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In this video we have a look at a customers 2010 Chevrolet Avalanche that is having some issues with the power seat on the passenger side. A quick test shows that the switch is bad. We try to fix it Russian NPR style and fail. We can't get one right away so we make a little trip to the junk yard and save the day! Man I love the pick and pull.
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All right folks 2010 Surely it's the Avalanche It's got the big 5-3 It's the LTZ the fancy one with the leather. Customer complaint on this one is the power seat on the passenger side doesn't work. uh is what he told me and he told me that the whole seat didn't work. Uh so I was kind of expecting to see that.

However, let me take and get this thing lightly plugged in here so I can unplug it. It does work so we can see. Oops. I just I'm just gonna hold this.

it's a pain to unclip so we got back forward, backwards, front of the seat down from the seat up. it's backing the seat down, back of the seat up. I'll scoot your head here but we can see the function that doesn't work. It's a recliner.

Oh look at that. It just came forward and that's part of the problem. Uh, the lumbar Works recliner doesn't work forward. back up, down front and back.

That all works. So you can learn a lot without even having a wiring diagram in front of us because I don't have one in front of us. But one thing that we do know is that this ground or this seat has one ground and one power. Uh, that feeds this connector.

Being that in the seat goes forward backwards up down. All that, we know that our circuit breaker is good. Our power is good, everything's working except for one motor and that's where I Got yesterday before I went home I Pulled in last night before I went home. So here we are I'm assuming we have a bad switch is my assumption and what.

I was hoping perhaps in this video that we could go full Russian on it. Maybe fix this switch because I think it's just mechanical contacts. But let me show you. um, how we're going to do this.

Potentially we need to. Uh, you have to take this plastic piece off so that's pretty easy. There's one screw in the front, take that screw out on these seats, and then there's just one, two, three, four retainers there, and a couple in the back here. A couple of these little tabs You know here and here.

so it does pop off relatively easy. Um, the seat belt thing here comes out, but for for this purpose, we're just. we're leaving that in and I'm wearing a glove because my fingernails are nasty on that finger and it distracts people. So I think that these buttons I think that these buttons pop off here.

That's what we're gonna try to try to do. and then I'm gonna get the switch out and I'm going to show you we're gonna do some tests on it here. Hopefully we need it apart without breaking anything. Come on little fella.

I haven't checked the GMC if the switch. oops, see if the switch is available. Okay, so once those levers are off, we'll flip it over and then see if we can't I might have to go get my glasses. big glasses I know Thank you.

Find some big old tabs on there. Wow. Chevrolet that's a that's a long way to bend some plastic. Get this baby out.

So I'm just pushing up on it going through releasing these tabs. Okay, let me move you a little bit that way, when I break it and the plastic goes flying, you got a good view. Holy holy moly One more there it is. So there's our switch.

Okay, so now we can actually do some testing out here in the open, out here in the wild. All right, we don't want to break that off my little knee pad so now we can plug it in. so the release for this plug is on the bottom side. You know when it's in, it's kind of a pita to get back in there.

Okay, so this is our tilt lever that's not functioning and that happens to be these two wires here. Dark green, dark blue that runs the recliner. Do we have a test light? Look at this guy. He doesn't even have a test light.

So what we're going to do is we're going to take just your plain old everyday teslite. Here we're going to probe Into the Blue and the green. Oh well, that's not good lady. so we should not have power on there right now.

That tells me that this thing is sitting here in a stall condition. Oh I switched it. definitely freaked up. Foreign.

There shouldn't be any power on this right now, folks. When I push the button, there should be some power. That's funny. It's just sitting there just cooking that motor.

There he goes. Now it's off. Push it back. Nothing forward.

nothing. Oh, now it's back on. So yes. uh, well, that's not.

That's not good at all. I'm surprised it's not. uh, tripping a breaker eventually or that little motor's gonna be back there just screaming. it's a little heart out.

uh to verify that if the recliner motor is any good, we're just going to jump our power ground. So our red with white and our black. um, we're just going to run a power on the ground I don't know which way moves it forward or backwards. Um, but here, let me Zoom you out.

We'll try it like this. So I've got us some jump wires here with some. We'll try to do this without catching anything on fire. So let's find the black one here.

so that's the second one in front. These are Big connectors I Don't know if we're gonna be able to. There we go. We front probe that and then we'll discuss.

We'll put it in the green one and then we're gonna back probe some power. which is this red with white down here? Don't touch, don't touch. it probably should have a few seconds. We like to live dangerously.

There we go. We're in all the way. and then now we're gonna touch the blue and see if it reclines. Oh there it goes.

Look at that. Can you see it? Oh, she's your kind of maybe. Oh yeah, so that's reclining. This is unreclining.

is that a word? So there it tells us that the motor is good. So what I'm curious is now that it's back. if we plug this thing in. I'm thinking here: I'll move this so you guys can see the little journey Dungy down here turning Downey I'm just wondering if this thing's look at that.

so we plug it in automatically. goes forward. Well here's your problem lady. This thing's all shorted out.

So can we pop this apart? And is it? is it a mechanical contact in there that we can fix or clean out whatever shorted shorted this thing together? Or do we just end up ruining this whole thing? That's a possibility. Let's find out. Let's see, we're definitely gonna meet some of our Dollar Store readers here. Okay, let's see, we're in business.

Let's say we can't make it worse, but it's a strong possibility that we can So far. not off to a great start. This is where you need a couple fingers here. Let's see, we're gonna stick a pocket screwdriver down in here to keep that wedged out and we're gonna get a second one.

