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Well, there is some drill bit smoke. Oh, look at it, she's a little warm. Send it opening. Z Hood Hello viewers, Good day to you! Welcome back! We are returning to the part Two of this 2007.

GMC Sierra with the 5.3 liter. V8 This thing came in with a check, engine light turned on. It had several diagnostic trouble codes. There was a p300 for random multiple misfires detected.

It had a trouble code for circuit high well with regards to our engine oil pressure sending unit which has been replaced uh. During that procedure, we ended up pulling this V-line manifold out and we replaced all of the gaskets uh, under the manifold Because we had found that this manifold was loose, that one wasn't even tight. Neither was that. What if this thing was leaking? Look at that.

These are barely even due to the gaskets having compressed over the years. So we pulled this unit off. change the gaskets, resealed all four of the solenoids down below. We blew out all the intake Runners cleaned everything out, vacuumed it all out, got rid of the nonsense.

We've got the upper manifold sitting over there. We're gonna throw a new set of gaskets on that, and we've had a delivery over there, which is the catalytic converter slash Y-pipe assembly for that exhaust rattle from down below. If you happen to miss part one, fear not. just check the link down inside of this Video subscription or the link in the pinned comment and it will take you back in time to the part one.

So having said all that, let's go ahead and get this thing prepped to install that intake plenum back on to the engine. We'll get that thing bolted down reconnected, we'll restart it, we will then check for the operation of the engine oil pressure sending unit, and then once all that is done, we'll let this truck back up in the air and we're going to get that exhaust assembly removed. Once the exhaust is removed, we can visually confirm the damage to the catalytic converters and then we can get that new y-pipe assembly reinstalled. So let's go ahead and grab our upper intake assembly here.

We'll flip it over and all this stuff has been cleaned and blown out, including the intake runners in the engine. And then uh, I cleaned it all out this morning when I got into the shop so there is no debris and dirt that is left over in the system. Now all we need to do is, uh, get these gaskets on and we'll get this unit back in place. That's one side right there.

And by the way, since we're here, look at this other gasket. the old ones quite nastiness. See that right there. That thing is fatigued and folded and not in good good condition.

So I'm glad we ended up doing this the hard way or the long way or the Uh by the specification way. And uh, and we pulled all this apart. So let's get this gasket back on our intake here. It's held on with these little Clips right there.

See that there's a flip? there's another clip. There's another clip over here. All right. All right.

Well, without any further Ado introduction or explanation. Uh, let's get our intake assembly back in position here and we'll start to Bolter down. Go on back there intake. Let's get our harness in place here, up and out of the way.

We've got the old pressure sender already installed, the screen is installed, everything's plugged in on the back side. so now we just need to fit this manifold in position. I Got to sneak it past the alternator here and it's home. Oh no, my gasket came off Scheisson.

No problem. I'll just clip it back on back on track here. Feels good, all right. So we're gonna zip through this intake install as quickly as possible because I like to get on or get on with and get to the Uh the exhaust repair on this truck.

Plus, we left off with uh, like halfway through this particular repair. uh, due to parts we were just missing some parts. but since that was yesterday's video and I'm sure we're all aboard with this section of it. I'd like to just expedite this process as much as possible and get down below.

So at this point, what I'm doing is getting in all of the manifold bolts that secure this manifold to the engine. And once I Get all these guys dropped out in their positions we can run through, tighten them up, and then we can get everything plugged in. Three of these guys dropped down. There's number four on this side.

Loud noises behind me. Get down in that hole there. Come on there we go. Got that one in and then one more right right back in there.

Okay, they're all in the hole. Let's grab our Ranch a and start to make this stuff tight here. outside, we're gonna get them all started. All I did was drop them in the hole.

I never began to thread anything so we need to get these things started before applying torque. All right. Oh, those ones on this side are good. Swinging around over here to this other side, get on there.

Oh suck it gravitas. Got her recovered. Successful recovery. It's good.

