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Forgotten bolt strips out and wheel is dangerously lose. Dangerous mechanical fail or mistake
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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! We're headed outside to uh go fetch a uh red in color Hyundai uh. Customer states that the wheel looks like it's falling off. Let's get over there and see what's going on with it. So far.

the front wheels look good. check Yeah, the wheel's not very straight. I think it's this one that's affected. It looks kind of straight to me.

It's cambered in a little bit. Uh, there were some previous repairs down in that corner and it appears that they have failed. So, uh, since they state that our wheels are falling off and that there's a clanky banging noise associated with the concern I'm not going to drive this thing, we're just gonna nose it on in, get it up in the lift and see what's going on. Uh, maybe a bolt fell out or something.

Who knows. I have uh I've never worked on this car before. It is new to me and new to us I can't see there we go. got into the shade.

there's a lot of a lot of pollen and dirt and whatnot going on right now. It's heavy pollinated season hot in here so let us. uh, let's get this up in the air. let's check out the rear suspension, see if I can fix it.

see what's going on? I Don't know. but like I said, we're gonna find out. So stay tuned because this is gonna be a very good video opening the hood. Yeah, let me just go ahead and get this thing racked up real quick.

like and uh, we'll see what the dealio is with this. Uh, this particular. Hyundai lift arm number two. There we go.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. something's going on here. Look at that. It's uh, much more cambered than it was.

Uh, out in the parking lot. That's a lot of camber and a lot of tow. See, it's pointed out towards us and leaned in at the top. That's not.

Uh, that's not gonna work. Something is wrong here. What if they hit something and vent some suspension? You hear one more look that right there into the pinch weld. Good to go.

Moving on up from that subscribe button all the way up and on the locks for safety. All right, let's see what's going on with this wheel here. Uh, it's not okay. Look at that.

what it is, something is. Something's coming apart. All right. Yeah, that's not okay.

What do we got going on here? Lower control arm that's in good shape. Bolt it in up front that's new. All Right Bingo Bingo Look at that control arm. bolt is uh, is not present.

It's missing. Why? ooh, hang on here, We have some damage. Let's get some lumens in that little hole there. Let's see what's going on.

Something's not. uh, not okay here. I Saw some metal slivers right there. You see that it's not looking good.

Okay, we're gonna try to try to zoom in a little bit here if I can and see what the deal is with this. uh, this bolt business right here. I Believe we've got some thread damage going on. Oh no.

look at that. threads are gone. That's uh, that's not okay. Bushing looks good.

Yeah I think I don't know if I can fix that. It's a light in there if I can manage it. Yeah I don't know I don't I don't know if I can. Uh, that's part of the threads inside of the subframe.

See that? Yeah, that's that's not. That's not okay. Okay So we have subframe damage. Yeah, that's a there's another view of it.

See, the threads are completely completely gone out of there. There's there's a little bit left, but nothing. Uh, nothing for a bolt to grab onto. I Don't know if I can fix that.

Maybe a time sir to a heli coil? perhaps I but then again, I won't be able to really drill into it either. Um, this isn't cool. Tell you what. Let's uh, let me pull the the bolt out of this other side over here and see how long it is.

Maybe maybe I can get a longer one that's going to match up to the threads on this side because I see threads farther down that hole a little bit. It's it's tough for you guys to see. Yeah, if we look down farther, there are some threads left over. If I can get a hold of those, then maybe I can secure this again.

I Mean it might need a subframe too it. I should probably get another subframe. That's probably where where this might end up. Landing Yeah, let's go ahead and pull that out real quick and see how long that bolt is.

Maybe I can get a longer one. Um, it looks like that runs all the way through. Perhaps I could put a bolt in a nut on it. That's doable.

Yeah, I'm sure I can fix this. Okie doke. So this right here. this is our left rear upper control arm bolt.

I'm gonna pull this guy out. unclick these I'm gonna go ahead and pull this one out. That's going to give us an idea of the length and the thread thread pitch and thread type. Oh no, my battery's dead.

Hang on. Hang on. Epic Fail Okay, trying again. round to Fresh batteries.

It's green so you know it's good. I'm out. alrighty. so we've got our Bolt and I need to find another type of bolt that uh, that I can use to to patch up that other side.

