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Foreign. This is my favorite feature on the Tahoes. It's got a little cutty compartment where you can hide your goodies right behind the radio. Check that out! Super cool! Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I Know I am Super glad to be here.

This is a 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe I Believe it's got a 5.3 two-wheel drive model. Customer states that during Shifting the Uh, the transmission shutters and vibrates and uh, it doesn't seem to shift correctly. Now on the Uh on the same model family of a vehicle, uh, cross over into the pickup trucks. Uh, this particular transmission had an issue with a shuttering where GM had bulletins on it and they had us replace the trans fluid with mobile one HP fluid and that was like step one to solving the problem.

Now although that was not applicable to the Tahoes and the Yukons and Suburbans and whatnot, the customer had already had that service performed and it did not uh did not solve the Uh the concern. So what I'm going to do is uh, we're gonna go out and drive around. We're gonna attempt to duplicate the concern and we're gonna see if this thing needs transmission work or any other kind of work. Um I Recall from Uh from the dealership days that if the the fluid exchange was not effective, then we were replacing torque converters and valve bodies.

But before we jump down that uh or jump into that rabbit hole so to speak I Want to go ahead and attempt to diagnose this ourselves. See what's going on here? I'm pulling up the scan tool data. While we're doing that, we'll take note of the mileage at 151, 000 and 95 miles. We're gonna let this come up to: Temp We're gonna go out on the road, drive it around and see if we can't feel that shutter that it's uh, that it's doing so.

stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video opening. Z Hood Yeah, and it's not going to be a very good test drive because the air conditioner is not conditioning. That's also awesome. Anyway, I'm gonna go ahead.

we're gonna do a full code scan. Yes, it's Five three. We're gonna do a full code scan through this vehicle, make sure there's no latent trouble codes anywhere. It's going to check ECM TCM and all the other CMS and we're going to see if there's any trouble codes to go off of.

if not. uh, what? I'm going to do is bring this thing back in. We're going to pull the pan some, check the uh condition of the fluid, and then we can kind of go from there. This is interesting.

p050 Delta Cold Start rough idle test failed since DC DTC clears so it's got a misfire on Startup uh Fuel trim cylinder bank 2 test failed History blah blah. Nothing in the trans so we've got something going on. There's an amplifier code for the radio, so we do have some trouble codes regarding the engine. Um, Nothing in the Trans, so far.

So uh, let's go ahead and back this thing out and hit the road and see what it does. Okay, we're gonna hit the road now. One thing that is standing out to me is we seem to have some kind of misfire going on. We seem to have a fuel trim issue going on and we have a complaint that it doesn't shift properly.
I'm reluctant right out of the get-go to think we have a transmission problem. We actually may have an engine problem. See, the issue is is if an engine is underperforming and if it's not delivering the torque like it's supposed to, then the transmission will not, uh, will not shift like it's supposed to and that can often be determined or that can often be and that can often be mistaken for a shifting problem when in fact, the transmission just doesn't know what to do because the engine is not doing what it's supposed to do. So I'm going to go ahead and pull up misfire data as we go out and test drive this thing and uh, we'll see if we can come up with any misfires.

Let's go down through history real quick, see what we get. Um, nothing on history and no current misfires. So let's go drive it around, see what it does, and then, uh, then we can go from there here. We're going to hook a right and go over the bridge.

that way we can do uh, some. Full Throttle action. We're going over that bridge one behind us. it's far away, but that's the one.

Okay, she's shifting. Felt some good shifts going on. Still no shutters and I'm looking over at the misfire counts and we've got to count on. looks like cylinder seven so far.

just a couple of them, but they're there. I'm uh I'm almost wondering if we have a like an injector problem. Oh I Feel It weird lack of power I felt it right then that that was not during a shift. that was just some without a ship occurring.

We, uh, we may have an engine drivability problem spark plug, a fuel injector. something of that nature. These things were very common for fuel injector issues. I Believe this engine is direct injected, so yeah, we're off.

We're in second gear. yeah. feeling a little weird right here I Felt a couple kind of misfires and some shutters. The shifts feel actually pretty clean.

Let's Go Full throttle effing. It Wide Open we're gonna Coast down. We'll make a right and drive around a little bit more on some surface streets here. All right.

I'm gonna lookie. Oh, they just cleared out I Just glanced down. we had misfire counts on six, seven, and eight. How about that? Let me scroll down, scroll down history and see if it logged it in history.