Another one out there actually tightened that one down and didn't it didn't really intend to. but it's fine. and I know they're hard to reach one. they're all threaded.

so I'm going to start to torque these with uh beginning with the one I'm on right now. mix. Now the amount of torque on these bolts does not affect the clamping Force applied to the manifold. The bolts by Design can only apply so much down pressure to the uh, the plastic on the manifold before it bottoms out and then it can no longer press down so tighter bolts does not mean more of a seal.

Let's get this one on this other side over here. I think I already tightened this one. Yeah! I did not get one up front. Leakage tight I think I got all of them on the right side.

Two more to go here on our left side I think just two, maybe three. there's that one and one or two way out back. Those are the the hard ones to get. bear with me.

Hello Darling you lurking? What's up just watching? He's hanging out just watching. Would you be a sweetheart and hand me that? Flashlight by your hand there. Thank you darling. Yeah! I can't see I got the last one, two, three, four five and those five on that side are tight.

That is good. Let's go ahead and move in a little closer here and we can toss our fuel injector connectors back in position. Put those guys in. let's see.

where's this go. Battery cable got a PCV hose here? Where did that plug in? Uh I forgot where that goes. We'll figure it out, no worries, can't be that hard. It's just a Chevrolet injector.

uh, the rear injector. let's get that one. That one snapped in loud noises. Injector number four on this side.

Good. Where did this thing plug into? Was it here? No. Oh, It's gotta go into the intake tube or something. All right.

We'll figure that out in a minute here? I Know that one goes right there. Plug that guy in, snap, crackle, pop. That's my alternator power wire that goes right there. We'll bolt that on in a moment.

I Got this one throttle connector. Snap that guy in and we have a PCV hose that's going to go in the back. That guy goes right there and we have one connector for our pressure sensor on the manifold that's in position. Tuck that harness out back.

That's good. Okay, over here, on the driver's side, we've got our vacuum line for the brake booster. Plug that guy back into the booster. It runs around the back of the manifold.

Over here we have our single fuel line coming in. it's clipped on. Slide that little clip in to secure it good and now the remainder of our injectors can get reconnected here. That guy in there.

Let's see what else we have here. Another man. There should be one more injector wire. Where are you? This one? Cut that guy under injectors way down there and you can't see I can't even see I can feel it that's connected.

Okay, and there should be one more connector for this. Evap Solenoid right here. That guy right there. What do I do with it I Lost.

It can go far. There it is. it was hiding. So we're gonna plug that guy into that purge solenoid right there.

like so alternator connector. We'll save that until after. I Get the nut on. Where is that nut? Oh, here we go.

We've got the Evap hose plug. That guy in all tornator told you we're gonna get through this really quickly. It's like a speed install. Ms Lauren May I have a 10 millimeter wrench that one right there.

Thank you darling. Give that some torque. not enough to break the stud, just have to make it tight. There we go.

pull our little rubber Shield thing back over it. Come here. Rubber on there. Oh there.

Now you plug in the Nader thick. Okay, it's all installed. Uh, we've got one rubber piece that was part of the valve cover slash PCV that broke I Need to pull that guy off next and change it with a new one I Need to dig out the other half of that little fitting because it's still attached. Look at that.

it's disintegrated to not a nothing and this one pull it off. Same deal. It's a plastic pipe right here. so I'm trying to not hurt the plastic there.

Oh no, you couldn't see. Sorry guys. Get rid of that. Here's our replacement.

One slide that over and now you just push this hose back down in position. Connect it to the uh, the valve cover back there and that was successful. Put that back on Right there. Good.

Okay, Connected. Connected. Connected connected. Everybody's connected.

Let's get it. Uh, we've got our little retainer plate right here that is to hold on to our engine cover see little hooks on it and it's also there to secure this wiring harness a little bit that back there and it's got three bolts that hold it down. Foreign. Two hands I can tighten and thread them simultaneously.

No power tools needed There we go. All right, that's all set. Connected, Connected. Connected.

all the way around. Good to go. Okay, Intake Plumbing coming down into position here. Let's get the flexi hose on.

Let's get the uh that out of the way there. the throttle body connected, push that over down and then that little hose that was dangling plugs in right here. Snap that guy in. Good to go.

