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Hello everybody, Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you're here! So I'm in my backyard. Yep at the con Xbox and I'm trying to load more equipment. Uh I had to drag this thing up onto the trailer. No. I didn't do it by myself. Uh I have a healthy Helper but he's camera shy. he's hanging out in the back. I'm not gonna tell you who it is, he's grinning at me right now. Uh, anyway, we we manhandled this thing up. Canceled right there you said the man word. We manhandled this thing into the trailer. Uh, we're gonna strap it down. hopefully it stays and doesn't follow through my newest floor and uh, we're gonna hit the road, drive this thing across town and then unload it. so stay tuned. This is going to be a very good video. You strap clicks. Oh there we go. So far so good. you chicken poop. There we go. You hear that? yeah baby are you doing? Are you getting the Seaweed off? Yeah. All right. get it out of there yellow seaweed out. Thank you. It's from the pond. Is it stuck? We'll get it all out. Uh, that'll work. I think for now ish. Maybe we're gonna find out it's either gonna fall over or it's not right? Yeah, okay. we got extra straps on so there's there's four primaries. those are the red ones. Then we've got a backup which loops around to that side and then another back up which loops around to that side. And then I have this one. So just in case I Gotta hit the brakes a lot. that one's there too. So I think it's going to stay I guess we're gonna find out. Let's Roll Woohoo there are stockings the engine I gave you guys mileage last night so you're not getting it again today. Deal with it. you're gonna work. Yeah, it's gonna stay. for now, let's get out of here. Okay, we're off exiting the driving way. Who's that? What are you doing here I don't know you Oh I like his trailer I need one of those and his little um, we're back I Feel like I just left but now I'm back again. You know I'm thinking uh, I'm thinking right here would be a good spot for that compressor because it's outside. It might mitigate Some Noise a little bit. You know somebody said that they can see the ridge is on your key and then top of your key to a video because there's only like certain like x amount of ways to make the key work or whatever and I'm going these. Uh, that's insane. That's intense. but I guess there's a special set of skills for everyone. Hello over here. Lumens powering on. Yeah, hey, it's just the way I left it. It's good. Okay, so here's I'm thinking in order to get that out without having to manhandle it is I'm gonna pull the truck up over here and then I can use this forklift, pick it up, drive it over here, drop it off in that corner. That's the plan. so let's see if this is gonna work. Restarting Z engine. Let's go ahead and pull up and get out of the middle of the driveway. Here is either going to work or it's not. so let's find out right about. Let's see. here's probably good sweet parking is the auto. All right. Forklift time. We need this. restarting the engine. Here we go. Moving on out. Three. All right? Okay, that one does that. That one does that. Okay I know how this works right? Loud noises? Let's get out of here. fight. Freeze Wow. You guys haven't seen me drive a forklift since I Worked at the dealership. it's been a while. I'm like four kids. They make things easier to do. Yeah, now we're cooking. Move it up. I'm not gonna pick it up with the boom. We're gonna get in real close and just tie it around there. We go right up in there all right time to strap it in. Parking Brake Powering down. Hmm. okay. we've got two straps on this side and then the chain wrapped around that side over the hook. so we're just gonna give this a straight up. We're gonna back up Let it down so it's more safer and then we'll spin it around, pull it forward to its new parking space. That's the plan. Stopping is the engine all right. It's got a bit of a lean chains tied over here. It's good. That's good. That's good. Okay, you're doing it wrong. Let's go for Glory Moving on up. This is way easier to move with Machinery Coming down. Foreign clear the roof. so oh that's so close up top. make it only got another inch or so of down. Yeah, a little bit more down just to make sure. Well that's the other way. we went down. not up there we go. I Think we're gonna make it some gas. We made it moving back up. Clear the guide wires, clear the crane. We're not going to clear the crane I Don't think freaking say right about here. Parking the forklift, parking brake. What do you think? Yeah, yeah, it's good. All right. Levers work without me sitting in it? Yes they do. I Love deleted safety features and heavy