Green light see here. Yep, there we go. Here's some logged in history. We've got them on Five, six, Seven, and eight so far, so that's across more than one.

Bank Looks like it's favoring number six. Got a lot going on here I Just felt a kind of a shutter after a downshift I Think this thing is misfiring more than uh, than failing to shift? Yeah, let's head back to the shop. I think I'll pull up a couple spark plugs out and see what those look like, especially at 150k. Um, we'll go from there if I don't see anything wrong with the spark plugs I'll start paying attention to fuel injectors.
Oh looky, here it's in V4 mode. That means this thing has the dreaded displacement on demand feature. Taking a look at misfire accounts, we've got a couple logged on cylinder 3 now. Looks like there's two misfires that showed up.

Yeah, so it's it's. got misfires all over the board. We're gonna. We're definitely gonna pull spark plugs on this before we do anything else.

We may just need to do a bunch of Maintenance before we have to do a bunch of repairs. All right, we're pulling in back at the shop. I'm gonna notice this thing in and uh, we're gonna I'm gonna I need to hybrid diagnose the AC on this one. Um, and I guess while the AC is kind of doing its thing, I will uh I'll pull one of the spark plugs out and see what those are looking like and then we'll go from there.

So Speaking of AC I Hope this is an R134a system and not a one, two, three, four, YF system because I don't have a one, two, three, four, YF machine and uh, that could be a problem. No, this thing right here. it's probably good. Parking's the auto and oh, we haven't had this in a while.

Where is it popping into your hood? Ah, all right. so AC system is on inside. Let's check our compressor unit here and see if it's compressing or not. 5.3 liters V8 Power All right? What do I detect there? I'll detect somebody who didn't put that back.

No worries. Oh, look his state would have it. it is a 134a system. This is good.

wonderful here. Let's shine some light on the subject. I See the compressor. It appears to be uh, the clutch appears to be turning.

You see it right right through there. There it is. Yeah, the clutch is turning, it's engaged, but we're not getting any. uh, any temperature change here.

Let's grab the machine, throw the machine on it, and go from there and let's see. here's our service valves. Let's go ahead and get the Uh the ports connected and see what we've got to work with here. Let me record: Plug it in, plug it in, unplug this one.

you need more power strips machine powering on. Let's go ahead and get these hoses on here and then we'll pull one of the spark plugs to see what's going on. Mercedes You become connected right now. that's our high side that's on.

Turn the valve to open I Didn't hear any flow. Let's get our low side on turning to open again I Heard no flow. We've got some pressure going here. I Think this thing is super low on a charge? Let's go ahead and recover it.

see what's what's in there? We should have. We're looking at 0.92 kilograms of refrigerant did that. It's going to shut this down and then I'm going to pull one of the spark plugs Tahoe Powering down. Oh okay.

Machine started. Uh, doing a second stage. recover it. Uh, it pulled down all the refrigerant fairly quickly I'm certain that this is low on a charge.
I'll have to look around for some UV dye leaking action later on. Anyway, we're over here in the engine side. I'm gonna go ahead and pull. uh.

I'll pull one of the plugs out. let's see what these look like, what they look like, and then we'll go from there. Sounds like a plan. All right.

Task number one: Remove spark plugs without pulling the wires apart. A lot of times these things like to come apart. When you pull them off, they get stuck. so that was a fairly uneventful.

Let's go ahead and pop another one of these guys out or one of them out rather another I said another like I already had some of them out wrong. It's kind of warm in here. There we go. Beep! the machine's done recovering it pulled out point three six, Four pounds of refrigerant so that's a definitely a low charge.

It's not okay and let's get this guy out. See what we got here I Hope these are annihilated and this is a gonna be an easy find. The survey says kind of annihilated. Oh oh yeah, yeah yeah.

look at that. All right. If I can get this to focus, we can take a look at this spark plug. Oh yeah yeah yeah.

Look at that. see right here in the center area. see how that's starting to flake away? I Believe that it's a coating that's on that, uh, on that electrode and uh, it's definitely starting to break off. Look at that.

See that right there? That's not okay. We've got a bunch of build up right over here and we do have a decent amount of wear right in there. so yeah, I'm I'm gonna be okay with tossing a set of plugs in this real quick and uh, we'll take it back on the road again and see how it behaves. Uh, in the meantime, I'm gonna go ahead and throw some service valves in this.

