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In this video I bring you along as I help a customer fix some screw ups performed at his last place of repair. The other shop really did a number cross threading his O2 sensors and this fella had to pay to fix it twice. If ya can't do your job right or you're struggling, ask for help.

All right folks. I'm working on a 07 Nissan here and apparently this guy's already had all this work done. All this work that I'm redoing allegedly um, it has money laid on. Got some codes for uh, some fuel control issues I narrow it down to to the uh a couple action centers.

However, on this converter, which he just had put in which appears to be pretty new, it's OEM so he says I don't see anything on it that indicates that but we're just going off what he said I did stick a wrench on this O2 sensor underneath the vehicle and it wouldn't budge I mean at all? So I mean I See, it's uh, you know, no writing on it at all. no name brand uh O2 sensors dead or Gore now I checked the wiring to it. we're good, our heater works, our signal works, and our groundworks I can force it high, force it low, but this one is Doh so we got to get it out. I Have a suspicion that it's you know, potentially stripped in there I Hate to think that, but I have good reason to believe that because the Upstream mode 2 sensor was not working either and evidently the same shot put this in and it's quite obvious to me that that one is the definition of crosstrad.

I'm not really sure how they got it in there that cockeyed, but I'll let you guys get a look at that side. Then we have a look at that side. you know that's like I say yeah I guess If It Don't Fit force it. they took it a little seriously and this brand on this one is a doesn't even say it says like TKO or something on it Trq I don't know what that means.

uh but this uh sensor is also dead. uh, probably for good reason. Uh so this one here. apparently all this stuff is brand new or at least that's what he was told you can see I had to cut it out with a torch because it was so rotted.

So clearly this is. you know the manifold's never been replaced and you can see it's been happening yesterday fella. Uh, what we're gonna do in this case is I'm gonna replace the manifold because this is so freaked up I'm just going to put a new manifold on it. it was leaking anyhow.

so you know I got new bolts, new manifold so that's the other hearing or there. but that's why I wanted to kind of bring it along here because I don't know what this is going to turn into. We might have to weld on a new bun. We're gonna move the wires.

We're gonna stick a socket on it and try it with the August nugget gun. Let's see it comes out. These are 18 millimeter threads. Okay, came out nice, thread through, pre-nard up and the threads are really not up in the hole there.

it's not about. oh so I've got brand new OEM sensors for it. The last thing I want to do is run one down in and have it boogered up. I do have 18 millimeter thread chaser.

However, when threads are rolled over that heart, it usually doesn't work that well. If I'm perfectly honest with you and you know me. I'm perfectly honest most of the time, especially when I'm not telling a lie I Think let me think, let me think what we're going to do here folks. I Guess first thing first, we can try running a thread chaser in here just for Grins and Giggles foreign the crappy threads which it does you can see I Guess we can run our in out and see what we think.

Oh, not bad at all, right? Well good. It must have looked worse than it was. yeah because now they're standing up tall. Oh I guess serious numbers on this.

Oh okay, yeah, this one has numbers on also. Trq I don't know what that means. Well, this video is kind of stupid. I was going to show you that I thought this was going to be worse than it was.

Uh, when I tried this underneath man, it was just gonna round off. um I Thought I was going to show you how to weld a new bung in here which ultimately was what we were going to do. However, in this case, the thread taste will work. Let me go grab the new sensor.

So I don't know which one's which. here. that's the black connector. I Think this one has a great connector to be Upstream Okay and here's yeah.

this is the proper one that belongs Upstream So the one they had in it, you know, like say it's not even the proper one OEM are made by Dental for Nissan So if you're going to put in the aftermarket at least use you know, at least use oh yeah maker and don't put it in sideways. That would be my advice I could give you yeah and this one's an Ntk. So Upstream they use a Denso Downstream they use an Ntk Ntk made in Japan such right on it. so there's that one.

