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Hello Everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! This is a Lexus RX 400h in the H stands for hybrid. It's electron assisted combustion engine powered vehicle starting the quiet engine. I Don't even think it started there. We go where 164 396 miles on the odometer.

I Understand that the this engine has a leaking valve cover in the front of the back or maybe both and it's making some kind of sound while running. In fact I can hear the sound right now. Let's go find it because they said it only makes the sound on cold starts and it is cold and I started it. Uh what is this air? Pull these covers back and see if you can see down here.

Let's see. I was thinking it's got a belt making noise but um, being a hybrid, there is no belt I Wonder if that's like the AC compressor or something? Let me shut down some accessories and we'll see if the noise stops and see climate control and then they're off. Uh oh, that's the hybrid AC compressor. I Think of course the engine shut down too.

Well, we do have a better view. We can see there's no belts on uh, on that crank pulley down there. Now you can see right? Yeah, no belts to squeak so it's got to be. Well, there's not much left except for there's an AC compressor and the timing system under the covers here.

Um I wonder I wonder if like the belt tensioner or the timing belt uh, idler pulleys or something like that is making the noise? Okay, let me turn on the climate control again and see if this sound comes back automatic. See? the engine came on. So I don't know. Here's what we'll do.

We'll turn that back off and we'll give it some throttle and that should. Okay, yeah, so the engine restarted. So something's going on with the engine running because when the engine shuts down, the noise shuts down. and since we know it's not an accessory belt because it doesn't have those, That leads me to conclude that that noise is coming from underneath of the timing cover.

Okay, new strategy: Climate Control off and we'll put this, uh, gas pedal depressor in and that's going to hold the throttle which will restart the engine. There we go. Engine restarting itself. Automatic Engine start.

Now, if you try to narrow down what the deal is, yeah, it's got to be coming from under the cover. I am utilizing processive elimination to make that determination. All right. Let's get this in the shop and then back around.

In that way, our business end of where we're working is kind of sticking out and uh, we'll have easier access to tools and carts and walking space and things of that nature. All right guys, it's the next day we're back on this. Toyota Lexus Hybrid I'm gonna restart the engine and we're gonna see if we cannot hear that squeaking noise? I Really would like to recreate sad squeaking noise restocking Z Hybrid Again, it sounds like a belt, but there is no belt. Got to be one of the belt tensioners or something like that.

Or maybe the water pump is weeping and it's getting on the uh, the timing belt. I'm not really starting, but we know it's not outside of the cover. We know it's not climate control. and We Know It Changes Pitch with engine speed? Yep, all right.

shutting that down, pulling the key. Let's go ahead and dig into this thing and see what we can find. I'm probably gonna end up doing a timing belt job on this I Believe that's a recourse of action. So uh, well, let's get to it.

Let's get all this stuff off of here. Start with the intake. We'll start with the covers, all this other good stuff, and then, uh, we'll get down into it. We'll pull the intake manifold off after we get the air box out of there.

I Already pulled the little caps out of this cover. so let's set this aside. We need to pull off this funnel thing right here. Air box and filter element.

That's all coming out okay. a couple 10 mils. Let's pull these guys out. Foreign.

Big cover, not smaller coverage. I Thought that was two pieces. No worries. more plastic.

Clips Let's get these guys out of here. It's like I got three left. Oh that is. Two covers, all right.

Another one hidden one. there it is, and another one. They're everywhere. Well I didn't give her far did I We got a baffle, let's pull that guy out and a hose clamp here for the intake tube.

Another bolt over here. Come out of there please are we? Oh, we're still stuck on stuff. Hang on. More to it than I thought.

All right Yeah, yeah. I See what the deal is here? We've got a another hose clamp back on the throttle body and that is. uh, that thing's kind of in the way. so check this out.

It's a worm gear ratchet I twist the handle and it ratchets the racket back in this ratchet racket. It ratchets the racket mechanism. You know what? I meant. How about now? Is it gonna come out now? Probably there we go.

Now we're getting somewhere. it's gonna be fun to put back later. What else are we stuck on? Oh, another hose. There's a it's a breather hose down below it.

Let's pull that guy out real quick. Come out. Yeah, this is gonna be fun. It's a little clamp on that other hose down there.

Let me just depress that guy and maybe this intake tube will come out. Come on. Hybrid air intake device system, business. Whatever.

Come out there, we go. Okay, let's get this uh, air box thing out of here. Next one plastic clip hmm there and we'll disconnect the mass airflow. Next that guy out good to go and one more.

we got one more down here. These are double clipped clips. You have to release it from two sides. That's fun.

