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Thank you Hi everybody good day to you over there we got ourselves a 2015 Ford F-350 King Ranch Now I'm here for it is here for an inspection and it definitely needs fuel filters. I Think it's uh, coming up on 30 thou and the owner has never replaced them. So uh, we're gonna do the fuel filters first. take a look around, make sure it doesn't need anything else and then go from there. so stay tuned. This is gonna be a very good video starting. Z Engine I Believe this is a Six Seven diesel turbine powered and it is. What do we got here? 34 563 miles on the clock. Nice. Moving on in. I've got to pull this onto my smaller stall because my truck is on my larger rack today because I Tinker clearing the fence. Good to go now! The Motorcraft fuel filter kit comes with the actual fuel filters and then there's a fuel water separator filter and I believe that is located uh Down Below on the frame rail. Some of these Fords have them in various different positions but I think this one is like right under the driver and then a little bit farther back. but we'll go down there later and see windows down so the car doesn't lock me out powering down, release the bonnet, see what we got down here? Shiny shiny. Ford Six seven Turbine powered diesel. That unit right there is our fuel filter so it has its feed line and then it's got a return. I Think that's a return. uh, back to the tank and also a return from the injectors. See, these diesel injectors can get quite hot due to the pressures and their location in the engine. So they've got a fuel line connected to them that returns fuel to the tank and it actually uses its fuel as a coolant. I Think that's pretty fancy. This is a different clip. You squeeze two sides of it and again, that should pop out of there if it doesn't I Brought my snap on miniature pry bar and we'll force it. Nope, No, we're good. So once we're disconnected, try not to break the little nipple off. This I've done it. It's unfortunate. you just give it a twist. Then we pop this unit. right on out. There we go. One filter gone. Hey, you know it might be fun since this is this truck's first fuel filter change. Let's take this, uh, oil filter device and cut it open. This is designed to cut open oil filters for inspection. Uh, if it works on metal filters I Imagine it'll work on a plastic plastic fuel filter. Just give it a shot. See what's inside? You know, for science? All right. We've got this little little nipple thing right here. This little tab that's designed to secure this to its bracket in the truck. So let's chop that off. see if this thing's gonna, it's gonna work on a fuel filter or not and maybe Maybe it's right on. The rollers are right here on the edge of where that taper is. This actually could be kind of difficult. Chop that off a little bit more. Sure, All right, it's either gonna work or it's not. Let's give it a shot. Tighten this thing in, just kind of rotate it. Negative Now I have a Sawzall here I will win this fight. Maybe I don't need to go to that length I don't want to use the saws off because it could potentially contaminate the filter. Wow, this stuff's flying off here at like the speed of light snip. That's why I'm wearing glasses protect the eyeballs thing. Got a text message who is it? I'm trimming this off so it fits better inside of the tool I Don't know if that's going to work or not, but it's worth a shot. This better work because now I'm invested. Maybe Yeah, there we go. That's just what we needed. It's working kind of. it works till it slips and then then it's done working. Yeah, if I hold down on it, stays in position a little better. this is gonna work foreign. Give it a little twist here that tightens up the cutter head and around and around we go. By the way, I've already drained this thing out so uh, it shouldn't spill a bunch of fuel on my box here, but if it does, that's fine. Okay, we're through. We're starting to spill some fuel out of it. Still getting the slipping thing. bear with me while I get this apart and we'll take a peek at the element inside and see if it's dirty or if it's not. Yeah, we're in. Mostly it's like halfway cut open. Okay, we're in. Mostly, it's enough for me. There we go. there's our unit. sort of need to break into it a little bit harder. I Couldn't get around this section over here that I think kept slipping quite violently so I will just match its energy. The point is is I didn't get a bunch of uh, shavings and stuff in here. Let's see what we got. Not bad. foreign in the pleats. they're not black. they are darkened. which is what we'd expect out of thirty thousand. So we're changing this right. on time. Beautiful! Okie Dokes Headed back to the truck got the new unit in hand. The installation is the reverse of what we just did. We stick it in there it Clips down. We rotate it clockwise to seat it. Now it's hooked in and we just reattach our fuel lines thickness and one more right here. Careful not to Kink that one. It's easy and once you kink it it is compromised and then you must replace it. That would be bad. Okay, let's prime it. I Know we're doing two filters but I like to re-prime and then restart after the first one. Fortunately, this truck has a lift pump so we just keyed on I Do it like three times. key it off, keep it on foreign separator down below forward powering down. Let's see here: I'm gonna need a drain bucket. Nasty. foreign bucket can. Okay, so here's our lift pump right here and that contains the other filter element. So first thing we need to do is disconnect the sensors and just tuck that up there out of the way. You don't have to open these to drain them, but I choose to if I can get it. No. I can't Perhaps if I make it a a two thumbed operation. Yeah, there we go. Nice. All right. We'll let that just drain out