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In this video I have a look at a customers Ford Edge that has a flashing red brake light on the dash and a message stating there is a parking brake malfunction. A few simple tests and we know exactly what is wrong and are able to get it corrected right away.
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Guys before today folks. 2016 Variety: It's the edge. Lady states that the Uh brake light is flashing when I Pull it up here to my door I'd notice that myself I think it says something. Parking Brake malfunction.

Yeah, Park Brake limited function service required so we're gonna bring this in. We'll plug it in see if we can't learn something. My understanding it just randomly came on and said she doesn't even use the parking brake Curiosity here I Hold my foot on a break. We're in park.

Push the parking brake, pull up on the parking brake. That's all it tells us. Hit. Okay, let's grab some codes out of it.

All right for the scan tool to boot up and do its thing. We will get a battery maintainer out here because I'm sure we're gonna leave the key on for a while. One code it says or two codes I guess kind of odd. usually these cars are delivered full of codes most cars.

So we have a C1034, Park Brake and a 2008 left motor. so that's curious. We just looked at somebody just do a brake job because all right, let's grab a flashlight. Yeah, front pads look like they're brand new or somebody pad slapped it and then yanked the uh harness off it.

Oh yeah, no, the pad's about half four hour. so yeah, same there. Looks like somebody pad slapped the front end though. so you can see all the fresh grease and stuff there.

So I just looked in Scandia This is the only data pins I See in ABS as Park Brake request Source default or faulty signal. Um, that's about all I see I'm gonna take and just look up these codes. Maybe we'll throw up on the lift in the meantime and see. uh, just visual inspection.

Do we see anything obvious before we get too carried away and then, um, we'll look up that 2008 and at 10 34 see what's going on there? Uh, but I said yeah, let's give it a quick visual inspection. He runs up there to a big connector and don't look like anybody was fiddling over there the right side. according to service data they call that C 1013 or 2013 code. left motor circuit open.

um see if there's anything. Obviously it doesn't look like anybody's been filled. Let's peel that wheel off and see what we can do. It's peeled the wheels off.

Somebody's definitely been back here. Uh, in the sense I think so. we had the tires off this wheel on the right side that functions. uh, this wheel came off easy.

that one over there I thought we're gonna have to get off cutting towards to get the wheel off. Those lug nuts were Wicked tight I did get them all off on the scan tool I've got the park and Brake actuator screen brought up where we can you know reset the the parking brake motors and I thought I heard this one working before I pulled the wheel off I'm gonna let it run the test here. Okay yep. okay so we hear this motor working but we don't hear that one over there and what I want to know is a reason I pulled both Wheels is because we have a good working system and we have one that doesn't and what I want to know is can we use you know, a simple test light substituted load to follow our problem if there is one and what I was going to do or what I wanted to do My Hope And my dream is to unplug this actuator if I can get to it and then um, put our test light in there.

or do we find out that once we unplug the system and set a code, does it shut the system off? So I want to learn just a couple things without spending a ton of time? So we have this unplugged. I'm going to substitute the load here. it's just a 4 amp test light. it's got very lightly front probe it here and then we're going to rerun this test and see does it light the test light because if it does then we can then we then we know a couple things without doing a lot of looking.

So I'm re-running the test right now. Okay, so we can use our test site. It's probably keeping it lit a lot longer because it's not seeing the amperage draw and seeing it clamp down. I Assume that's how it's measuring.

It's only two wires. so let me grab the phone and then we're gonna check the other side so you see what I'm saying there. It just makes it a bit easier to run this kind of test. Without Really Knowing how the system works? 100 percent.

Okay, so this one's unplugged. There's no obvious uh, you know, wire damage here or something which I don't see? Uh, I might see. Let me look at this other one over here real quick. Okay, that one looks nice and clean.

Let me move you guys here. I Gotta Get Right Get my face up in here. yeah, that one pin there. uh, what color wire is that? the blue with green stripe? That one does look pretty crusty up in there.

I'm thinking oh, let's grab the test light here. Let me plug this actuator back in while I'm over here so we can hear if the test is running because that would be good to know. Let me see it so it's plugged in I Also brought a mirror. I Wanted to look back up in these terminals see if the inside of this motor looks like.

If we can see in there, make sure it's just not missing the terminal. Yeah, it does have one that's crusty, one is shiny, one is crusty. I Don't know if it's made it, you know, migrated back up into the motor or not. or maybe it's not issue, that's for sure.

Let's see if we can't very lightly probing there. That one does feel crusty. Even just lightly probing it with a needle, you can feel all right. I'm gonna hit Yes for the test.

Takes a moment here. All right, so nothing there, so that's interesting. Let me just look to see if this green has migrated its way up into the back of this connector. I'm just that Curiosity because it is quite crusty there.