There we go. One more 10 mil bolt right down here. I'm sure there's another one somewhere. Yep, it's over here on the left.

Get that guy out. Next we need some extension. Some wobbly extension. Okay, look an engine.

I Found it All right? Well, after looking at all the space I've got here to work with I think I'm gonna have to pull this wiper cowl and these wiper arms off just to, uh, just to get access to the back side of this. So let's go ahead and get these wiper arms removed. It's either going to come off easily or I got to use like a puller. All right, that's easy.

Same protocol over here on the driver's side. We'll bust that nut loose, get a hold of the arm, and just kind of give it a wiggle. Ah, that one's not coming out Okay, no worries. Okay, I've got a wiper arm puller here I uh I Don't know if this is gonna fit in here or not.

That's a negative that's not gonna fit Okay well. Plan D I'm gonna put the bolt back on. Then we're gonna pry bar, screwdriver this wiper arm up and I'm going to tap that stud a little. Hammer Right here there we go.

It's loose. wiper arm removed. All right. Let's get this wiper cowl detached and float away real quick.

I Think it just kind of Clips on clearly. Uh, what are we doing here? Yeah, there's a clip right there. All right. There's one, probably another over here.

Where are you clips there? It is okay. I see it, but I can feel it. Please come out. Come on.

come out dude. What is this? Seriously not releasing there. It's harder than it had to be. Okay.

So the cowl cover is removed. Now we have to unbolt the wiper transmission, pull this thing out, and then we can unbolt the actual metal wiper cowl and get that thing removed. So we've got one, two and then I think four more. Pull that one.

Allen and then to the left. Five total for the transactions. I Mean it's free. Let's disconnect the connector and pull this guy up.

next. there we go. Okay, we've got a few more 10 mils that hold the rest of this assembly in. Let's get these guys pulled.

Then we can pull the wire through it and remove this unit. I Think it's just four of them. Is that it? No, there's more. There's one five and that means there should be one right over here too.

And there is foreign. Look, two of the strut bolts are also holding down. Uh, this wiper cow. Pull these up next.

There's two. two more on the other side. Over Yonder Foreign. We'll run our wire harness through its little hole here and get that out of the way.

Come here. There we go. and our whole wiper cowl assembly is now free. Didn't get much more space.

We got some okay, so uh, in order to get this intake manifold out, aside from disconnecting all the plumbing that's attached and the bolts here, you're gonna find that there are brackets that secure this manifold so it can't vibrate around. See that one right there? that little uh bolt sticking out of it? I Need to get that bracket disconnected and then there's another one back behind it I need to give this thing the well I need to reach around? Yeah, right about here I can feel the bowl. It's yeah, it's back over here I need to get both of those things disconnected and then I'll work on the easier bolts there. that one's easy to reach I'll just get that one with my uh, a little wobbly impact here.

easy to. there's that one. Bolt and then the other one. I've got to reach back around.

actually. you know what? I think I need to pull the throttle body off of this last time I did one of these I Recall removing that throttle body made things a little easier I Think that's what I'm gonna try to do. Yeah, yeah, hang on, let me back up here. I'm gonna pull this throttle body off first and then I'll take the mount for the throttle body off next and then and I think I can reach around and get the get all that other bracket.

The last time I did one of these I believe what I did. but I I learned it the hard way because I fought with it. Come here you come. Disconnected: There we go.

Oh two more that I did not realize were there. Oh that was that was not cool. could have flown that one gone forever. Okay, throttle body, that's good.

Let's just kind of Tuck this off to the side for now. It's got coolant lines running into it and I don't really want to disconnect those. What I need to do is just get this little intake horn disconnected. That's what that's the prize.

So we've got to get one, two, three, four, five bolts on that one. Oh by the way, while all this is apart, I'm going to be putting spark plugs in it and I'm going to replace the three coils that are on the back side right there. So labor intensive to read that one and I'm grouping all of my old Fasteners together so that they, uh they don't get lost in the in the mix. Let's get that bottom one.

This is the Hard One to reach and it was really tight. Okay, come here there. it is all right. That's three out of five.

Oh one click come off there we go. A little bit more space. not much, but there's some. okay.

So the Fastener in question on that bracket is right. it's right here. and I'm going to reach at it with a flex head 12 mil wrench. Get this guy loose.

Don't complain anyway. you can't see it. I can barely even feel it. Yeah, there's this other brackets kind of in the way here.

How tight is this? Not bad? Okay, yeah, there is another one over there and I have found that it's missing its bolt. so if someone didn't put that one back, it happens and you can see why. these are these are not fun. no space.

remove engine. Okay, that's loose I'm gonna get the shorter ratchet wrench now. I think with this little stubby guy I can just do this one-handed I think yeah, yeah, see this right here. This is exactly why I had to remove that intake horn just so I can manipulate this one.

