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DIED on Bridge! PT2 Project 1995 Jeep Wrangler 4.0
Mechanic Stranded! Project Jeep Breaks Down! 1995 Wrangler 4.0 4x4
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Foreign. Oh it's dead. We're dead in the water crap. I didn't bring a phone.

that sucks opening. Z Hood Hello everybody. Good day to you! Welcome back! We returned to Project 1995. Jeep Wrangler 4 liter four-wheel drive.

We have received the replacement fuel tank and I've also got the replacement pump outside in the Shelf Uh, this thing had uh, suffered a low fuel pressure issues We pulled. uh, we thought it was a pump I pulled the pump out of it, found that the tank had been repaired with Uh RTV sealant and that the bottom of it was full of sediment and debris. We found a new fuel pump with a clogged pickup sock. Yeah, that is so bad.

Look at that that's supposed to be cleared and clean and it is rust nasty. So uh I decided we were going to go ahead and replace the tank because cleaning that out was going to be difficult. Plus this thing is I mean kind of. It's ruined from previous repair attempts.

So that being said, we uh, we upgraded the tank, purchased another tank. we have another fuel pump system and I've also gone ahead taken the liberty of ordering all the hoses and lines that are associated with this uh with this unit. So uh, the Jeep's back on the lift. we're headed back up in the air.

We're going to go ahead and see what we need to do to get this thing fitted, reinstalled and then we'll get the fuel pressure gauge reattached and we'll see this thing come up for like 10 pounds to I'm thinking like 32 to 40 PSI is what we need. So without any further introduction or a do, let's get started moving back up. All right. So I'm gonna have to transfer over some parts.

Uh, we can see that this old tank unit has a metal, uh, protective shield. I Think that's metal? Okay, it's got a shield under the bottom of it and then it is attached. The Shield is attached to the tank via these straps right here. Now this new different designed tank has a new set of straps.

but I do not have another. Shield So what I need to do is disassemble this tank to put this shield on that tank using those straps. That's a kind of the plan. I I've never installed one of these customized tanks before.

I'm not sure how this is going to work, but we're gonna get through it together. Unclicks not working. Okay here, let's try the bigger gun. Maybe this one will unstrap the straps dude.

Okay, let's get rid of how's this gonna work here? Okay, yeah, we'll push these guys through and then some. Get those out of the way and we'll get this tank out of the way and out of the building because it stinks like petroleum there. We've already had a fuel spill, uh, nearby. so I don't want to have any extra risk anymore.

Bad things come in threes. Definitely in threes. Well, that's what they say. anyway.

in threes? Um, all right dude. here's what we're gonna do. Uh, we're gonna pick this up. set the whole thing down.

Okay. we will pick the tank up off of this skid panel, and then we'll carry it outside. Okay, that's a new one. Oh, there's not that much gas in there down.

We go all right. and we need to kind of separate this so there it is. Get under it. go under it.

Let's get this junk outside. Parts Falling off. She thinks cheap things. Uh, yeah.

right over here. not by the fan so it's not blowing. uh, fumes inside. I Had enough of that right? here's good.

Wow. very good. Let's see. And while we're out here, let's fetch the Uh filter and the pump is coming with me.

Okay, new fuel pump is being unboxed. Let's just go ahead and set this thing in. and uh, get this pump bolted onto the new tank. Then what we shall do is take the tank, set it over here in the shield, get that thing strapped in, and then we'll wheel it over and see how it fits in the chassis.

now. Fortunately, this new pump came with a new steel and everything. So I don't have to reuse old seals on uh, a new equipment. There we go.

Okay dogs pump coming in. We've got the the float attached to pump. They do not come pre-attached the seal is in position. Let's go ahead and, uh, drop this thing down in its home.

Get in there. So okay that one. Get the bolts started. Let's Line the seal up.

We'll get a couple of these started by hand. Actually all of them. There's little uh, metal inserts down in the plastic and those little threaded inserts are what the the bolts thread into. They don't actually thread into, uh, plastic.