A couple eight mils on the hose, clamp on there, and then one off to our left. Intake is secure. Let's hit the key, restart the engine, and we'll uh, go ahead and shut it back down and get the work on that exhaust. We just want to check it, make sure it's running okay before doing uh, additional repairs because if we made a mistake here, we need to go back and fix it before we, uh, add any other variables to the equation.

So reaching in key on restocking Z engine and I didn't connect the battery. Nothing's gonna do anything without electrons. Oh no, that's not a problem. We can fix that right now.

Negative cable is right there. There we go. a couple turns with our wrench. Tighten down that little nut another 10 mil.

If you love that you hit the key, Nothing happens. Battery Packages All right. Trying again. Round Two: Three Stopping Begin Engine starting sequence.

Okay, she's still running. We stood. Sounds good. Shutter Back Down Time Out of here.

All right. Let's go back around the other side. Let's raise this thing up and get that exhaust system removed. Moving back up.

Blast Subscribe Lauren's laughing at my subscribe button. Black Subscribe button. Yeah, it works. I'm telling you.

it's what reminds people to subscribe to the channel I've subscribed? Yeah, it worked on you. Yeah. Subscribe my own channel. All right.

I Think we're good. Let's set this on the locks here for safety. There we go down in some linkages. So what we've got and what we found out in the last episode.

We're gonna see this when we take all this apart is this converter is broken apart inside and rattling. And it sounded like that converter is broken apart and rattling. Additionally, we had a P0420 trouble code and a P0430 trouble code. So that indicates Catalyst System performance below threshold Bank one and Bank two.

So that's the two trouble codes. Uh, I'm assuming that uh, since these things are broken apart and rattling, that they're not efficient and that's the cause of the code. So uh, let's get these things disassembled. Remove pull now and then we can.

Uh, we can. take a look down in there and see what kind of Carnage we have with regards to uh, these converters here. Okey-doke So first, we're gonna need to pull these O2 sensors out of this unit because these are not going to be replaced. Let's get these guys Lucy goosey and disconnected.

Then we can just kind of lay them off to the side. We'll screw them back in into the new exhaust once. Uh, once it's in position. Oh, click that one there.

There we go. Pull that guy out. That's the Upstream Bank One two down and the other two. One of them's easy right in front of us and the other one.

It's up there a little bit harder to get to, but we'll get her out. it will be of no matter. Push that there. Here we go.

it's loose. Come on. Oh I don't do that. Wrench Slippages got it.

Okay, that's three units disconnected and then our uh Arpita unit. That's the one that's the pain that's way up there. I think I can, uh, get a wrench on it I have like special tools for this kind of thing. but I think I can crack at least just this wrench.

See? Oh yeah, turn. it's not turning. Maybe not. Okay, Okay, proper tool time.

We've got a slotted 22 millimeter socket. now. the reason for the slot is that sensor has a wire sticking out of it, so if it. didn't have the slot then I could not put a socket over top of it.

Anyway, this thing's on an extension. We're just going to slide the slot. Over The Wire Flip the socket on the uh uh, what you call it the sensor and then with our ratchet over here on the other side of the frame. I'm gonna get that thing on and set up some.

Now we can. Uh, if you can turn it, break it loose. unfix. Wow, that was violent the turn but it also threw my wrench at me here.

Let's pull our tools out of here cover right for me. It was directly above the head and I was talking when it fell and uh, you gotta run from those because stuff will fall and hit you in the mouth. Break your teeth. That's also not okay.

We don't like to break our teeth at work anyway. I Got the sensor out. Now all the electronicals are disconnected from the exhaust. We can, uh, feel free to get those 15 mil nuts loose off of the two flanges and then we've got a couple 15 bolts back here.

We also have to remove. Once those guys are off, we can drop this whole assembly out and then we can take a look inside and inspect it for Carnage Alrighty, so now we need to get to those flange nuts all the way way up there in order to unbolt this converter. So what I've got here is a very long half inch. Drive Extension It's about three feet long and it goes down to a 3 8 drive at the end.

So I can install a small size universal and a socket to get a hold of those uh, those nuts up there on the flange. So now it's going to reach your back and give this some untorque action. See if I can't break these guys noose that's tight. Okay, that's not working.