Fastener We needed to pull out like was it four, five, six eleven bolts. 11 bolts just to get one out. 12 if you count that one. Yeah, there we go.

Now we're moving. I'm in my groove, foreign again and get out of this dungeon of an engine compartment. and uh, we'll pull the front bolts out of this manifold and get this thing detached. There it goes.

Dropped it, no worries. I heard it at the ground. We're good. Okay, let's remove this emission solenoid pack right here.

There's a 10 millibolt and 10 millibolt and a few hoses and a connector. Let's get these guys out there. We go up. I See that one that did not hit the ground that's on the skid plate there? Got it and we'll just bring this thing.

Oh, do I want to remove it or just set it aside? I think I'll remove it. It's kind of in the way. Come here. There we go.

Foreign. Okay, we've got a pair of 14 millimeter nuts and then the rest of these are hex. Drive So we'll need to switch tools in a second. That's both of the nuts.

All right. let's try out the Uh an eight mil. see if that's the one. Yepper okay.

I think that's all of the fasteners for the intake. The upper intake survey says yeah, let's pull this guy out of here. You're gonna come out. Nope.

I Don't have the space. Do I need to pull the studs? Yeah. I Do There's two studs here and here and those are hanging me up taking too long. Foreign Stud number two.

Now this guy's coming out except it's connected with the PCV hose. I Remember you? There we go. Okay, let's get. uh.

let's get some towels down inside of these intake ports. We uh, we don't want any debris getting in there. Perfect. Uh, one more there.

All right. So I I'd Kind of like to do the harder part first, which is going to be this valve cover gasket on the back side of the engine. So let's keep going with where we are and move on with disassembly. We're going to get all these harnesses and connectors and whatnot out of the way.

and I'm gonna go through an unbolt uh, this valve cover and then we can reseal this guy. see if I can't get these uh little clip things off of here. Come on. yeah, maybe it's me today.

I'm having like a hard day I mean it's Monday it might just be me I don't know could be this Lexus I Also don't know what I do know is I want to get all this stuff removed and I can't because the clips won't on clip. These are the injector connectors right here. There's one just requires me to press so hard it hurts my fingers. That's that's what's going on here.

There we go. Sling those aside. Now we've got one two, three ignition coils. I'm gonna go ahead and pull the bolts out of those guys and then we'll pull them up and out and get those disconnected as well.

Back to the wobbly pens again, foreign s out and get them disconnected. Come off. Release clip is not releasing Okay Pry bar, mini pry bar. Let's get underneath of that little clip tab.

There we go Released! The goal here is to not break that. Those are very, very easy to break. I'm surprised they're not already broken. There's the there's that last one there.

There we go. Okay, that's three coils. Now you see, this wiring harness is in the way. It's got three, uh, little clamps that hold that down to the valve cover.

We're gonna pull those off next. There's not going to be much space to maneuver this valve cover out of here. It's gonna be a super tight squeeze. Foreign studs come on.

All right. So the harness is free now. I Can squeeze down behind it and get the perimeter bolts for the valve cover. There should be I Think one two.

I think there's four of them down there I Can feel one here to two, three, and the fourth one and it's in the corner somewhere. Fourth one's right there. Yeah, we need an extension just to get around these goofy angles that I'm working with here. Okay, there's one.

Second one is behind this. uh, this bracket right here. Dippage? Yeah, it's number two. Third one.

I Don't know. I Got sidetracked by this connector I Need to pull off because third one's under this connector. There we go there. now.

we can move around a little bit. better. look at that. Here's our third one right there.

and number four way back here. Step? Nope. No. Almost.

Yep. Okay, there's bolt number four now. Easier ones should just be one on the side right here. Oh, one on the corner.

and then the three up in the front. These are easy, all right. I Think that's all of them. that one doesn't want to come out.

Release: Did I miss one? No, that's that's all of them. All right. Screwdriver: Pry this thing loose. This is the part where this giant wiring harness turns into a slight problem.

Foreign because it's in the way over here and we need to move this valve cover that way a little bit to clear the timing cover. I'm out. Good there she is. Wow! Everything's pretty clean inside.

Pull this. uh, this gasket out. We don't need this anymore. Okay, let's head over to the bench.

I I Do have a new valve cover gasket set right here. Let's go ahead and drive out the spark plug tube seals and then we'll set up the perimeter gasket and then we'll get that backside button going. Yeah, these plug tube seals right here. They've got.

uh, they've got these little tabs that prevent you from driving them out. Um, some guys cut them off I think they can be bent? I've never tried to bend them out and then bend them back I Usually just cut things off and well. I Guess bending works. Yeah.