for a minute. It's important to not have the key on, otherwise the lift pump will be on and then it'll pressurize fuel back at you and that's not good there. You guys. stay here and watch this. I'm gonna go and uh, fetch the tool to remove this. uh, this cap right here. I think that's the one close enough. Get onto that guy with a little ratchet. Actually a big ratchet. It's a big socket. reverse click edges, give it a turn and the whole housing is going to turn the cap on it. half of the whole housing. There we go. The whole housing turns and it will break and then that would be bad. It does require a decent bit of force though to break it loose, but I got it all right. Let's shut this off so we're done dripping on me. That's enough. Come on. Begin spilling diesel on us. Now This was an oil change. Guaranteed, we'd already have. uh, oil on everything. That is the way foreign. It's free the threads and there's a mosquito on my ankle. Oh die. That one's pretty clean looking. Check that out. It's nice. Good to keep up on maintenance. Better to do it before it's needed than to need to do it and have a problem. I Need that? O-ring All right, All right, O-ring You're coming with me. This is one of those things that a lot of people skip and they should not. The new filter comes with it for a reason. Therefore, we should be replacing it. Pump out Nice. All right. Old o-ring New o-ring Just use some of the fuel that's on me to lubricate it. Put that guy back up where it goes I Can still see some of the factory o-ring Lube that's in there. It's good and follow it around. make sure it's in its land. If it's not, then, uh, it'll leak like a sieve. Okay, another thing to do. Old filter out and dump it. Get all that old fuel out of the cap just in case there's sediment at the bottom. Take note of the condition of our old one and here's our new one. Nice and more shiny. Step this guy up in the cap. Careful not to touch the pleats, we don't want to contaminate it and we just screw it back on. It's gotta land in the same position where it started or at least very, very close because we have to run the wire to that sensor. I Still think that mosquitoes biting me I'm feeling extra pain on my ankle I Can't scratch it because I'm covered in diesel right there. It stopped and clicked good. All right. We'll plug this guy back in, make sure that thing is tight. All right. Die Mosquito got him. Oh, we also completely see all this diesel fuel right here. Can't have that. Let's clean that off, make it nice and shiny. All right. no more screwing around. Let's get out of here. re-prime this thing, start it back up, make sure we're good to go. Okay, one more time. Yes! I Washed my hands I'm not covered in fueled and key it on a few times. Three is good and then we will restart the engine and this time we're gonna let it run for a little while. That way it can continue to. Circle Fuel Circulate fuel. I'm aware that was four times by the way, but we'll let it run. It can circulate fuel through the system and if there's any air involved, we'll go ahead and Purge that out before the injectors get a piece of it. So far, so good. Let us take a peek down below for any leaks. We have none. The best flashlight open good, you know what? Uh I Have my silvery Rado here and it also needs a fuel filter. Let's go ahead and do that one since this video is kind of short. Yeah, we'll make this a dual truck feature. twice the Diesels twice the cylinders, twice the popping easy hoods, and twice the fuel filters. Actually, this one's Thrice the fuel filters because we did two on that side. There we go up. Now this one's a little bit different. It's only one filter on this engine and it is located right down there. See that little blue thing that is the fuel filter for a Duramax Now this one is slightly different and it's a slightly more difficult. that's our fuel water separator detector. This one. we're supposed to remove the inner fender. Well I don't like to do that. so I'm just going to try to try to winch on it by hand. No I can't do that. Um, you knew it. Let's just go ahead and pull the air box out of this and give me some more breaching space. I Just want to take a quick break to introduce today's sponsor me I Just want to give a quick shout out to Diesel Tech Chris He joined us on A-rod's live stream last Wednesday at Power Stroke Tech talk with A-Rod He's coming over from Tick Tock land and we want to give him a warm YouTube welcome I Will leave a link to Chris's first video here on YouTube You can find it at the very end screen of this video and I'll also leave another one up above. What's that? Chris Here guys I got one for you. Come take a look. crankshaft seal on a 6.7 liter Powerstroke. Here's our old one. Next, you're gonna get your remover tool. now. You guys can do this however your mother tells you to do it. Don't forget this or you'll be off that. You have to re-pull the transmission out just for that. Plus there's a lot of bolts and a bunch of clips and I just find it to be an annoyance for me. it's just me, some people don't mind. Foreign There we go. put the clean in there all right now I have a little bit more uh, access to this I can probably put some oil filter pliers on that. take it loose. So this is, uh, it's either gonna work or I'm wasting my time I think I've removed this this way before I really don't remember I might have to reach the defender. Well anyway, just to get a hold of this thing, let's make it bigger. Now there is a uh, a sensor at the bottom of this and what we don't want to do is get a hold of that sensor wire with our pliers so that'll damage it. That would be bad. Get it right here. like this. There we go. Got a turn out of it? Could be enough. Come on out. AC Delco Fuel Filter There we go. Are you guys going to see me waste five bucks gone? So this component