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I have been fixing these General Messes for a lot of years but this was a first for me. Takes a lot to surprise me now a days too. At any rate this is what keep our job exciting 😅
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That folks got a 2009 Chevrolet hit the Silverado it's got the big Five three. I'm assuming it doesn't run I Got dragged here from another shop. uh, they were thinking it needs an ignition switch and to be programmed. Uh, apparently.

so I don't really know the story on it. if it quit on the fella or if it just you know, shut off. Now it doesn't start so it sounds like if it quit they wouldn't be. you know, diagnosed an ignition switch.

Um and indeed it does nothing. I mean dash lights up and everything. it turned the key. Nothing happens.

So before we Dive Right In and just throw an ignition switch and a programming in it. Let's uh, look and see what's wrong with it and then if that's it then we'll fix it. I suppose it could be ignition switch? What? Oh man. hang on.

Well this guy's too fat. Here we go. We're in all right. So the key is on 108 on the clocks.

You didn't park here. a little clicking under the hood like a relay or something. Of course we'll just try it. Neutral.

Nothing you know appears to have right headlights and everything and let me go to crank it One Headlight goes out. oh I see the high beam circuit turns off okay? um so yeah. I mean nothing. No real anomalies? uh in here.

so I mean for all I know it could just have a bad starter I think one thing I did not let me turn the headlights back up. One thing I do notice I don't see a check engine light right? We should have a check engine light, shouldn't we? I don't hear any throttle actuation. All right, So that's kind of interesting. Let's before we even put up near, let's throw a computer on it and to see if we have comms with the Uh with the engine computer.

I Don't want to get too deep down the side track. Rabbit? oh man, what kind of Nancy there? Um yeah. I don't want to get too deep down the the rabbit hole of you know, checking things prior, just picking up checking the starter. uh, but it looks relatively clean under here.

um oh nine. You're always a little suspect, but let's just throw a computer at real quick. so this is over here. scanning it looks like the ECM is is talking so that's good.

Maybe the engine light just doesn't come on with the with the key check. or perhaps I've missed it. or maybe the you know bulbs missing I don't know. Hard to say but uh well, that's still skin.

I'm gonna start uh, throwing a lift under it because I think we're barking up the wrong tree there before we take the ride. Let's just check one thing because like I said, they made the call on the ignition switch. but let's just see if it is bad. I Went into power moating.

It's been the body control module and we should be able to see our current status. so this is off key in accessory run crank. So it appears that we have everything we need and it appears that the ignition switch is not bad. So the nice things about GM and their power mode and they've cut that the same pretty well forever.

So let's get a diagram for our starter. Uh, let's make sure we don't have any blown fuse or anything you know Finding business here in the hood and then we'll we'll pick it up and just do a quick check. All right, it's always right in the world. Fuse Number 62 6-2 is what it says that is our starter fuse or that's the fuse that's on the control side.

Well let's you turn the key on the computer says start, it turns, relay on the relay, sends power through this fuse and then down to the starter so that's where we're at. Just kind of summarize that. that's all we need to know. If this fuse doesn't light up, then we'll do something different.

A few. 62. 62 Where are you gosh? let me get my freaking glasses. Let's get no business.

Ain't no fun. 62. oh it's this big big Honker right here. Well let's um, see if I can get a hold of these Jks.

but oftentimes can be not friendly. This one is okay. The fuse is not blown. let's take a pop the lid off right here I'm using.

let me get a little pick there. Well might be able to use just a t-pin Usually you just push it on the corner of the lid here and they'll pop right off. There we go, We'll set that down. So there's our fuse.

It looks good. We're very gingerly set that back in its socket. For right now we will grab our test light, find the ground. We have a good ground.

We've got power. Very gingerly. set that on that fuse. I'm gonna go crank it.

That should light up if everything's working. I'm not light enough I can't see a picture of myself I'll break the fuse but I definitely want to make sure I got contact there. We go. let me try this again.

