.

uh, like one out of literally 500 five-star reviews and he gave me a one star and I was like that's cute you didn't even take me off of 100 I I Had a fun time laughing about it. Uh, so yeah. I figured I'd share that story while we wait. Looks like the Uh process is moving along.

our creamy nasty fluid is less creamier. I Got a feeling we're gonna have to do one more service on this though, you know? And speaking of Google reviews, I Don't think it's fair to go to some somebody's Google page and leave them a negative review or a one star or whatever if you've never actually been a patron of that of that establishment. whether it be a a doctor or a donut shop or uh or whoever. I Don't think it's very fair and reasonable to give people crappy reviews when you've never experienced their service just because you don't like them.

It's not fair I mean I don't personally I don't care, but that could seriously damage somebody's reputation. That's not cool. Hey, look at that. 45 pounds, 30 pounds that's our pressure differential machine.

powering down our fluid's still kind of Milky We do need to do another service on this one, but food's got to pay for that one because I've already used 30 quarts of fluid. Let's go ahead and shut this down. and I'm going to disconnect everything, hook the transmission line back up to the radiator, and uh, we're gonna go out and see if this thing is going to move under its own power. I'm a little concerned that it's not even going to move.

it might not. So here's the deal on that can of additive. I'm I'm changing my mind I'm not going to put that in until I Get this fluid situation at a at 100 percent like I said, we need to do probably one more exchange on this. but I Gotta see if my guy wants to wants to buy another 16 quarts of fluid.

Um, reason I'm not going to install the additive is this is this fluid is no good and I'm not going to waste good, expensive additive on contaminated transmission fluid. It just doesn't seem right because it's not going to help. Oh, unclick, that's tight. How'd I do that and the incorrect leverage here I Will spin my adapters, back off, set those aside and plug this guy back in twight get down.

Nope. let me cross threaded. didn't want to go in now. it does kick.

Okay, let me pull my uh, my funnel out of there and put our dip of the stick back. and I'm gonna back this out and see if it moves. and if it moves, maybe I'll drive it in the morning. it's it's getting a little dark, so I'm not gonna test driver right now.

That's silly. All right. Pull those innings, see if this thing's gonna move I might not. restarting the engine.

Wipe that down. All right Moment of truth: Reverse gear break off. hey hey, it's backing up. forward gear break off and it's a little laggy to go into gear.

but it went okay. Let's back it out some and can't even see behind me. Super dark out there. another parking space behind me, somewhere.

Okay, I'm not gonna drive this right now. Um, it's dark outside, but uh. first thing in the morning. we'll finish this video so don't go anywhere.

Time will become seamless for you. Night time powering down. Let me out of this thing. There we go.

Okay, we're gonna check back on that thing. Uh, during daylight hours I am I'm closing up and packing up and going home. It's uh, it's dark 30 and not all done here. All right.

it's the next day. it's daylight ish kind of. Cloudy There's a storm of Brewing over under. look at that front coming through.

See that. That's nice. Anyway, we are. uh, we're back on this.

F-150 We're gonna go ahead and do the test drive. We're gonna see if it's gonna shift if it shifts. uh, if that's good enough for them, because if it will move and run and drive. and I I guess I Didn't even care if it slips, it just needs to move starting Z engine.

So that's uh. that's how it's gonna be Cheryl let's hit the road. This thing's junk. Did you hear that trans pump start to scream at us and I put it in gear? Yeah.

pumped his junk. but hey, if it. uh If It Moves we're good. so that's how it's gonna be.

Let's see if it shifts. hope. so give me eight. Foreign: If I'm not back in 10 minutes, just come look for me.

I didn't bring my phone I'm going that way. There's a train in the way. they're gonna be there for a while. The rail yard for Tropicana you know, the orange juice.

that's right over there around the corner and they do of uh, they're back there changing up train cars and switching things around. Oh, this thing has a hole in the right. Oh yeah, that Tire's flat. Okay, well it shifted.

That's enough for me. especially with that flat tire. We're going back. I'm not driving this thing too far.

No thank you. Hmm okay, we still have reverse hey look there's wife unit hi is going to get Arby's and oh yeah, it slammed into gear there. Uh well, it needs a transmission but there's a second gear third gear. Okay, well it's got some gears so that's good enough for me.

I guess let's park this thing and move on to something else. We're all done here. Parking is the truck. yeah I know it's not a very thorough test drive I know, but considering all things I don't want to walk back in the rain so it is what it is.

Okay pulling in, parking it, we're done here with this thing. I've done all that I think I can do I need to move over so the concrete guy can can get out kind of full here. So here's the plan. it it works and it's I Guess it's gonna be good enough for now, but it's gonna need a transmission so we at least bought him some time and the truck can go back to work so the guy can make his money.

so I I guess that's a win. Uh yes, this is kind of a stop Gap solution for uh for the issue here. go into forward gear please. Kind of a stop cap solution.

but uh, that's what we wanted to do. Uh, we not being me and uh, that's what's uh, that's what's gonna happen. So that being said, I'm all done here I may do one more flush if the guy wants to, uh to uh to buy another 16 quarts of fluid. but yeah, you know it's It's a cost thing with this truck so I probably won't do another one.

We're just gonna let it ride as it is. So uh, that being said, as always, like thank you for watching this video, Hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you enjoyed the other two additions to uh, this series on this particular truck. If, uh, if you didn't catch the other two videos on this particular truck and would like to go back and take a look, just go down into this video's description and the two Links at the top will take you back in time to part one and part two of this particular F-150 So that being said, as always again, thank you guys for watching and most importantly, do not forget. Have yourselves a great day.

See you guys later! end of third transmission failure powering down right sunshiny day it's raining outside. come on gate where that wind's getting cold.

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    It will last a week or 2 anyway LOL. I dunno about everybody but for me, everyone gets a great review until they personally convince me they don't deserve it.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Minor says:

    Many times people are frustrated, angry, or envious of another person and their good fortune. It pleases me to see a young family endeavor to make a better life for themselves. I reside in Arkansas. If I lived closer to you, I would bring my vehicles to you. I watch you work, and I like what I see. GOD bless you and your family. I give my own 5-star review to you.

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars willy david says:


  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars pt197472 says:

    Are we going to get a video of the SAAB on the back of your truck?

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ed says:

    So some would say Ray was saving the customer money. That’s against religion in some shops!

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dwight Yost says:

    I did this but I didn't have the filter in the trans until the exchange was done. ( im not a mechanic ) just a good ol boy on a budget. The idea was i didn't want a dirty filter. To date 43 thousand but it almost gone starting to slip sometimes

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Steven Foster says:

    HAHAHA!!! mileage "We'll call it 400,000… why not?"

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars George Butterfield says:

    Loud Noise's–Radio

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bruce B says:

    RE the odometer. My 2001 F150 odometer won't illuminate until I've driven a few miles, then it lights up just fine. I've seen some YouTube videos on fixes which involve taking the gauge cluster out and re-soldering a couple of pins on the back side. I may eventually get to that, but it's not a pressing issue yet.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars George Pawlak says:

    And it's saved a lot of money for my customers and made customers happy

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars George Pawlak says:

    Anytime I leave you a comment on how I used to do repairs that you're doing with your modern machines equipment I am not here to criticize you that is not a criticism it's just giving you some information from an old guy that back in the day on heavy equipment badass hydraulic Transmissions like heavy equipment and some large trucks with automatic transmissions and I would go through the procedures like I explained to you it was cheaper and it worked. And believe it or not it's saved a lot of time

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lieutenant Dan says:

    more pressure because the new fluid is thicker

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rick Nielson says:

    If anything can save it BG is it..