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In this video I have a look at a ladies Honda CRV because she said the engine light is on and it is really hard to get started. By that she meant it cranks a reallllly long time before it will fire. A few checks at the cranks sensors showed us we had nothing.... no power, ground or signal! Hmmmm... I smell a rat🐁!
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All right folks. got the Hindu up on the left, it's a CRV I think it's a 2013. it's got the big 24 and it doesn't start and by that I mean it doesn't start easily. You've got to really crank this thing.

crank and crank and crank by 30 to 45 seconds I would guess and then it starts and seems to run well. Typically when a car does that, there's a problem with you know, camera, crank signal or synchronization. You know something like that. And indeed, this car does have the engine light on I'm playing over there the scan tool because that's where it's at.

p0335 no crank signal. I'm thinking you know not gonna buy to make a bill. would probably just have a bad crank sensor but it's going to be a little something different. So I wanted to stop where I was at in my Diagon just bring you guys along and then find out what we're going to find out.

what are we gonna find out? Well I don't know but I do know is I grabbed my little U-scope to come under here I'm just going to hook it up real quick and see if we had crank signal and do a couple preliminary checks and or as a crank, spindle and sensor and be on our way. But I believe we've got bigger issues because we don't have or at least a preliminary chapter we don't have power and ground down here. This should be according to service. Date: a 12 volt Center Let's see if we can't I'll point it.

there is a little black cover that goes over this thing which I've already taken off. Here we go. we'll get it unplugged and I just hooked up my Power Probe while I was grabbing my camera and we're gonna see we're just gonna push buttons. We're gonna nuke this thing.

Oh don't do that. Supposedly our yellow wire with the black stripe is supposed to have ignition voltage when I lightly probe in the front of that we have zero voltage. all right. So now are we just missing power.

Are we missing power and grounds in the whole shebang? There's a one in the middle wire which is brown with yellow which according to my information is supposed to be sensor ground Brown yellow very lightly front probe here and you can see we have nothing there either. So that means that the last wire here should be a signal wire and we have nothing there either. which usually if there's connection it may not have a bias voltage on it. but if there's connection to the PCM we're going to get a little.

we're going to get something some sort of voltage reading. So this is interesting that we have nothing. no ground, no power, and potentially no signal wire so that I guess we can leave unplugged. but it's kind of peculiar.

so let's uh, let the car down I did do a little visual inspection under the hood I didn't see anything I can I get a little waft of Mouse Essence here and there but I don't see any I don't see any Mouse Nest You know because that's what I did a little visual inspection on the hood and just looking around I don't see any big buildup I see pieces of the hood blanket missing, but no real accumulation of mouse jiggly stuff. So let's uh, go have a look. So we're all up to speed. Here's the codes that had the 335 abs for having a malfunction in the PCM and then missing an engine speed signal and VSA malfunction which all of these codes all relate back to 335.

We have no crank signal, everything else is going to light up, so that's where that's where I was at and I've got my lights here. is that already done a visual inspection myself? You know what? I saw the mouse damage here, which you don't know how old any of that is, but I don't see any right off hand. Here's our here's our computer, you know. I don't see big piles, you know, stuffed around anything ball that little sucker's got to do is get in there and Chomp into a harness any old place and take a little bite out of it and that's it.

The crank sensor wires run up, you know, the back side of the engine here I don't see anything you know back there. but maybe I'll take a little harder look now that I know what we're dealing with and what we're missing. And if we don't see anything, well we're going to have to go right to the PCM and see you know do we have the outputs there I may have seen I may see the problem now that I've done and given a hard look. let me I shut the key off.

Let me hook our battery maintainer here. the battery is just about smoked I barely got the car starting and I think I don't see Mouse evidence because I think they ate the entire wire. So I'm just looking back here where this crank sensor comes up and they ate the whole freaking harness. There is this much wiring harness that is M.I.A um well that lady is certainly your problem.

Uh, but there's no sense in going any further because we're going to need the connector which this is part of the factory harness. um I Guess we're gonna have to see if Wilbert's has one of these. We're gonna have to go to junk yards to get this half of the connector. Let's tear this apart.

make sure I'm looking at the right connector and not something else. Well at least our diagnosis was right. We don't have anything on all three wires so we're going to take unplug our mass airflow. Let's see if we can't get this looks like a 5.5 millimeter.

I'll get this little guy up out of the way. and then I think if we get the lower airbags out of the way, we should be able to see the connector that I'm talking about. Hopefully hopefully I'm right here. Oh that's a five.

We need that extra half. so there's 5.5 foreign smoothed in here. Oh boy they did. So here's some of our hood blanket.

You better not be living in here fella. There's the other part of it. Never know you reached out for one of those things. Sudden little mouse, forget you.

you don't want that because you'll scream like a little screw girl at least I do um what holds this air box in here looks like a 10 mil? Yeah I can see the connector better Now let me um well let's leave this thing in. we'll get a 10 mil. I'll get you guys around here where you can see take that bolt out right up there and then I think this here. she should just pop out.