Oh uh-oh Toledo What we got boys. Good thing we went there instead of picking the car up. Well I have to expect that to light up. so let's verify a couple things.

a Make sure the blind guy is looking at the right fuse. fuse number 62 right next to the AC Relay 62 down here. Starter: 40 amp. It says now with the 40 amp, let me make sure that jives with the wire diagram I Think it's a little power to it? Yeah yeah, he says yeah, we should be on the right wire I guess Oh I See, it's because there's no nut on there.

We'll clip it on there like that. Watch this. Let me make sure it's in park so we don't make some kind of stupid move here. which we should be.

Oh scared me, we are in park. It should crank over when I touch this. It sure does. but it doesn't run.

but she cranks. That's interesting. So now we know something. Now we know we need to keep going backwards.

And the fact that it didn't run right there leads me to believe it's something more than a bad starter relay. Maybe it does have a bad ignition switch? Who knows? This guy doesn't I don't think it does. Where is our starter relay I Want to remix? It's this one right here. one with the greasy fingerprints on it.

Okay, let's get our uh you activate and see if that thing's not activating and see what we're missing there. If anything, what's up. Michelle It doesn't look good. It smells like Dill in here.

Girl, it's good, huh? Yeah, this is pretty strong. Wow. I'm just a good wiring diagram. Come see what you're doing.

Let's play. It turns out okay, you're gonna make it sounded good. Old potato salad that's pretty strong. Yeah I Like dildo? Yeah, Probably appreciate you.

appreciate you too. So this is getting more interesting. We'll um, break up the diagram so let's get everybody up to speed where we just did. We just checked this fuse right here.

This 40 ampere like I say that's on the load side of this relay coming out. Um, that supposedly gets its power from something over here. 175 AMP Mega goes into there. That's interesting.

That's an awful lot of power feeding that little guy. Um, and then it comes down to the actual Sir Solenoid. You know, the low low current side here, so there must be more. You know? Obviously, you're not feeding 175 amps just into this alone.

but they said that's on the firewall. Okay, so it must be the spell right here. Oh, because that goes over and feeds that whole box. That's why it's interesting.

they had something up to at some point there's a wire there. one must probably go the alternator things like that. So I got 175 AMP Mega fuse that much. Just feed the probably a whole smart Junction or that whole junction box.

So you know let's see what we're missing on the relay. So we're gonna need our diagram. We're going to use the AES wave you activate relay tester allows us to do some testing outside of the box. Now this is a relatively new tool to me, that was our relay.

Correct. Let's see. this is making sure that's in its neutral position. Oh, you can't use this one.

That's a five program. Let me see if it's got a four prong adapter in the kit and it does. This should allow us to do one of our testing outside the box here. Key's still on.

We should be able to crank it from here and we can, so that's good. Let me get my glasses in our diagram here. Well someday, don't laugh at me folks. someday.

And then we're going to grab our test slate. So as usual, 30 10 30 should be our full-time power. I Think this thing has LEDs on it typically light up test right? Yeah, so Pin 30. that should be our power from our Mega fuse.

Shouldn't it should? How did it crank? If it didn't have power though, that's what I want to know it's 30 and 87. that's kind of Bizarro that it would crank. But why is this not lighting up? It lights up when I click it that way. huh? So on here can just plug in two different ways.

Probably shouldn't matter, but it does okay. so that makes sense. Okay, so this can plug in two different ways. Uh, because they had power on 87 prior.

So we have power on 30. which is is correct. When the relay activates, we should have power on 87. you can see that we do.

So we power on 30. when the relay turns on, 87 becomes active. So what we need to see now is 85 and 86. Now those two can be inverted.

Uh, but in this case, according to the diagram, 85 is our ground side and then 86 is our power site. So let's just see if when I hit key if 86 lights up, hopefully that's making contact in there. let me turn the key. crank it here.

Okay, so either I have crap connection I'm going to pull this more towards me where you guys can't see I want to make sure I have a good connection as well. Dust light's not the best thing to use with this box here. Okay so we have no control so that means 85 I'm assuming has it has a ground or it should have unless we have two problems but it appears that we have no control side of this relay. Okay so we should have if I'm hooked to a power source.

so let's see if 85 is grounded and it is and I'll crank it to make sure we don't lose our ground. We shouldn't okay and we don't Okay So we've narrowed this down. Let me, uh, let me give you guys some rundown as to what we're missing and that is the starter relay control wire right from the engine computer. Let me show you you guys the skinny: This wire is good.

