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Hahaha. that's that's what we're looking for. You're not gonna be in the video. No, the stalkers will find you. You're not gonna be in the video. So I uh I think I've come up with the lighting solution for the shop Home Depot had some of these. We're gonna go outside and test them out in the dead of the night. We'll find out if 5 000 lumens is going to be enough here. You ready? All right? Here we go. This might be tomorrow's project. Maybe not. Hang on Light Powering on? Where's the switch? Hang on guys. Bear with me here. We're trying to get through this. I've only got three hands powering on. Oh my. God yeah, surface of the Sun achieved. This thing's hardcore. Okay I can't see anything I'm done light powering down. Yeah, that's that's a later project. Let's go back inside. the mosquitoes are eating me. Get me out of here. Hello everybody. Good day to you! Welcome back! Uh today is like a it's a hurricane school day. There is no uh there's no school. So I got the youngins with me. They're in the back seat. say hi guys crickets. Hey well take my word for it. there's two of them back there. Uh, anyway, we're we're going to the shop because I I Made a trip to Office Max on the way home yesterday after the blue silvery Rado breakdot video. Oh by the way you guys uh, you guys really see me eat that one up I'm gonna do more videos of actually working on cars as soon as I can get around and getting more cars in the shop. Uh, but anyway. I Digress: I Made a trip to Office Depot and I got a phone and some organizers and there's a computer right there. Uh, that actually did not come from Office Office Depot I got that from Costco I Brought some more flashing lights and battery chargers and supplies and things of that nature. There's a filing cabinet in the back of the truck. so I'm still I'm still putting the shop together. Oh yeah, baby, forever. about an hour. So anyway, like I said yesterday in the the Silverado Brake Chat video, I'm not officially open for business right now, even though I am kind of taking in a couple cars here and there. Um, my plan is to uh, roll out a website. um, probably mid-December or early December And in that website, it will contain some contact information to an email address and uh, that is where you and I will contact each other to schedule appointments, to have your vehicle serviced and or featured on a video by Yours Truly Now there are a few reasons I'm going to do it that way. Number one: my shop is in a private industrial complex. meaning it's all fenced in and it's not exactly in the greatest neighborhood in town. It's not terrible, but it's not a really. It's not really an environment conducive to having the water to having a lot of folks there at one time. So I'm I want to operate kind of privately on an appointment only basis for the time being until I can expand into a larger facility. hint foreshadowing And the reason that I'm going to have to do it that way is I'm already inundated with so many emails and messages that are either related to getting work done or related to something else and I just cannot keep up with all of them. So I'm going to have a wife unit assistant Monitor and schedule appointments out of this new email address only. and I'm gonna have to do it that way because my, uh, my regular email address for the YouTube channel is just inundated with repair requests and random questions and people trying to sponsor the channel or get me to sell stuff for them. and none of which I can keep up with I just can't I just don't have that kind of Manpower in my life to to keep up with all that stuff. So the new email address like I said will be strictly used for scheduling appointments drop offs. We really need to have drop-offs. A lot of this stuff and a lot of the things the viewers want. It's not a quick in and out kind of deal and addition. really. I don't exactly have a lot of space to comfortably accommodate I guess it's tolerable for a little while. I do have something of an office, but I don't have much seating just yet I don't have a couch I don't have a waiting area so if we can arrange in the future some kind of a drop-off situation or you deliver your vehicle and then I can get you a ride home or you can Uber home or or we can even have the thing towed. There's a lot of ways we can do this to get your cars into my shop, but again, this will be discussed after we make initial contact via our email and then we can get some phone numbers. I'm also getting a phone set up at the shop I don't know about The Doodly Do's just yet? Um, because you guys will just call me all day and it won't stop ringing. So I'm trying to figure out how to how to appease everyone here. I Do need to get a phone? I am going to get a phone. It may end up being just an additional cell phone line that's on silent all the time I Don't know. But once we establish communication via email and we're now on a customer slash provider basis, then I'll exchange the phone numbers with everybody and then we'll be on a business phone versus your personal phone type of relationship. I'm kind of rambling. Um, but I think you guys know what I'm talking about here I think and if you don't uh just uh yeah, you too. But if you don't know, then just comment below in the comment section and maybe we all can collectively clarify what's