Try again. All right. I repositioned a little bit. Let's try it again.

Given some push action, Something's Gonna Break or it's gonna cut. Oh, it slipped. It's not what I wanted to do. All right, let's try one of the other nuts if I can't get that one to come loose even in a pole.

Here we go. All right. Something happened. My socket is intact and my swivel didn't fare so well on that one.

Yeah I broke the swivel. Okay, no matter, it's a cheapo new tactic. Let's try it with a Uh with an offset a little ratcheting device here. see if I can't get that to make it turn.

Did it move or did it slip I can't see while I'm initiating the uh the pole here. this is not doing what I want it to be doing I'm getting really annoyed very quickly. it's gonna break off or it's going to come loose or above. This one's turning.

Kind of got a breaker bar on my ratchet down here. I'm going to break it off probably and and snap that one right off. This job just got fun. Okay, okay, let's break this one off next.

See what happens on the clickage that one turned I Think yeah I did you're gonna keep turning? Maybe Yeah, that one's coming out. That's good. Well, one out of three is not bad right you? Now it's not coming out. It stopped.

Oh Unbelievable. I Know these things are a pain, but this one, this one's going to be a well of a heartache. I have to drill that out. Get the stud out of it.

Okay. I got that one out and I just snapped off the one that we were trying to extract. so that guy is busted off also. Okay, let's try the other side next.

Now we got one that's straight on. so that one's either gonna break off nice and clean or it's going to come out of there. Nothing has come out. These are.

These studs on this side are actually longer than the other side. So I'm thinking they've been removed and or replaced. Uh, once before. Perhaps see what it does.

Breaker bar in place sockets? Good. Give it a turn. That one turned and it did not break off. Cool.

Good. Okay, that one's gonna come out. Let's get the one behind it. Give that guy a good turn.

next. slip. Right off. Great.

How about wrench and breaker bar and wrench. slipped off an album. getting in trouble I'm gonna cut them off. Still cutting is not what I wanted to do.

stupid thing. Thank you there. all right last one, breaker bar on the ratchet on the socket I don't know if it's going to turn or break off or if I gotta cut this one off too. but I'm not enjoying I'm not enjoying this truck.

It's gonna turn okay. Yay we got. We have two out of the six that are gonna come off. that's that's Grand There we go.

Yep, that one turns okay. time for power tools. That was easy. It came off some and then stopped I know bigger gun.

we'll just do that. more torque. see what happens here? Seriously. come on.

New configuration with a different extension. foreign sections removed. Oh man, sorry guys. hit you with a with a truck.

Let's go around back some here. Get these last two 15 mils on the flange and then uh, we'll drop the pipe out. That one was easy. Yay! it's a Chevy thing they all do that on those.

uh, those flanges up. There's almost no getting around it. Okay, that was out land, just disconnected. Now we just need to, uh, wiggle this pipe down and out of here.

I think I might have to take this crossmember out. Maybe some of them. You can squeeze them out without and uh, some of them you have to. Yeah.

I'm just gonna chop it off with the sauce like butter. Gravity? That was so easy. I'll check that out right there. Look at all that converter material that fell out of the core here.

Yeah, that's not. Uh, not very good. A bunch more of it coming out. It's not broken into pieces like I thought.

how does this one look? This is the driver's side converter here. That one not broken into pieces. Let's chop this one off. Also see what's inside now? Foreign.

There it is. That's our rattle noise. See that is a broken piece of converter material flopping around. That one's uh, that one's very broken.

Yeah, the front side looks great. Look at that. back side. Chunks are missing out of it.

Maybe we'll cut that open some more later and do a full-on converter autopsy on that thing. What do you guys say? Let's just put this over here. for now. There we go.

All right. So we're back here at the manifold and we're gonna need to extract these uh, busted off studs. uh I happen to have here a little turbo shaped stud extractor socket. We're gonna stick that on the end of our half inch to 3 8 extension here and we're going to try to grip a hold of that unit and uh and walk the thing out.

I've got a couple other tricks up my sleeve if this thing does not break our stud loose before. I Have to dive in and start drilling and that socket's not taking a bite. Okay, time to force it. I'll hit it with a hammer.

