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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! We are finally getting around to uh starting the process on this 2007. Chevrolet Monte Carlo For those of you who have not witnessed this vehicle, I featured it and inspected it the day that I fired a customer I will leave uh I actually made a video about that I'll leave a link to that video description uh and in the pinned comment and probably the end screen also. Anyway, that will conclude my moment of Shameless self-promotion Uh, this 07 V8 powered Super Sport Monte Carlo has been laid up for years. Uh, it's got huge coolant leaks from the water pump.

It's got a leaking power steering rack. It has a leaking power steering pump, leaking steering lines. Uh, it's got destroyed control arm bushings. Uh, the list kind of goes on and on.

I've got a pile of Parts on order to uh to service this vehicle and I'm gonna go ahead and get started on it today. I Can tell you right now this is not a one day project. This thing is going to take a little bit of this thing is going to take a little bit of effort to, uh, get it back together and operating. but that's the plan and that's what we're gonna do.

Now you may ask, why would someone spend a boatload of money on a 2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo And the answer is because it's a super sport and it's V8 powered. Realistically, if the customer did not want to restore this car, I would buy it and restore this car because I kind of like this thing I think it would be a pretty nice daily. Anyway, that's enough rambling and jaw. Jack And I'm gonna go ahead and back this thing in.

We're going to get it up on the big lift in the corner and take it apart and prepped for repair and restoration. So stay tuned because this is going to be an interesting video opening. Z Hood Okie Dokes We are backed into the big lift. see we have a check engine light on it.

Just got a new battery installed at 103 332 miles on the odometer. Yeah, this thing's pretty low mileage and like I said, it's been laid up for a while. We'll address that light later on. We don't know what that's about.

There's plenty of hard parts that have failed that have rendered this vehicle inoperative powering down. We'll fix all that stuff up later and then we'll check in on that light. Uh, when we're done. so let us popping in the hood.

Oh, it's already popped I left it. Let's see what we have down here. You guys have seen it before. 5.3 liter V8 Powered front wheel Drive sport Monte Carlo the last of the Generation All right.

So I've got it up on the rack. Wheels are off of it I Went ahead and drained the oil because we're going to change the oil in that anyway. Uh I believe I'm gonna start with the steering and uh, the steering lines and we'll work our way up around to the top side of the engine where I'm gonna get to the power steering pump and at some point, uh, I'm gonna go ahead and pull that water pump off of there and get that fixed and then after that's done, we'll move on to the suspension. I'll get rid of these control arms with these nasty, torn, oil soaked bushings.

Then we'll get some fluids filled up, We'll clean everything, pressure wash it, and then we can run down some of the smaller, more nitpicky items that this vehicle is going to need. All righty Time to get started. We're over here at the driver's side, uh, front wheel and I'm gonna go ahead and pull these tie rods off the steering. Knuckles We'll do this side, then the other side and uh, we'll raise this thing up.

We'll begin to disconnect the uh, this, uh, the subframe. It'll drop subframe down and then we can scoot this, uh, rack and pinion out of, uh, out of the vehicle. It's kind of the plan so far. Yeah, I'm gonna be going from uh, big pieces down to small pieces that was easy.

Tie rods are being replaced also so these old ones can just stay right on the steering gear. Let us move to the other side away from the shop vac because it is loud. So go over here and get this one next. So normally I would I would not Hammer these little studs out for fear of damaging the stud or the threads.

However, this unit is being replaced so I don't have to worry about that. You know, while I'm here I may as well pull these sway bar bushings out of here. I'm going to replace those as well. A lot of this stuff is going to be replaced.

Unclicked a little steam. Okay, let's get that thing out of here. I need to unbolt the other side and then I should be able to get enough slack to run that through. Maybe maybe I can hammer it? Uh no, let me go on both the other side back to the driver's side.

