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okay very strange phenomenon I keep getting cars with even numbers of mileage it's like the second or third one this week it's weird this unit right here is a 2012 Chevrolet Colorado customer was in kind of a parking lot fender bender and the bumper is all smashed in and dented on the right front and our customer would like a new bumper yeah out of the bumper broke the plastic thing we're going to replace this plastic thing this plastic thing and this metal thing let's get all the clips pulled out all the ones we can see anyway I think I have to reuse some of these okay fog light bulbs are coming out those are going to stay behind it's just held on with uh two bolts in the frame rail here and then two more on the other side I don't see any others everything else I'll just have to take apart and swap over once I get the whole unit removed all right driver's fog found it's easier to just disconnect the connector instead of trying to remove the bulb these bulbs don't seem to want to come out unless I remove this little shroud thing right here I'll do that later all right so I looked around a little bit more looks like there's some bolts higher up so I need to pull the Grille off to get to them so that's the center bolts for the uh the bumper but then I found these bolts here they go onto this bracket so I'm going to pull these out next loud noises whoa everything moved yeah there's some uh internal pressure built up inside of this bumper or internal forces I should say that's what we'll call it horses all right coming down foreign one piece at a time I found a bolt oh no you don't driver side headlight got a system worked out now unclip it unclip it again unsalted and then figure out what to do next in the system okay there's another clip right here passenger side gets one two there it is it's free no another one more clippage the goal here is to not break these excellence you stay there all right we're getting somewhere now found more bolts layered thank you more headlights connectors okay I found the Fastener we need we were looking for there's these ones that one that one and then one here one over there it's gonna work foreign no yes I think so okay I've got the new bumper here in the old bumper here I need to disassemble some things and transfer some parts I think I'll pull the shrouds off for the fog lamps first then I'll do the brackets and transfer them over uh little things like this plastic stuff right here that needs to get transferred over to the new bumper and then uh pull the clips out and reuse those and then I can put the new plastic cover on the new bumper we'll see about getting it fit onto the truck that's the plan I got a feeling I'm going to have an issue with these clips I didn't get any new ones the customer supplied all the parts for this job so I I fear they're going to break but uh I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there use all this stuff I got no Hardware with these parts very unfortunate see if I can get these clips out of here see they've got that little Tang right there and that Tang will hold it into its hole so it can't uh just flap out now I've got to bend the little Tang back so this thing stays retained in the in the new air like that bend it down some good oh I screwed that up I did that one backwards what's wrong with me I don't know what this thing does but I'm putting it back bumper gravity maybe it's for like erosion control or something like that okay this one yeah you go here these have to be to keep rodents out or something that's I see no other explanation does anybody know if you know let me know I want to know so I was thinking about taking this opportunity to transfer the brackets over but I won't be able to because that bolt is kind of stuck underneath this plastic thing so I will remove the plastic this bumper first set that aside and then I'll do the brake see how this is going to work come on clip yeah that's not cool all right I'm not cutting it off I'm just trying to get a hold of the PIN so I can work it out like so it worked one down team to go why please come out I don't want to fight you okay this is becoming incredibly frustrating I've got one two three four five six seven eight like nine or ten more of these and I can't even get this first one out these things are gonna break these are like a one-time only type of clip here all right yeah I'm gonna we're gonna have to order some of these this is this is not gonna work and even if I do manage to get these out I'm gonna break half of them and we're not gonna get the result that we want out of this bumper replacement so I gotta go order these stupid Clips be right back alrighty so here's the deal on this bumper situation I had to order these clips to secure this uh plastic piece up here to the metal piece which we're replacing all of it but these clips were not going to come out without breakages they're kind of like a one-way we're a one-time use kind of deal I'm sure someone can get them apart but I just don't have those skills so I just I ordered new ones um that being said they're still not here and I'm getting really impatient with this because it's a very simple job and it needs to go away ASAP so what I'm going to do in order to make a little bit of Headway is I'm just going to go ahead and uh get these brackets off Mount them to the new bumper and I'm gonna go ahead