AC We're going to recharge it. It seems to be very low on its charge right now and uh. so when we go on our next test drive, we'll have some climate control so it won't be a sauna inside of the guy's truck. I'll toss some plugs in it and we'll see how it performs.

Let's get this apart real quick. Be right back. Okay I've threw some valves inside of the Uh into the AC Service ports. I'm gonna go ahead and pull these.

uh, all these spark plug wires and spark plugs. I've ordered a new set of plugs. those are on the way. They should probably be here before.

I Get these. uh, all the old ones out. This is the easy side. The hard side's the other side because the spark plugs are facing away from us.

So I got to come in from the firewall angle. You'll see when we get over there. I've broken my normal protocol and dropped some stuff and uh and done the easy work. First, let me, uh, find a magnet on a stick and get my socket back.

socket it gravity I See it down there. It's sitting on top the skid plate. I See it because it's shiny. Come here.
Come on. please come out here. It comes up Up and Away and I lost it again. Come on, it's killing me.

Smalls Killing me here. We go here. Let's uh, let's try this again without losing my tools here. We are okay.

That's two plugs removed and I dropped that one. We'll inspect that one later. Let's get the next one out. a little warm in here? maybe? All right.

That's enough of this. Okay I got rid of that uh One locking extension that was causing me so much headache and I just used a different one with another extension. so go ahead and pull. pulling this one out.

come here a spark and Thug how's this one look and not as terrible as the other ones others other ones other ones were. other ones are words not that bad. but we've already got some pretty nasty ones here. So if we're going with the replacement, so far, all right.

climbing in I've busted out my overhead creeper so I can lean back without uh, leaning too far? Yeah. I gotta get into the habit of using this thing I've never never used these very often and somebody bought me one and now I have to get used to laying on laying down the job I guess I hope my nuggets not in the way. See what we've got here sparking plug number four How we looking terrible? Yep, yep, very terrible. just like the other other three.

Okay, let's move over to the uh, the other side over there and uh, climbing down. let's move over to this side and pull those other four out. By the time we're done with that, then the Uh Replacements should have arrived. these ones a little harder.

There's much less space to uh to work in there with no worries. All right, we're reaching in I've got to go around these heater core hoses, Flip my tool, get a hold of those wires, and then encourage them to become released without poking a hole in anything and breaking the wires off. I Didn't order it, Did not order a set of wires. Foreign.

No need to unless I ruin them right there we go. That one came off no problem. Next, come on now. Oh no.

my. GoPro died because it's too hot. It's not okay. Well anyway, I got I got two of those wires off I'm reaching back to get the rear ones next.

These are the really, really hard ones to get because again, there's no space. It's uh, that's the last. that's number three and then the one way way way in the back. That one's terrible.

Um, yeah, let me figure out how to get that one off next and we shall proceed here. Let me get in a little closer. I'll show you. here's our that's our last wire right there.

It's got some Ac lines right here, an exhaust manifold here, and then the wire is like around the corner and I have to get a hold of that heat shield thing to uh to pull this guy out. and then the fun begins. That's when I gotta actually get the spark plug out of that hole. Also, not easy I think I got it? Nope.

had half of it. Come on. get on there Got you. See that? Yeah, Yeah, all right.
I got the wires off. Let's turn that boot some. get those things tucked out of the way and I'm gonna reach in there with the socket and go to work on. Uh, I'm getting that rear plug out.

That's the okay, so that's the hardest one. Let's back up some cool off a little bit. It's hot in here. All right.

Reaching back again: I'm trying to get this socket on that spark plug. that's way back there that we can't see I'm touching the exhaust manifold, which is still remarkably hot. The GoPro keeps dying because it's remarkably hot. I'm remarkably hot.

This engine's remarkably hot. Everything's hot. It's summertime. I can feel the tip of the plug.

Let's get okay. There we go. You can't see it, but I can feel it. I've got the spark plug on the socket now I need to get in there and turn the spark plug.

That's going to be fun, all right. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to put a socket on the end of that socket and to use this socket to turn that socket because I kind of have to go around this corner here I Don't know if that's going to work, but it's worth a try. I I Just had a delivery my my new spark plugs are over there. they're NGK Iridiums not sponsored.