gonna happen because I you know, like I said before I have no idea what I'm doing uh I Just know that I'm doing it and that's just how it's going to be. So I I'm working with you. You're working with me. We're all going to get through this together. Isn't it wasn't that huge. What Is that? A big tree? Are they falling over? Because the new hurricane? Probably. This isn't much of a hurricane. It was really, really windy this morning. Um, it seems to have died down right now. I Haven't looked at the weather map for a while, but yeah, this is pretty much it. I think it's a non-hurricane I Understand that the thing went a little bit farther north and uh, did not exactly hit my area, but we we are getting a bunch of rain around here, which is it's whatever. Okie dokes we have returned to the shop. trucks backed in. hello, truck's backed in powering down. Let's uh, let's open up and unload some of these goodies right here. You wanna say hi? You want to say hi she said. nope I know I didn't All right back in the office I have uh, rearranged a few things in here. uh I Got a filing cabinet yesterday. We're gonna need that and move the desk over here carpets over here chair is going to go here so we've got a kind of an entryway coming in now and then. I can put I think I'll put like a couch or something back here and maybe a TV because I know there's going to be guests here hanging out. kind of waiting because drop-offs are not. uh, not going to work for everyone. but uh still. it's going to be the primary way to do this because as you can see, this office is kind of tinyish and it's not really an environment for for loads of loads of people to be inside of. but uh, we'll see. it's we're working on it. It's it's evolving. it's we're getting places. Got a new air conditioner? That was a tip. actually that was a gift from a friend rather than a tit. That's a gift. but yeah, we got a new air conditioner. That way this thing can go away and then get rid of this foam nasty stuff. when I put that new one in I think I'll put some trim around it that way it looks nice and pretty. Um, eventually. I'd like to paint this place, but we'll see how it all comes together first and then I can do the uh, the Cosmetic stuff. don't need this here anymore. Harbor Freight Hi guys, Whoa. kids falling down you guys okay I saw you push him. Whoa. They're throwing bows now. they're fighting Easy easy, no drop kicks. Stop it. Seriously, no fighting in here. I'll kick your butt. You too, young man. I Mean it. Yeah. more stuff to unload. I Brought my battery charger. Now you guys can stop scolding me for coming to work without. uh, battery chargers? How about that? Yay! We're definitely gonna have to do something about. uh, that leak in the ceiling up there. It's it's like right around there somewhere I think that's it because I came in today a little bit of water. uh, nothing huge but I dislike it. Yeah, you can see it's dripping off the shelves. It's been happening for a while I'll probably go up there with like a gallon of Flex Seal and just Flex Seal it. However, that's not the uh, the motivator of the day today. I Just want to put the office computer in there and unpack the goodies. Maybe set up some of the organization stuff. I've got some wall bins right here. a desk organizer. um, another organizer thing. My wife likes these. so yeah. I've got office work to do today. That's uh, that's what's on the agenda. So let's see what we've got. Come here. I'm hoping that this fits inside of the drawer. It's supposed to be. Yeah honey, what do you touch a gun thing? There's no gun thing in here. It's not gonna fit. Let's go. let's go see this gun thing. What is it? Oh that? That's that's okay. Yeah, it's not even a real gun. This is the assault blow gun. It's for blowing air I Seriously, you don't like it? Why? Because it's cooler than your gun? Yeah, he could. It doesn't shoot. Yeah, you guys can touch that that it doesn't shoot. It doesn't shoot. However, you know better than to touch a gun or something that looks like a gun. young man, You're supposed to ask, right? Yeah, you didn't ask. Okay, back to the task at hand. Does this organizer fit inside of this drawer and the survey says I don't think that it does. It was Ultra a low profile so they said it does not fit. Um I'll figure that out later, right? So computers in here that's on the desk got a calculator. what else I get I got staples I gotta pinch my kid or not Staples Uh, paper clips, paper clips and paper clips. and then I got big paper clips those are good for timing belts and uh, some money pens to make sure cash is actually cash. If our society still uses cash these days. and on that note, we have a cash box, this is supposed to be ultra low profile. also I wonder if that fits in here? Probably not. Um, you can go in there I'll figure it out, no worries. What is this? Oh, Work orders I Got work orders I Don't have a POS system yet. that's point of sale in the computer. I Have not decided on what system I'm going to use so in the meantime I got just some generic paperwork orders and these will work for documentation purposes and itemizing bills and whatnot. so we're organizing. Definitely getting organized and I got a phone. I got a phone that can support up to four phone lines and it has hold music that way if you guys call me to bother me all day I'll make you listen to