We're going to do a lot of walking around back and forth action the way it's going to be. So the uh, the sway bar or roll bar or anti-roll bar or anti-sway bar working twist with the vehicles in a turn and it's basically just a linear spring so when the vehicle turns, it will rock to one side or the other. As it as it does that, it will put some torque on this bar and then the counter force of that bar trying to return back is what helps to level the vehicle and keep it level during a turn. and the bushings are junked so we're replacing them.

See that that's no bueno. This is going to come out now. Uh, let's try this. It's not coming out this.

is why I needed to take off both sides. We can pry bar this bar out of the way as a part in. Pieces Come here and that's what we're stuck on. A plastic shim piece in the middle there.

I know pry. Hammer Maybe that'll work. Um, owl plastic thing? it's not working. Nope.

I'm gonna break it all right I'm going straight to Level Six Escalation Pneumatic Linear impact. It wasn't supposed to do that there. it's a crust of Rusty look at that nasty. that's a little crusty.

nasty. Okay, let's go get that other side. a little linear impact. driver that one.

and then, uh. we'll raise this thing up and work on the separating bolts. Yeah, the plastic came apart good. Never seen plastic rusted to metal before.

How about that? It's actually not the plastic rusting. It occurred from rust jacking on the metal. it. uh, it swells up and expands when it rusts.

and that expansion probably was gripping on that inner bore and creating excess friction, preventing me from removing the unit. But that's all in the past now. Moving on. Okay, moving on with this assembly.

Let's go back around. Lift this thing up and we'll attack it from the underside. Carriage Green Subscribe button back up. All right.

We're down here on the bottom side in order to get this power steering gear out. and also in order to get to the fasteners for it, you need to get some access. So what I will do is loosen these uh, subframe bolts. There's one here, one over here and a couple more up front and what that will do is allow this subframe to drop down slightly and that will give me the clearance that I need to go in there and fish those bolts out.

so we're gonna. We're not taking them all the way out because then the whole engine transmission assembly falls down and smashes me. That would be bad, but I can? We'll take her loose and we'll go ahead and get this thing re-threaded to do. All right.

So that's in. We'll do three turns. Three thread engagement. That is safe.

So three turns Now we're good there and repeat over here on the driver's side. Go ahead and let her down. Sketchy. There we go.

That's good right there. Okay, now at this point we can see there's a there's one of the bolts right there. Hang on right? You can't see it's right here. There it is.

There's one of the bolts for the steering gear and then the other one is hiding over here somewhere. So what I'm gonna do is go ahead and remove this sway bar. We need to, uh, come around to the outside of the wheel wells again and we'll pull the straps off the top of the sway bar. There's two bolts there.

Once those are removed, we can slide the bar out. Well, look at here. The steering gear is now leaking profusely. See it leaking from right up there behind that boot? Look at that.

Yeah, it broke while fixing it. How about that? All right? Coming in with a 13 mil, let's go ahead and just break these guys loose on clicks. Now that wasn't tight at all. Okay, there's one next one.

kind of harder to get to. We'll just kind of shove that thing in there there. This one's tighter. I'm gonna take this one.

Oh no. don't break my ratchet right there. Doesn't want to come out okay. I'll do it the manual way.

No I won't a little more light on the subject. all that rust? it's hard to believe I could use more lubricant? How about that? Lube To save the day, Come out all right. Well, it's halfway out back to the passenger side. We go.

Okay, going back in time to wrench and repeat: give it some lubricants I Mean this. That side's kind of got plenty on there. Uh, never mind. no additional lubricant required on the passenger side.

There's enough leak that should be sufficient here. I'm gonna go to the other side and pull that steering rack out. Maybe we can get some clearance here if I can get this Bellows boot out of the way more. That works like a charm here.

Let's move this out of the way and get that last 13 millimeter. Bolt that thing came out no problems there. we go. Put that one aside and now this sway bar assembly is free from the uh from the vehicle.