That's just what I use see if I can't get this to to get set up on here real quick I don't know here. you guys hang out over here on this side and I'm gonna crawl back into this dungeon and uh try to get this plug out of here I hope my nog is not in the way. Ah there it is all right. I got a bite on the socket which is on the plug with another socket and I dropped my ratchet.

it didn't go far I Can see you right climbing getting in there. thank you. my face is on the engine. Come on you come out of there.

good thing I got this overhead creeper. This would not be easy. It's like it's easy. Sure, Yeah, this is so easy.

Definitely one quarter turn at a time like Vin Diesel I Live my life a quarter turn at a time. There's no straight on anything. no straight access to this particular plug. It's it's Infamous for being horrible these uh, these AC hoses that get you I'm gonna try to put an extension on this to get more space.

just a little stubby one should do it. Okay, let's try this maneuver. Keep this little setup is going to help me out any better. Maybe maybe not, but it has to come on.

This is too deep too. it's just too much I can't get the socket on I think the way I was doing it was probably the easiest I Don't know, No, maybe not. You know, for real. Okay, all right.

Uncut trying again. As long as I don't drop my tools. maybe I can, maybe I can get it out this time. What do you guys think? and I slipped.

Maybe I can just get a hold of the socket by hand. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I'll spin it out with my fingers and hopefully I can get it up before I'm done burning myself because this heat. Shield's flipping hot Warm.
so warm almost there. Ah, the spark plug sockets Hot. It's heat soaking from the plug. I could wait.

Yeah, I know you guys are right I could just like wait for it to cool off. but I'm not. I'm just gonna do it because I have other things I want to at least do or get started and I'd at least like to oh, get something kind of done on this. There's the plug.

It's hot. It's hot. It's super hot. It even smells hot.

Yeah, look at that one again. We see some some of that ceramic stuff chipping off. It's not okay. So how many is that? Five five plugs out? Let's get uh, let's get the other three out of here and then slap our new ones in.

Uh, where are you spark and plug? I can't see him I no longer have visual lost visual contact with the Bogeys. Yeah, that one's out also hot. We'll take a look at those in a minute I Want to get these out of the out of the heads and cool off some? I'm melting and not because I'm made out of sugar I'm melting because it's bajillion degrees. See, we tore the that concrete block wall down the other day and then now we have a plywood wall and because of that, my fan is no longer in the wall.

And I don't have those two access doors to allow good ventilation. Plus One of my ventilation fans is not even here. it's at my house. so I've only got one fan instead of three and man it, it's making a difference.

I Regret my decision. There we go. Eight spark plugs removed and they all look horrible. Yep, not okay.

All right. In an attempt to make haste, I've put the GoPro in front of the fan so it cools off. We've got our new spark plugs here. Let's go ahead.

I'm gonna do do the hard one first. that's all the way in the back. I'm just gonna tolerate the heat for a minute, reach around, get that one threaded, and then we can move on. It's all going to be uh, downhill from there, meaning they all should be easier from there.

This is the oh, the trouble. the hard one. I'm sitting here with my eyes closed and I'm just, uh, dulling the senses so I can feel the threads. We've got it started.

Here We go. Okay, turn, turn, turn. Go baby. go.

I'm gonna turn these down as much as possible by hand and then I'll finish it off with my ratchet just to bring it up to torque. Oh, almost there. These threads are endless. The beginning Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Now carpal tunnel arthritis a little more. okay. as tight as they're gonna get by hand. let's see if I can't uh, get a little bit of torque on these things for this thing.

this One Singular thing again. I've got the socket that goes over the socket. Okay, so I can get it to line up or don't you fall. We're not doing that I don't want to drop this anymore.

Not in the mood. let's take the extension out. try that. Can you guys see what I'm doing? Hope so I can't see you.
you're like next to my face. I Heard some ratchet clicks good Go baby go a couple clicks at a time. Ratchet clicks that is not. uh, not torque wrench clicks.

There's multiple clicks in this business that was hot. See the heat. Shield's not so hot. it dissipates heat quickly.

The other stuff that holds heat. that kind of stuff's a little warm and I talk too much. Uh, try again. Get in there.

I See it, You got it. At least it didn't fall all the way down. Oh you guys, you fell down. Hang on.

Let me put you back where you go. How's that good? This is probably just as painful for you guys man. I Can't reach that one that's on top of the converter. Okay, had to crawl down below to get that one out.

That was not okay. It's almost finished too. Like, so so close. That's why this is the dreaded one.

the one nobody likes. It's hard to do look at that a couple. you know, like yeah, like a quarter turn and it's out. Let me fetch my socket I don't want to drop that.