Tip this to the side. okay I just kind of want to tuck on that wire a little bit just to see no. I'm very yank right out. but it definitely is crusty.

Uh, there's a couple more connections on the way up through. Let's go up to the next connection and test it up there. See, this will click. Anybody's touched any of this.

Push it, it's full. They're usual if you can't dig some of that out before we try to push in on that tab. come on. Oh yeah, no, somebody has been see these wrinkle marks.

same thing I just did see uh oh. I See, it won't push apart because both of these are in a in the holder. So let's see about somebody's been here. Maybe they had this undone or maybe they got this far and gave up.

There we go. Yeah boy. Okay, where is that? That one? Looks pretty clean. The connectors are pretty resilient.

Really okay. That probe did nicely. I'm gonna hit Yes. Still waiting for this motor so it's keeping the light on.

we're gonna unplug it. Okay, so that's it. We know that there is an open in this harness for sure. Uh, but the other thing is too.

This motor down on the caliper has also got a green pin and you know what came first, chicken or the egg I guess did the uh uh, you know connector a lot of water and intrusion and then get the motor crusty or vice versa to the motor, get crusty and allow it's a little STD to travel up the wire. Who knows. But I'm going to say wiring, harness, motor assembly and should be good to go I called the customer, he said get after it. uh Ford can't have some stuff till tomorrow which is no big deal for you guys or just a new motor and the harness both available for tomorrow.

uh expensive, a little more I think it's like 200 bucks I think or a little more even. uh. harness wasn't too bad though I think around 50 or a little less, maybe 40 something so that's not too bad. So as soon as that gets here, we'll get her put on I think it was real life worked like this.

seconds later, it's the next day. not even seconds blink of an eye. You know, you know what? before we take this all off, we better have a little Gander here. Make sure that connector looks right.

A couple of little doodads. okay I Just wanted to be sure there's your part number for the left side. anyway. say we're specific side to side and if you're looking up in the Ford catalog, they're under body and roof wiring harness.

Ford is so hard sometimes to find. um, wiring, harnesses and connectors. things like that they can put them in the weirder spots. I do they're exploded views? They're really nice once you learn their base part number system, but man, be a little finicky sometimes I have to call the Ford parts department find out where I look up a certain Park All right, what's going on? My guy.

let me get a blown out. There might still be a piece of dirt or something under that latch. Try this again. There we go.

Yes ma'am that was it. Must have been a little piece of something up in there. Hook that one in there. I'm going to click it back on wire here.

They've really got this thing pretty wrapped up with like Tessa tape and all kinds of stuff. It makes the wire pretty stiff is that one and that one and that kind of Clicks in on this brake hose. see here it looks here. it's gonna click in there.

Okay I just want to snap this in here without making sure everything else is going to line up. There's that. we likely could, uh, put it on the parking brake mortar without removing the caliper, which I think will probably better serve to take the caliper off what we have back there for bolts. it might be torqued bits.

uh I can't tell. They kind of look like aliens. They kind of look like torx bits. Probably both will work.

I'm gonna get something, we'll peel that off I think it Torx bit to hold the uh motor on I Remember right in the diagram it shows that it came with new ones. so there's your part number on your motor for your left side here. Anyways, we have an O-ring I think some bolts. we have two bolts, o-ring and a special package of goo.

contains fatty acids tall yeah, kind condensation product of fatty acids, tall oil with two amino and two Ethel purple dial they call it skin reaction. Wow. Some good stuff. All right.

Emergency phone number out there and everything. sweet. Free candy and then let's have a look at the motor. Foreign brakes used to be run by cable, not anymore lady.

so there's that. There's that. Okay, not a big deal. Let's rip and tear.

We're going at it. the T45 Oops, we were going the right way. I Guess there's that one. We'll get the bottom one here.

this style here. You kind of got to push the pins out. They're not threaded all the way to the end so they don't come out all the way. They can be a little deceiving.

There we are. I should be able to flip this baby right on up. Oh, we just dropped our pad and then we need to go get whatever Torx bit fits those. Drop her inner pad back in there.

Let's make sure the solder one is not. Everyone's probably stuck on there. Yep, leave that right alone. Let's see the right one.

Well, way too big fella. that's a fork it. These look like probably a 30 if I was a Gambling Man You can make a T-30 It's perfect. There's one.

Bolt Bolt number two Foreign. This is pretty crusty on that. PIN I Don't know it may have worked, but I just didn't want to stick a new terminal or a new uh wiring harness on there with the corrosion growing on that pin in there because if it is down inside the motor assembly, it's just going to continue to migrate right back up that harness. So take this o-ring off and we'll wire wheel this up a little bit.