Which is good because plastic strips does not make for a very good thread. An incline plane wrapped around a cylinder. Think about it. a couple more here.

Pull that seal over some that one started. Please get started. Come on there we go. That one's not straight.

Okay, let's button these down real quick. Thank you. Very good. Okay let's get this tank.

uh over here. set up into the shield I Need this. Get rid of these. These can go on later.

Go ahead and move this thing. Oh gravity camera gravity. let's move this thing over. Let me move you guys over first.

There you go. Come on Fuel tank. It's very light with no fuel in it. This is good.

that down right in there that's good. Here's the fit. I Like that. Okay now I need to get these little straps here.

set up what we do. Disconnect these hoses again. Fail. Come on Ventos.

There we go. These are going to slide down and become inserted into some grooves in The Shield and then we can bend it and fold it around the tank and then strap it on. It's kind of how this is supposed to go Judo Chop Bend it down over here and then we'll take the bolts and secure it to the uh, the shield down there. It's one side.

let's move this over and we'll repeat the procedure on this side. over here. a little Groove down there in the uh your Shield Let's get there. We go.

snap, move that, give it a Bend and then another right here and again. the bolts will draw this all down and tighten it up. Let's unpackage these uh Fasteners here. A couple notes, a couple bolts, a couple washers.

bring that down, put it through the hole. tight squeeze. I Need big pliers? Let's try this with some channel locks and just enough to get the nut on and then we can. We can fiddle with this some more later.

there we go. get that nut in. Fail, not fail. One more time please.

I'll put you in the Press Keep it up. Okay, good. Okay, so what I'm gonna do is try to, uh, make these little turns. These bends closer to 90 degrees so I'll just kind of cap on it at the corner just so it kind of uh, sharpens up that radius.

I Can tighten it again and repeat. Very good. foreign. So now that that fits better, I Can go back in and get the washers on them.

Very good. There's one washer not going back on. I'll repeat on this side over here. Get on there washer.

Clips Fuel tank linkages, food, and of course I'll put the vent hose back on and we're about ready to rock and roll. Let's get this thing rolled over to the truck. Oh, it's too light. It slides.

Come on. Oh I Need to put the lift and four wheel drive here. It's got some debris. Okay, spin this around so it's pointed the right way.

That's good. This connector. the same connector looks like it. Okay.

Got the two two spouts bent hose. There's our vent and fuel lines right here. All right. let's go ahead and Jack this thing up and get it in position.

fuel tank moving on up, all the way up. Okay, so we're close enough for our lines and uh, and hoses to reach. So let's go and get this stuff plugged in. That's our power line right there.

And then we've got both of the fuel uh, fuel lines, the return line, and a pressure line. Those are going to plug in and screw together right here. Big ones the pressure line and the smaller one is going to be a return line. That's what the logic dictates.

anyway. plug that and then a little more. There we go. Tighten that guy down.

Come on. Hose clamp. There we go. Okay, hoses are on, Power supply is powered.

Let's bring this thing all the way up and secure it to the chassis. Moving on up. I'll reach in at the last second and get the uh that evap vent line device up there installed. The hose is way way up here and the other one's way down down here.

Foreign all the way. Nice. Fits pretty good. Okay, it actually fits easier than uh than the other tank did by my guesstimation.

Cool. Alrighty, got the uh, the Fasteners started I Put him in. when you guys aren't looking to save some time, Let's get these things bolted in. four in the back and three in the front.

Okay, and there's the other three right here. That one's spinning. That one's spinning. I Need to get a wrench.

My bolts keep spinning every time. I Stop. Yeah, that one hooked up. All right.

No more screwing around. Let me get a wrench. Let's just do this the proper way. I think I'm on this one.

Yes. Okay. I have wrenched. Let's do this the proper way.

Hold my nuts. That one doesn't fit. I Grabbed the wrong knife here. Let's just undo what I Just did the wrong bolt.

Silly Rabbit here. I'll just try that again with a different bolt and then the different bolt will work there. One was standard pitched bolts, bolt threads and the other was metric I Think that is where I found there we go Now we're cooking here. Good Okay this unit is bolted in.

