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Okay, let's see. we need. we need portable auxiliary electrons with our annoying jumper pack. Let's go outside.

This thing's stone Cold Dead. I Don't even know if a little jumper box gonna it's gonna start this thing. In fact, you probably won't because I don't even think this thing runs. Oh no.

Look at that guys. Look at that. That's not cool. Yeah, this thing's junk.

Maybe it was in race car mode? who knows. But this engine will never run again. We have a Mazda Miata of some sort. It's red.

It's black. It's Sun damaged. It doesn't run. It's got a sticker.

Came from the auction. what's popping Z hood and see if we can't uh. bring this thing back to life. It's been plast dipped.

Yeah, look at that. Plasti Dip Gross. Do we even have keys in here? Yeah, you guys remember these things. Yeah, there's a key.

no power. We have zero electrons. All right. Oh, let me out of this Roller skate.

Get It Roller skate The granite guys next door at it again. You hear that? Yeah, oh, that's not cool. It's not even. uh, not even plugged in.

How's that side doing junk? All right. Let's see if we can bring this thing to life. This one. First you go there.

Yep, heard some clickage. 11.9 volts. Yeah, that thing's stone Cold dead. What we got in here.

Nothing. Not a all right roller skate. begin stunting. Oh hmm.

it's not good. Foreign. that doesn't sound good at all. Sounds like we have, uh, no compression.

It's got a compression tester and pop all these plugs out and see what's going on. Actually, before we do that, let's see if we can't see the Cam's turning and uh, hang on. I Can't see anything in there. It sounded like maybe the timing belt's broken on it or something.

Or the chain. Are you embarrassed? Yes. Stop it. Are you embarrassed? Are you embarrassed here? Hop in there and just, uh.

turn the little key thing. Okay, thank you dear. We're gonna look down inside this hall right here and see if we can see the camshaft turning. Uh, go ahead and try to start it all right.

Really. Do it again. Okay, thank you. All right that tells me that the chain and or belt is not broken.

Let's get the compression tester out. See what that thing tells us All this space will run out of space. Yeah, that's it. Maybe definitely probably phone's ringing.

Go Go. Go. Quick. get it does.

Lauren All right. Well since we're looking for some compression and uh I didn't hear any compression, I'm at least gonna try to test for a compression so we can visually confirm that we do not have compression. New drinking game. Take a drink every time.

I say compression. Foreign spark plug on clicks. Give it back. My locking extension is not very good at its job worn out.

Oh that's not good. Let's see what we got here. Let's get out of the sun. We need better light.

Yeah I Just said that out. of the sun. We need better lighting. It's uh, doesn't really make much sense, but it will.

Let's hang in a second. All right, let's see what we got here. Newman's don't go anywhere. You stay right there that is.

Uh, well, that's nasty. That's coolant. Look at that. that's oil coolant mixture.

Zoom Oh, that's terrible. Yeah, this thing's not gonna run. It's probably never gonna run again. Yeah, that's that's some grossness.

You know. The irony here is this is a brand new spark plug. That means they tossed some plugs in this after it blew up and I tried to make it run again. See that it's a brand new Denso plug here.

Let's uh, let's just install this compression gauge gauge. words just to see if we have anything on the cylinder right here and it sounded like all of them were dead. But let's hook up and find out. Come here.

I'm gonna go inside and crank it. You guys hang out right here and watch the gauge. Okay, foreign box is dead. We need more electrons, All right? Hood All right, we're gonna need big cables.

Let's go there. Where's my other side? Let me take the least there it is today. let's turn that off. That's annoying.

We don't need this All right. Negatory negative Again, Okay, let's see if we can hear the load. Come on when I attach this. Nope, don't hear it.

Thank you. All right Are we gonna crank now? Yeah, it cranks okay. Let's go check that gauge again. What do we got? anything? Nothing.

Not a zero. Okay, well, let's pull this plug out right here and we'll see what kind of condition this one's in. Thank you. All right, let's try one more.

I Think this is overkill, but it never hurts to have twice as much information. Let's see what we got. Yeah, same same bit of nasty that's coolant in oil. Yeah, this thing's junk.

Okey-dokes Well, if at the minimum we need an engine for this thing, or well, not really. Um, I mean it might be a head gasket issue. I Don't know what happened to it. This car came from the auction.

The fact that it's uh, got no compression on at least two cylinders and it sounds like it's all four cylinders. That leads me to believe that, uh, there was some kind of catastrophic failure here. Maybe it was in race car mode? who knows. But this engine will never run again.