I Like cutting them off I Think it's cleaner that way. The last time I did this, someone told me to bend them. So I'm gonna try to just bend them out and see how that works out I don't like this. Next time I'm going to cut them off again.

Still might there. Yeah. I Missed half of that one down there. There we go.

Okay anyway. I'm gonna go ahead and drive these guys out with a chisel and then we can drive the new ones back in. So far, so good up. that one's not in enough.

A little bit farther notice how one wasn't right. so that meant that none of them were right. They all had to get additional impacts. Several there we go.

New spark plug tubes seals installed looking good looking good. Let's get the gasket next. All right valve cover is ready to go back in I Need to maneuver this thing down in there and the catch is is I can't scrape the gasket on anything, otherwise it is in danger of coming out of that Groove that it rides in in which case it won't seal because it won't be in its position and then I'll have to do this all over again and that would be very, very bad. That's what creates the angry.

Ray We don't want that. There are a couple dabs of sealant that need to go on the cylinder head where there's two pieces of metal that, uh, bolt together or butt up together and I've already installed set sealant. so we're just going to go ahead and get this cover down inside of its home as quickly gravity and we're not going back for that flashlight. I'll get that one later.

We're gonna do this as quickly as possible because I don't want that sealant to uh to dry up. No way. My gasket already came off. I I'm looking down under it and I saw it.

but I reached in and put it back. Hopefully this won't be a problem. Yeah, if it's coming off again, stay come on. I don't want to do this the hard way.

Come on. Seriously, it's the end of the day. Nope. I Fail.

It came right off. Oh okay. I'm re-situated We're going back in. Round two: Let's try this again.

and it fell out again. Everything's just falling right out of there. This thing's kind of in position I Can't see the back side of it though. It makes me really nervous because I think it fell out.

yeah, it totally fell out in the back I know it did. it fell out up here in the front I Know it fell out in the back I Don't know what do I do? Get in there to fix that. oh it's yeah, that's that's this is not working. This is not working at all.

Let me figure something else out here quickly. The silicone on the head is going to dry up. Okay, round three. Let's try this one more time here.

Pull this harness up. Stay there. light. Um I Feel like this is a an impending disaster? you guys? I'm not feeling good right now.

It seems to be turning into an exercise in futility. Third time's a charm, right? This is the charm. You're just very carefully put that down in there, make sure it stays. Then all I gotta do is pick the harness up right and do it again.

This very carefully is not Not working. Oh come on you. this would be about 97 percent easier with this harness. Be disconnected and moved off to the side but it can't I mean it can, but it, uh, vastly complicates the procedure or I should say exponentially complicates the procedure I Think on you I know you guys can't see my Noggins in the wave.

we're doing the Hail Mary Move here. we're really close. I think I got it I think it's in position here. Let me peel this up a little bit and then I'll look down inside and we'll just take a look at that gasket.

make sure it's uh, it didn't fall off. Foreign? Yeah, yeah, it looks good. It looks really good here. What? I'll do, put a couple bolts in it just to so it maintains its alignment and then we'll lift it up and take a look from the back side.

There we go. Okay, let's get this thing up in the air and take a look at the back side of that, uh, that gasket moving back up green subscribe button. That's your cue to subscribe to the channel if you have not already. All right, that's good.

Let's see what we can see if we can see what we can't Ah, it fell out. Look at that thing fell right out of there. Yeah and well, it didn't fall out on that side. I wonder if I can squeeze in there and put it back? I think I can here you guys.

You guys went right here. Okay, like I said, we're having a Hail Mary kind of moment. So Let's uh, let's get to it I guess put that thing in there. it's either gonna work or I'm wasting time again hoping it's gonna work.

Oh come on, why would you do this and something beeped I don't know what it was. Yeah, yeah, get back in there all right. Well that was kind of ridiculous, but I I think I got it somewhere or I got it here. We can see right there.

it's nice and even where it's supposed to be following along all the way down the seam. same situation and over here. on this side, it's in. its Groove We know it's still in the groove in the front so I'm gonna go ahead and get the bolts in if we're gonna let this down.

and uh, we're gonna go ahead and tighten this thing down. I think I Think that's it. It better be it. it.

feels like it. It is it. I know that. that's it.

All right. Back up top again. I Want to go ahead and start getting these bolts started and I'm looking at the gasket again from the top side here and everything is in position. So by some miracle get that thing lined up and fell into its home I Honestly thought what I saw was out again on the back side I was gonna have to remove it again.