So I don't know if I can maneuver this out or not, but it fell down some and I've got more space to get to those uh uh, the bolts for the rack and pinion. Okay, yeah, I I need to get this sway bar out of the picture I don't have the kind of space that I need I think I can maneuver this out I think I might have to turn it, twist it, and wiggle it or it's not even gonna come out. Yeah, no, no, she's not gonna come out. Okay so I need to get this sway bar out of here.

but I don't really have the space due to the bends that are in it. So what I've done is put a jack stand under the subframe and pulled the remaining two rear bolts out and that's going to allow me to lower this in a controlled fashion to generate more space to get these uh, opponents out of the vehicle and that's as far as it's going. Let's put some more up pressure on it and that should be good. Let's try to maneuver this bar out of here.

I think uh I think I can get it out now Maybe hopefully probably Yeah, it still doesn't really want to come out Let's go. let's go this way with it. Maybe I can get to come out from the other side. Foreign.

Okay, now that that pesky sway bar is out of the way, let's go back to the driver's side Ogin. We will disconnect the steering shaft and then we'll go after the two big mounting bolts. After that, we'll take the lines loose and then this unit can slide out from either side. Alrighty, so back up in this hole on the driver's side.

we push up this little uh sleeve right here. we can see the collar at the steering shaft and then we have right here. What? I call the Kill People Bolt and that is the bolt that connects the steering shaft to the steering gear and forgetting to install that will cause the steering shaft to separate from the steering gear while driving, thus resulting in a loss of control and probably killing somebody. So I call it the Kill People bolt because it is a severely important bolt and must not be denied or forgotten or under torque or cross threaded or anything else.

So we're gonna make sure to, uh, stress the importance of this bowl very much that way. Uh, we don't forget it later on. Look at that. Anyway, it's an 11 millimeter metric bolt.

We'll pull this guy out and that will separate the shaft from the steering gear and then we can work on getting this thing unbolted and removed. Now Come here You You know what? my attention gravity does run out. Impact Gun I Love it. Do that in the last like four seconds.

four threads or whatever. Okay, steering shaft has kind of separated itself from the Uh from the gear. Let's fetch there it is one more pry bar action just to just to send it home. Get that shaft off of the gear Ram It There we go.

We have removal. Let's go down below here. We've got an 18 mil, an 18 and then two nuts on either side and that's gonna separate the rack and pinion from the subframe. Okie Dokes got the wobbly action on the half inch.

Drive Impact We're gonna go in and bust these nuts. get, uh, get this thing unbolted. get that one out, come out. I Love wobbles.

Oh I almost caught that like on top of the sake. You guys see that. That would have been super cool, but it didn't work anyway. Bolt number two and then the nut I can't see it there it is.

Oh cheers. Sleep there we go. Got it. Both nuts, both bolts removed.

Okay. next up I Need to get the lines disconnected. They are located right up here in that hole. There's an 18 millimeter line and a 16 mil line.

You need to get those guys removed next now. I'm wondering if I can do this and still allow you guys to be able to see what I'm doing in here. Slip in the Snap-on flank Drive wrench on the kick that line. all that's going to come free very easily.

it broke loose. That's good. I think I can just, uh, spin it off by hand if I've got the space. Yep, oh, it's beautiful.

It's coming off I love it when things do what I want them to do. okay, that's one good and uh, the next one. I can't get to just yet. Let me disconnect these lines from the of that thing.

they're clipped onto the subframe I just need to unclip them. Oh, got some spillage. you almost landed on my leg That would have excused me. Okay, there's the 18 and the 16.

uh, it's hard to see I can see it from over here. barely. Okay. I'm gonna try to get that from back here I might have to put some Crow's foot wrenches together and get it from the other side, but we're gonna try it here first.

If I can break it Loose we're good and it's not a 16. French fail. It's an 18. Okay, round two: trying again with the correct sized nut.

Yeah, that would fit the correct size tool. unclick. That could have hurt if I got my finger in the way. Yep, it's coming off beautiful.