and mount this new bumper when these flips show up I believe I can install them from the bottom with the old or with the new bumper mounted to the truck because these uh the female side pushes in from the bottom and then the male side pushes in from the bottom so I should be able to attach the plastic after the metal piece has been re-bracketed and bolted to the truck that way I can get some assembly done here and then whenever those parts show up I can just throw the rest of it back together and do that as efficiently as possible so I uh that's going to be my new plan as you guys know my plans usually don't work out and I have to adapt set planning in the middle of uh executing said plan and that's exactly what we're doing right now so let's get this stuff apart swap these brackets over and mount this new uh new bumper that's the new plan it might work it might not we'll see those were painful non-clicks now I'm aware that what I'm about to do is contradictory to what I said earlier about having to remove this to get this bolt out and it was too much of a pain but since we're not you're using this plastic thing I'm just going to take the violent shortcut method and to force my way in like I said I'm running out of patience ever so slightly normally I wouldn't like just start hacking into things but since this is trash I feel this is acceptable now if I were reusing it no I would never do something but the circumstances are going to allow it running start oh nope yep I need to recover this clip this one's coming with me come here we go okay that one went on the tab which translates to this new tab bracket goes like so I believe I missed the hole not not okay oh my tab has moved also not okay there oh no power see how a fresh battery does More Steam okay let's drag this bumper out of here and uh get that other bracket off Way Down Yonder one that I can throw it away I'd like to get this uh cumbersome component out of my workspace it's flippy flopping around and it's big and in the way and ugly I don't like it good enough foreign okay new bumper come here let's get you prepped up the Big Clip it's gonna go oh it's broken no worries no worries at all I'll just make sure I put the bolts in that one first get in there what is this thank you click okay get this guy into its new home shiny I think that's right do I have it upside down no yeah no no is that right I guess no yes yes the the survey says yes that's flat on the mount that one's black in fact I'll put a bolt in that one and then so it can't fall off put one in here too okay so I had to do a decent amount of wiggling around to get these uh brackets here to line up but to loosen these bolts again and the one on the back side did that on both sides and then I was able to get these bolts in so now I can go ahead and tighten everything down and secure the metal portion of this bumper so we get these inside ones first wrong socket Redemption foreign is secure I can re-tighten the bracket bolts on the bumper foreign oh where are they there you are I found you nice hey I saw myself not shiny ruined it so if my calculations are correct I should be able to install these fog lamps sounded weird fog lamps and then still fit the plastic piece of the bumper on if I was correct and I hope I was because if I'm doing all this and then I have to take it apart again later I will be somewhat upset with myself can't find the hole oh come on get on there click okay passenger side fog light let's get that next connect connector connected that's gonna go over and it hangs and then the bolts come in from the top yeah foreign all right let's do I think we can throw the headlights in next because we're not going to need this clear to do anything down here I think okay Grill you're up because the grill holds the headlights what am I doing uh there should be one should be a ladder back there behind the door I think I got one clip lined up let's just go ahead and seat that one right now pickage it didn't go in very well that one's broken that's in that one it's lined up that's lined up that's lined up that one beautiful wait I've done something silly the headlights have to go in first I was wrong that's okay love my job okay here let's try to do this in the uh proper order this time what do you say a good idea so we're gonna hook these hooks in to the body that's how that went okay back on track it's almost like it's impossible for me to do something without doing it twice twice must be my uh thought processes mental conditions so to speak keyword is mental click there's that other one wrench and repeat little grooves in there we go golden yeah here let's try this Grill thing again now that I figured out what I'm doing all right okay marker lamps are next tab here that slips in there and then this one locks it in excellent one more time one more time hey it looks like a truck again yeah kinda Okie dokes back to waiting for plastic pieces again but now I have the best mess and less Parts this is good oh somebody's terrible they took my box out of the garbage okey doke so here's gonna be the deal on this and I'm only recording this scene as a sort of a Justin Case those uh plastic flips that I'm waiting on all nine of them were supposed to arrive sometime today well today has come and gone and it is now going home time on a Friday if there's a chance that they're going to show up tomorrow then there's a chance that someone else