Give it a double wedgie. Oh look at that. Tada Looks like we know what we're doing and it's this set of contacts back here that we're concerned with. Okay, and I don't know how it all comes apart so we're gonna.

Oh so it clicks that direction. but no click in that direction. See how it's supposed to click? So this one only clicks backwards. Interesting.

Let's see no I See, it's a little clicky sticks in there. They click back and forth on this. Oh yeah, this side's broken. so this side still has the clicker in it.

This I just full of Wiggly bits looks like it pops apart on One More Level Wow. this one might involve a knife to get underneath that. It's quite a thin little piece of plastic there. This is way above my pay grade.

Hey, look at that. We even caught it. fell in the toolbox. Boom, there's that little piece.

So now we can even get a closer look at those little mechanical contacting points down in here. We can see why one side was broke. Let's see why. Is this broke Kind of flopping around in here making contact? Let me pause the camera and look at this with a magnifying glass to see if I can tell you why.

it's why it's broken and see if it is something that does come unlatched, if we can put it back together or not. Well, no happy ending here folks. I'm fiddled with it enough. Oh, we fiddled it till it was broke.

A little tab here I Had it all together but I had to cut the lower contact point that actually comes down and hits these points here. uh I forgot it with the mirror image of this one I had it I had it upside down I put it in just like this one and it didn't quite have the right spring to it. so I bent it back up so I could flip it over and then this little tab broke because it's really not meant to be right apart. probably ever.

So nothing we can do. we just gotta replace the switch. But I was hoping that just for the sake of a video, we could do, uh, do what we needed to do. but obviously we can't We failed at least I did.

So here's what we're gonna do folks. What would you pull the bath? They've got some suburbans down there I think seven to Eights you know new body style and they've got some Silverados up to like tens and elevens I Was checking the vins on them because they post their vins on their shelf sink on their website there and several of them had six-way power seats. This is an eight-way power seat but I don't I should have looked I don't know the difference between a six-way and an eight way. I Don't know if just the lumbar makes it innate way, but for what it's worth, it's only a mile down the road.

Let's just go have a little peek. Gonna be this lucky. Not lucky there's no seats in it. Bad luck.

hello Mary My little friend besides right here I Guess we should just came here first. Huh? Come by Yeah mother lover. Um this is great I Love the Junkyard. We gotta be careful here.

We need to get these switches off here. This is the 130 dollar switch brand new from GM We can have one tomorrow if push comes to shove. I Just figured if we could fix it right now, we can forward backward up down. Yeah, it's the same.

It's the same thing, right old son and just pop her out. I should have took a picture of the other one. Got a number off it but I didn't This one looks right. The wire colors are in the same spot.

They slowly off my poor memory. Boom. There we go folks. I Don't think we need to put these back on.

It's got a little bit of goo in it. maybe? I just spit on it. Seems like goo. Some kind of seat goo.

Oh yeah, this thing's got a lot of that too. She's pretty nice. pretty nice in here. Somebody needs some seats.

Yeah, we won't bother putting these down because you can only take these on and off so many times before you break something. but we will take them with us. Congratulations! Oh congrats, you earned five percent off! Wilbert You pull it. Please go here.

Redeem with the cashier expires 929.23 Well they give me a whole month I Get five percent off. Well we'll wait till we're getting something that costs more than just a nickel a ding near gift Parts way Anyways, that's it folks. we didn't get that far from the building. Even better.

All right, let's get out of here. go back, eat some lunch. We can pop this switch in real quick to see. but yeah, what a cool place I Love Pick and Pull which was which we had more of them I can't smell my favorite places to go? well within reason.

Let's see here. we're gonna plug this in like this. Hopefully it works. Let's see.

there's backwards. there's forward. Let's see front of the seat, going down, back of the seat, going up, back, seat down. and then lo and behold the tilt.

She's filthy sweet. It'll be just one minute. This is the one minute Lunch is ready. So let's just pop this baby back in.

Okay, that's all clicked back in and we'll click these little guys on. there. we eat. I Love Wilberts.

That's where I'm gonna work when I retire. Well look at that would you look at that? So then these have guide pins on them. So when you go to put this back together, get everything kind of lined up first before you just don't go shoving it in. you know? I should take some of my own advice.

Let's see there we go. Make sure those rear ones here get picked up. Oh, there is none through here. Oh, that's interesting.

Okay, just uh. just these two back here. Okay, and that just goes into the rubber. So I guess that's it.

We'll run the seat back. Maybe the electric lumbar is what makes it part of the eight way. I Know when I Look to the diagram. Originally there was a six-way and eight way.

like a 10-way heated seats. All this stuff. I think these were listening to Eight Way. Let's get our tool and put this back together.

Yeah, kind of a lame old video, but at least we got to. At least we got to hang out together and go down to Wilbert's I'll save a bunch of money. they're just like Geico there. What I'll do is um, maybe when I'm editing this, I'll post a picture of the wiring diagram that way there in case you guys work on this.

Maybe one of your functions doesn't work and you need to know which wire color is which? So that's it, folks. Power seat switch in your Avalanche which I think fits a lot of these years. Chevys uh, pickups. and Suburbans and Tahoes and all that stuff.

it's They've used these really primitive style switches for quite some time where they run all the current like actually through the switch instead of like a module. So I know they've done that for a while which is kind of nice but we weren't able to do a no parts required but we did a super cheap parts to re required or obtained and it works so that's it. Work your way in the comments section questions, comments concerns The Entity the Facebook You guys know where we're at and just remember if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign.

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