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Man, this job's going down like the Hindenburg look at that. I Broke a fuel line opening Z Hood Hello everybody, Good day to you We are back on this. PT Cruiser Uh, we're gonna go ahead and get the intake uh, finished, back up and then we're gonna lift this thing back up and replace that broken torque Mount that we saw earlier. So, uh, stay tuned.

This is going to be a very good part. Two: Okey dokey. It's the next day. I Am exponentially less irritable today.

I've got the gasket that is needed for this, uh, this thermostat housing right here. Let's go ahead and get in there with some, uh, some cleaning devices and clean up this surface. We'll throw some new gaskets on that intake and get the stuff put back together. So while that compressor is coming up, let's just clear some work bench stance.

Okay, so while that compressor is coming up and it's clear, some workbench space here and we'll re-gasket the intake starting with the lower. I Believe the bolt. Gravity: Yeah, these are nasty. Let's get these gaskets out of our box.

How do I open this box violently? That's how. Yeah. I Have gloves. There's no finesse.

Uh, seriously. and that's a negative. Yeah, these, That's not the right one. That one goes there.

These are freaking garbage. I Mean it works. I Don't want to use these. Come on man.

That annoys me greatly. How am I supposed to put a paper gasket over top of these rubber gaskets and then expect that to work I don't even know why that's offered. Worst part is is I didn't buy these parts so now I'm kind of on the hook for the 28 or whatever that it costs for the proper gaskets. Another reason why we don't like to do installs of customer supplied Parts Because of things like this, right? back to being irritated again.

But you know what? the uh compressor is done. Let's go clean that surface off and we can at least do the coolant passage gasket. Bob noises fingering goodbye debris hello more debris. This is gonna be just very light.

We're not grinding, we're just cleaning the surface all right real quick, Runs down, goodbye microbial degree I'll leave these towels in until that intake is 100 ready to go back on. All right, well forget the thunderstorm. it's kind of loud outside I've got the gasket here uh I don't normally I normally do not Place sealant on gaskets but since that, uh, that otherwise decent looking gasket that was already in there had a uh, a little bit of a leak to it I decided to put some Right Stuff sealant on this just to help prevent additional leakages. So what we're going to do is get this guy into place.

Hopefully I can do this without smearing away all my silicone. Thank you! We're gonna do the easy bolt first which is our top one and once I get that started. I can move down below and get those two harder to reach fasteners. this thing together here on now I'm done I'm done I'm over this Cruiser I Don't want to fight with this thing and it said I don't care if you want to fight, it chooses violence today.

No seriously though, that rain's coming down out there. there's a lot hurricane level. Now you see how we've got the two bolts that we can reach installed. It's going to be enough to uh to locate this gasket.

but with that bottom bolt in here I can't reach the middle or the the left side bottom bolt. So I tighten this top one down. that's going to secure the gasket to its surfaces and now I can get that hard to reach one, that one's going to be the priority here. and then we'll get the easier ones after that.

See if this is gonna work. I might end up back in there with that little ratcheting device back and forth back and forth back and forth. See if I can't get my hand down there? Yeah, it's It's tough to turn by hand I can't do it. Need a tool? All right? let's try this.

uh with the wrench since I can't uh I'm all out of flangy power. Oh good. it's rationing. Hear that? and I think the storm's passing too.

This is also good. Many clicks we are reaching the the end of the threads on this one here. That's uh, that's a good solid clickage. Okay, let's get this next one in.

make sure that's still aligned and threaded. That's good. Yeah, that goes in nice and easy there. Now we've eliminated all the potential leaks and I Like that.

Wish there was more space in here for more than just one hand. I'll tell you that I Got my new gaskets already. So uh, no longer annoyed at the gasket situation or the storms here. you guys.

And it's like super humid today and it's still hot, so it's like a swamp in here. All right, let's head back to the bench. this thing is prepped. We're all tight in here.