is going to put that bumper back together and if this won't be here for me on Monday so uh if that comes to fruition um I will have no choice but to end this video right here and right now okay this is ridiculous sauce uh it is now Tuesday and uh last time I left this truck it was on Friday and the parts are supposed to show up on Friday because I started working on this truck on Thursday and they didn't show up on Saturday then we were off on Sunday and then Monday came and they're like I don't know they should be there pretty soon we'll call you back then they never called back and now it's Tuesday and now we got some uh jive's story about the warehouse people somewhere somebody forgot to order this stuff is what happened um just checking in I'm kind of annoyed because it's here and I needed to be gone but it's not because of stupid Clips won't show up for some reason I'm just frustrated inventing um I'll check back in with you guys later maybe in a week or so on wherever these little Clips are you guys it's a miracle look the parts are here we actually had to uh drive over to the dealership and uh talk to the parts manager in order to find them and they did not have them there and no lie a half hour later all my Clips showed back up so uh we're ready to roll now let's get this thing put back together and finished because I would like this to go away Okie dokes the way this is gonna work is these ones go in the metal section and then these ones plug into it from the bottom blocking everything in and that's what's going to do a clamp the plastic section to the metal section all right so we're looking for three little holes here to put these clips in there's one yeah that's a tight squeeze look at that there I uh shed some light on the subject here I hope that's a little bit better it's a little dark underneath of this bumper finger click another couple more yep we got one more right here and then there we go another right over here I think that's the spot yeah that's the spot go in there what are you doing is that the spot I don't know let's check this whole bumper see we got three in the middle and we got a fog lamp bracket one on each side so fog lamp bracket and one on each side that's there and where's that other one go what am I missing here yeah two holes one next to it yeah it must be this one right here sure is that one there and then the next one is the next one over which is indeed that one hero good two more on the other side and we're we're done with that section okay first bumper section I wonder how my tool is stuck on it what is that get out of here okay so there's some slots cut in this bumper all the way through and on the plastic part there are tabs that appear to fit into those slots let's get these guys lined up and clipped in and then we'll do the push pins from the bottom thank you now these go in here as long as all that stuff's lined up it looks like it I can see the hole okay there we go I can feel these past they're detent and they clip in once this little lip rides past that other clip and I can definitely agree that they don't come out they only go in one directional kind of operation numero Trace I'm good at this there's one clipped nice and the other one you're not gonna be able to see there's like fog lamps I can't even see it's like over here yeah there's that other one now you can see clickage all right oh yeah we got one more tiny clip over here in that corner put that one in this is also a new clip yeah got it okay so that's all I'm on this side got two more big ones on that side and one more little one let's get over here and get her done where's my uh pocket screwdriver okay a couple more of these bad boys more out of here there's our click that's our click of goodness oh one more one more foot where are you I got her I can't see I don't know I can't articulate myself correctly to get in there I'm just gonna send it there we go that one did the click good and we're like straight up hanging out upside down right now even the cameras upside down all right bumper is attached we win let's go take a look see what we got first things first we have an ugly fingerprinted mess let's clean it off with a glass cleaner boy I completely robbed you guys there let's just make it nice and shiny it was actually already shiny when I got it but then I touched it and got my pinky prints on everything I can see you seeing me I actually can't YouTube works one way I can't I can't actually see you might be kind of weird actually be kind of cool too giant Zoom meeting rambling Big Time rambling okay Factory fit all right guys we're good we'll go ahead and close this one out and get off the rack get it out of here as always thank you for watching my video again hope you enjoyed this video again if you did enjoy this video if you know the drill let me know about that but I just Happy Tapping that like button down below if you did not enjoy this video I'm sorry I can't even think about that I'll try harder next time so again and as always thank you for watching and most importantly don't forget to have yourselves a great day see you guys later end of transmission vehicle coming down safety you know I I honk and then still some Super Genius decides to just walk out behind the car and then he looked at me like I did something wrong I'm like this isn't a sidewalk guy what are you doing.

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