here that is the sensor for water in fuel and I need to replace that or remove that because it it gets reused. And yes, there is a wrench for these and no, I don't have one convenient to buy one forever. but I just don't I become unclicked. There we go. I've managed success with just some, uh, some frustrated pliers. four channel locks. last time I did this. someone got so mad at me because I unthreaded the thing and I picked it up like this by The Wire you're like you were damaging the sensor I didn't think I was okay. off to the bench. We'll get this installed in the new filter and then the new filter installed on the old truck. You know, for as much time as we're spending here I should probably clean this again. Thank you there. now it's clean. Okay, here's our new filter. It's an AC Delco part number One nine, four, three, one, five, one, four, not from Amazon I Bought some of these from the Amazon once and it turns out they were counterfeit and I was very sad I Don't believe I've purchased an Amazon Amazon car part since. Anyway, there's two O-rings in here. one for the Uh sensor and then one for the seal on the filter housing that guy off. I Probably could have left this old one on here. It was. It was okay, but whatever. We got a new one here. You know what? It's not much fuel I Just take a dab of this dielectric just to lube the face of this so it doesn't generate a ton of friction when it's threaded on. Wipe down the threads and thread it on. And no, I'm not going to pre-fill it. that introduces contaminants. Okay, and I don't want to do that I But what I will do is prime it. It's got a manual prime button. Uh, let's see. trying to see if this is symmetrical and it appears that it is. It's not actually an O-ring It's more like a triangle ring. You see the edges on it I'm not sure what it's actually called, but it is definitely not an O-ring It's kind of an O-ring but they're usually circular in shape from your dielectric. There we go and again, a little bit of grease on this that'll reduce its friction when I tighten it down. There is another seal right here on the inside and that actually should be lubricated with uh fuel that is still on the mating surface inside of the Uh the mounting block. Here we go so the Ford's still running. It did not stall, which tells me that all the air has been purged. Let's go back over here to the dirty Max and get this guy installed and I'll show you how to purge the air out of this system. First things first, what we're not going to do is go in there and start this engine and it will run. It'll run until the fuel that is in the lift pump and in the injectors and the injector rail runs out. and then once that happens, it stalls and you still have to purge the air out of it. But then you've run your your pump dry and uh, that's just not what we're looking for here. Oh, Also, be cautious with these uh Duramax filter mounts. Sometimes they sit for a very very long time and the O-ring that's inside of the plunger here which is designed to purge it ah will get cracked and then once you purge it, it'll begin. uh, leaking. Or it'll begin leaking later. I'm going to leave you on the side of the road because it starts sucking in air in which case it's not pulling in fuel and then then you stall and it's no longer working. There's a click. Okay, so what we're gonna do actually quite simple. We're gonna crack this valve open right here. or we can use a 13 wrench and I'm just going to crack that little bleeder open. We're going to run down here, put our hand. We're just going to pump this primer. It's going to take a little while and we're going to pump this until it starts to give us some fuel. Okay, there's some air I Think you can leave this open? but I Like to close it. Give it a few pumps, crack it open, you can hear the air. Close it again. Pumps pump and what it's doing right now is drawing in fuel from the tank and it's filling up this uh filter in the housing. I Can tell that there's fuel on that O-ring Now it's pumping a little easier than it was and we're going to do this until we get fuel coming out of this valve. Right here. We're almost there. There's some fuel, got it? So we got our fuel spewage, close the valve, build some pressure, crack it open again, no air coming out. We're good to go here. Let's go ahead and tighten that bleeder valve down, and then we'll go ahead and stop another engine after. I Put this uh intake piping back on. Of course, we don't want to fire it up without such piping. Otherwise, it'll not get a mass airflow reading because it's got a map right here. There we go. Yeah, that's our mass airflow. ECM Likes to know how much air is coming in. Let's tighten those down real quick. Okay. clamp, click one and slam. Thick numeral of those Uh zwire Deutsch I Think it's what eins why? Yes, why. that's why Alf Deutsche Okay, does anybody know what click is in German Learn that one storming these pictures All right. Keon Starting is a Duramax All right, that's two diesels done. One diesel gun is over there. Okay, so this one's good to go I'm no longer concerned about any air being in this thing's system. I'm gonna repeat the same procedure with that one. Just make sure there's no air in it and then that one's good to go. So uh, that being said, I think I'm good to go because it's getting a little late and I'm ready to pack up and get out of here. So uh, that being said, as always, like to thank you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that. Bye tap that like button down below. If you do not enjoy this video then um go to my library and watch a different one and maybe you'll enjoy that video. So again and as always, thank you for watching and most important one, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in the Diesels.

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