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All righty hello, everybody welcome back. This is part two of the chevrolet tahoe with the oil pan timing chain and oil pump replacement. Next up we're going to put the crankshaft pulley back on i've already taken the liberty of polishing off the ceiling surface, where it rides on the seal once the crank pulley is back on. I can throw that ac belt back together.

It does not have a key way: it's a press fit pulley, so we're going to need a tool to help us now, rather than buying the tool uh long long ago i made one. I simply just took a long piece of threaded rod. Threaded rod cut it down installed some nuts onto it and bound them together. So i can rotate the assembly and i've got a big washer on here to press against the crank, pulley.

Okay, let's thread it into the crank dude. Now we're just gon na run. This rod in and it will press the crank into its home. Let's do this with a socket that wrench will take forever if we uh.

If we take a look right here, we can see this uh this pulley pressing over the crankshaft snout, so that she's going in speed this up a little bit. So i was reading comments yesterday and somebody asked me if these electric ratchets produce the same kind of torque as a pneumatic ratchet, and the answer is it's kind of a yes and kind of a no see these are not torque producing tools these are designed. So i don't have to sit with a wrench and go back and forth or hang out with a ratchet and go back and forth. So when you, the real purpose of these is to is to manually use the leverage of the tool to break a fastener loose.

Then use the power feature to spin the fastener off and i get it sometimes i cheat and i actually do use the torque of the tool, but the primary goal is not to deliver torque, you can see, torque is kind of low, it just doesn't have the The beans so to speak, torque test channel plug, but yeah they don't have the beans to really deliver power. What this one does, i think now i can use the actual crank bolt to finish this off, but uh first thing you get my tool out come here. Good morning, hello good morning now, you're fine, all right, crank, bolt and that's threading nicely all right. Let's finish this off and we'll get that ac belt back on the reason i'm going to do that ac belt.

Next is there's a lot of space here and i don't want to wait until later when there's less space caption. Okay, this is my arch nemesis, a stretch fit ac belt they're, not my favorite type of belt. I would prefer a tensioner these used to come with a tensioner on them and the older designs. Unfortunately, it was so chintzy.

It was extremely failure prone, so it appears that gm has elected to eliminate it. Now there is a tool designed to help these belts ramp onto the uh, just use the hold on to it and rotate it method come on flanges. Don't let me down i'm actually. I may have to put a tool on this yeah.

It's it's wanting to slip off, not good. Let's try something else. Real quick, my right hand is hanging onto the belt trying to hold on to it enough where it can stretch and make its way onto the pulley negative. Okay, i have a new idea.

We're gon na do the coat hanger method see we need to stop the this belt from slipping off of this pulley, so we're just going to attach it like so just cut off the excess get rid of that making a liar out of me cut all right. Now i would like to make this a little bit tighter, so we'll do that by making it shorter and i'll do that with some needle nose, pliers uh help yourself, sir. I think it's in my top drawer of the blue box, they're all blue. There that's tight as sure big top drawer.

Try that one. It might be. Oh well, dang! I don't know where it is. I have not used it today, hang on.

Let me get this belt on and i'll uh all right. You find it. That's fine! Yeah! You find see, see how it's coming around like that. There's a spoke right about here and it's gon na catch that spoke.

Oh, do you have it and i had it on the front seat of this jeep waiting for them to decide to do it ah see now we're getting tight right here here we go. It's gone farther than any previous attempt, except this yep there we go that little twang indicates that we are now attached all right. Let's lose our tool, snap, that all right moving on it's water pump time, we've got that's shiny. We've got our new gaskets here, they're blue, so you know that they're good.

These are fel pro metal gaskets. I prefer these they're they're very good gaskets. One common theme you may notice around here is: i do not use like the rubber or crushable or especially court. Gaskets, if i can get away with it for the reason being that they crush and then they leak after they crush - and i don't like that.

So, let's unstrap our pump here and we'll sling it back down kind of in position and what i'm going to do is run two of the bolts through the pump and then i will set the gasket up onto that's upside down. What have i done? Let's flip, you flop that you know what i'm just gon na do all the bolts we'll run all three of them in there and i'll do the same thing on the other side of the pump, then we will carefully place it in position and thread it in. That's the goal here: you guys can't see i'm terrible cameraman. Did it all wrong all right, that's uh! There's my three bolts again and our gasket again.

I have to mind this pump and not lean it forward. Otherwise, the bolts will fall out of it and then we're going to experience bulk gravity and i'd like to avoid that today there we go so we're just going to sling this guy up forward. Now we can see this bolt, so i'm going to start this one. First, taking care to not let the pump bottom out, so i don't lose the gasket because it falls out.