machinery. There we go stay. Woohoo got it! JK uh car jack to help you push it Forward um or just to get it in in its Corner um now I'll just rock it in, it'll slide I think I hope I guess we'll find out because I don't want to I'm not gonna lift it again. Foreign 's smashed in. This thing fell over once it fell over on the tool truck. it was not. Uh, he didn't have it strapped down very well and the dude was driving and then it fell over. Save me 500 bucks but this back got bent and that got bent. but still we dropped it. Not everybody can haul my heavy loads I don't know. All right let's go park this thing back where it goes. Mm-hmm yeah he had a keep going. Oh no no. go in. go in right right there. thank you sir and parking brakes. It's sweet foreign. all done with you for now. Uh I think that looks pretty good there. I Like that spot. What do you guys think? you know the drill? Let me know down the comment section below. Okay everybody I am packing up this show. We're getting out of here. it's it's getting late in the day. not really. but okay, it's not early I need to go do the voting thing. Today's voting day it is Election 30 and I'm not going to miss that. So I'm going to close up and vacate the premises. We've got the compressor I Think this is where it's going to live. Um I have to wire it still I haven't done that yet, but it's going to go through the wall, up and over to the panel that's on the wall over here. We did a lot of work with these lights I Know you can't tell right now, but it's It's getting there slowly, but surely everything that you see is now on a switch instead of plugs. With the exception of these lights over here, this area is as organized that I can get it. I put some lights underneath of the metal support right here I'll do another string under there that way that's all lit up and then I'll put some eight Footers in upstairs under ceiling later on, but that's for another day. So uh, this is, uh, functioning as much as I'm going to get to function for right now. Uh, where's my? those are all on a power circuit or a power strip? still? I Know power strips are everywhere, but it'll work for the time being. Six fan power down I think I needed to show you guys, uh, some other goodies. Yeah I did talk about this in uh, yesterday's video. Hang on. let's get this out. loud. Noises: Tie rods. Remember the tie rods not tie rods. Uh. Pitman arm Idler Arm: There we go I Can't get those words out properly. I'm terrible that is. That's the upgraded HD idler arm bracket that's going on. also a PPE or a PSC part I can't read it. Stamping's weird. Let's just say PPE yeah that's PPE Okay, I don't know them but they do make heavy duty stuff. That's the big idler. This one bolts onto that one and that bolts to the center link and then this one. that's the Pitman Yeah, let's make sure this fits. Come here good morning! I Don't need the warning anymore. So violent. A little bit of finesse goes a long way sometimes. Smarter, not harder there. Just gonna make sure that this lines up appropriately before I take it all apart later on and it does. Hooray! Makes me happy I Like it quick. So yeah, we're we're nearly at a state of potential operative. What's the word? I can almost operate. We're getting there. there we go. More than one word. That's how I'll do it. So I can nearly operate effectively in this building and that's good because I have a customer arriving tomorrow morning and I hope I got everything that I need to to service said vehicle except for more lights I'm gonna need more lights. Oh wait, hang on, hang on I forgot the under glows are back on again. Yeah fancy. but I got this weird shadow cast thing going on right here. so I need lights up there to make that go away because I can't see what's inside of my drawers powering down and even the bag says we're done no more. All right guys. I'm gonna listen to the bag in the glove and we're calling this one quits. Finalized light powering down and oh, this is the cool part I Got a lot of these on switches now. Yes! So uh. That being said, as always, thank you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill. let me know about that. Bye tap that like button down below and if you do not enjoy this video, go watch something else again. And as always thank you for watching. And most importantly and don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later. Almost forgot goodbye office Oh I didn't show you guys did I put the carpet in? Yeah well I I unrolled it carpets in that's up I Showed you this last night. What am I thinking? See you guys later in the transmission Run away Garage door Whoa Slow down door click.

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