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In a previous video we had a look at a customers Buick Enclave with the 3.6 that would randomly stall. We diagnosed it as a bad cam gear trigger wheel running loose and hitting the sensor. well now we get to see the failed part.

Follow-up video for you folks here is that uh, cam gear out of that Buick that we looked at. Uh, some of you guys remember that uh, when we were barring the engine over, the trigger wheel here was coming out and hitting. uh, the cam sensor. The guy got it fixed.

save me the old parts and there's what's wrong. The actual trigger wheel? snapdrake. Clean off. We're gonna give it a quick CAT scan.

Fail. It's a CAT scan. But can you tell me if you guys wanted to follow up to know what actually happened? Uh, that was it. That's how the guy tore it apart and uh, just kind of amazing that when it was in there, it actually worked.

Um, because when we borrowed it over it, you guys remember seeing this thing come out and kind of pop out and you can see where it was hitting the cam sensor. but uh, yeah. so I'm pretty neat anyways, in case you guys want to see it.

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