Okay, both lines are now disconnected. That's the return and the pressure line. The racks been unbolted from the subframe. You see it's moving independently.

now. we just gotta pry bar this thing up and then move it out through the side. All right. beginning.

pry bar action. Now should just come right up. No problem. Flashlight down came right at us.

It went straight for you guys. Almost got killed by a by a flashlight. That's not cool. Okay, the racks free.

I Need to try to let this thing down a little bit farther. It's starting to run into the exhaust up there. a little bit more down action. It's good.

All right. let's see if I can get this thing to work out or not. It's kind of still a tight squeezing with all that space we created. So what I need to do is just kind of pull on this tie rod and then I'll wiggle it with, uh, the pry bar here and maybe it'll it'll come out I Think better.

Unless those hoses are bolted on at a second location, it's possible we're going to pull it out as far as I can. Oh nope, we're coming. Yeah, come on. Steering gear become removed.

Try to rotate it, summon, sort of. pull it out. it's free. It's just running into stuff.

Hey, can you grab that hose right there and pull that hose out of the way? Thank you good sir. Oh no no what? uh what? am I hung up on in there nothing. Don't let me smash your fingers. Is it gonna make me take the exhaust off to get an extra eighth of an inch of clearance? I'm not doing that.

pry bar it out all the way now. I'll just twist it, turn it sideways. That works. Oh, grab the grab the tie rod on the other side.

That's what was holding us up. Don't smash your fingers. There we go. It is free.

Nice junk. Alrighty, we are back down below again. I've got one of the bolts in the subframe to hold it up. Jack stand has been removed and our lines are dangling now.

I've got a new set of lines to go with this unit. Uh, one of these runs up to the power steering pump. We can get that one later. This one runs up to the pump and then forward to the cooler which is that guy dangling right there and then it's going to terminate over here on this side.

So there's actually two power steering lines. One of them is a cooler. So what we're gonna do is maneuver this cooler line out of here and I think I'm gonna have to lower the subframe on the front side to get this out. It's got to come up and over and back and down and then out.

I think but I need to get it fully disconnected first. I've removed all the clips right here and the clips on the back side. But like I said, there's one line up top at the pump and I need to go ahead and get that thing removed. So what we're gonna do? Uh, we're gonna let this thing down.

I'm gonna go ahead and pull this nasty belt off and get that thing out of here. And then we'll disassemble the lines and disconnect them from the reservoir and the pump up top. Then we can drop those things out. and uh, that's how we will proceed.

So let's go around back to our controls. let this thing down, get it off the open locks, coming back down again. Okay, I think that should be good for now. Safe on the locks.

Now come around here to our belt side. pull the belts you see I've got the battery removed Again, we need to disconnect the belt and then we'll start to fish this power steering pump and the reservoir out of here. Get that removed. And uh, maybe we'll do the water pump today.

Maybe not. I'm not certain yet. but uh, let's get the stuff that's stared at us in the face like this fluid soaked serpentine belt. Okay, so we need to get that tensioner untensioned here.

Hold that pry bar. Okay, now the way we're gonna do that is now. you Got to come down here. There's see.

that little bolt right there. That bolt. Yeah well. you can see someone's done it before you put, uh, get your pry bar on top of that bolt and pry it down against that piece of the body.

It's going to compress that spring and that will release the tensioner. So you do that and I will clone them and disconnect it. You want a light? Uh, no. I should be good? Yeah, Go ahead and Fry That Thing loose.

You only got to go a little bit. Yeah, you're pretty good there. Hold it okay. Light up.

Pull your pry bar out. That's all we needed. There's supposed to be a special tool for that. Um I don't own one.

Probably not going to own one because the pry bar method works. and realistically I see like one of these every many years. Let's get this thing out of here. Come on.

Yeah, it's stuck on all types of stuff. I Think this: this is like mush. It's so oil saturated that it feels like, uh, like sticky. Band-Aids or something.

It's gross. It's It's very gross to the touch. Let's get that through the tensioner there and it's all squishy. disgusting.