Let me make that thing going on. Get on there you. maybe it's gonna hook up. Maybe it won't find out I think So All right it has.

It's taken a bite out of it, but it still is not turning. It's not going to turn, so we need to put some heat in this now. I Know you guys have already been banging away in the comment section about just put some heat on it, just put some heat on it. but my torches tried to kill me not long ago and I haven't replaced them yet.

So I don't have torches to just put some heat on that with, so that's kind of out of the uh the question. I Also, do not have one of those really expensive magnetic induction heaters either, so that's also out of the question. So you know what? I'm gonna do hammer I'm gonna weld it I'm gonna take the welder and I'm gonna put a bead of weld right over here on the side of the flange and maybe right here and that's going to heat this flange up enough to where I think I can extract that stud if that works. I'll weld the other side just the same that way.

I Get to put heat into the metal and still get the uh, you know what you call it the stud out of the hole and this is going to be fantastic. Watch this right here. It's totally gonna work. It's red hot too.

All right, that's a full load of weld. It's red hot up here. Putting some torque on the extension and look at that. it's coming right out.

it's turning. I can extract bolts with a welder. Ah beautiful. Look at that guy coming right out of the flange.

Perfect. And the threads are in good shape too. We didn't kill it there she is one stud extracted. so I keep extra studs and I ordered an extra set as well just to make sure I had something on hand in case this broke off and that's going to thread in and that one's gonna thread.

Okay, so I have taken the stud and I installed two nuts on it uh, facing opposite directions and then tighten them down that way. I can put a wrench on the stud to drive that stud into the hole and get it to bottom out. So 3 8 gun not the quarter inch gun That's All She Wrote They don't want to go any farther. Oh well, it's not gonna work.

Spun my nuts off. not okay. Pizza No problem I can fix that too. This whole truck is me fixing problems I Created unbelievable studs in all the way there.

We go back it back out, get my nuts back there. That was not what I expected. Anyway, let's repeat. get the stud in on that one there and then we'll go to the other side.

Coming in started my hand. There we go. quarter inch that one's in. Let's get the nuts off.

Foreign. fix that problem. we're off on the passenger side now. I'm gonna do this.

Uh, these two studs. actually three studs. probably the same way because that one got kind of boogered up on the threads. I think I'll try to chase it with the nut and see if that one's gonna be okay before I attempt to extract it.

So let's hammer on stud extractor and socket is on the extension. Let's give it a turn, see if it's going to turn and no, it's not. That one's on there. Pretty good.

so it's gonna need to be welded. Yeah I bet you guys never saw this before. Somebody welding on a stud to get it out because I think that's got to be a new one. Thank you.

Fire speeds too high. Well now let's see if that's going to come out. It's red hot on the flange. Oh I broke it off.

Yeah, that's not what I wanted I should have been done with this already. Okay welder. Going back in, Let's get the uh, a nut welded to the stud. All right.

First, let's see if this nut is gonna hold up and then I'll put another weld on that flange. Oh no, yeah, it's breaking right off. I didn't adhere for nothing. Okay, that didn't work.

Let's do the washer and then another washer and then another nut method. until uh, until I can get something back on this because the little extractor is also not going to fit. Begin welding. Get on there.

I Think that nuts with that washer? not nut. I Think that's on another bead up here on the top. Okay, that one's on. okay.

nut coming in. try to get this thing on. Okay, how hot? All right. See if that's gonna walk it out or not? I don't know I fear that I may have to drill this one out.

that one's in there. pretty good. Well let's see my uh, my nut's gonna break off. yeah.

I'm gonna have to drill this hole out. Okay, one more last attempt with a castle nut. Try it with this guy and then we'll I'll figure out if I gotta drill it or not. Thank you.

We left this thing cool off for a while and we put one more bead around that flame. I Guess in the meantime, what I can do is get the extractor on this side and then try to weld that flange over there to extract that side while the other side cools off. Seems like a better idea than just walking away here. Let's get this guy on and Ratchet is on the extension.

Let's give it a bit of a turn. All right. it's good. it does in now.

clip on or ground and I'm gonna come in through the side here and hit back to welder. Thank you. Yeah, that's uh, plenty hot enough. I think let's give it some turns, see if that stud's gonna come out I don't think so.

