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As soon as the terrain becomes slightly unstable, Yep, there it is. We get that rattly clunky noise. I'm not gonna say who it is, but I I Kind of want to call out some work on a conceptual level so people can avoid getting into these situations in the future. Now this particular car it went to a an independent shop and they were complaining of a break issue.

I think it was a noise or complaining of a noise and they were complaining of like a a rattly clunky noise going over bumps. Now that rattly clunky noise, it's almost, uh, going to be struts or strut mounts. usually the mounts every time. Now the mount is the area of the strut up at the top Where It Bolts to the chassis of the car.

Okay, now if we look a little lower in the wheel, well here we can see it's got a new strut cartridge. This uh, this is the area that acts like a shock absorber. The difference between a shock and a strut is that this shock absorber incorporates the spring as one assembly so you don't have multiple. Parts you just have one part again at the top of it.

there's a out where it bolts on. Now the issue is is when there is a noise people go oh well, that's a strut noise. We replace the struts so what happens is they they work up in order and they price the cartridge. not understanding that the cartridge itself is just an absorption unit.

It doesn't It doesn't have any bushings in it, the moving parts are all internal and it's It's very rare for that strut to actually make a noise. More often than not, you're going to find that it's the mount that makes the noise. So what happened here is this customer had these uh, these front struts replaced um and they just disassembled the unit transferred over the spring and uh in the isolators and then put the thing back in trouble is is the noise is still there Now This kind of situation can happen for a multitude of reasons. A lot of it is is lack of training.

Actually, I said something about the conceptual term of making a repair and I would speculate that uh, well, it's it's industry known that if you have a strut noise, you replace the struts but that doesn't Uh, that doesn't limit the repair to just the cartridge because on occasion sometimes you need to put mounts in it. Actually I think you should put a mount in every time you replace the strut assemblies. So I I have to recommend that the vehicle owner of this uh particular Toyota that I have yet to introduce uh returns and brings uh this back to the people who had originally uh performed the service, giving them the opportunity to correct the error. You know you give the company the opportunity.

Don't don't bring it back to them and make a comeback. Give them the opportunity to resolve the situation because I think that's a better way of looking at it. Now there is some stuff on this car that uh I am going to end up doing. Um, we are going to circle back and address the brake issue.

Uh, again. they uh, they installed new pads and rotors for a brake noise. Um I did just drive the car and I hear a horrendous brake noise. However, it is not coming from the brand new front pads and rotors.

You see that? Uh, nice patina on those. It didn't come from the fronts. it's coming from the left rear is what I heard. So let's go back real quick.

Actually I need to back way way. We're super far outside of format here. I have not even introduced the car. This is a 2013 Toyota Corolla LE model with approximately Kitty was stuck 139 537 miles on the odometer there.

Now we can get back to business so let's go over here. Let's pull uh these rear wheels off and take a look at the brakes inside of there. I Believe this vehicle is equipped with drum brakes and not discs in the rear. but we shall see.

There is one other minor complaint. We're gonna address that in just a moment. Uh, the customer states that when the vehicle is first started in the morning he hears a uh, a loud squealing noise from the belt. Um, again, it was a an issue with the other shop that he had mentioned the that noise to the other folks and they said they could not find an issue.

So we're gonna. we're gonna take a look at that felt noise or engine noise or under hood noise as soon as we figure out what we're going to do with these brakes. I Would hate to find that they put the easy brakes on the discs, didn't pay any attention to the rear drums. That would be upsetting because that would mean that the shop failed to perform a complete and comprehensive brake system evaluation.

There we go. Put that over there. Okay Hammer Time At least an impact encouragement. Here goes.

the brake drum this thing off right here. What do we got? Do we get a lot of brake dust in there? Look at that. Lots and lots of brake dust? Okay. Shoe thickness is okay, not terrible.

It's actually really good for the mileage. Yepper. Okay So we did fail to uh to do a good brake inspection on this vehicle. Um, they didn't pull these drums off because one would theorize it if they did, they would at least jump all the uh, the brake dust out of it and that also never happened.