I'm thinking if I get one that can pass all the way through, we can put a nut on this other side right here. See a little hole right there? We can put a nut on it and that should secure this thing. I think I believe that's the same same hole going through. Yeah, let's let's try that for a plan.

and if it fails, then uh, then we'll put a subframe. I'm gonna need some working space here. so I think I'll just go ahead and pull this control arm out all the way. Get that thing out of here and then we'll go from there.

Okay, so this other bolt over here that's got a nut on the other side? I'm just going to get in there with the uh, the long flexi ratchet here and take the nut loose. Unclicks please. Oh, that's flipping tight. Got it? Lost a flashlight and caught it? I have defeated gravity today.

That's a bold statement with a car lingering above my head that made that weird sound. Hmm. tempting fate. Let's get this guy out of here.

Oh, you know what guys. I Feel bad I Didn't even figure out what the mileage was on this. It's really relevant. It's not really a common failure, so I guess we can revisit that later.

Anyway, here's our control arm. There's no damage to it. Set this thing aside. we'll need that later.

I'm gonna need to figure out I Didn't figure out the bolt that I need here. Okay, all right so I'm gonna poke a hole through this with the screwdriver just to make sure that goes all the way through. and the survey says it does. And look at that.

There's metal shards all over that screwdriver bit? It's a magnetic bit. This thing's covered metal chunks. See how those threads are? Uh, they're schwaisted. those things are junk.

Oh, look at that. Oh yeah, yeah, those are all pieces of threads on the other bolts. so it must have gone in Cross threaded. or maybe it was loose and it just kind of wiggled around until it yanked the threads out.

Hmm as I look down I can see about halfway down that there are threads in there. but I don't know if I can really get to them. Let's uh, let me blow out all the dirt or the uh, the debris. Let's blow everything out and I'll try to run that other bolt into that to see if I can even catch those threads.

I'm afraid I don't really have a plan of action here. This is not a a common kind of failure situation. I don't I don't really have like a Playbook to work off of. Oh I'll figure it out.

troubleshooting, get rid of all the metal chunks. goodbye foreign. Let's grab our left side known good Bolt From over here and see if this thing is going to catch the threads or not. Maybe it will.

Maybe it won't and it's it's really not. I don't think I have a cap this size either. Okay, I mean I can see them. They're they're in there.

Looks like there's a good inch or so of thread, but the trouble is is, how do I get to them I could I can't now I was thinking maybe I could run a tap from the other side or run a bolt in from the other side to clean those up. That's not going to work either I don't think I have a drill bit. that's gonna. it's gonna work for us if I go in there with a drill bit I don't know if I can make a cut clean enough to get to the threads that are still good I may have to just drill those out and put in a nut.

Um I don't want to do. All these options do not sound very good to me. Let's get a depth measurement. No.

Okay, first let me decontaminate my screwdriver here. All right. so let's see how deep this hole really is. So we're gonna go.

and until it pokes out, see it poking right there and we can measure from the other side with my flange? Come here. Okay, that's that's actually a really long hole. so if that's how much I have to work with, my other threads are, probably, well, we can see the witness marks on this one takes up about an inch which means my damage threaded section is that far back in the hole or no. No.

I have to account for the control arm which is going to say flush here and that's gonna okay I don't know what to do I don't know how to fix this What do I do I get a smaller Bolt I can't use a smaller Bolt because if I do then it's going to flop around in this control arm bushing. see that's designed to fit very very tightly in there with almost no clearance. So my threaded section on the control or on the on the subframe that's about an inch and a quarter deep I could get a longer Bolt I'm afraid to do that I don't know what to do. What do I do? What do you guys think I should do? Let me know down in the comments: I'm gonna think about it for a little while.

Stay right here. Don't go anywhere see I'm not going to do a heli coil and I'm not going to try to put a Time cert in there. This is. uh, this Fastener is much more important than uh, risking it on some kind of thread repair kit.

I mean realistically, we need to put a subframe in this. Um I Need a lathe? Anybody got a lathe I can borrow? Okay, think, think, think, think, think, think What do I do? How do I make this wheel stay straight I might have to pull the fuel tank down I don't want to do that either I would like to fix this easily I Think I'm gonna have to I'm gonna do a nut and a bolt I need to find a longer bolt and then just drill those boogered up threads out of that. I I Really think that's all I can do? Yeah I may have to pull the exhaust down to get the drill to fit Maybe Yeah, let's let me see if I've got a bit. Maybe I have a drill bit.

That's uh, this thread size. Maybe I don't I had. Okay, I've got a half inch bit. that's my largest one and that is not large enough.