Come here. Got it? Okay, now we can move on to all the easier ones. Throw some Dielectric in there just a wee bit. be getting squirting now.

Come on, is my thing empty. My tube's all empty. It's got no more goo. All right, reaching back.

this is the fun part too, because you can very easily fail to get these to click on. Then you won't know it till you drive it and then it's too hot to touch it again. Give it a tug. that's it.

Get that one on. Hooray! Double check that one more time. Make sure I hurt myself there. Yeah, that one's good.

Okay, moving on to the easier ones. next plug going in the next hole. getting easier as we go. This is good if I can find the hole.

got to get it lined up and get that angle right here. I think I was just spitting while I was speaking. It's because the overhead creeper. Oh there we go Threads are threading.

Where's my ratchet here? We are good. All right. let's get some torque on this one. next.

this is going to be one of those like real-time videos with minimal editing. A little bit of schmoo in that hole right there. Get that on the plug. Snap that on.

Good to go next. Yeah, one plug, that one socket, one cylinder. moving on. Hope that GoPro is not hot again.

The light's still flashing, so I'm assuming it's uh, it's working. If it's not working, this is going to be a really short video. I Can tell you that it's going in. The hose on my wrist is starting to starting to warm me up a little bit.

I Know we should have let it cooled off. we've already been through that. Oh by the way, you guys seriously. Um, the other video where I was doing the work on the shop.

It was okay. like I get we were laughing and cutting it up and having a good time. But the last thing Cliff and I were gonna do while putting up that framing was hurt ourselves. We've all got families to feed.
Have no fear. this may look like an uh, an episode of MTV's Jackass, but it wasn't including the OSHA approved safety Crocs and I swear I think Cliff uh wore those Crocs just to troll you guys. You may have been trolled Cliff's a pretty good troll. that's why he's a moderator.

Okay, it's the last plug on this side. Yeah, I'm not mad at you guys for the for the re on the on the whole situation, but yeah, we we really did. We really did kind of know what we were doing mostly and no, it was not gonna. We were not gonna be able to pick that piece of wood up with uh by our hands.

That thing was heavier than it looked. otherwise we would have picked it up I mean it was probably possible, but oh, I'm not getting hurt picking up a giant piece of a landscape Timber or whatever. that was like eight and a half inch treated pressure wood. Eight by eight by 30 feet long.

There was no way I was picking that up by hand. There we go. That one's on cool hard side's over with. Let's go over to the not so hard side and oh, we'll get the.

we'll get these ones in next. Okay, unboxing the remainder of the plugs. I've got the AC machine and installing the refrigerant charged. We're multitasking so that thing's going in.

I've got four more plugs to toss in here, four more wires to lubricate, and then we'll go back out on the road and we'll check on those misfires with the scan tool. If we have no misfires, then uh We've definitely made some progress and then I can make a better determination on whether this thing is going to shift properly or not. Oh, you know what else while we're up here? I should probably also check the transmission fluid. This one happens to be equipped with a dipstick, so that should be fairly easy.

I Won't expect to find much failure in the fluid because my customer had stated to me previously that uh, transmission work had already been done. I Guess it was the fluid exchange as per one of the bulletins and it seemed to have had no effect. and if the symptom was caused by a engine misfire then it wouldn't have an effect would it? You guys would be surprised how many times folks think they have a trans problem and they have a engine torque output problem. Oh, let's see if I can't sneak this in and get some torque on this one here.

Yep, that fit food come on now. Clicks All right right there. It's enough. Pull that one out there.

another Yeah, there we go and one more in the back. Uno Max Get this guy unboxed Iridiums Okay, uh I need the creeper. Hang on. This is the one that was not very reachable I have to climb in.

feel around for that hole there. it is very good right? Oh, come on. I would love to get out of this uh, this engine bay and jump into the pool or the ocean neither of which do I have readily available but I'm high, it's not even August yet I need to tear down some more walls around here. We need airflow airflow for survival.
That's tight. They're pretty good There we go. pull you out. some grease in here.

just a wee bit. nothing crazy I don't think so. Yeah, that one clicked in I felt it. Oh, the home stretch.

There we go. last one. Oh, by the way, these Tahoes also had a recall completely unrelated to what we're doing. but the uh, the brake booster gets its vacuum from a vacuum pump and they had a serious Uh issue with the vacuum pumps failing and leaving no brake assist.

