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In this video I have a look at a customers GMC Acadia that came in with the check engine light on for an EVAP problem and he also wanted me to replace a leaking exhaust gasket. The EVAP problem is really common and a really easy fix. The exhaust wasn't to big of a repair either.
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Uh 2016. it's got the big three six engine lights on. We've got some exhaust gaskets to replace here. Chevy I Got some of them wanting a light is on 111 000 miles on this little fella.

So let's uh, pull her in here, see what we can do. Let's place our bets on the Uh engine light. I'm going for your uh, classic Evap problem. Let's see here.

uh purge valve? we'll call it. see what the survey says evap, permission system flow during nine Purge classic and then a couple tire pressure sensor things here. but the engine light wise. your classic Po496 probably done a million videos on these or could have Purge valves probably just stuck open.

he's gonna pop the cover off I Guess we can do it right here. Let's um, let's hop in the ECM here. Let's go right to live data. Get him here.

What we're going to look at is fuel tank pressure. So we'll go to Uh Evap here right there. And then we wanted to look at Purge Command. You want to see where our event solenoid's doing and then we want to find our fuel tank pressure sensor right here and here.

And when we start it, the purge valve should be, you know, remaining at zero for a certain period of time. but we mostly we shouldn't see any change in people. think pressure. Okay, that makes sense to you.

get my clicker work. Uh, let's see, we need to change this minimum. We'll do negative 10, maximum 10. that way we can get a little finer measurement here.

This shouldn't change at all when we start it, but perk is stuck open it will. Let's see that there's your problem here. so they're chilling back to zero. Classic All right, we're going that one, so that's that.

that's a too big a deal on. Chevy All right, Big Three Six here. Pretty pretty common. Pretty pretty common.

I Use two Pretty. That's how you know it's common. ink that thing off it begs the question How you know that the purge valve isn't okay or shorted and you know creating the problem when it's easy. Uh, a to be a different code B you could see that in scan tool when you look at Purge circuit status and D or E wherever we're at.

If you want to know, just unplug it and if it's still stuck, then Bingo Bingo was his name-o I've been doing 25 years I've never seen one shorted electrically to the point C is open I Know, 50 or 60 people in the comment section probably have, but I personally have it. So I'm going to take a guess if I'm wrong. Well, by Galileo eat it on camera. so let me see if old Nappers got one.

Hopefully they do. They usually do. and then we'll um, we're gonna fix the exhaust. In the meantime, there's a blower out gasket.

The other ones look okay. This one's been done before. It's got nuts and bolts on it there. Oh it must be a had a flex plate put on it.

looks like we'll have to heat them up a little. All right. Looks like we came right loose for us. Yep, that one getting loose.

That one came loose perfect. and then uh I think the gasket must be in my ear fell out here. I don't see a little bit of Remnant set of it up in there. Let's see about getting this hanger off here so we can let the exhaust down a little bit.

I don't know there we go. that way we can clean up the gasket. Now what's going on here I Think my little too abusive to our stand. it's time for a new pipe.

It's this way here we we're gonna add something pulled down or not too hard even though it's kind of hanging on its own. Anything cleaning off our gasket because we don't want to go tweaking on this flex plate too much because it will break. Thank you! Let's get some 3 8 bolts here. We'll put through the gasket just fine.

Oh man down, we're good. Stick this in here temporarily. let's see here. Probably should have thought this out a little bit better here.

Stick that up there like that. You guys probably can't see anymore. I Guess we do need the light of that little better. We'll get our rubber hanger put back on there and get the other bolt stuff in there.

Also got an easy fix for today on this one. Get her hangers for something bad happens and there's that big. All right, Pretty easy. They have some wrenches and we'll snug that up there.

We have it all done. That's an OG right there. I Want some good shape? Of course that's the one we fixed. So hey, I Like to say it looks like somebody put a front pipe on it at some point.

flex plate spray right out of it. But anyhow, I'll seal that up for him an ampers. there's gonna be a few hours on The Purge Valves will shove it outside. Got a Nissan out there we'll bring in I Guess it's leaking gas out of the uh injectors so we'll look at that.

Oh let's see work on this one outside. Pretty easy. Same type of gas line that you already have a little Pinchy Every little pinch a 10 mil undo the screw wiggle. Oh wow, it's actually a OEM doesn't mean it's rear.

delighted. I think the last time the changes what they put on it stuff here. that's the O-ring Okay, get this little fella spin that just so whoa. let's stick more ground there.

Put that pushed in the O-ring up here. They're spacing where you're not caught. close your eyes, give that a little kiss, a little spit on there. she'll slip right in.

trust me and that won't work it Back down. Back through specs of course there. is one plug that in. We'll do this.

Boom. Take a bowl right through this one. Probably right. That proves it was bad.

We were right. Stick this thing back on here. Oh there we go. This one here.

We need to get set back up here. Back back out here. we're going to trouble codes. We'll clear them little guys out.

reread them. No codes. We'll like. Data missions.

same castle fired up this time. We see change so we know it's working. We're good now that you doubted me. but I figured I'd just show you what good looks like I did put his other gaskets back in here for him so that's it it is.

Tuesday So there's your two for Tuesday This video was gonna be pretty short on this Chevy so I thought we'd throw it in an extra bonus video for you, huh? How's that for a nice guy? Pretty good I guess uh. so let's say we got some more Chevys that Chevy there is from The Used Car Guy 2014 and uh, apparently a bunch of Lights On By walking outside you see the brake lights were stuck on an open door and there's water running out of the dash onto the brake controller and I turn the brake controller and half quarter wire fell out of that. so I unplugged it and the brake lights went out. but I'm sure that's going to be a real sweetheart one over a little mileage baby.

Remember folks, not all junk cars. What do they say? Not all cars from the auction or junk. they're all junk cars are at the auction. So I guess with that being said, hope you guys enjoyed your two for Tuesday Let me know in that comment section what you think, how you feel everything else you want to tell me down there entity Facebook You guys know what to do.

Just remember this: If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching Foreign.

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