Cut the threads out of this. It's pretty close. Let's try it. And even so I don't know if I've got space to get the drill in there.

Yeah, that's not enough. It's not gonna work I need a bigger one? Okay, so I've been pacing around for like five minutes trying to figure out what to do. and I know somewhere in here I've got an old box full of very large Hardware because I was saving that from the dealership days when I took a a fifth wheel hitch out of a truck and I think I have all the stuff. Uh, that's not it.

That's the set of porches. Maybe this one. I've got like four or five of these bins around here. Maybe this is the one here we go.

Here's some. Hardwares Um, let's see. we need one that's this long. That's not it.

There's some bracketry I'm not going to use that, that's not gonna work. Ooh ooh, maybe possibly maybe. Yeah, we're going somewhere. some washers.

Let's go see. Let's just go see. these are high grade bolts I think the ones that are in there were grade eight or grade 10. maybe one of these will work to the bench.

Here's some space here on my my messy pile of stuff. It's organized in my mind, don't worry. Um, let's see there's our old Bolt It's definitely got the length. Yeah, look at here to the damaged part which is going to be that part on uh on the subframe that ends right at the shank.

The question is, is this going to be long enough to pass through? Okay, let's find out. The only way to find out is to find out, right? So if this passes through and then the shank is thick enough, we actually might have a winner. That would, uh that would surprise me. Okay, it goes through.

see how much space we have on the other side here lumens and the survey says not enough Oh so close. Look at it like it almost reaches I Need this plus one more inch? I'm getting there. let's check. Uh, let's check the shank thickness that's a little thinner ever so slightly.

No dang, it was close. it was so close. Okay, so what I need is one of these that's one inch longer than this one with a slightly thicker shank in a pinch. lock nut: this is just a regular nut I don't want to use that I think I need to go to the store.

All right, All right, real quick. I'm breaking out the Mitutoyo calipers. We're gonna measure this real quick and just get the right flank uh or shank diameter like five four, seven inches point five four seven inches and this one point four nine four. so it's a it's a few thou short I'm gonna take these this and this and uh, we're gonna go to the bolt store see if I can't find a replacement uh bolt to pass through that subframe.

Otherwise I'm gonna have to put a subframe in this car and I don't want to do that. Not for some strip threads. All right, let's get out of here. Let's go find our uh, find our replacement.

Fasteners put that stuff over you under field trip Road Trip Staunting's the engine and it's hot in here I Need cool air now? Yeah, we're warming up. Check that out. 86 degrees outside. Man humidity is not bad.

41.7 percent relative humidity I'll take that. that's cool. better than 90. Rock Row I've got a 40 minute Crosstown drive and the place closes in 41 minutes.

so I might make it I might not I really hope I make it I Called the guy he's like hey, you get here before we close, we're good. If you get here after, uh, we'll probably not good. So I'm I am uh, kind of trying to get my butt across the bridge. we need to get across town More Steam Well I Picked a great time to drive across two cities for a bowl.

3 30 in the afternoon. we're in rush hour. Hey, it's more like traffic jam hour. We're not rushing anywhere, we're just kind of creeping along cruising through town.

This is about as fast as I've gone since the bridge. 22 miles per hour and breaks. We're done. Yay! I Got like three more bridges to go over.

That one's straight traffic jammed I'm not coming this way on the way back. Okay, yeah, you know you messed up when the bridges are red on Google Maps but it sure is pretty out there. Nice day, all right. You know every time I see the water I wish I had a boat and then every time I think about having a boat I remember the last boat that I had and I loved my last boat.

it was the best boat ever because it was mine and I got to go on it whatever I wanted. But it's true about what they say about boats. They're your happiest days of the day. You buy your boat and the day you sell your boat.

And I can attest I've owned a couple boats and I always like getting them and I always like getting rid of them. It's that's just how they are and simply because of those reasons: I I can't bring myself to have a boat I I'm just not just not in boat life anymore. can't do it. Plus I live really far from the ocean and I would never get to use my boat at the frequency that I would want to use my boat.

So it's pretty much a Dave Ramsey style upside down investment because it's it's an expense with no return on a depreciating asset. and I just I can't do it I Really want one too I Really I really do I want one so bad? But it's just not not in the cards. Not gonna happen I know better. So damn boats.

So this is the convention center where they have the gun show that you see the signs for that are on the billboard in my parking lot at that place over there haha I think I made it time to spare I've got uh 15 minutes before they close. This is good. Got here faster than I thought. All right, but there she is at the Fastenal Place They've got bolts and hardware and things of that nature.