We have power going into the relay. We know we have power that can go through it and come out into the starter. So that wire is good. That wire is good.

This ground is good. We checked that at Pin 85. uh isn't it what that says 85? Yep, but 86 This control wire which is supposed to have power from you know from the engine computer uh, starter Relay control uh that we don't have. So there there's some reason that the starter or the ECM is either inhibiting uh, cranking or the wire is broken or the computer is bad.

or Minnesota needs to see us what's up so you need us. I'll be right there. So what? I Think the best next step is here. You have a pointing apparatus.

We were in the body module we could see the Um Power modeing there. I'm assuming if we go into live data here, we should find I don't know if it's gonna be I don't know which heading it's under. um maybe electrical and theft? we should be able to find. uh, crank.

Oh there we go. I Was gonna say crank request? um starter relay command. That's all we really need to know. Oh, look at this ignition voltage zero.

Does this thing really need a freaking ignition switch? That's hilarious. Um, just because power moding showed it functioning. Maybe I'm the idiot here. Ignition start requested.

Uh RVs disabled. So that's remote vehicle start So this is interesting, Huh? Oops, No, we don't want to exit. Let's just I don't feel like a real ding dong if I didn't just do what the other shop asked me to. let's see crank request signal.

Yes, so it's receiving the signal but it's not. uh, commanding it. However, look at that ignition one signal. Okay, so it's pretty interesting.

Um I can eat crow when I have to Let's uh, let me do a little more poking here through some data. so I'm I'm thinking that this is something important to focus on this Ignition One signal. Um, obviously it's receiving the crank request, but it's not turning the uh, the relay on. so that's why we don't have you know that control side that power side that's turned on.

So let me see where this ignition one uh signal comes from or where that voltage comes from and then we'll uh, we'll take it from there. So I found this a little interesting. I went into the bi-directional controls and believe it or not, I actually have a starter relay uh, by directional control which I didn't know that? of course it's not something I normally would look for and then I go to turn it on and it says battery voltage exceeds limits So I turned off my battery maintainer because you know it's sitting at 13 volts thinking well, maybe but uh, even at 12.6 it still didn't like it. However, I'm wondering if you know it's the other end of the limits I meant to make little quotation marks in my hands because our Ignition One signal.

So now question. okay and uh, people are questioning why I'm not worried about uh, theft deterrent and that's because on a GM it doesn't kill the starter. it kills fuel. So that's why I'm not worried about Anti-Theft All right, so we have ignition One here.

uh, pin 19. pink wire where that goes. that goes to number one. Oh, and then we have another Ig-1 here.

pink and black and that goes to 15.. So let's see. All right. so number one here, Pink, that goes up to Fuse 56.

Let's rate that. we can write it down or we can just go check it. I'll just check it over right here. Let's move our test light here.

If he's 56, it's in this bottom corner. Oh, look at that, huh? Oh boy. we've got a blown fuse. But why did it blow, huh? This is why you should go through the fuse box and check every single fuse every single time.

Just kidding folks, this is why you follow here now. I Just did a fuse box in a car the other day and I said hey, you know what I'm gonna save all the infuses but I don't know if I had any regular fuses in it when it did. Look at that 15 amp right there. You think she's gonna blow right away.

Okay I hear the throttle body. Now that I've been here before, okay man, we didn't have to push this thing in, didn't We got a check engine light again. Whoa. Chevy Thunder Oh boy.

Now we got a whole different set of problems people. A whole different set of problems. So you're asking yourself, well, what could be The problem is here. Oh well.

the problem is that fuse is blowing. First of all, good question. So now we have a lot of suspects. We've got the wire that goes from the ECM all the way across here.

That could be a problem. the ECM could be a problem or whatever else this thing feeds, which is the fuel system control module. What blows my mind is that there was no codes in the fuel pump control module or the ECM for missing voltage on ignition one circuit. So that's kind of bizarre.

And the fuel pump control module, as you know, lives at the back of the vehicle. This sucks. Um, a lot of wire between here and there and it sounded like it had some dual fart cans on it. See, Oh yeah, don't trip over those babies.