So uh, I'm just gonna slap some of this stuff back together and call it a day on this one. I Know it was kind of a short one. you got to see a little bit of Carnage that's cool I Didn't expect to find what we found, but is what it is. Oh, get out of town.

Oh no. Hang on we're not done yet. My compression tester is stuck here. Check this out.

Look what's happening. The hose is twisting and it's not. Uh, it's not on threading down in the head. Oh no.

maybe if I kind of pull on it, that'll help. Come on. Oh, here it comes. Oh sweet.

Okay, Crisis diverted I might need to get that fixed. End of: Miata You know this tool has survived 20 years because I keep putting it away in the Box That's awesome. Yeah I Know that was bothering you guys. You know it's gonna bother you even more knowing that I didn't put the spark plug back.

Yep, it's mine. I Always keep the souvenir opening Z Hood Okay so I completely messed up the beginning of this video and I took pictures instead of recording video. So that being said, good day to you everybody! Welcome back! Glad you were here. We just pulled a little blue Chevrolet Cobalt into the building.

Customer: States Vehicle overheating. Yeah, that's right. it's the Cobalt It's the heartbeat of America 2005 model. Uh, 104 663 miles on the clock.

popping. Is it already popped? or is it a silent pop? I Guess it's silent? Okay, our customer: States Vehicle overheating. Cool and slow. It overheats quite often.

He's continuously adding coolant to it. Doesn't see a leak. Oh, come out of there. UPS Oh, we're not popping Z anything.

It's uh, it's kind of stuck. Really, please come out. yeah I Don't know. Yeah, got it.

Got it some. There we go, All right. Z Hood is popped. See what we got here to work with? Okie Dokes.

Looks like we got the Ecotec four-cylinder here. It's the 2.2 liter and it looks actually relatively dry in here. I Don't see any leaks? Well, hang on. Hang on.

Hang on. Hang on. There's some saturation right there. Okay, see what's in here? See what we got in there? Uh uh whoa.

whoa. whoa. That didn't look good. That's uh.

that's not looking good at all. What is that? That's not coolant? It looks like, uh, like transmission fluid. Oh oh oh no. So where'd all the coolant go? Hang on.

Are we leaking? Yeah, we're leaking over here around that one area. But where's all the engine coolant? That's not right here? Let's uh, let's pull this cover off real quick. Okay, let's see what we got here. All right, let's get in there with the hose clamp pliers.

I'm assuming this is a super low on its level I Don't see much going on inside of that, uh, that coolant reservoir and who knows something? Maybe someone put the wrong fluid inside of that? Reservoir Who knows. So let's uh. let's get into this hose right here and just see what that, uh, that fluid's looking like. Plus, with the hose open, we can, at least, uh, stick our flanges in there and get a a sample of it to see what it is because it sure does not look like deck.

School The the GM coolant they used. uh, they use like a red or a pink dyed coolant. Oh whoa. Oh no.

Look at that guys. Look at that. that's not cool. that is.

Uh, that's coolant and I don't even know what that smells like. It doesn't smell good though. I'm plugging that back up. It's dripping out everywhere.

Oh no. this is. uh. dust.

Isn't it good? What this is right here is a coolant slash transmission fluid mixture. That's what this is. So the question is is, how did ATF get into the engine coolant? I bet. Uh, I bet it came through I Wonder if this thing has a cooler? Let's see.

here's our trans. Ah, it's leaking on the floor. Yeah, look at that. That's a mess.

Oh nasty. Okay, hang on here. We need to. We need to fix this.

That's not good. What we need are some absorbent mats. There we go. These are fantastic.

When used appropriately in this situation, right here is definitely appropriate. Stick that on there. Big Daddy Adam Sandler's style. He just put some paper on top of it and it's good.

Okay, so anyway, how did these two fluids mix? How do we get transmission fluid mixed with coolant and vice versa? It's got to come through some kind of a cooler trans cooler? Um I Wonder if this even has a trans cooler? So there's our transmission right down yonder. Here's a: There's a pair of lines bolting into it. and there's that one right there. See that one.

And then there's one more just below it and those are running. Looks like straight into the radiator. Yeah, yeah, here's one of them right here. And then the other one is down there down below it.

So it appears that the radiator also houses the uh transmission cooler. Um, oh, that means that the radiator has failed. Okay, all right, let's check. Uh, let's see if I can't reach the plug down there for the trans.

Let's see if there's a coolant inside of the transmission next. It stands to reason that there could be. Sometimes that stuff will only pump one way. Sometimes it communicates back and forth.