I'm gonna clean my stuff off here real quick. I'll show you how I do that but people flip out. You know if you get uh, if you did use brake pipes cleaner and you got a little bit in the converter, the same guy will run like 14 cans of BG fuel system treatment down as intake and six cans of seafoam. But you know how it goes.

Let's just see. oh look at that. Beautiful! Now we can torque that to spec and this is pretty snug where it fits up inside the car. This is pretty close to the body.

Oh, that's what makes me think this is probably not. Oh yeah, because it just doesn't fit perfect. but maybe it is. Uh, let me show you.

Okay, here's uh, here's here. what's gonna be my solution? This is a bug. You can buy these bugs. Uh, right from a walker.

They're just a nut. Let's be honest, they're 18 mil. Okay, you can thread them babies right in and they give you lots of room. The Weld: So I was just going to take the cut off wheel, cut this off the best we could grind it down.

make it nice, get a flat spot, you know, stick this on there weld it. Now some of you might think like why when you just run like a you know a drill through here, get rid of the threads, put this little guy in here and weld it which you can. In some cases we don't have the clearance. There's not enough clearance under the car at the top of the uh O2 sensor.

So that's why I would have elected to to grind it off, but it's neither here or there because we didn't do it. So I guess that's it. Sometimes you know videos are going to be cool until you start them. Oh here's our new man.

Well they come with Rustam right from the factory. Geez, this thing looks like it must have been sitting on the shelf of the Nissan plant for some time is OEM But my goodness goodness gracious and we'll just make sure this one threads in. I don't know this is Am I Gonna put this video out. Maybe we'll title it.

Don't be a ding dong I'll be a ding dong fella. that thread dread in there nicely. and if you're using O2 sensors work otherwise use OEM when you can uh would be my advice either before I Snug that up. We gotta make sure that it will fit together I Want to go tighten that up and then find out this thing in the way? Nope, we're good and that comes up through Clips on there bada bing bada.

Boom. All right, one doesn't fit my guy I just get a little Tuna up iron Roger see if that's gonna be enough. Hey, look at that now. it clicks right in there.

Didn't have to take a lot off, it just had a willow away. Let's be smart about this so we'll get our starter here by hand. Give her a handy here. Well, that cage is still a little bit loose.

We'll click that baby right on there. All right now. We got the socket for next time. Like I said I've got three of these so I'm grinding another one isn't too big a deal and you only run across this on it.

Seems like on the Hondas when they do this, you can actually get in there and get them off. There we go. So that snug, but yeah, just hit the wheel that down I Just put it on the impacts and sucker up on the grinder and let her spin a little black paint and call it a pro grab. So there's that that looks a lot better then the other one here.

That's the title this video. Don't be a ding dong and uh, don't use parts from the Dollar General it usually don't work foreign.

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    T.R,Q….Terrible -Replacement-Quality……..Nice

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Kettell says:

    I used to make those o2 sensor sockets when i worked at G.M. They were too cheap to buy them so i had to cut two sockets apart ,weld them back together and machine the slot ,which i am sure cost more than buying the correct tool.

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    I have had some success with heating up the O2 bung with a torch to get a tap or thread chaser to clean them up. I also like to put anti seize on them when I install them so it makes it easier for either myself or the next guy.

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    "TRQ" is what im assuming to be the parts store they bought the O2 sensors from. TRQ is an online store run buy 1AAuto wich also has a pretty good YT channel

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    Hey Dr. O! TRQ is an "economy" brand sold by many online auto parts places. I don't have any personal experience with them but, many friends of mine do. I haven't heard anything good from them so, I'm guessing that the quality is on par with Dorman and B(roke) W(hen) D(elivered)…2 of your personal favorites lol!

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    Initially, the expanders may make the roof of your mouth feel “full,” which can lead to concern about speech and swallowing. Rest assured that the “full” sensation is normal. With practice, both speech and swallowing will improve significantly within the first 24 to 48 hours.😇

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