That felt pretty tight. Try it again. Comma on broke it off, tractor back on extension, back on the extractor. you're heating the same thing again.

Insanity. All right I got a bite this time it's turning or I'm breaking it off I don't know I don't know what's happening. I'm probably gonna have to drill these out. Yeah, mangled it.

Let's at least try this big one that we just welded together right here. My expectations are low I expect that to drill this one out too. Snapped it right off. Yep, we're drilling them all out.

That's great. Not fun. Come on. I'm almost through.

Oh wow, just keep drilling drilling Drilling all day non-stop Really can't even see what I'm trying to drill. All right. it's through that one. No, it didn't go through I almost went through I Think it's through what here.

Since it's drilled out, let's see if we can spin the threads now. Oh, probably not. Yeah, they're not three. Where are they did that turn? Probably not.

Half of them came out. Thank you. Okay, got some flyers here. Let's grab a hold of whatever we got there for metal like.

I see thread if I can get this drilled portion out I'm actually might be able to uh, still use the threads because I didn't drill into those threads I don't know. excuse wiggling it and working it I need to step that up to one more size larger drill bit because I have an extractor that I think I can fit in there to walk these threads out but we have to drill this for a little bit larger. 250 extractor. Okay, let's uh, deburr it.

There we go. Okay, well since nothing works, let's try something else. Nothing got an extractor pin here. It's fluted and I'm gonna try to run that into the hole.

if I can get a grip on the inside of those threads. it uh, will not be able to extract them with that Maybe. So we slip this little uh socket looking deal over those flutes. I can put a wrench on it, try to turn it this way.

Please come out threads. Oh nope, it's not happening one more time. With a larger wrench, ratchet and an extension so I can get more leverage on it, you're gonna turn it out. Oh, it's turning in the threads.

Didn't go anywhere. Okay. also ineffective. Highly ineffective.

Should have been an astronaut. Yep, okay. let's put our little adapter thing on socket in there. try to turn all right.

It's gripped up pretty tight. it's not wanting to turn. Come on and move. Something moved.

something moved again. Oh, are you gonna come out? It's either slipping or it's bringing the threads out. I don't I don't know I can't tell if the threads are coming out yet or not I don't think they are and it's just sitting there spinning these come out threads. Yeah, no.

pour that up to nothing. There are no threads left. it's all gone. It's nothing left in there.

just a hole. Well, we got a hole drilled it at least. So now I can run a bolt through it and put the bolts on. Uh I do need to clean up some of this nasty boogered up looking stuff here.

that's gross polishing wheel all right. Well, that's enough for a Fastener to go on. Um I gotta get those other two bolts out. It's getting not fun for me.

Well now that I have a hole in that one. I at least need to get the stud out of this one so I can try to drill a hole in that. but I can't drill on what's sticking out so we're gonna try to cut that off with the saw. Also Let's get in here behind this unit, get our blade flush There we go.

New blade coming in. Uh, come on blade. get in there. There we go.

Another new blade. try another one. Got halfway through with one blade. All right.

we're getting drilling now. All right. Foreign bits walking sideways. That's great.

Thank you. Go through. come on. Seriously.

thank you. Got a hole in it? Yay! Well it's not pretty, but it's gonna work. So let's put our our donut gasket in position here. it's going to be the uh, the seal between the flange, the manifold flange and then the flange over there on the converter pipe assembly.

All right, let's get this other gasket in there. just kind of let that hang out right there until I get the flange in position. we had to until I did it say hi? Troy We had to take out this cross member here because there's no way I was going to cut up that other that exhaust uh to fit it in and then they weld it back together. so I had to take that out anyway.

I just uh, was taking a shortcut earlier so now let's let's try to get this thing back in. I'm tired, up and over that cross member thing. dry on the back side. You can usually just help to drive that pipe into the other pipes.

Yeah, get her up and over there we go. slide it up and over. Okay, now we're good. It's not gonna fall out, so all you got to do over there is.

line up those holes. see those holes in that back flange, you put those in and the nuts are right on the rack somewhere. There we go. Okay, it's in.