We'll get some of the crap off here. Um I Don't know if this is a special goo that goes on the O-ring and such. I Can't read German or whatever language it is I can't read any foreign language so it doesn't really matter. Let's have a look see what it looks like.

If it looks like this gooey stuff, it says lubrication. That's all. I know some kind of lube? Hmm. All right.

Well, I'm gonna look in service today to see if it requires any. Loop We'll clean up some of this crap. Yeah, service data says the supply grease is for the O-rings so just clean out the groove and apply the grease. Seems like an appropriate time to use this.

Oh gosh, look at this guy. Oh perfect. Let's put that 'll get the toxic. Grease We've got the O-ring work for instructions.

A little smear a little extra on there for good measure. Make sure she's sealed up. Look at that bigger the glob better the job they say. Oh yeah, now she's slippery.

We can put a little there. See what train this is gonna go? which direction if you want this direction. I'll give her a wiggle, she's all lined up. Of course we're gonna have to go through the little calibration to see here there.

Yeah, oh, these are Allens They changed them. No truth be told, they probably didn't change them. it's just I Didn't realize that they were aliens and being a torques to them because when they're all rusty, that's what they look like. Foreign Factory spec that one to factory smack I'm just going to account for background push our pins back in I'll slip that little guy back in there I Couldn't start it here very generally.

Thank you. Just be careful. This style pin on these and the ones they use like uh, they use the same line Dakota I think it's like a nine millimeter thread. You don't want to go frigging them up.

Chances are I'll be around. you has a nine millimeter Gila coil so there's that. Let's finish clicking this thing in all the way. Let me, uh, breaks up so we can see what we're doing I Thought it would help you, but it clearly doesn't because I can barely see the little guy.

so before we click the remaining Christmas tree retainer on there I Think it's going to be easier to get it plugged in if I can't I'm just looking up through the spring hole here. Okay, that baby's plugged in and then that last retainer went right there. so that's it. She's in, we're in.

We're great. Go see Hotel plugged in I Don't booted up yet but it's taken. Turn the key on, see if it still throws the fall. All right.

good. So we still got the uh parking brake fault. Yeah, there we go. Surface now.

so let's go ahead and uh, scan tool here. let's see what ABS we were in yesterday. Let me get a poking apparatus. We'll just see what we have here.

Let's go, um, access back back out. Let's go with hot functions because that's where we were. Um, is that where we were? No, we weren't We were. we were in service.

sorry and then we're gonna be chassis breaking. It's an integrated parking brake playing release. Okay, let's go see if this works All right? good. So we can hear that working which we knew it was gonna function complete.

Function is now exiting yesterday. it would say function incomplete. Would you like to try again? All right. So back on there, back out of there, back out there again.

No, we don't want to exit. We'll go to control unit and we'll clear the codes out of the ABS and then we should be good to go after that. I'm guessing got rid of I'm getting rid of a snap on that virus that was sitting here forever. Oh look at that.

there's no more codes. This has been sitting here taking up space and it's time to sell it. I Never, ever use it. Okay, let's go see if everybody's happy inside the car now.

I Heard a lot of dinging going on in there. little power accessory active. Uh, let me see if I can get inside the car. Nope.

I can't until I Uh so now. but we'll put the parking brake on All right. So I don't think I can release it? No I can't until I step on the brake. Yeah, okay, well no big deal.

We know it works Now let me throw the wheels on it. We'll make sure for sure for sure for sure. Oh, it's got away. We've been out there laying in the dirt.

It's just these little covers that go on the uh into the caliper pin boots keeps the dirt from getting in there. I Always take care of my tools before I Pull a car out and I saw him on my cart. My memory's not real good is it? That's all the customers? No. I'm doing an oil change too now.

I Just put it in reverse. So technically if you lay off the braid, it should stay. but as soon as we touch the gas, it should go and it did okay. Now we can reapply it and just kicked on putting Drive touch the gas and reapply it.

all right? Well I Guess I gotta put back under it because I'm a ding dong. Well let's out here and warm up for just a minute. So I guess that's it for now folks. It was a pretty easy system to diagnose without really getting into the theory and operation not too heavily.

We're able to go back through with a simple humble test light. You know it's uh, it's a big motor back there. I Assume it measures current, draw uh to calculate you know, applied, and release. I Don't know that for a fact, but I'm sure if we read through service data, that's what we'd find.

It seems to be the only thing that would make sense to me. I Mean there's only two wires on it? You know it's not like as a rotational or position type sensor. so I assume it's you know, current limiting of some sort to determine whether or not it's applied. So that's uh, why don't you guys apply yourself right? in that comment section questions, comments, concerns insty the Facebook and uh, just remember viewers, if I can do it, you can do it.

Thanks for watching foreign foreign.

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