Yeah, this probably has never been out. Yeah Kumbaya there we go. This is held in with one rubber Diner there one rubber Diner there and then our Bolt and that I think we can see what we've came to see. Leave that there.

Oh boy yeah he must have just ate the wire. Usually they build a little Nest here but he come down. he's like enhance enhance so on the blue connector it wouldn't Focus here. but you can see that blue connector well that comes over to this wiring harness right here.

So it goes from here to over there and there is nothing in between. This thing is just chewed off. Right. flush is the end of my finger.

so right down it hits way down here. A little mouse. eat that thing. It need all of it.

Tricky little booger ain't me. So we need to go to the junkyard and see if we can find that connector. Um, let me get it unhooked here for you. Okey dokey.

let's see. Um actually I need to move you because I need to see it here. Well maybe this isn't the right approach either. Maybe I need a longer pick because this holds it under the bracket if you think you gotta push this way.

Actually, let's unplug the crank sensor first if I can get that kind of in an awkward spot. Okay, that's unplugged. See if I can't get this connected here. Come on baby.

There we go. So that sits right in a bracket there and you gotta push the little tab in here. There's not enough wire here to make the repair connector is good. So if we had you know pins that we could replace.

but I think what we'll do. We'll go down to the Wilbur if you pull the bath not a sponsor and see if we can find one of these on a Crb or a quarter or something. We'll take our 10, We'll take our 5.5 We'll take a pair of Cutters We'll take our pick. Let's see what we come back with.

standby. So I did a little poker before I left Wilbert's website. You can check their inventory. They do have a 14 Crb and a 14.

uh do a cord which uh, the Crb definitely will be the same engine. Accord You know that could be a six cylinder but they had a bunch of older ones too. I think 2009 and we're so so I forgot my printout so we'll have to get one when we get here and then we'll go out looking to see what they have. 17 and 20 they told us all way in the back 40.

got all this. Chevy Thunder way out here in the back for you. This is row 17. looks like a lot of it.

Imports here. see if I can find this Hondu? there's the Nissan is that Toyota looks like Hitman Hill Celica or something that looks like a mortar. What year is this one? Oh that's oh three yeah there's an EGR engine I don't know if it's the same. oh I'm not worth looking.

Let's keep. We'll keep going. We'll find one that uh We need. Oh wow this is a CRV looks a little squashed 2014 Hondo CRV Well at least you know the engine's good huh? Might set you guys down.

Let me set you guys down. Here we go boys. If I can reach it will be in good shape. There it is, Fellas.

Let's see. let's make sure it's not all green and crusty. That half. We don't need that for somebody else.

This half we do need. Look at this freaking mouse. Got this one too. Hey, that's some stuff.

It ate the black insulation off it. must be these crank sensor wires are yummy. Yum yum yum yum. What's taking the get out? The wire room opener I Didn't bring my sewing seam ripper with me.

so before you leave that comment, we're going to slice through this little fella, open up the main harness here, pull our wires out, leave that there. We don't really need all this tape and stuff, but this should give us enough to repair hours. I Did bring a connector with us and here in my pocket. same wire, color and everything.

Look at that boys. We just saved this lady. We're like Geico foreign. Fortunately for us, that car had the whole front peeled up on it so it made it accessible.

So it's good. Now let's go back and we'll have to cut open this lady's harness, Find those wires and then you know, probably just use some equipment seal connectors and she'll be on our way. We go folks. I Took my razor knife and just slit the harness here.

just enough to get through the tape and get to the open part of the harness. and then I was able to pull Just those three wires out, which worked out absolutely Splendid And then we're going to take these wires all right. You guys kind of cropped up there in a weird spot, so hopefully you'll be able to see, but we'll just take these. and I'm really close to the mic so don't mind the heavy breathing.

It's not personal. we're going to just strip these back way too much and we're gonna crimp seal our connectors. Feel free to leave the comment how they are terrible connectors, That's fine. Um, but if you're in the mood for taking real advice, are actually really great connectors and they work really well, especially in situations like this.

I'm gonna twist these up and then we're gonna have to trim them down here a little bit because I did peel them back a little bit too long. I'm gonna trim that one back a little there. That's good. And these are the crimp and seal connectors here.

and these things work Excellent. They had the adhesive in them. They make a nice mechanical crimp providing you're using the correct side of your crimping tool. Don't use the one that has a little dimple on it because that is the one that has a little tooth sticking out there that insulated connectors and what it will do.

Um, it'll crimp just fine. It'll hold, but it'll pierce the insulation when you go to seal it, it'll break through on you. Can kind of defeat the purpose you guys are in frame. What the heck is that noise? Oh, it's my light sliding up the hood I'm gonna crimp that one.