Freaking chin. So I'm wondering. I'm wondering. usually when those things are put on, everybody likes this kind of cut and hack and whack for the Harvest runs.

um, well. something blew the fuse. That's the problem. We let this thing go.

she's gonna come back and haunt you. All we can do is do the best we can see if we can figure out what shorted. of course the fuel pump control module on these things is always. you know, a big green plus.

Sac Typically okay, let's um, let's throw a amp clamp on it and we'll go visual inspection and do some wiggle wiggle and see if we can't find a Hitchin it's getting up I Guess I Used this in a previous video and a lot of folks mentioned that they went on to Ads Waves website and couldn't find this and that's because it's not there. You gotta know a guy. Um, no. What you need to do is you need to get a hold of them and get put on a waiting list.

Um AES Wade's a great company so be sure to check them out. I Think there's links in my description for AES wave or you can call them up and tell them that you know you would like to have it you activate and they can give you the the skinny on it as far as what the terms are as far as waiting and stuff. So pretty handy little tool for running tests on your relays outside of the box. When you're calling about that, make sure you buy yourself an ex-wave U test kit because these things are phenomenal.

This is probably one of my favorite bits of Kit Of course I've added a lot of stuff to it, but by itself it's a great. It's a great kit and what we're going to use on that kit right now is this jumper? Uh I Don't think that one right? Nope, that's for the little guys. Uh, dope beds for the big guys? must be I mix some up in my other bag here. Yes Ma'am I Sure did.

This is what it needs right here. It doesn't really matter, that's all different configurations. So we're gonna put our 15 amp fuse in our little Loop here. then we'll stick that back in the fuse box.

Okay, we probably should have a circuit breaker in there being we're going looking for a short, but worst case scenario, we blow a fuse and then I'm going to stick the current clamp on here, run that down over the side of the vehicle. We'll do a little visual under the hood, but I would be more suspicious of the pump being at the rear simply because it's salt belt. These vehicles have a tendency like I say with aftermarket exhaust I've seen them, you know, break leaf springs and robot harnesses and all kinds of weird stuff. So we're going to take a look and see if we see anything.

and if we don't see anything obvious in the harnessing rub spot, I Mean there's not, There's not much we can do, we'll we'll unplug the fuel pump control module, see if that thing's growing. Typically corrosion doesn't blow fuses it creates, you know. opens High Resistance Little Current Low resistance High Current Okay, so we're usually looking for a short more than we are corrosion rub through something like that. look at the old Vantage fired up here I Like using Advantage because it has a big screen on it.

allows us to share a little better on the world wide web. We're going to plug in our our AES Wave07-60 low amp probe. Well, that's a pretty good advertisement for them folks, huh? They do make great stuff so no, uh, no complaints. On my end we're going to go to graphing meter and then low amps in this way.

Here we can see on a graph. if we you know if we touch it in the right spot, zero that baby out. Always put it on the wrong first and this thing's hardly drawing any current right now. it's like 16 milliamps so almost nothing.

I'm going to change our scale I'm going to 500 milliamp scale. So yeah, 13.8 and and that number is really irrelevant to us at this point. What we're looking for is if we, if we touch it in the bad spot, we're just looking for a spike. Hello, what's up? So um, so that's it.

Yeah, let's get after. Let me get up in the air. We've got this here. She's holding steady and the first thing you always got to do is is make sure they don't break in half on you.

These freaking frames these trucks right out super fast. This one doesn't look super sketch. Let's see, the box is starting to collapse up there, so you know those are areas where you could be A little suspect is. like where the box starts caving in down around my body.

You know, we just kind of want to do some visual inspection and see how that shock mounts ripped right off up there. Okay, I bet you that's where we're gonna find a problem because see, this one's still attached. Yeah, that one's still attached, but trucks pretty well junk. Yeah, you can see the harness ripped away there.

but where that shock is is ripped right off the body. it's probably got the wiring harness cut. will be my guess because that's where that's going to go is back here. Two, there's our fuel pump control module.