We throw this away. Yeah, thank you good sir. I Get to touch the sticky bandage. Yeah, throw that nasty thing away.

Nasty. I Guess while those belts are removed, we can check the pulleys looking for side play feeling for grinding. Those are all good. Got a tensioner pulley that one feels good.

That idler down there? That one feels good. There's our water pump in question. That one does not feel good. That looks good there too.

So now that that's out of the way, we can pull this Reservoir off. Uh, you want to go fetch a 10 and pull that thing off? Yep, and then I'll pull this pump out. Looks like we need a 13, 3 13s. Yep, all right, let's do this the fast easy way.

Unfix. beautiful and it fell down cool. I Set it down right here. and then it fell down.

It's not what I wanted to happen. no worries. So those are our three bolts for the pump. Some of these pumps don't have the holes in them, so you've actually got to remove the pulley from the pump to get it to come out.

And in fact, I'm probably gonna have to remove this one to get it to come out because it's kind of captured by the the bracket right there. I Think we'll see, let's pull that guy off and maybe it all comes out as like one assembly unclick it I Think there's another one somewhere. unless it just kind of slides up. Yeah, yeah.

grab that and pull it up and see if these come out as one unit. Or if I got a it pulls pulley off, it's unbolted. There's nothing left to. it's just kind of sandwiched in there there.

Very awkward. like an upside down. Turtle Don't Force It I'm trying not to. Yeah, yeah, it's definitely pinched in there.

Yeah, all right, fetch a screwdriver, let's take this off, and then let's take this return line off as well. Yeah, you get that one. I Will get this one back here. Slide that guy over and we'll just kind of pry it off.

I Didn't buy another. Reservoir Actually I didn't buy the pump either. Customer bought the pump. It's in the trunk.

it's in the trunk with the trunk junk. hose is hardening too. Hmm I Feel like I'm gonna break this nipple on this Reservoir Yeah I can't even get any Flex out of the hose. Pry bar, pry bar, everything.

Now we'll try the medium pry bar. I Just need to push that hose off of that little plastic deal right there. Got it? Okay, that appears to be bolted on in the back somewhere. Need to unbolt that later.

All right. Now that helped a little bit. kind of maybe. I don't know.

Let's pry bar this thing off. Also, look at that. You see that thing disintegrate plastic that's a GM wire loom. Plastics they don't hold up so well over over time.

Fry hammer, Slide that clamp off a little further. Come on you. So the problem here is that there's like surface adhesion, see how it's just stuck to it. We need to get behind that hose without poking a hole through it and just kind of break that Bond between the rubber in that in the metal bracket thing or whatever, if we can break that Bond it should just start to come out of there.

Another tactic is twist it. see how the Top's like free but the bottom is not. Give us some twists like that. See that Now it's coming loose.

Now we're not punching stuff and hurting ourselves. do that winter. Okay so in the absence of my power steering pump pulley puller which I cannot seem to locate I have a kind of Jerry rigged a three jaw puller onto this pulley. Uh, I've got to actually remove this pulley because the line that comes up bolts to the pump behind the pulley and I cannot.

Uh, I can't get the thing to come off and I can't reach the the line with a with a wrench. So I've got to remove this pulley hoping that this three saw does it and it doesn't. it came off. try again.

So I'm tempted to get mad and just break this pulley off and get another one which I might break it. uh, removing it. it's uh, that happens a lot but I'm gonna try. Oh it moved I'm gonna try to get it off without breaking it.

and yes, I will have to buy the proper tool to do this with, but it's after delivery time so I can't get it right now and I don't really want to stop for the day so we're just going to do this the not correct way see how that works out. and I'm out of space for that little shaft to protrude or to go into the pulley. So I need to like put a shim on this or take the ink piece off this little guy. But I did get it started.

it moved. so we're getting somewhere. Don't know where we're going, but we're going there. Okay, here's how I'm gonna do this: I'll stick a socket in there and then we'll put the uh, gravity? Yeah, So as I was saying, put a socket in there to kind of space the Fig out and maybe this is going to work.