All right, let me check it one more time. I was actually away for a little while at the computer and I don't want to miss a Fastener that would be bad. Okay, that's good to go. Okay, let's go put those gaskets uh, in the intake and then we'll get this thing bolted back on.

Yeah, we got some more battery gaskets. ones that actually fit, not some stamped paper junk. I Don't understand why they even offer those paper ones because they they do not fit. And if these gaskets are compromised, you put that paper over top of it and you're You're doing yourself a disservice.

man. If you got a problem, you're gonna go well. I Don't know why it's uh, I got new gaskets and I have new this? It doesn't make sense, but you installed an inferior junk gasket I could have made that out of cardboard. All right.

good to go on this one. Let's go ahead and get this lower installed. that is after we, uh, undust it and get rid of all this nasty rat poop. Foreign.

Okay, let's get, uh, let's get our towels out of there. We don't need to leave those installed and then start the engine. s don't run well on paper towels, you know I say that jokingly, but those things do occur foreign. Good to go.

Okay, all this is looking pretty good to my eye. Let's go ahead and get our manifold in position here and I'll secure it with the two easy to reach bolts first and then we'll go grab the ones down below. Go in there. thread Phase one: I said easy.

Yeah, not so much. kind of a toy squeeze man. very much a tight squeeze. Oh, you guys can't even see I'm pointing you at the wrong direction.

There you go. Sorry, that was rude foreign, not tightening it. I'm just running these Fasteners down. Another one right over here.

Okay, now there's three more those go in on the bottom I believe I Pulled these out with a magnet but I think I can reach them I Hope I think I think I hope I Hope I Can think Okay, that one's in the hole. There's one, ah, that one's in the hole right there below that fuel pressure regulator. and there's a third one right down right there. Okay, let's apply some torque to these guys.

and then we'll go ahead and get that, uh, thermostat housing and upper intake installed. Okay, we'll get our middle bolt first on the bottom. There we go. There's one.

Give me back my socket. Thank you. Get its neighbor next or not, that one's not threading. Um, pull that middle one loose again.

it's clearly not aligned. Come on, let's try again. Foreign. That's what I get for not starting all my bolts first.

So you break your rule one time and you pay for it instantaneously. Come on. foreign next. Okay, how about this upper bolt over here.

We'll get that one that's tight, get the one far away on that side, and then we'll go back and get that center bolt. foreign, center bolt. Get on there. All right.

Good to go. Lower intake has been torqued down. Let us reconnect fuel injector wires connectors. we'll put the clips back on that, secure the harness to the rail, and I Think I'll do the fuel line last because I need to get the thermostat housing bolted on.

Let's put the thermostat back in. It's got a little Notch right here that lines it up with its housing, so we'll press this guy back in. You're gonna stay. Nope.

time for a cool trick to hold this in. Watch this take a piece of wire and loop it through. See that now I can send this wire through the housing. Oh man, it came out two sides.

I Want to come out of the top? Hang on there we go. pull that up and into the housing and then I can hang on to it and it will hold this thermostat in place. See that. Clever now! I Actually forgot about this little trick until uh, the last Cruiser that I did and then the the audience reminded me about it.

Said trick Today: As long as I keep pressure on this wire, this thing won't go anywhere. So let's get one of the bolts in. get that one started. I'm gonna thread nothing.

Nothing wants to work on this car. Come here. Thread What is this. I'm gonna send it with an impact if it doesn't go.

I'm losing patience I have learned patience. but I also am losing patience. Okay second: Bolt sounds a little harder to get to. so I hope I don't drop it there.

It is perfect and I'm definitely going to start that one by hand if I crossed by that housing. I'm uh, very much up a creek because I gotta I'll have to buy a new one and then do this all over again. Okay, that's starting to clamp down I believe I can retrieve my my wire. no not yet.

Now let me tighten it all the way down. first. that's better come out and our wire comes out. Everything's in place.

and I can go ahead and apply some torque to these bolts and finish this housing off. All right. Switch sockets. that's toy.