I got ta, take it apart and do it all again - and i don't want you all right - threaded threaded, ready, okay, two on each side, threaded now we're we're secure, let's uh, let's grab this hose and get this out of the way. This is the upper radiator hose we'll just sling that over here there all right, let's scooch down a little bit, so we can see better ding ding pump is done so these uh water pump bolts are actually going to require 22 foot-pounds. One other thing: while we're here, i'm going to slap a new thermostat in this someone gon na get the phone nope. I think, there's one more fastener, maybe not gravity yeah.

That was a 90 degree impact on gravity, not good. There's our old thermostat gasket stayed behind. Not cool so, let's just pluck this guy out and then we'll line the notch up on the new thermostat and we're gon na bolt this guy back in good, no don't fall, uh lower radiator hose you're next, let's plug that in clamp it on wiggly there rinse Off some of that coolant, that's spilled i'll! Do that with blue water, it's blue! So you know it's good! Okay! Next up, let's see up and over. That was a fail, but i tried down come here that goes there and apply the tension good to go belt's on great wrong.

I failed. I missed a couple teeth down at the bottom. Let's do that again i'll just give it the those reach down here, plug that back on there we go all right, let's back up a little bit more we'll put the intake plumbing back together, get the engine cover back on, but we are not done. We still have to go back down below and uh put the oil pan back on yeah.

You guys forgot about that. Didn't you, okay! We plug you in yeah, buddy, clip it on right. Here, there's a little peg sticking up on the intake there. We go, the peg is pegged and, of course, the hose over here there, okay moving on back up yeah, i don't think he's going to close on it last day.

I want to say goodbye. Yeah, that's last day stuff, no he's gon na go. He was leaving. Oh no yeah, they told us they told us.

Yesterday, i knew like a week ago. He was on his way out yeah, but they told us yesterday all right boys we're we're back down below. We've got a new o-ring on this oil pickup tube and we're going to go ahead and fit this thing into position. We're going to do the o-ring side.

First, that's up front, you can't see, i can see and it is now in place. So we've got two nuts here and here and then that one bolt up in the front that will secure the pickup tube you might go without saying. But what we do not want to do is put the oil pan back in uh without the pickup tube, because then we will blow up this engine and that would be bad the front bolt going in right up count like i said it's, it's hidden. You guys can't see what's going on, but no worries.

This is going to go quick pick up tube click. There we go last time. I did this. You guys said i didn't tighten these bolts or one of them, because i cut that scene out.

Uh, i'm not gon na do that. This time there we go now they're both in. Are you satisfied now? No, why not? Oh i bet i can satisfy you crickets. I hear nothing.

Pete wants to be satisfied by me. Pete. Would you like me to satisfy you yeah uh? No, i'm not getting out of here. I was here first okay.

This is terrible. Okay! Next, on the hit mist, we need to put some sealant between the rear cover and the engine block and same on the front between the front cover and the engine block, and that will prevent oil from wicking out where the seal is right. Here there we go. There's a dab another one on the other side, there's our dab and then two more up in the front over yonder there, oh and also um off camera.

I cleaned out the inside of this pan. It is now sludge free and the outside, and i replaced the gasket that goes right here on this uh oil cooler tube cover this vehicle is not equipped with an old cooler. Hence the presence of the cover all right oil pan time for you to go to your home, sneak this guy up in here, i've already got four bolts in the oil pan itself. Those are gon na hold it in position.

While i set the rest of the bolts up, there's one right, there number two there's one all right: we're securish! Now, let's back up some there's a oil pan in your face, there are two super long ones that go in the back of the pan. Here i want to get those first, those are difficult to align properly, there's one and see how that one doesn't want to thread. Let's tighten up some of these other bolts here. This is not aligned properly.

Just yet, let's back this guy up we'll tighten this one. I'm gon na draw the pan up clickage all right, we're good there. Wonderful, let's get one of our bell housing bolts. In that way, we can draw the pan back against the bell housing for proper alignment.

Click. Ah mosquito. It's on my ankle, okay front bolts, going in there's one front bolt pickage: it's got its counterpart right next to it, we'll get that one too one more front bolt here and then we'll get the remaining ones on the passenger side. So three or four, i think, cover click oh gravy, now alrighty.

I would like to put the starter in next, and i've also got that little uh plastic cover slash panel business thing going on, let's fit that in i'm sorry, fellas can't see what i'm doing here come on starter. What is this? I don't. I don't like what you're doing here. Oh my finger.