Okay, oh, do you need me Mayor? Miss though uh well, do you wanna talk to? No? Alan talk to anybody. Use code words. Okay, so we don't want to jump to conclusions assuming that that is, um, the problem. but it's definitely a problem, right? Looks like oh, Shock's been beating around back there for a little bit.

Uh, because remember folks, that wire runs from the fuse box, you know, down to the ECM up front. which looked all pretty good. but our main concern was where it runs all the way through this harness here, along the outside of the frame and down and around. And you know, up there above everything.

So let's um, let's just look in the obvious spot. Let's try to pull this Shock down out of the way. I Know it's not a great viewing angle for you guys, but I Really need to see more than you do even though that's what you're paying for. But the price is right so you might not be able to see.

That's where it might be like why doesn't my truck run? You've got your shocks bad, that's what I'm telling. uh I just want to see if I can see up in there. So if I ain't got a frigma I ain't gonna. Yeah, it looks like she might have chowdered that harness a little.

Um, the problem is. oh, what the problem is. Uh, I probably should stick a stand underneath it that way because the shock's really the only thing holding this rear end up. you know, obviously the leaf springs are.

but I guess we could unbolt it at the bottom. perhaps? I mean the truck's garbage at this point, so it doesn't really matter, but we'll figure it out here. Yeah, we better get a stand. I can't remember how much they go down, we just spring.

It clearly has some tension on it. Scares me a little town. Let's see if it's broke off all the way. It's broke off all the way.

Chevy Thunder and it looks like it might have got the harness here a little bit. All right. I've got my mirror cleaned off a little bit I peeled that back so we can see and I don't know if this will focus on the mirror and hit and hit. Let's see.

Hopefully it's focusing, but there's a pink wire, white, a green, and a pink in there and I can't tell if that's focusing or not. That's definitely not. but hopefully you can see on that pink wire where it rubbed through. Okay, and that's I believe the wire color we were after was pink and that would be the ignition one.

feed back to the fuel pump control module and I'm not gonna bother fixing on this truck because this truck's going to be on its way to the junkyard. Look at this, that's a pink wire because that's our fuse. So we identified the problem. We identified the short.

However, it's time for this Chevrolet to get recycled unless somebody wants to mess with that, which I won't but somebody might want to. But yeah, you have to cut the spare tire out of it. like I say the box is starting to collapse down around the the sides of it and I'm sure the shackles and everything are probably ready to get rot right through. Oh yeah, they're getting close.

she's almost done. Maybe stick a fork in this one. Um, if he does, he decided to take it somewheres and have it fixed. Then they can fix the wiring because like I say all that has to come out of there anyways if somebody's going to try to weld the cross member.

but if we grab the Poke and Hammer you could just you could poke right through that thing anyway. So yeah, all right, we'll throw the shack in the back, call the guy and let them know that it's not the ignition switch over here. I don't care how old girl you gonna try it I don't want to try it right now I've got wax in my mouth. No, because of my situation, we figured this truck out.

It does not need an ignition switch. You know why it wouldn't start. Bad shot. got bad shock absorber on it.

What? What? What? Oh, the truck rotted out, the shock fell off and rubbed the hole through the harness. But technically right, that's what I'm gonna title this video bad shock absorber makes Chevy truck not start I'll get off the Chevy freaks going on. click click click yeah, click bait. and then well.

I won't even tell you when we use a thumbnail. All right. Dill potato salad, dill potato salad with your face. oh no potato salad and a bad shock.

look at this. Chevy You guys think I'm full of Chevy hate I Got a confession to make. Okay this 2006 Chevrolet With the big 5.3 it's fine. It's a short box.

it's a regular cab and it's mint. Except for the headliner. this is always fixing that. Got the interior door I Bought it for my oldest son.

We redid the inside because it's a southern truck she came from. South Carolina So naturally the headliner was falling down, windshields broke, and it was a smoker's truck so the inside was completely disgusting. But I went to Wilbert you pull the bath, got all the interior parts and pieces, We got the carpet. it's mint.

but let me tell you what boys, this thing is like a brand spanking new underneath for an 06 look at that frame, huh? Oh yeah Chevy Thunder right here I've got different tires I Found all the hubcaps but she's pretty cool. It's got a Line-X liner in it. got the windshield put in it, got all the Aftermarket Wiring ripped out of it and everything all fixed. She's pretty nice.