Line up this little bracket right here. There's a nut that goes over that holds that thing down. Come on. Little nut clicks.

Good to go. All right. Okay. Fuel line? Where'd it? go? There it is.

Let's get the fuel line on. Real simple press and click if your lines. Good injector connector is good. That's good.

That's good. That's good. Okay, let's back up and get the upper manifold on. Oh oh whoa.

whoa. We forgot the bolt for the uh, the dipstick tube right there. So you guys remember that one. The bolt that's more like a screw.

Let's not drop it. Go on there. Please accept that's the eight millimeter headed screwball. and I need the 10 millimeter headed screw belt.

There we go. Love my job. Come on there. it goes all right.

I Recovered it. It made it to the ground. No space to reach. What is this good? Stay foreign.

Next up, let's get the upper radiator hose installed. Here's our old one. There's our new one that seems to match. Let's go ahead and transfer the clamps over.

You know people curse these clamps, but they actually are a better clamp than the twist style radiator clamp. They're not always easier to manipulate, but they're better because they provide a more uniform clamping surface then the uh, then the screw style clamps. which is why I like them because they do a better job at what their job is. That one goes there.

Plug that into the radiator. Oh, by the way, while you guys weren't looking. I I put the battery in. Figured y'all have seen enough batteries around here so I didn't need to bore you with another install.

Good tighten up and down right now I missed that one. This one over here is tight secured. that's on. I Don't need this hose anymore.

Goodbye, let's go ahead and get the intake installed. All right. Intake coming in, it's got new gaskets. they're blue so you know that they're good.

Let's just get this guy into its home, right? Yeah. feels good. The pins have lined up. What have we got? Five bolts, two, Three? Yep.

four. and there's always one missing. Here it is. Cinco Threaded Threaded.

Click Two three, Five. Good to go. Remember that eight millimeter plastic bolt that we tried to use on the dipstick? That's the one that goes around here. The bracket in the back of the intake right right there.

Perfect. That goes right there. It's a PCV you got a connector here that goes on. We're in the home stretch now, fellas and Ladies of course, can't forget the ladies.

There's always some ladies we love the ladies. Let's see here This one goes. This is hard to do. You gotta open the throttle, then slide a little peg in after it's wide open and then I'll line everything and keep sliding.

I Got to get past that one. All right. there's one got it and this one slips in there again. Wide open throttle.

Pull the peg out, Slide it in there we go. Throttle cable installed. We've got a couple connectors here. There's a vacuum tube.

let's see another connector. Where's this one go? I don't know there's one on the bottom that one Clips on there. This one should go here. Yes, we got our vacuum tube for the brake booster that goes right back here in the back of the intake.

There we go. Oh I forgot to put the cover on I Gotta take these cables back off. I'll do that in a minute. Let's get the rest of these connectors on and tighten down.

Oh, that's gonna be a bear. Get on there. just shove it in there. There we go.

Oh, there's a connector for the harness. We'll plug that in so it doesn't jiggle around. Good Good Good Good Good Good good. Let's get our air box back in and we'll get this thing seated in its grommets.

Probably easier said than done because I can't see him I can't feel them. Maybe I could be a lonely try to line this up. Oh man, there's no space to Tinker with this car. no space.

Please go in. and Grom it looks like I could feel the one. Yeah, we're a little off here though. I don't like that.

All right? Yeah, yeah. uh. pretty soon in about an hour I know I know Dad's still working on this. uh, this thing right here.

Oh, you're on a video. Oh there's flashlights. They come out of nowhere I said about an hour. Yeah kids, they don't listen well.

they listen for what they want to listen for. at least mine do Anyway, they're smart. It's good. it's so humid today.

