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In this video I bring you along as I fix a ladies loud exhaust on her Chrysler Town and Country. A visual inspection revealed a rust out flange bolt creating the leak. It is an easy fix assuming you have a torch.
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Foreign Chrysler Town and Country it's got a big 36 and I imagine and uh ladies complaint is the exhaust is loud and it is. I drove it in. She's not lying. Sounded to me as if the leak was up here when I drove it in, we got some black West man, just a little crooked.

she's missing the bolt. There we go. look at that. Oh, that'd be an easy fix.

Easy fix there. Phil and not even a gasket required. Got some welded eye nuts though. All right.

I Got a plan I think I think it's gonna be a good job for vet you guys know Vic right quarter after eight. I Already got the torch out there now. we got two bolts to deal with. There's one and you've been.

oh what's hissing? Oh Vic's over here. There's a snake. There's two. Uh, I Think what we'll do first.

we'll get a little screwdriver here. Get rid of our slag. Oh wait, people don't think I've burned the pipe off. Foreign I Think we can just cut those nuts off the back.

Usually there's just a couple little tiny spot welds that hold those suckers on so we'll go on the back side here screwing them down. We'll see if we can't find a spot weld to Nick those babies off. Okay, now these are pretty crusty so we'll heat them up and all this rust is gonna pop off and with a little bit of luck, it'll land right on your lip. That's where it always seems to land.

I didn't even get me in the lift. We're gonna try to Nick them just a little over here. a little bit there, a little bit there. Look at that little guy down there.

it's right there. a little bit later. All right. Okay, so you want to fill with too much, you get that flange too hot and you're screwed because then you'll blow a hole right through it.

So let's uh, it's probably hot, so let's touch it. First of all, let's spin it around. We've got a pair of pliers. we'll spin it around here.

Go back to where we started, see if it's Wiggly yet. No sir, we might have to give it just a little jiggle with the air hammer. Yeah, let's uh, let's give that a little jiggle. see if it just knocks right off.

you don't need to go crazy here. We just want to give it a little brap like that, you sucker. Well I'll be darn the uh I thought for sure we would have got that spot. Well must be just a little bit more on there.

Let's give her a little more. A little more heat can't be much holding that thing on. Foreign. Wow.

All right, let's rattle that one a little bit. Let's see if it just cracks loose on us. No sir. I'm not doing real good in this department today are we just make it all disappear? Can't be seized If it's liquid, right? your mother, maybe it can be I Think it's rebinding? Well I Tried to show you a free tip Friday but I'm just gonna get nasty.

It's rebinding as it cools. Well, this guy looks like an idiot. Foreign. more than I've ever seen in my life.

Usually it's just the four corners that they've got tapped on there. so we're gonna have to. We have to do something different here. Foreign.

Let's pretend we didn't see that one. Let's go around here and look at this one. Yeah, usually what they got folks because usually they're just, uh, a couple little attack welds in the corners of the nut and then you just take the torch and Nick them a little bit and then tap them with the air hammer and they usually come right off. These ones are playing hard to get so it's starting this one because that one's cooled down.

Get rid of the rest of what's there. All right? So that one's gone. Because what you do a lot of times you know, if these are like up in a body or something, you can, um, you can just take and whack on the back of the stud. Usually it'll break that nut right loose.

but you know, being on a flange like this typically take the torch kind of burn the sides of the nut a little bit. That breaks the bond must be these are folded on a little differently back to that flange. even the slide Lane in the bottom. So I guess the trick here is to not get ahead of yourself as far as keeping on cutting because once it once that flange turns red, you know, forget about it.

Don't uh, don't fiddle with it anymore, let it cool back down naturally or with your squirt gun. Sometimes cooling process will break the plant or the slag moves on it. We'll see if it did. We'll give it a little tap here.

Oops. Yeah So it broke that piece loose just during the cooling process and that one did too. so that's good. that one did not, but it's not that critical because it's just a little piece, just a little piece of slag.

Come on. Slack There we go. So there's that hole, see how this one is. So I don't know if you guys can see it or not? probably not.

but you can see you know three spot spot there there and they're almost kind of in a triangle shape and I believe that's where we're about. well the Dodge from the factory so let me just spray that side, make sure it's cooled down so we don't burn our little fingers there. Boy that took longer than expected so that's not too bad of a job really. If you have no gasket in here, it's a flange fit so we can just get a couple of what size bolts 10 millimeter or 3 8 stick back in there and this lady will be back on the road in no time.

Okay, there's some 3 8 bolt from the inventory, huh? I Hope there's room for a flat wash in there or not, but not very necessary, but we'll try it like a glove. Let's do this one here. So I don't know how you would do this as a homeowner. or I shouldn't say homework because you could run an apartment and still be struggling to do this.

Not even a homeowner is a Diyer I should say probably your best bet is if you don't have a torch, just take it to a shop that's gonna take at least cut those nuts off. It's a shame they're not just as standard. you know, not bolt that. that nut is welded from the factory.

so we want to get this flange kind of even. We'll go grab some 9 16 wrenches and snugger up and that's something you don't hear a guy say too often nowadays. Let me grab my 9 16. 14.

Yeah, 9, 16, not so much. Now you don't have to kill these things I'm gonna make her even here. That's that's good enough though. There we have folks.

Pretty easy fix. At least the next guy can take the torch and just nip those off because they're just not some bolts Now excuse me. Something was pretty loud before. Oh much better you can.

You can hear it up right here. Pretty good. before. Look at that baby she met.

Yeah now I'm going to come out back. They're whistling down around a pee hole. We're talking as well, right? Your tea and your favorite. Cup Oh I think that is my favorite one.

Appreciate it. Thank you hey folks. Uh, not too big a deal. Uh, at least as far as fixing a shot and having a torch, you know if you're diying it I don't know how you would get.

let's not talk there. Maybe if you have lots of time on a Dremel tweet. go back there and you know Whittle away at them like I say typically the nut on a flange or welded nut, or even when it's in a body or a blind nut, they're usually held on just by a few little spot welds in the corner and that's it. These appeared to be bonded a little bit better because typically you take the torch and you just kind of go around it, give her a little form of hope, you know, around it and then typically it falls off.

but uh, the flange is some sort of alloy and you know then it seemed to be when it heated up that the not just kind of re-bonded to it. If you cool it down quickly, sometimes the water let it cool. naturally. a lot of times you can, you know, give them a little smack there with a chisel or something and usually it'll break that by and loose.

but either way it turned out good in the end. Just took a little longer than expected. It took 10 minutes instead of five. but uh, easy fix for this guy because you know the rest of the components are still halfway decent eventually on these: Stone goes that um, you know that resonator rots out and uh, you know that pipe that comes up and over? That's a real pain in the neck to change I Don't know if you guys ever change my knees, but they can be a pain in the hoo-hoo I think they've got the flex on them I Don't know.

But anyhow, one thing I do know you guys need to go in that comment section questions, comments, concerns instead Facebook You guys know what to do. Just my viewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

Thank you.

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