So what I'm going to recommend is that I Clean and adjust these and obviously they need a little bit of adjustment because there is some wear that's all brake friction material so there is a little bit of wear. We'll just give it a couple clicks on the adjuster wheel. But more importantly, we're going to clean all this dust out and uh, and prevent that, uh, that buildup of dust rolling around because that is what causes some of the noise on a drum brake. That dust will end up between the shoes and the friction surface on the drum and it will cause these to vibrate thus making noise.

So a simple, uh, a little bit of maintenance on this will handle that situation. No problem, we're back on the right rear. Let's go ahead and pull this one off and take a look under this drum as well just to make sure that nothing flew apart like I said I Didn't hear any noise out of this side I Heard all the noise out of the other side. My apologies for not taking you guys with me on my test drive.

I I Actually didn't think I was going to make a video about this car. Shoo, he's gonna take my word for it I May be many things but a liar I am not so you can believe me. more hammer. This is kind of too much hammer for this, but it's the closest one to come.

Disconnected Now Wiggle Wiggle Yeah, what do we have? Whoa, look at that. That's bad. That's a lot of dust. Okay, got stuff out here and again.

minimal wear. Overall, just a lot of dust inside. Okay, so we're gonna do a clean and adjust procedure on the rears. Let's go ahead and let this car down some and we're gonna restock these engine and see if we cannot hear that uh, belt squealy situation going on from under the hood.

down. There we go. let's see what we get here. All right, there's our belt.

I I Speculate that it's a belt I did hear the noise? Tell you what? I'm gonna Park you guys right over here and we'll go ahead and start this engine. You listen for the belt while I Uh, hit the key. Try it again. Okay, that definitely sounds like a belt noise to me.

Let's see. Yeah, it does have a lot of wear to it. It's probably the original. Oh yeah, a little bit of stretch in it.

It's a fixed belt. There's no, uh, there's no automatic tensioner. You have to set tension by moving one of the pulleys. but uh, that one's pretty loose.

A lot of glazing on that belt. Let's go ahead and pull that thing out and inspect it real quick. Uh, what we're going to do is oh, it looks like the adjuster is here on the alternator. So let's go ahead and pull the alternator bolts loose.

We have to take it out. We just take this one loose right here. Take that one loose right there and that should be able to push that Nader forward and that's going to select the belt off and then I can Uh now Toyota Memory serves I Can do this with a 12 millimeter socket and an electric ratchet. Let's find out here.

Oh no no this one. There's two bolts that hold this Nader one at the bottom and then there's this one right here that locks in that adjuster lug. Take that one loose and we'll loosen this one that's backing out now. I should be able to just push that Nader Oh one.

get in there. Nader Oh, it is moving. Yeah there. That should give me the slack to pull that belt off and service is yepper right there.

Pull this guy out. What do we have here? Yeah, a lot of glazing. a decent amount of wear in there. There's some cracks starting to form.

nothing crazy. This belt would be okay to last for a little while, but while we're here I'm throwing a new one in. They're cheap. That's what we're gonna do.

Let me go get that thing ordered. Alrighty, Serpentine belt is on the way. I'm gonna go ahead and lift this thing up. We're gonna prepare to maintain the rear drum brake.

Overlooked maintenance now. it's real easy. I'm gonna drag the oil drain over here. stick this guy down under our hub assembly, throw some light on the subject.

There we go. Now we can see what we're trying to see. Okay, so here comes the best absolute part possible with this sub. Procedure right here.

Make it shiny, get all in there, nice legs, Understand? Is it? Overkill Yeah it is. but it's fun. Oh cool beans, and same thing with the uh, the actual drum itself, dump it over, knock all the dust out, give it some spray. I'm off wind, not gonna die from.

break things there. we go, let her drain, let it dry, and then we just roll on over to the other side and repeat that procedure. Yeah, I Know that's the most dramatic use of a spray can ever invented or created or utilized because we're trying to have fun. sort of.

Let's mark this right here again with the drum. Say what? We're going to recycle Brake Clean I'll leave it here that way, all my drippings can drip into this and we can get multiple runs of use out of the uh, the braking. Because brake clean is expensive, we don't want to waste a bunch of it, right? So we'll let it drip into there and then reuse it. extra super shiny.

Gotta make sure you get behind the shoes too, especially at the bottom and around the bearing, all the way in the back, all the way around behind the cylinder. Give a bearing a turn. Get behind it on the other side. Beautiful.