I'm hydrating from the outside in now I'm gonna have to zip tie this lid back on because little Tabs are all broken and I had to cut them to remove it. No worries. Yeah, there's tabs missing here and over here. a break.

all right. air box that's attached I'm gonna stab my finger. You see that man? this job's going down like the Hindenburg look at that. I broke a fuel line I was trying to replace that uh, coolant overflow bottle on the firewall and I'm going to plug this back in and snapped it right off.

Clean. Uh, fortunately there's another PT Cruiser here that's going to the junkyard. I'm gonna go steal that uh, that fuel line and uh, problem solved, right? Let's see what we got in here. It's not the same one that's not gonna work.

Nope, no it's not I found one on this. uh this Red Cruiser The problem is, this one's a good car. but I don't have all data. Get this.

uh, get a replacement part I Want to get this white one done and out of here? So I'm stealing Parts off of inventory. One of the other fellows here sells cars on occasion. This is, uh, this one's for sale. There we go.

Thank you Red Pizza Crisis averted. New part located Yeah. I Just so happen to have a parking lot old PT Cruisers What do you know? Who'da thought? Fortune and Misfortune all at the same time? Okay, Let's uh, let's put that back here. This one goes right there.

that's clicked and then this one goes. oh I need to steal that clip back off of there. We don't need that. That's for the old fuel line that I broke.

Come here, become removed or there snap you on. Yeah, it's gonna be a two-handed operation. This is how I broke the first one I want to click it in and I was holding it right here and I snapped the thing right off. Clean brake.

Okay. Fuel line. We got an overflow tank that's been replaced. Uh, intakes on? that's good.

Batteries in air boxes and zip ties are not in. Where would the world be If no one had invented zip ties? Twine and tape zip ties have changed the world. PT Cruisers are changing my perception on my uh, my career choices like I Thought we were past these years ago and now now I seem to live inside of them. They're horrible I Mean they're They're cute I Just don't like them I don't like working on them.

Okay, Zip ties connected I Think we're good to go? Let's get some coolant in this thing and uh, I'm gonna go down south and uh, set up that motor mount here I don't want to mess around with it. We're just going to throw the uh, the no spill funnel on this and fill it up and it can Purge itself off naturally because the air makes its way up. We're going to go ahead and fill this overflow up some too. Just gonna all watch this.

it's going to work. Just spill this everywhere. Oh, a couple quarts inside of this thing I can see the fill line down there I don't know if you guys can see it I can see it the end. All right.

I'm gonna let this thing warm up. we're gonna Purge out all the air and then we're gonna go back down below and knock out that motor mount real quick. Like, All right. Well, that thing's warming up.

Let's go ahead and raise this back up and see if we can't just knock that uh motor mount out while this thing's reaching 10. Probably think I should be working on them. Yeah, there's that broken Mount see it right there. It's not good.

We need to get it from this side here. so let's pull this panel off. and then we got access to the two bolts tell you I'm really digging this light that's on the camera and I can see what I'm trying to see mostly I run thin on patients for PT Cruisers plus I Gotta go I Got one of the youngins here with me and she's growing impatient. Oh one more, there's one more right over here.

Hang on. I'm doing the rolly chair limbo. thank you. Very cold gravity.

All right. This little Shield should come on out of there now. Please come out. Oh yeah.

hang on. hang on. hang on. We got a little clip down here.

There it goes. Got it? Is that it is there more? Oh I see the little Shield thing has been rubbing on the uh AC compressor. Hang on. This is this is getting worse than I thought No worries.

15. yeah, let's try 15. No not gonna work. Not this little guy here.

We'll do this in stages. That's what we'll do I'll break it loose, come out yeah. Oh, that one's in there too. Holy smokes, is it rusted? Sure.

this one's nice and easy, wasn't it? You know what here? Got a better idea. Thank you. Now there's that one. There it is.

What's that a 19? Sure. 19 inch. Okay, let's go with 19 here. Oh no.

I think that was a 21. Yeah and survey says yeah. Okay, yeah, this is why I'm annoyed at this car. I'm experiencing the same emotions as yesterday.