Yeah, get those two nuts in and I'll go ahead and set it up over here. and then, uh, whichever one of us gets done first, we put the crossmember in. Okay, okay. I've got all my nuts in my hand.

Set this pipe up. Get the flange over those studs there. That's good. That's what we need.

and then we'll put the Fasteners on those studs. That one's not threading. That one is all right. Well, that was easy.

Went on. no problem. Look at that. They're beautiful.

wasn't it? It's fantastic. Mountains in and this one that's an older one, boogered up threads. We're not using that number three. Spin that one on.

All right, that's good on this side. Let's move over here to our no longer having any space side and we need to get, uh, why are you not fitting? This thing doesn't even want to fit? Yeah, look at this thing. it's like I don't know an inch off to one side. Do that.

No worries. Troy's hooking your ratchet strap to it. We're gonna. We're gonna pull on it and bend it.

I Don't think you can ratchet from there. Try to put it on the rack arm or the lift over there. I Don't like to do that, but because we might, we might pull the truck off the rack though. Give me your side.

Wait, wait, give me some slack homie. I Need some slack? Slip that up and around. More slack there. All right.

Pull it tight. just hook it though. Whatever. There you go.

that'll work all right. Begin ratcheting. We probably shouldn't stand under here, but it'll be all right. a little more.

Uh, you were close. Go! Can you do one more click? Yep, okay. oh. go.

one more click. All right. That's good. Now the fun part's gonna be getting those bolt through.

Yay! Okay, so I ended up keeping that stud that was already up there. So now I'm gonna do to adjust this. Um, there we go. Flange is over.

anyway. So I kept that one stud that was up there. So what I'm going to do is uh, run one of the new nuts down over top that old stud there. Yeah, this next one I need to kind of thread it in because that hole is not the greatest.

I'm gonna run it all the way through and then uh, put a nut on the other side. Are you going in? Yeah, there it goes and it came right back out. all right. and then my nut fell off.

All right. Okay, oh the fatigue is real. So tired. Okay, flange is on over the stud.

This heat shield on this converter does not help my my situation here. It's actually made it like 10 times worse. Okay, it's the night over the studs. Let's get that thing kind of started here.

You guys can even see you know there it is. All right that's threading in good. Did it go enough to stay? Yeah, that's not enough for now. Good Okay, okay.

okay. stud with new night. let's run that guy in. Mr Troy Will you grab me that 3 8 Uh.

impact the little one. Yeah. I think I just need to push on this and send it. See what it does, You guys head at home I don't know at the right distance going I'm probably gonna ruin the whole job Finish Line Thanks.

You're not wrong man. it's like it's it's evil. There is evil here and it's not getting any better again. Chris Can keep doing the same thing over and over again until it works Insanity it is a little closer.

Take my spacer out of there. that Nylock nut is running down the stud I Didn't want that to happen either. It made its way past the non-threaded part. Okay, it's not what I wanted to happen.

Okay, so one of these 700 attempts is going to result in some kind of a victory. Behavior Here let's try this one. Okay, that one went in and it's through now. I Just need to put a washer on it and then ow hot and then I'll put a nut on the other side of it.

Okay, I'm going to reach around the back I have another another nut here. I'm gonna thread that guy onto the back of the stud right there and I'll put a wrench on it and then send it with the impact on this side. right here. We're getting somewhere now.

What are we doing? Oh, he's dripping that off too. Seriously. I Just stripped the stud that I just put it. Come on.

Stud Extractor again. Yay! This thing better come out. Yeah, it's gonna come out. Everything is ruined all right.

Impact. It could quit impacting everything. Hey, if it doesn't work, just try the exact same thing again until it does. Makes sense right there.

That's a locking nut too foreign, although that seemed to hook up really well. I'm still going to put one more nut and a big washer on the back side that way. Uh, this thing can't possibly come out because I didn't tap those holes I just drilled the threads out and then I ran that stud in. So I am going to put this nut on the back side here.