Oh, that was gone. I'm okay, like too much brake clean for that guy. So anyway, uh, let's give this adjuster wheel just a couple clicks here. We'll do four.

Four clicks is good. I Like four. Now let's go ahead and fit the drum. make sure we didn't over kick it, see how it slid on very easily.

Still has some Play Between the drum and the shoes. That's pretty good and we'll do the same thing over here on the other side. It should have been dry by now, which it is. Surface looks good.

No crazy pitting or rust or any of that. Good stuff and real quick. Four more clicks, Three four clicks there we go. Drum coming in.

Look at that. Let's clear all the goodies out of the way. I Can uh I can throw the rear wheels on because we're done back here and I'm just in limbo waiting for a belt unit to arrive. Higher guys, Still some nuts on here.

Okay other Tire I Can't do my cool little foot trick on that one. There was a car on the way There we go installed five chromium capped Acorn style nugget nuts. Spin these dudes on. Right here.

there we go now. Noises Okay, let's go let this thing down In preparation for the uh, the belt to arrive Toyota Coming down all right. We're on the ground all the way down. Let's let the rack down.

We are done with uh, being up in the air I change the oil when you guys weren't looking I figured he didn't want to see that you've already seen enough engine oil filter Replacements as it is light powering on. Okay, so I've got my new belt here. This next section is going to be actually quite easy. So what we need to do is uh Orient the words properly and face the letters towards the front of the engine.

Yeah, it's just the thing I do and we're gonna slide this belt down into its home and I'm gonna start with the crankshaft I Always like to start on the crank. it's like home base for the belts. So what we do is we go around the crank. you guys can't see what I'm doing I'm really sorry, uh down on the alternator pulley and then we're gonna pull it up over the alternator and then the last one is going to be that smooth based water pump pulley and put some light in there so you can see.

I Always put the smooth face pulley on last because there's big ridges on the rib pulleys and sometimes you can't get the belt. Over The Ridges but the smooth face pulleys, they don't have that. Ridge So it's easier to uh to get the thing to slide over in most cases. come on.

Belt but we're off center on the crank back there. it's really dark. lighting failure. Okay, we're on there it is.

We're on again and it came off the bottom. This is aggravating because these belts are it. Like gets a memory of its position while it's sitting in the package and then it tries to spring back to that same position when you unbox them. Anyway, we're going over that smooth face pulley, slide right over.

Good check in. Uh, all the other pulleys making sure it did not come off and it did not. So now all we need to do is tighten up that alternator and make sure the belt is properly tensioned. Lock it down and now we should be good to go.

Let's set this up for tightening mode package as I tighten this uh, adjuster bolt right here. It's going to draw the top ear of this alternator outwards and that's going to move the position of the Nader It's going to move the uh, the pulley and that's going to tighten up on the Belt. So there's the witness marks from where the original belt was, which was kind of loose and right here. It's already starting to get tight.

so that tells me there was a boatload of stretch in that previous belt. I'm gonna go a little tighter. That feels pretty good. Let's go ahead and lock it down and then we will, uh, restock these engine.

Get that guy in there pickage is there we go. Okay, all right you guys, wait here again. I'm gonna go restart the engine. We'll listen for the noise key on cranking.

Beautiful! I Love the sound of not squealing. That's good. Let's pop our cover back on. I'm gonna go hit those Wheels with a torque wrench real quick and uh, throw the covers back on and we'll go out and hit the road and make sure that there's a no squealing noise coming out of those rear brakes back there.

light bar powering down. Oh I Never got to finish my complaining about uh, the aftermarket guys in the other shop selling work and then not, uh, not following through with the conclusion of the symptoms. See, that's why it's here and it's time for Torque Wrench Cam I Think these are uh, 80 pound I didn't set the wrench There we go. 80 foot pounds.

There we go. Good torque wrench clickages. next. Good okay.

Torque Wrench cam complete. Let's throw our little covers back on here. Valve stem in the relief Notch see that little, uh, the leaf Notch right there. That's what fits the valve stem and just kind of give it a push.

We don't have to hammer these things on, that will just make them break and I don't want to break things again. relief notch lined up with the valve stem. it goes there. Get in there.