Constantly changing sockets and tools, sizes, wrenches, everything. Okay, here's our old unit. That's the old unit. Very very broken.

Look at that. Nothing left. Joel Where's our new guy? Much less junker? Earth Serious? Yeah, No. seriously.

Look, the bolt does not go into his mouth well. getting drilled. You got him kidney. That's what? I want some lubricant? Why am I drilling holes in brand new parts? I Don't know.

foreign. Victory So you're gonna fit. Find out. Almost.

We're getting closer. Let's clean this up. Okay, one size larger. Oh, this is the right one.

This is my largest fit shoe that doesn't work. Uh, we're up that. Creek one more time that one's a little dull and I'm up a creek here since my part doesn't exactly fit perfectly. I Mean we're super close.

They seem to shave off a little bit. I'm gonna use this little uh flapper wheel. I'm gonna stick. This is actually recording cylinder heads, but it should do just fine for this.

Is that gonna work? Sure is. Hey, thank you and this is why we don't buy customer supply parts. Foreign. Did we win? Find out? Victory All right, All right, Cool good.

All right. let's get all this nonsense out of here. Okay, back to the cruiser. Okay, so now the real question is are we going to have any any more surprises out of this thing? and uh I hope not tired of it.

Not interested. Run its course I've run out of patience Nick thank you. Get in there, click again. All right.

let's uh. all right, let's run these bolts in for this cover. Okay, we're almost there guys. Got a little plastic.

uh Cliff down here you can't see things in and we got that how far bracket thing. So anyway I lost it. Oh I found it there it is that goes like so that one there I think this was spaced in the back wasn't it? No that goes like that. that goes like that.

that goes like that. That's how I found it I think Okay, okay, try again. Every single tool that I have is out of the drawer. Nick All right, let's look this down and check the cooler level I think we're about set here coming down.

Okay, it looks like coolant level stabilized. Let's plug that thing off and then we can. uh, we can put the cap back on I Think we're about good to go here. Yeah I know I said that like 500 times in this video.

but uh, hopefully this is like last time. I'm gonna say it. let's get tired of this car and then the rest of this. I'll just put that in the overflow tank.

There we go. No spill funnel action. All right guys. Coolant's full motor mount's going, everything's put back together.

Light bar powering down I'm out of here I'm done with this car. We're parking it, it's going on the lot for sale. Thank you guys for watching! Hope you enjoyed this series of PT Cruiser If you did, let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Uh, if you do not enjoy this or would like to see me suffer with more PG Cruisers because I've got some, just let me know about that in the comments section down below.

So again, as always, thank you for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! Goodbye.

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  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Barret Kruse says:

    "When we leaving"? "About an hour". "AAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAaaaaAAAAA"! 😆😝🤣😂 I remember those days!

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Detorno Does says:

    Where did you find the Eric O brake clean sound? I have attempted to find it when I mention him in my videos and pay him homage.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jack Nasty says:

    I have a 08 Santa fe in labelle that needs some help
    Where is senior raymundo lacated

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Conlee Clampitt says:

    You'd be surprised how just a sheet of plywood would cut down the noise from the compressor

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TTV_kidink0221 says:

    Why in the hell is there a pt cruiser junk yard in your parking lot?😂

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chandler Automotive Repair says:

    kinda brave of you to let the vehicle heat up with out being able to get to the coolant quickly-an air bubble trapped at t stat could easily cause the pressure to build up and explode coolant everywhere–seen it way too many times in y 40 years

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chandler Automotive Repair says:

    Ray, there are things you will learn the hard and expensive way. Opened when I was 28-56 now and retiring next year-1st RULE no customer supplied parts, 2nd rule No PT LOOSERS! 3rd rule No Jobs over 6 hours til you hire help. There are too many easy money makers, get choosy

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars diego guallpa says:

    I haven't seen one of those on the roads. I forgot they existed