Let's get rid of the trans jack. it's coming down, we don't need you. Goodbye Transmission jack unit. Alrighty next stop I Want to get the uh filler neck tubing installed? We have to do that next.

I think we're going to go here and it's going to plug into the tank right there and I'll see if I can't get this thing to squeeze on. it's going over the spout and right up here a little bit more. I know it's a little short. well hold this out.

some get up there all the way on please. there a little clamp was, uh, almost too tightish there. Now it goes and then I can go back and get it on the other side there. much better.

good. let's clamp our clamps and then we'll get the other hose. that's the uh, the vent hose. Let's get let's get this little guy tight right here.

all the way tight and crazy Again, we don't need to extrude the rubber through the slats in the hose clamp. If you seem to provide some clamping for us, Go and the other camp I'll get that from the bottom up if I can reach tight squeeze and it's dark. Oh come on turn please can't get a angle on it with my driver. it's not working.

There's a it's another fuel line hose in my way. Um, my vision is obstructed. Did there we go. All right now we're cooking.

I got it all right. That's two clamps on the fill hose. then I got one more. one more clamp for one more hose, one more hose, two more clamps.

That's what I'm trying to say. Okay, coming in with the vent tube. that one's got to go up and over the the nipple is behind the uh, the filler too. I Probably should have put this one on first, but I didn't So we're just gonna.

We're gonna reach in there blindly and wiggle it until it goes in. That's the plan. Almost a little bit more wiggle action here. The thing about reproduction Parts they're they're so close, but just not right on the money.

Every time there we go. Okay, that hose is on. We run down these clamps here and we're good to go. get this one in.

gotta back it off some it's out of alignment. There we go. That one's good. almost.

come on a little tighter. okay and then I don't know if you can see even. we'll get. uh, we'll get that one right there.

I'll reach around from the back side here and get all of it There we are, clamp you down, and then, well, heck we can put some fuel in it. We'll let her down, put fuel in it, throw the gauge back on, and then. uh I gotta do something about that fuse box issue that it's got. I may just run like a connector and a wire up to the fuse box because I can't get a replacement fuse block that's not like of the eBay variety where they just cut the wires off.

but I can't get one of those I can't get a new replacement. So uh, I'm just gonna have to somehow fix what I've got uh what we have going on under the hood here with the existing equipment Okay Jeep coming down all the way down. So what we'll do is, we'll toss some fuel in this, get the gauge back on it, do something about that wiring issue under the hood with the relay, and then, uh, we'll start it up. check the pressure If pressure is good, which it will be because I said.

So we'll throw a new filter in it and uh, take it out on the Pro ad see how it runs. Contact achieved with ground that's still disconnected so is that good? It's popping the hood of the Jeep I can reach there we go. entering Jeep Service mode: Okay plug. We're gonna handle gasoline today without spilling any of it.

Nope. A couple drops. Yeah. I'll throw in I think I got like four gallons here.

we'll do the four gallons. That's plenty. Good for good enough for a test drive, good enough to get a reading on the fuel level, and uh, good enough to get fuel pressure that's for sure. Okie Dokes refuel complete.

Let's get our little uh cap back in there. Let's go key this thing on. see what it starts to do. Mix all right moment of truth? that's key on I Don't know if the pumps on these come on key on or if they don't come on until you crank.

I think you have to crank begin engine stocking sequence now. Uh nope. Nada with this problem. So I have my relays connected properly I think so relay is connected.

Yes, All right, one more time. Come on. Jeep Wake up Yes! Which is a knife? All right. Fuel pressure? there we go.

look at that pounds 37 pounds. let's pull the regulator off. should go up a little bit good. We have achieved the running condition with fuel pressure.

All right. I Like it. Let's check our gauge real quick, see if the fuel gauge says we have fuel and yeah, that's a couple gallons. Awesome! So far so good.