It'll keep it from coming out later. Okay, last bolt to go through. that's going to be over here on the uh, the opposing side of the converter way up there and it fell out again. I am uh, not having a good kind of gravity day here folks.

not having a good day, but it'll be fine. Got the bolts in? Did it pass all the way through? Is the question? Okay I'm reaching around the back of this converter and I feel that that stud that came through? So I'm going to slip another nut on that stud for both or whatever it is, Tighten that guy down too. Okay, 13 wrench going up and around. Let's make this thing tight so we can call it a day that's tight.

Now you need to go back to our first night, which is that 15 right there at the top to throw that guy. get some torque on that one and get out of here more reach with the impact up into the hole. Get the nut on there socket. Here we go.

All right. Mr Troy Will you release the ratchet straps? Yes sir. Thank you. Wow! did I get those? uh, that size? Not even tight yet? Yeah.

not even not even coherent Torque Leader: Deep well. Need a deep well? Yeah. deep socket. Switch it out.

That's tight. That one doesn't go on straight. That was tight. Yay! What is with gravity today? This is nonsense.

This Bay is cursed. I think Dave is right. All right. let's back this thing up to the back side of this pipe here and we'll make these bolts tight.

Okay, flange is on fantastic. Okay, the thing's bolted on. It's bolted on everywhere. the sensors are in.

The fellas help you finish up. There goes. Dave Troy Help Dave Help we all help because I'm beyond exhausted. Let's uh, let's let this unit back down.

I'm so tired that the camera's flopping around I'm doing bad cinematography. My commentaries lacking I've been on this exhaust for like six hours. It probably would have been easier and cheaper to just take the manifolds off and then put new manifolds on. That probably would have been a better idea, but uh, you know I didn't do that.

So anyway, Let's uh, cross our fingers, start it up, check for leaks, listen for the noise that's not there anymore and then we can. uh, we can bow out. Beginning engines touching sequence: Silent. Fantastic.

Okay, so we have no noise I need to get the scanner out I Want to recheck for those, uh, those misfires that it had. Remember the Uh in the first video when I have the scan tool open, you saw those intermittent misfires. Let's see what we get here. We've got really nothing.

Cylinder two, Cylinder three. Let's give it some throttle. Cylinder three's got a bunch cylinder seven cylinder, six cylinder one. All right.

So all of our cylinders here are giving us some random intermittent misfires. I'm getting dirt all over this customer's car scanner coming in. Let's get uh, where's that plug at right there? Let's plug her back in. Engine's still running I Hear no rattle I hear no exhaust noise.

Let's pull up Vehicle History 07 Sierra Real rear wheel drive Words: continue Data Display: You want misfire data? Let's say on point here Ray Misfire data Yes, Focus Zeros Oh, there's two of them I saw two on cylinder five. Let's give us some revs I See nobody revved up about fifteen hundred two thousand. All right, it's up at operating temperature or close enough to it. I'm holding this at about let's do it about 1600 RPM 2000 Somewhere in that zone looking good and panning down into misfires.

Oh, there was a couple. showed up. Zero Zero Zero Much improved over the previous situation. I'm good with that.

A couple revs, nobody there, a lot better look at that. Okay, rev it up, you got nobody. Oh, there was one I got one. There's a couple randoms, but it's not.

Uh, it's not what it was Let's uh, fuel trim data real quick. Let's just check on fuel trims. No, no, no long terms are starting to back off. See that right there.

There were negatives on the long term. Short terms are hovering around zero. This is good, all right guys. I Think we're all set here.

I've had enough. This truck has totally kicked my butt today and I do not want to toy with it anymore. Let's go ahead and power this unit down. Shut off our skin tool, Power that down and I'll do a finalized test drive and uh, recheck on everything on this thing tomorrow morning.

I'm done. it's late. This thing has totally kicked my butt. It has used up all of my energy I've got nothing left I'm ready to go home so I'm gonna go ahead close this video out right now.

I will do such things as always. but I'm thanking all of you guys for sticking with me through this uh, this very painful uh, repair sequence on this particular truck. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know what you thought in the comment section down below.

Do not forget to tap that like button wire down there and most importantly, have yourself a fantastic day! See you guys later in the video. This is Sierra end of exhaust into V-lum into part two in a day. See you guys later.

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