The way you can tell is if you hit your brakes twice and don't have a vacuum assist on your second or even third pump, then the pump is failing and you should get it replaced for free with an updated unit at your local GM dealership. Okay, real quick, let's move back over to the passenger side. I've got the uh engine cover back in place or the valve cover cover and we snap on this PCV tube. Put that on.

We're good here. Let's get the goodies out from under the hood. The machine has nearly finished charging waiting on that thing, but we can go ahead and restocking Z engine, check it for immediate hard misfires and then whenever that thing's done, you can back this thing out and go out and redrive it one more time Looking good looking good. No more tools up here.

that's good. Nothing here. Got my lube Down in the Hole Get that out of there you done yet? Charge has slowed building pressure. Got it? Take it.

sweet time. All right. Let's go around three stocks and Z engines. See what this thing does.

Beginning engine stocking sequence. Now it's alive. AC is on. We're doing a low side charge because I put some dye in it so that low side charge should get pulled in by the compressor.

Those compressor kicks on fans are coming on. very good here and then uh oh, you know what transfer we have time to check out real quick. see what our difference tape looks like. not too horrible, kind of like an orange, not red, not Brown perhaps.

I uh may want to service that later on. we'll see how it shifts First those equalized. That's all good. Begin equalizing hoses Now over there.

All right. good to go. Let's get this thing out of here and go. Uh, take for another ride.

All right. Hopping back in see we are cooling off what we got so far. 50. 58 degrees.

Something like that. Not too shabby. We've got the misfire counts pulled back up in the scanner. These are our history lines.

We're all zeros so far for this key cycle and moving up into the active misfires, we're still zeros. I'm gonna go ahead and put it in gear. give us some throttle. we're about 12 1300 RPM looking for misfires? I See nothing and I see nothing coming up in the history.

Let's go ahead and back this out. We'll go for another ride over the bridge and see what our scan tool tells us. Backing out the auto move gate, Get out the way. All right.
Climbing back in, back in. drive. Here we go. Okay, we're in our climb now.

We've got a positive rate of acceleration. altitude is gaining. we're leveling off. Flight is good so far.

no goofy shifting feeling yet. but we just came out here. We haven't even given fuel trims time to, uh, re-acclimate themselves to our new ignition components, so we're gonna do a rather lengthy test drive on this one. I'm gonna go down a few miles I'll stop and check the scan tool after that, and then we'll do a couple miles back real quick snapshot as we're going along.

Our fuel trims are, uh, pretty good. We're hovering long terms or a little bit on the negative side, but we're we're not too far off from our comfort zone so I think this is a good shape right here. We see they switch very quickly with throttle inputs I'm on the throttle right now we are 100 coasting. We're going to see some negative numbers show up.

Let's do a full throttle real quick. Yep, very good. So far it's doing what it should be doing I'm happy with it. Yeah, we're at a light waiting to do a left-hand U-turn and I'm looking back through a misfire history and I've got a bunch of zeros here on uh two through eight.

scroll up to one. also zeros. Let's go into current count and again, we also see a bunch of zeros. so no logged misfires just yet.

I think I think we're getting close to a victory here. I think moving on new. I've turned into Walmart parking lot. No, it's not a place where I want to be.

It's crowded in here. we'll just go to Goodwill instead. Yeah, they've got a parking lot to hang out in. Perfect.

Okay, let's stop real quick. We'll park in six parking spaces inside. Joke. and uh.

let's go ahead and take a look back through some of our data real quick and see if uh, we've got anything that stands out to us. So again, no misfires one through eight on the current count. Let's put it in drive and power brick it some about 11 12 1300. That's to simulate a driving load and we have no misfires showing up.

Let's walk down through history. Zero Zero Zero Zero Zero with 99 Cycles counted. Okay, yeah you guys I think uh I think we got it all right guys I think that's about gonna be a wrap. This thing uh has uh, it's no longer displaying the symptoms that we heard about and the symptoms that I felt.

The shifts are smooth, the engine's smooth. uh, I do have some follow-up stuff on this like I said. but I think for the point or for the time being right now. uh, we are all good to go and uh that will probably bring this particular video to conclusion.

So uh as always like thank you guys for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video or you found it moderately entertaining or informative, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there.
And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of transmission back in your cubbyhole. See ya Bye.

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