But let's find out. Let's see. Come on. unscrew.

There's a cap to fill the trans right down yonder. Let's pull this guy off. What do we got? What do we got? We have got to stop saying got yeah. Look at that.

We have the uh. the same homogeneous mixture. See right there. Oh, flashlight's dying.

Looks like we've got the same mixture inside of the transmission. Okay, so what we know is that there's transmission fluid inside of the cooling system and there's engine coolant inside of the transmission. Now, this one's a little bit more pink than than that orange color down there, which tells me that this is mostly a one-way leak, but there's still engine coolant that has contaminated the transmission. So first thing we got to do is turn off the disco light.

Uh. Second thing we're gonna have to do well. Number one: we're gonna have to replace that radiator. That radiator has a leak internally and it's allowing these two fluids to communicate.

Then we need to flush out all the transmission from the coolant, transmission fluid from the cooling system. words. And then we will have to get into the transmission and remove all the coolant from the transmission. Now now this vehicle was driven in.

Uh, I Have not driven this car just because it was overheating and I didn't want to take it out on the road with an overheat condition, but um, it looks like uh, well, I'm assuming that it drives I'm hoping they didn't drive it too long. I'm gonna have to advise everybody that transmission damage may have occurred, but at the minimum, we're going to need a radiator and a trans filter and then two very, very extensive fluid exchanges. If This Were Mine I Would want to go ahead and replace the thermostat and probably all the hoses because that ATF is a petroleum-based fluid and petroleum and rubber do not mix well together. They don't play nice, so so unless the rubber is designed for it and cooling system hoses are not.

so. I Do believe we should be replacing the hoses and the thermostat. probably that tank tube just because that's also contaminated. And of course the radiator.

uh I Hope the Trans has survived. Yeah, there's a lot of unknowns on this one. This is kind of a risky business. It's a it may not be savable, especially if that transmission has a has suffered some damage I need to go ahead and charge this battery I've uh, I've found that if I let these batteries run down too low, they will not recharge later on.

and uh, that upsets me. You put them on the charger and they just start doing the Blinky red thing I disapprove. Um, well since we're doing a cooling system repair, let's at least be a comprehensive and thorough here and at least make sure uh, that the fan is going to run I don't know. Uh I don't know what caused the failure.

Uh, perhaps the fan crapped out and then overheating caused the radiator failure or something else. Let's turn on the AC with the AC commanded on it. Should go ahead and kick that fan on right away. Let's go.

Uh, let's go verify such things. Okie Dokes AC is running the uh the compressor clutch. Yeah, you can see Focus compressor is on and the fan is not on. You see that we have no fan That's not good.

Okay, so we need a fan also. Okay, let's just see if there's a chance we can wake this fan back up sometimes if you bang on them some. there it goes all right. So we've got a bad cooling fan.

Yeah, it's running now. Got a bad fan motor? that may have been what caused it? It may not. but I'm going to recommend the fan to go along with it. Let's power this thing down.

We don't want to break it any more than it's already broken. Okay, so at the bare minimum to make this car exist in real life again, we need to do a radiator. We need to do a fan. We need to do a full system coolant fluid flush.

Like not even just a fluid exchange. Like. we need to clean all this stuff out of here. Uh, repeat said procedure with the transmission.

I'm going to recommend we put a trans filter in the trans and uh, well. first off, I'm gonna. I'm gonna caution that the Trans may have suffered damage driving around with coolant inside of it, but assuming that the transmission has not, uh, self-destructed. Uh, after we do the filter, we'll do a couple transmission fluid exchanges to get rid of that coolant mixture that's in there, and uh, and then maybe we'll be good to go.

So let's uh, let me run this past. uh, the fella that owns a car and uh, we'll go from there. So uh. that being said, we're probably not going to do all that today because this is, uh, this can take me like an hour just to estimate this so we're not going to do this today.

Additionally I have a full shop still doing some actual work on Project Jeep and still trying to diagnose a very Phantom odd issue with this Jaguar right here I'll maybe I'll make a video about that later I'm not so certain. uh, maybe I will, maybe I won't. But my point being is that I cannot finish or start work on that until I get one of these two out of here. So uh, that's going to be a project for later if it gets, uh, if in fact, it gets approved.

So that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now. and as always, I'll do that by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. I Hope you enjoyed this video. If in fact, you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below.

Drop me a comment or two while you're down there. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves not touching the lens. A great day! See you guys later! end of blue Chevrolet Cobalt 2.2 liter.

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