Seats are just in there with one bolt right now because the windshield guy wanted something to sit on. so as soon as Mrs old fixes our headliner which that material just showed up today, we'll put that back together. I Got all the plant stick and stuff from the junkyard that was in good shape, no broken tabs, got everything we need to put her back together. Oh man, and uh, even got a Chevy head to work I Like to say the headliner was crap but she got some new headliner material.

The backing on it is still really good so we can just uh, we'll put a new headliner on it and and that's it. like I say it's on hubcaps got a new plastic for the tailgate because that was broken handle on that. got a different uh tail light, front lights and all that. So yeah, these Southern trucks that's the way to go.

but unfortunately the Interiors are their Interiors look like our frames. but we got good Interiors here. so this was the easy fix. um piece of cake and it'll make a good truck for my kid.

So before you guys think I'm a total anti-chevy guy I'm not because really deep in my heart I'm a Chevy guy I'm not a big new Buy sell Chevy guy this the 07 Classic I think was probably the best truck that Gia made. They had it pretty well perfected around then except for some of the issues they had with the cylinder heads. But I think that this body style, the old Four Five Six, and O7 classic I think is probably some of the best trucks GM ever made. you know besides square body America uh I don't know if that's the symbol for America you know what I mean Uh so anyhow, I'm a Chevy guy deep deep in my heart and it's for a kid so he's gonna need access to cheap parts.

and Wilbur 2 pulling the bath has tons of these trucks. so and they're everywhere is around here Diamond dozen so that's why we went that route. but this guy here I don't know I'm not willing to do anything I'm not going to try a bubble. got my shock back on I mean if things just toilet paper and swiss cheese in the back part of the frame like they usually are so I'll let him decide I'm not even going to bother patching up the wiring because clearly you know the shock needs to be reattached to the vehicle prior to anything else.

and whoever's gonna fix that? Yeah, I Imagine they're going to cut the cross member out or do something they can fix wearing at that point. and I'm just going to leave it at and that's that. And I Don't want you to leave me here thinking why you're not in that comment section leaving me a comment. The question, the concern.

Find me on the NC The Facebook You guys know what to do. Just remember viewers, if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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    Love your courtesy to each other. You are a good man.

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars elkski Utah says:

    Great camera work. Yes we can see the pink wire was rubbed

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars elkski Utah says:

    Great start to my day.

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Steven James says:

    Just a question, why don’t you have the under body sprayed with a liner to protect it from the corrosion?

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars brandon salas says:

    Had enclave with relay issues i think related to the ground on the back of th head i jumper a ground directly to the starter relay car was sold shortly after happy customers

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars brandon salas says:

    Cluster possibly

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Junior Rodriguez says:

    Love how you go step by step on all your diag trouble shoot my brother much respect to ya

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James P Butler 5 says:

    Well one thing I learned being back east on my square body dually is after the rain and snow because they salt the roads I would get underneath there and wash the hole underneath and get the salt off cuz it causes the rest and then I under coated it

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James P Butler 5 says:

    Chevy still better than a Ford just not the newer Chevys and Fords

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Disgruntled Marmot Squarebody and Egg Farm says:

    Im dealing with an 04 silverado with a no crank and it's driving me nuts. I can jump the relay and it fires and runs fine. It's a shit show

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Graham Brown says:

    He has a good character voice, actually. 🤩😎 Reminds me of one of the goons from the 1990 movie Dick Tracy.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars cgirl111 says:

    If I can do it with 300k worth of tools – you can do it.

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars yoyo yoda says:

    Just scrap it …not worth fixing a chevy

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Raymond Rasco says:

    Broke wire in fuse box that goes to start relay is what was wrong with my 2006 chevy impala ss with 5.3 engine. Started it at the relay for a year.

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars GreenHeart 524 says:

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  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hans Sjölander says:

    Shock absorbs fuse. Ha!
    I had a rusted up spare wheel tray that sent the power jack through in between the the leaf spring mount and broke the rear axel of. None fixable because most of the frame was rotten. The customer tried to persuade me to weld it back. I said no.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Travis Peters says:

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