We've been here before. This is the Fulfillment center where I had my AC machine shipped too. The sidewalk is closed. that's not okay.

doesn't look close right up front. Perfect parking. Ziato, that's it. Yep, close enough.

powering down made it all right. Let's grab the goodies here and uh I don't think I need the calipers. Maybe I do I'll take them anyway. let's grab the goods and uh, gravity.

go see if I can find a replacement bolt. it's gonna work truck. I've got the goods we need the AC again restarting the engine. Here's what we've got: I've got a longer high grade bolt I Had to buy the multi-pack Got some pinch lock nuts to go with it.

You see the indentations here here and here. These these holes are actually ovular shaped and they're not circular like a regular nut so it won't just it won't just spin freely so it kind of locks itself as you put it on. I'm probably gonna double nut that and and thread lock it since I am doing like a through bolt application. So back to the shop we go.

Let's return to our Hyundai and uh, see if we can't get this thing back together and see if it's gonna if it's gonna work or not. I Think it's gonna work I Hope it's gonna work I Know it's gonna work all right. we are back at the shop space. Let's run inside and see if this is going to work.

Fingers crossed. What do you guys think? Is it gonna work? Is it safe? Is it gonna stay safe? We're gonna find out. Powering down and I Gotta tell you I'm slipping. We've had like seven powering Downs in this video and no mention of vehicle mileage.

That's terrible. Terrible production quality. Oh well. stuff happens.

that's I Guess that's how it is when you're doing 47 000 things at one time. Illumination powering on another one. There you are. Hyundai All right, let's put that stuff right there.

Let's get the door back open again for some ventilation action. and I know what you're thinking. What if you got robbed, robbed and it's okay I have a velociraptor there you go. Grab that guy right there.

Band back on. Awesome! Okay, let's get back to it. So I guess the first thing we need to be doing here is seeing if the uh, the length is going to be appropriate. I did end up getting pinch lock nuts so I'm not going to use just a a regular Fastener and it's going to make it more safer.

There we go. Oh bolt gravity. Come here. Get over here too much coffee.

Let's see, we're gonna run this guy all the way through. Get in there, that's pretty close and I don't I think I failed I think I completely failed I didn't take into account the thickness to the control arm. oh I just did all that for nothing I totally dropped the ball I think hang on I'm I was happy now I'm I quit I Can't believe I didn't think the way that I thought I should have been thinking hang on I just drove an hour and spent 40 bucks for no reason. Oh this.

Why foolishness? foolishness? What have you done? Hang on here. Get some light up here that's totally screwed up, you know I knew it the second that I put this bolt in that subframe I knew it and this was the longest one that they had too. So if this isn't gonna work, then uh, we're gonna need to put a subframe in it. Come on.

Ray I can't really eat it. Whoa. there we go. I can't believe I just did that I mean who knows? maybe it'll fit.

Maybe maybe I just turned into an instant pessimist I don't know. Let's get that thing in. Come on bolt. get in your home.

Ratchet? Yeah. I Really think I underestimated this big time I didn't do it right? Go on. Is it going to go through or not? Let's uh, what's the deal here? Hammer? Well I believe the issue is is this, uh, control arm? is? it's uh, it's kind of putting a Twist on this and that's why that's not going to go in. You know? Yeah, I need to take this thing back out.

I'm going about this all wrong. In fact I've been going about it all wrong this entire time when I should just be ordering a subframe. That's what I need to be doing. Okay, that's all the way through 100 all the way through.

The issue was is the control arm was binding and I don't have enough bolts on this side. Stupid I didn't account for the thickness of the of the control arm so that was a giant waste of my time. Okay, fail. Epic fail I'm I don't know what to do now these are the longest bolts and I told the guy I needed one about an inch or so longer than the one that I brought and the one that I brought went all the way through the full length of the subframe.

but I didn't account for the width of the control arm so that was a big giant waste of time. Oh angry. Well, since that was a the biggest bonehead move of the year so far and I got absolutely nowhere with this car, uh, I've got to figure out what to do next and it's probably going to be another longer bolt. maybe that that's my only choice is to try to find one I may have to order it I don't know but uh, the time being.

um, well I'm dead in the water I screwed up I miscalculated and I paid the price for it in a whole lot of wasted time. click So that being said, I have no choice. Uh, this was a failed repair attempt. Nothing to see here.