We're getting there now. actually you know what? Let's shut her down. power down now I need to figure out how to repair this electronically. Think what I'm gonna do is reinsert this where it's supposed to go and then uh, like epoxy it in or something.

I've got to be able to just repair that and stick it back in position because I can't replace this fuse block and like I said, I can get a new one but all the ones that are available are. well, not a new one. I can get a used one which they just take this assembly and then shop it all and it's just a bunch of wires with the plastic sticking out and that's not really going to solve a problem here. And since the options are limited, that means I've got to get a little creative here.

That's the plan. So so I'm gonna get rid of all this junk right here. We'll keep our relay because that's a good one. Get this stuff out of here, Disconnect that, get rid of this, clean all this stuff up, and I'm gonna pull this fuse box apart.

Fuse box. I Said block and box at the same time. I'm going to take the fuse blocks apart and we'll put this thing back. I'll figure a way to fasten it to the inside.

Maybe I can bend the tabs out. Maybe I can glue it. either way. I'm going to fix that somehow and then we'll take this thing on the road and see how it runs.

Okay, it was uneventful, but I put the pin back in its hole I threw some epoxy in there I'm not gonna lie with JB Weld it will hold that pin in position. I Got the relay back in the box is back in and the comfort for the bottom of the box and the top of the box are back in. So uh, let's go hit the key. make sure we have good electronical connection restocking the engine yes sir and fuel pressure 38 40 pounds right where we need to be.

Beautiful real quick. The electrical part has been repaired. it's operating normally without additional circuits. Let's get rid of our pressure here.

Spray that on my cat litter and let's get the gauge off the fuel rail. Gas on me. I Got the fuel on me. Okay now I can get this thing off the rack, take it on the road, make sure it uh, it's gonna last.

Yes. All right. look coming down, close the lever. nice.

Four latches back that one decent one and we'll let the rack down. clear the arms coming down. Here we go. I've got to do the front two arms first and then roll it back then.

I can swing the rear two arms out, roll forward too. Roll it back. Beautiful. It's easier to move a car by pushing the wheel than it is by pushing the car because you get some mechanical advantage.

Thank you sir! You get mechanical advantage by using the wheel. It's like a gear all right project. Jeep Don't fail me. One more road trip to prove your mental and then I can finally retire you back to your home so you can stop living here with me.

You're not paying, right? All right. Backing out the: Jeep going through the list of all the stuff I did uh pumps in. got the uh the tanks in the exhaust thing is bolted on. all the all the bolts for the tank are in position I got my goodies out from under there I fixed the uh well made, made a fix on the fuse box thing I'm rounding the doors of death the Jeep is still running.

it has fuel pressure I put fuel in it so I got enough to at least go for a ride. um any other Loose Ends am I Forgetting anything guys. we did a fuel filter and I think yeah I think that's about it. Okay, yep, yeah, let's get out of here and go for a ride.

Make sure this thing still has horsepowers. Throttle response feels good so far. tight. squeeze through this parking lot.

there we go onwards. Green Gate all right Jeep Let's Roll it's okay Bicycle Guy, you can go all right. We're gonna go back over the bridge because last time it died it was on the bridge. so I'll just temp fate and do the same thing.

see what happens? I'm not gonna pull out in front of traffic I'll wait. good. he's got all the horsepowers. All right guys.

I think we won. The Jeep is Jeep ERS Jeep It's alive, it drives, it runs, it has horsepowers. This is a victory as far as I'm concerned in a series of Victories followed by immediate failures because it's it's a Jeep doing Jeep things. So that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right about now.

Guys, there we go. So anyway, headed back to the shop. We're all good here at the Jeep's in good running condition, got fuel pressure, no more backfiring, no more loss of power back home again, and uh, hopefully it stays there because I've kind of rebuilt the thing and fixed everything that can possibly do it become broken on it. So uh, that being said again, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now.

As always, I will do such things by thanking each other one of you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video and the series. If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill. Let me know about that by tapping that like button down below.

Drop me a comment or two while you're down there. and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day. See you guys later! End in conclusion of project Jeep.

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