The puller is kind of running sideways. It might work. it might not, but it's better than nothing and so far it is working. we'll see.

Keep on keeping on Joe Dirt Style it's beer. Tay Oh, Come off, there we go. Oh good now. Pry bar always more pry bar I Didn't have the flangy strength to hold that stationary prevent it from rotating by myself.

so we'll use pry bars to help us. Yeah, hold that forgot I exist I know sorry I forgot I can ask you to help me do stuff. it's not very good. uh, playing with others.

It's working on it though. I'm off. We've been doing this for far too long. Impact gun hey The Saga Hit the floor.

That's all that matters. There we go. The pulley has been pulling, there's the pump. and now with all the stuff out of the way, I Can get to the line right there and then pull the pump out.

Yay! Oh real quick. Take a look at this. You see how all that fluid's being flung out from the center diameter right here in the inside of that pulley. That tells us that the seal right here leaks in operation because there should be no fluid here.

But it's getting here and then it's flinging out as this pulley rotates. Okay, okay, 16 millimeter coming in right here. Let's give that a tug and crack the line loose. There we go.

Realistically I could have waited until all this was done before pulling those bolts out these ones. but I Thought I could cheat the system and just get this thing to come out as a singular unit. but I was wrong. Can't do that.

Come on there we go. Here Comes Our pump unit. A bunch of oil back here too. Look at that.

Okay, okay, now that this line is disconnected, we can feed it out through the bottom of the vehicle here and start to extract. Ooh I need to get that thing disconnected I think but I can't I can't even see the clip. Was that a cam position sensor? Yeah, the connectors on the top side of it and it's you. See it down there? I See it? Yeah, it's on the top side.

Do you have your pocket screws over? Still? Yeah. I Got It One finger for the clip and then the others. pop this guy out there. You go.

This is horrendous. See that right there. This will leave you at a no crank, no start. Well, a no start condition.

This thing wears through. Then the engine doesn't know the position of the crank. or Cam I'm not sure what sensor that is, but that's actually pretty critical. So if those wires rub through, uh, we're Sol I think it will be uh, getting shipped in on a tow truck.

So we need to fix that before this goes back together. So now we can see there's about a nanometer of space. Just try to squeeze this line out. So we need to get this line past.

I've got to get it past the tensioner tensioner pulley down there. I Don't know how to do that. Maybe it comes up heads. it's wedged in there.

Pretty good. Hey, we go grab a floor jack. let's pick the engine up some. Maybe we can do that.

Get this thing to come out. Um, get stuck. Just wedge this line in somehow. Yeah, it's getting stuck.

I'm getting everything stuck. Not cool. Well, it's not going down. Maybe I can hold the thing up to get it out.

Let's try that. Oh yeah, yeah buddy. I got it. I Think there's still the other metal end on the other side.

Try to feed that through. Yeah, feed that right up towards me. This ought to be interesting to pre-install It's making like 360 degree rotations. Oh Unbreak Line that? yeah.

There you go. Oh my man, that's it. Okay, a little more. it's like right here.

Oh, this line is covered in nasty too. I Hate touching it. Yeah, this is what I was afraid of that last section. See it.

Yeah, there we go. It moves more. This is ridiculous. Look at this.

if I rotate it around again. Well, oh, you know what? I can go through the Bottom Now yeah. you pull it out from the bottom side. send it your way.

now. This is terrible. Yeah, easy. Hang on.

Let me go. I mean yeah, I can cut it off, but I'd also like to be able to prove to myself that it comes in and out. You got it? Yeah, you got it. That's that's ridiculous.

Wow, All right. So at this point I'm thinking I'm forward thinking about that water pump right there. and I think I need to get this battery tray out of the way. Just like the power steering pump, there's bolts going through the pulley on the water pump.

Now the catch is is I don't think that, uh, be. this pump pulley is removable Words: So I need to get as much space as I can. So we're going to pull this tray out as long as those bolts aren't corroded and break off this thing out. See that corrosion explode? That was awesome.