Foreign. So anyway, back to my rant. Uh, it's not really a rant I'm not mad at anybody like I said I didn't I'm not disparaging any particular company or entity or person. uh I'd just like to point out that when conducting an operation or hunting down some kind of a complaint, you have to verify that when you're done with Uh with your operation that you did, in fact, uh, stop that complaint from occurring.

Additionally, you need to have some foundational knowledge on why you're performing that service. You know, for example, the struts. if I have a strut noise and my training and my work environment says oh, replace struts well we can't replace parts that are not known to cause noises because that's not what. That's not going to fix the the complaint, the issue.

Our job is actually customer service. It's not repairs. Our job is to to identify the customer's problem and offer solutions to that problem. But if we just throw Parts at things without offering a solution or or fixing the problem, then we haven't done our job because our job is in fact customer service.

and I guess that's my rant for the day. Um, now don't get me wrong, I wasn't always like that like it took a long time to learn that, thought, process and everything. But this is where training comes into play and this is where the passing on of knowledge has to come into play because the newer folks in the industry they don't understand that they're they're just here to, you know, to kind of do whatever whatever the job is to process the vehicles to make the money. But it's how we make the money that really matters.

And seat belt I'm in trouble. Yep, we're back to that again. no seat belt for Ray Driving it wrong. Hey, you guys hear those.

uh I can hear the clunky clunks on the left front. So anyway, we've got a little bit of speed going here. I'm gonna go ahead and apply the brakes. We're gonna listen for that squealy noise and I do not hear it good.

We'll do a few more stops to the neighborhood and make sure that noise is gone. I'm trying to recreate that clunky noise up front, but it's not doing it right now regardless. I'm nearly finished with this particular project. Uh, it was Winter along very smoothly.

A lot of uh, a lot of Maintenance items that were simply overlooked. Um, a little bit of due diligence could have prevented this situation. I think and I'm hoping to turn this experience into like a learning tool for the uh, the uninitiated or uh, or for those that were, they're green to the business or just don't know any better. Um, point being I Think that very basic fundamental knowledge can go a long way, especially when applied in conjunction with basic problem solving skills and customer service.

It's always about customer service, so if we know what we're doing, we know how to do it and we can service our customer. Well, that's like the trifecta of goodness and if we can just focus on those items as we all move forward in this industry. I Think that we can do a lot better and save a lot of people some money. We can make ourselves more money through reduction of loss and things of that nature and ultimately that's the goal is this is to make some cash and move along through our lives and and enjoy it while we're doing it.

So that being said, I'm about to pull out on the big road as soon as my light turns green and I'm going to go ahead and close this video out right now and I'll do that by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. As always, hope you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this video. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or anything you'd like to add, please feel free to register all that in the comments section down below. Don't forget to tap that like button while you're down there.

And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! end of Toyota transmission By the way: I Still don't know what those black things are? Are those gunshot detectors? or are they just 5G Towers Saw that big tower looking deal back there I think that's the 5G Tower that thing. the other things I think those were gunshot detectors? Yeah, yeah, there's another one over here. I'll show it to you in a second. Yeah, that thing.

that thing right there. I Don't think that's a cell phone tower. What is that? It's got to be a gunshot detector. Oh, there's the rattle noise as soon as the terrain becomes slightly unstable.

Yep, there it is. We get that rattly clunky noise. It's centralized at the firewall area and it sounds up high, leading me to conclude that it is a faulty strut mount. Uh, could have been a cheapo strut mount.

if they did replace it. it could just be a cheapo. or even there's a possibility that the bolt is not torqued down all the way and it's allowing the strut to actually move around within the mount. It could be that as well.

But since uh, that job was just performed, just paid for and it just completed not long ago. Like I said earlier I'm going to recommend that those people the that had originally performed the work be afforded the opportunity to correct the error and and make it right. And and no reason or in by no means now by no means am I making this video to uh to kind of cut.

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  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Stephen Golds says:

    Twin barrel brake clean😎

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michiganborn says:

    Does you customers bill say: "Umpteen cans of brake clean"? 😅

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Poppi Arlin says:

    That’s not belt noise! It’s the turbo spooling up😂