Okay, they all look good I'm gonna take just for grins and giggles I'm gonna heat up this end. I'm gonna seal the end I already have crimped. That's one less thing I have to do down there. it'll be a little easier on the bench.

Wow, Looks good. That one looks good one. Make sure we're not gonna have insulation up in our crimp. I Think we should be.

We should be good. These are solidified at this point. So there's those and they appear to be able to do one wire at a time. that on there but my reach first.

all right now we'll seal those up. Get them all shrunk down. you should be in good shape. Get the car runs again here.

Be sure to leave in the comments how these should have been soldered and Heat but when you do that also if you would please, nobody ever does explain why. You can leave your comment about how I should be using a heat gun instead of my little mini torch which we understand why on that. That's okay because it does the job very nicely. They appear to be pretty solidified at this point.

I See all the adhesive is oozed out the end. Looks like we have a good seal on those I'm going to take some of the scotch 33, stick them back down here in the harness I Will have to move you guys for this procedure. We'll lay them back where they were. We're going to tape them up and then clip that back on the bracket if you guys don't watch our Channel very often.

or if it's your first time or maybe you've missed an episode where we've made a mini roll from a mini roll. Take your 10 millimeter socket, take your electrical tape Scotch 33 of course. Best stape on the planet Winder up nicely around your socket. When you think you have enough, set that down.

We'll just use that so we can hold it. Take this. Chop It Off Put all that stuff back in your pocket so you don't lose it. and voila, you've got your mini roll there.

We have it folks. I Know you probably can't see it, but there's the harness that came out of so it's all taped up and of course this runs over here to there and I just clicked it back on its bracket and plugged it back in so that's all good. Now we just need to put this stuff back, see if it runs. there's that dump the mouse dust out of our air filter there for and I'm not going to call upsell the air filter and all that stuff I'm just going to do the job I was hired to do, which is to see why the engine light was on and see why the car won't run.

That's all we're doing. We did. We're gonna plug that little pull it back in now there is. I Don't think I showed you guys this because I was working on a solo meal at that point.

right here. stick the bolts back in it. So I'm kind of embarrassed I didn't see that wire harness and my first visual inspection. but like I said I was looking for a much Nest now whole section of missing harness.

Well, they do do that sometimes I don't know what the little buggers do with that. they uh, carried off and use it for nesting material. but quite interesting to see. The other one at the salvage yard had the beginnings of rodent damage.

Also, you know they ate through that black insulation, so that's pretty interesting, right? And then we've got this little guy here. Oh, God take your leg back, you don't want to I'll give that to the lady set this thing up there. from there. these are usually always missing when the car comes in.

or the Jiffy Lube has these things so stinking tight you can't get them out. so if you're putting these screws in your Hindu just just finger tight my guy. That's all you have to do. or if it's a quarter turn.

Fasteners on the newer Hondas those things are always missing I don't know why people can't put those back, but I can keep them in stock because they're always missing. prior to doing that, we're just gonna go key on an inch and off. I'm going to do the codes out of it first. Erase There we go.

wipe the codes out of it. Then we'll see if it starts. Oh, we still got 57 thou lines. it's getting low mileage back on.

All beautiful as far as right up now fixed. So that's it folks. Fixing the Hondu a little I mean it wasn't very difficult. A little more difficult than just you know what I thought it was going to be which was just a faulty crank sensor which I should have used my noodle on that.

They don't fail too often on these Hondas and matter of fact, the only time I've ever changed them is if somebody's installed an aftermarket and it's creating issues. So I didn't know what I was going to find, but I should have brought it along from the beginning. So fortunately for us, the Wilbur 2 pull the bath not a sponsor. They're only down the road a couple miles from my shop, so it's a lot easier to go down there.

Just cut us an Oem connector than it is to you know. Call Honda or one of the connector sales places online and get the correct pins and wires and and then wait for those to show up on. The car just essentially sits in your parking lot and we can run down there just as easy. and you know Chop It Off Um, a lot of folks will comment saying that's great that I do that for my customers and this and that.

However, I don't do it for free. You don't work for free and I don't work for free. It's just a fact of life. You can unsubscribe and hate me if you like.

But I'm not employed to stay busy I'm employed to make a profit just like you guys I have bills to pay house to pay for cars to pay for everything. So before you start tooting my horn saying that's great that I do that, please don't because I don't run a charity service So but I you know I'm turning to my customer at fair prices is still a really inexpensive fix at the end of the day. Anyhow, just wanted to clear that up and I guess that's it I like my crimped and seal connectors and I like my heat shrink and solder, those are the two connection types I use the most. The crimton seals are really great, particularly in repairs like this.

You could have done it either way, it doesn't really matter. Um, I like those quick and easy and they work so that's it. Why don't you guys work your way in that comment section questions, comments, concerns Institute but it's on the Facebook You guys know where Everywhere is just my viewers. If I can do it, you can do it.

Thanks for watching.

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