Okay, let's run some of these down. Start with this middle one right here back. I know you guys can't see what I'm doing here I'm really sorry. foreign.

Very nice. Woohoo! Oh I missed one one bolt, missing dirt. went right there. mm-hmm getting a case at the five o'clock There we go.

Stop it. throttle body should have just removed it. next time. check my rear bolts, make sure those are tight.

Insanity I keep doing the same thing and it doesn't stop doing what I don't want it to do. It's like my kids there we go. Woohoo! All right, that's one valve cover done. the next one that's going to be the easy one that's right up here in front of us.

and uh, and of course I Gotta go ahead and pull off the timing cover and get that timing belt and water pump done. But I think I'm I think I'm gonna save that for tomorrow because like I said, I'm getting the case for the five o'clocks The sun is long, the day is growing short. Uh, I had a long day I'm about done with this thing so I'm gonna go ahead and close this one out. Right now.

there will be a part two in this video. obviously because I'm only about 33 of the way done with this job. So uh, that being said, I guess I'll see you guys in the next one. As always, thank you for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later into Toyota Lexus Hybrid.

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    Always impressed by Ray's patience and attitude! IF I ever had to take half the engine compartmet apart like this, I'd need to have it on video! Not for YouTube but jsut to remember where everything went!

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Adam Ant says:

    I have used Vaseline to help hold the gasket in place.

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sam Fish says:

    Its good to see they make lexas easy to work on

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars HB says:

    Love those blue valve cover gaskets.

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Frazer says:

    I would use Cobond (sp) from FelPro to hold gaskets in place during assembly. A clear adhesive that took up little to no clearance. Made my tech life so much better. Great content, Ray. Keep em coming!

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tom Day says:

    could you have used some silicone /permatex or a rubber cement to just hold the valve cover gasket in the cover?. not a ton… just some dabs or would that damage something?? thanks

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brant Kensinger says:

    Just some friendly advice: Use some headliner spray adhesive to keep the gasket adhered to the valve cover during install. It will save you a lot of time, frustrations, and mistakes. We do this all the time and have had no issures.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Peter Drake says:

    If its a late model car and you want to replace the wiper blades start at the front bumper and remove everything!!😖😖

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kg industries says:

    Pop some die electric on those wonky gaskets! Keeps them in while upside down.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ethan Devillier says:

    love the channel Ray. those gaskets are a pain. try adding some gorilla snot ( weather strip adhesive) instead of rtv. let it set a few minutes. works well for me.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars William Nichols says:

    I would use a THIN bead of Yamabond#4 in the receiver groove in the valve cover to hold the gasket. It's great stuff, I used it for 20+ years when I was a Jap bike mechanic. It NEVER let me down. Three Bond makes their own version of it.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars sgtzsquad says:

    My gosh what a nightmare to work on. Well done sir!

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Clifton Brown says:

    Hey ray, I've heard a good way to keep the the head gasket sitting in it's groove while you in carefully install head is to add some gasket sealer to the groove, let it set up until it is slightly tacky, then set your head gasket in the groove with the gasket sealer then it should now stay seated in it's groove without it falling out very easily.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Anthony Pratico says:

    Why didn't you glue it to the valve cover?

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jim Staszko says:

    4 Non Trolls

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Know One says:

    Damn…..ya gotta disassemble the whole car just to get to timing belt????….thought it was a toyota product….LOL….I believe for what its worth….I'd just glue the blue bastard in to the cover🤔

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alistair King says:

    Is there another name for that worm drive ratchet or the make/model please?

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ross K says:

    I was one of the people that said to bend the tube seal tabs out then back in. I had no problem doing it on my highlander.

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Todd Kress says:

    I always used a few dabs of wheel bearing grease to hold gaskets in place.

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars bigdaddymak1439 says:

    164k and never having a tbelt done! Wow living on the edge! BTW get some gasket adhesive to hold onto gaskets like that

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fred B says:

    OK Ray, on that rear valve cover gasket, you unfortunately looked like an amateur that I KNOW you're NOT. IMO 6 tiny drops of super glue strategically placed on the cover would have cut your video length by at least 10 minutes. I must say that I watch most all your videos and you ARE impressive in that you aren't afraid to tackle any repairs. I also lkie that you do admit to your ignorance of some 1st time repairs attempts that you do.. Also like your humor, keep up the good work Ray. I would also like to see more respect from you for your tools and work areas. AND distinguish yourself from lesser mechanics by making your repairs more noticable ( Ex. like more cleaning of brake parts when you do a brake job. Signs of professionalism when we can actually observe your attention to details