I'm all done I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out. Thank you guys for watching this failure. Um I am gonna post this because why not? That's what happened today. Uh I'm gonna leave that in there for now.

Uh no, this car is not driving anywhere but I'd rather have that thing there. kind of stabilizing this as opposed to just letting the wheel if you flop around all willing to like. So uh, like I said I'm done. There's nothing more for me to do I need to get more bolts I Guess that's going to be a 2B Continued maybe not I I don't know I I might have to finish up for a minute because I I really don't know if I can find a longer bolt that's going to be uh, it's going to be suitable for this application.

So uh, that being said, as always and again, thank you guys for watching this video. I Hope you enjoy this video I Can tell you right now I did not enjoy making it I'm very disappointed in myself and kind of embarrassed because I I told myself to not make that mistake and then I went did what I said I wasn't going to do I don't even know what I was thinking. this brain did not function anyway. I'm rambling.

So as always again, thank you guys for watching. And most importantly, don't forget to have yourself a great day! See you guys later! End of evil Hyundai.

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    Personally I would have cleaned the threads of what is left in there then gotten a longer bolt with 1/2 to 3/4 longer threads and put a locknut on the backside. I am NOT an ASE certified mechanic BUT am mechanically inclined and somewhat a logical person.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jay Criqui says:

    just find a longer bolt and get her DONE!!!!

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  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Charles Laing says:

    You can make a temporary tap from a high-carbon bolt (Grade 10) by grinding "flutes" on the sides of the threads, then hardening the bolt by heating and quenching. If all you need to do is to chase existing threads that can work. Of course you need a second unground bolt to install it in the repaired threads.

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    Could you imagine if these were used in Korea, and not just exported, There must be tens of thousands of really pissed off Korean mechanics in that country.

    So, did you really fail in this repair, big time no, I'm sure Miracle Worker is not on your sign of your shop, and know that there were probably hundreds of mechanics that went through this before you.

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  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Manke says:

    It's a customers car. Replace the subframe. Great video with a lot of learning-experience! Maybe your best ever!
    It's a customers car. Replace the subframe. Great video with a lot of learning-experience! Maybe your best ever!
    It's a customers car. Replace the subframe. Great video with a lot of learning-experience! Maybe your best ever!
    It's a customers car. Replace the subframe. Great video with a lot of learning-experience! Maybe your best ever!
    It's a customers car. Replace the subframe. Great video with a lot of learning-experience! Maybe your best ever!

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Don says:

    Tap it!!

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Scott Lamberson says:

    WOW… so you ARE human… ok… well that's a surprise.. but don't beat yourself up too much..

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joe Haney says:

    Should try Totally Stainless out. They have suspension shoulder bolts. You could get the correct OD for arm and smaller thread to make it through sub.

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mark Tiitto says:

    Somebody been in the brakes Ya gotta pull that outer bolt loosen the the liner one

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Carl Evans says:

    We all have those days

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fred Proctor says:

    Everything happens for a reason. Full believer in that. No worries, you'll fix it one way or another.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Sarty says:

    sorry about your day Ray. Sometimes the misery of others is fun to watch, but not when it's Ray. Go Kiss the wife and kids, pat the dog, and have a better tomorrow.

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jacob M says:

    Idkwhat you ended up doing, but if it were MY car I'd just put a nut on the other side of that hole and call it a day

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wallace Loper says:

    As you said find a machine shop and have them make it. that what I did (go are no go gage) that the company wouldn't buy.
    20.00. time saver just saying

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike says:

    For what its worth you should pull the sub frame and clan up those threads.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rod Carruesco says:

    Aww dude 😎 would have tried a tap first, and a boat is a whole in the water that you fill with money 🤑

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Adrienne Fraschetta says:

    We all do dummy moves, we are only human..

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tim B says:

    Flip that door to open in.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Teresa bashaw says:

    Get the proper tap, the original bolt starts to thread,so a tap should allow you to clean those threads that remain. Get a longer metric bolt, and Bobs your auntie !!

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hank's Adventures says:

    Longer bolt with same thread pitch, and send it. There should be enough threads left to hold further back. If there is not, then get a tap the same thread pitch and tap as deep as possible. You will get a bite further back for sure

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike says:

    Unless you fish buy a jetski!

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Davis says:

    Buy you a stick of all thread and finish both ends with a ny-loc. Simple fix without cursing.