Okay, starter is kind of in let's secure our little cover. First cover clickage. Okay, we've got two bolts for the starter, get those in and bolt this guy down. Yeah starters in beautiful! Hang these lines! Next! Oh! I didn't mention it: i've already gone through and tightened down all the bolts on this side of the oil pan.

Maybe i did mention it. If i didn't now, i did and if i did then i mentioned it twice there. We go solves that little bit of mental dilemma juju or whatever bracket secure okay. So if you remember earlier, we had to uh lower the steering gear down in order to clear the oil pan area.

So now i'm going to get the steering gear back up and bolted to the frame. Let's just put this wiring harness back up while we're here there we go it's kind of in the way there. Okay, we're gon na. Do the big bolts first, those will probably be the easiest to uh to set up.

They run all the way through the frame and then there's a threaded area on the steering gear bushing. I know you guys can't see a lot of that going on this car. This one's going to take the weight and it'll give me a pivot point, so i can get the other two in that go on this side over here now from where my head is, which is over here in back, i can see the hole on the other Side so we'll run that through the bolt through and just going to line up our brackets and whatnot and thread it in there we go that one started. There's the one up top here, i'm not going to torque those just yet.

We've got one more bolt up top. Where is it? It's under me see that one's not quite lined up yet there now it is impacting now. Okay steering gear is secure. Moving on our next task here is to get the cross member back into its home.

That's a tight squeeze. This is going to call for some impact encouragement in there got it all right, bolts, there's one got two more for the other side and we'll spin the nuts on and apply some quick ejection and get everything torqued down. 18. Mil loud noises.

That's not gon na work, no space good to go uh. We have to do one quick filter change and then we'll refill this pan filter, we're done with you come out, can't get it apparently difficult to grip type of design. Oh man that thing's in there. Why? Why would you do this last guy? Okay, all right! Well, no doubt many of you are aware of the power of my resolve in a situation like this.

You know we're just gon na go ahead and cure this with a pry bar, because pry bars fix everything. Most of the time, if i can just get behind it a little bit we'll uh we'll make it turn there, we go yep, it turned. I do run the risk of poking a hole in this filter and spilling oil on my freshly cleaned pan, but desperate times and whatnot yeah. This could be a youtube first or someone removed an oil filter with a pry bar.

Oh there's that hole. That's fine! Now this thing better come out or we're going to escalate to uh impact driver and we're really in trouble. Well, i got it to budge. So let's try the actual, correct tool again.

Wow come on you more pry bar. This is displeasing me there. It doesn't have to be this way, so that's my problem in life. I see that the world could be a much better place than it actually is.

If we could just stop doing things like this - and this is brutal - and i know it's painful - to watch it's painful to actually do there unbelievable took longer to get the filter off that. Did you change the oil pump? How about that? Was it fun? Oh yeah. Yeah, why not get into the house all right? Let's get out of here, get some fluids back in this bad boy. Get it done time for pumping the oil six quarts and five winter 30.

uh you gon na go or what there we go now it's going and some cooling okay we're going to clear flood mode. This. To start it clear flood mode is going to disable the ignition system and the fuel system, so it can't actually start - and i'm going to do that, so we prime the filter and the oil pump, so we're going to hold the accelerator pedal all the way to The floor and stopping the engine see how it shouldn't start just cranks and cranks and cranks all right release put off the accelerator key off key on begin engine starting sequence. Now, okay, we got oil pressure, that's good shut it down.

Where are we at right right about here in the middle okay? All right, so i got her on the ground again. I filled up a little bit of coolant, uh three and a half gallons to be precise. Let's go ahead and restart it and then recheck it for leaks again powering on moving back up for finalized inspection, all righty looking good down here i see no leakage action. We have no coolant, leaks, everybody's clean.

I think we're good to go on this one, that rattle noise is gone because i had to adjust this little plastic uh cover that was here. It was touching the um touching nut uh. What's calling brain fart core converter bolts there we go. That's the one! That's touching the torque converter bolts, so i had to take it.

Take it loose and move it again uh. That being said, i think we are all good to go on this one. I need to let it come up to temp one more time and uh just make sure the coolant's topped off, so i'm gon na go ahead and uh close this out right now to save us all a little bit of time. I know you guys time is valuable.

I value my time as well. So that being said, as always, i'd like to thank you for watching my videos - i i hope you enjoyed this particular set of videos as unnecessary as i felt the oil pump replacement was. The customer usually gets what they want and i figured it would be a fun to watch that operation. Considering we don't do very many of those anyway, i'm going to stop my rambling get back on track again, as always.

Thank you for watching and, most importantly, please do not forget to have yourselves a great day see you guys later ending transmission. Now.

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