That's out of here. And yeah, yeah, I can get to those pump holes. Now look at that. There's a little cut out right there I Can go in it with a wobbly and a quarter inch extension.

That's beautiful. Okay I know I said I was gonna pull out that power steering line cooler and all that stuff and I changed my mind on the Fly since we're here. I'm gonna try to get this water pump off first. there, there's one and the next one.

I think there's four. that feels like one. Sure all. I know what the deal is.

There's a bunch of sealant schmoo gooey stuff on here. That is problem. There's one right in there. Maybe there's five five fasteners? Yeah, there's one for each hole.

Let's get that guy off of there dude. and then one more down here. Can I Get it? Not a chance. Now with this tool.

Okay, let's do this. Yeah, that's interesting here. We'll do this with like a suicide wobble. We'll put a wobble extension on a universal see if that will.

uh, we'll get to it. We'll just Jam that thing in there. It's only got to work for a little bit. You guys stay there.

Don't fall. This is ridiculous. Look at that. I Don't know here.

Double compound suicide swivel wobbles. Try that. I'll make thing go at a 90 degree angle I Don't care I Just want to get it out of the hole. Yeah, Maybe that is.

Victory Sort of. Let's find the fastener become extracted I'm out of there. Hmm, nope. Grab bar.

Oh, you got it. Yeah, that should be all of them. So if we just do this. Wow, that's bad.

That's uh. horrendously bad. Look at that. A little crusty.

Um, do you not see what? I don't see. You know what's missing here. There's no impeller blades. How can it pump when there is nothing to pump? The blades are rusted so nothing.

Look, they're gone. I Think that's where they go? Yeah, here's a piece of one of them right here. Yeah, that's an impeller blade piece. Look at.

that. Isn't that? okay? Found that problem. Let's take this over to the bench and give it a closer examination. Head over there.

Bring that. Bring the lumens. Bring your light right over here. That's our old one.

Look at that and that's the new one. This is the actual pump, that's the impeller. And over here, we clearly have no impeller. Wow.

Yeah, that's why you don't put water just like straight water in for your coolant and leave it there. I wonder if there's any more of it left pieces or chunks or whatever? No, there's there's nothing there. There's nothing left. That means that the engine block is full of these types of little pieces somewhere.

That means all right guys, we're nearing the end of day on this thing. Um, I quit recording once we pulled that uh, that horrendous water pump out of this thing. Um, I did get the power steering cooler Line Assembly removed and installed and it took like an hour and a half. It was a real bear.

That's the unit right there. It wraps, It goes from all the way back at the steering rack, and then it runs forward under the engine, around the subframe, forward again, and then it ends up going up and over the subframe, and then the cooler section of the line mounts to the front of the subframe. So that thing was a real bear. Like I said, it took a very long amount of time and I did not do much recording of that because it was frustrating and oily and greasy and I was not happy with uh with that particular aspect of this repair.

That being said, I'm a little bit tired. we're fixing to get out of here. it is end of day so I'm gonna go ahead and close this out as a disassembly portion of the video. As you've gathered, of course I installed the new one already.

Again, that operation wasn't very good for filming, so we just kind of skipped over that. So uh, that being said, I'll uh I'll pick this one up tomorrow when we go to Uh perform the reassembly phase so we'll pick this back up later on. uh, tomorrow. I've got two.

Uh, actually there is more just assembly on this, but I'll save that for later because that's suspension work. We're gonna finish up the steering stuff right now. then we'll do the water pump. Then we'll put a new pulley or put the old pulley on the new pump.

So we're doing a new power steering pump, new water pump, new lines, new rack with tie rods, and then after that, I can do the suspension work. So that being said, again, and as always, thank you guys for watching. Let me know what you think about this vehicle. Uh, down in the comment section below, Drop me a like button while you're down there.

And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves great day! See you guys later! End of: Monte Carlo.

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