generic Motorola supplied uh what you call elevator music. Yeah, it's got a landline phone and then there's a cordless that goes with it that way. I can have a phone line I got there and one in here so that's going to be cool. Yeah, we're thinking long term that's gonna go around here somewhere. then I can put my Pen's in there. No, that was fall too deep right here. Yes, hands can go. What do you guys think right here I like it. Gravity pen gravity here. Do you want to help put all the pins inside of there on that one and that one and that one. Okay, put them in. get all those pens. I'll be right back. I Already unpacked the computer stuff because I set it up last night but we've got uh got the keyboard in the mouse. Uh no, they're not wireless because I cheaped out I got the the computer with the wired stuff. This thing can live there. We go. Perfect. You can live right? All right? That's probably enough of me unpacking stuff for now. Um I do need to fix something this video because this is raised repairs after all. and I think I will choose to fix this uh child slash uh electrical fire hazard that's hanging out over here. this receptacle. It's live that's live right there and that's a live neutral on that side right there. Uh, trouble is, it's just kind of kind of dangling everywhere. So I'm gonna put this back. I don't have any screws for that, but I do have a sacrificial light switch that has some screws. so I'm just going to steal these screws to put them in that receptacles to mount that thing flush so it doesn't electrocute myself for my kids or or anybody else or burn the place down for that matter because all of those would be bad. So uh, let's let's do that right now. Could go Fairly easily. We're just gonna steal these screws out of here. I'm no electrician I'm learning three. you can't use those screws. Okay now I did say this was live so um boo I See you here. Watch out I Don't want to shock you guys because I won't I won't get shocked I'm living dangerously as always I'll be okay. Remember when you got electrocuted that one time? Two times you got electrocuted two times I didn't know about the second time. How'd you do that? Oh were you not wearing shoes? Oh I See uh I can't find the hole. Oh there it is. Foreign cover for this later. I Don't have one right now. but yeah, there we go. fixed it. So that's a that's one problem solved. Um, what? These ones I need to? Uh, the Oh You mean the big hole right there? No nothing. You mean that one. and that one. Yeah, um. nothing goes in those. There is one that goes inside of here. that's for the cover that goes on top. But I don't have that cover right now so we have to get it from. Home Depot On the way home, you know your favorite store, there's nothing. Are you excited? I'm excited I like to go to Mexico The only reason I like to go to: Home Depot Since this was sacrificial, it's gone and I think in the meantime I will just plug this thing in. Yeah, that's gonna go right in there. Plug that in there now it's kind of covered. Yeah, much more better. I Like it. Hey, it's working powering on. Let's try a printer next. Let's power that on. I Ran an extension cord from over there to back around over here to this power block and then I can hook the desk and the computer and the printer to this guy and get power off of that newly fixed circuit over there. Yeah, wow, this almost looks like I know what I'm doing. That's not the right time. What is this? All right guys, it's it's getting late in the day. um I was gonna squeeze the truck into the shop and do a little bit of work on it today, but I got the youngins with me and uh, they need sustenance and they're ready to go. So I I think I'm gonna do like one more quick walk through um and then and we're gonna get out of here. So like I said I apologize I Wanted to get some car action done today, but it looks like today's not the day. it's it's more just setting up action. But uh, this is what I've got so far. We got the the Shelf in the office. we got the desk, got the computer, got the phone. yeah, I got a phone so we'll see what kind of ringer it makes and then maybe I'll even put on a loudspeaker out there. Yeah, you guys are. you're killing me for that. So I might do it I might not. Um, we have a printer, copier scanner Factor device thing I have no idea how to use this, but that's why I'm married. um got the little Doodly Doo spinning organizer thing tape is some shelves I don't know what's going on those yet, but uh, they're there. I got this shelf installed I Originally bought this for out in the shop, but now it's going to house the coffee machine and in my fridge. And my coffee. Yes, that's a shower in there. Probably never going to use that because I don't want to shower here, but I wish it was a bathroom, but it's not. Maybe I'll remodel it? Um yeah, that's uh. that's where we're at so far. so it's it's coming along, we're we're still getting there one day at a time. shops about the same is what it was when we saw it the other day. I did put a new light and turn it off. so I don't blind you guys I did put a new light. let's try that again. Yeah, there's a new more brighter or light inside of the storage room right here, so that's pretty cool now. I can see clearly Yeah. I got a thing for lights I did put new light bulbs in the chandelier in the commode. Um, this is a whole nother disaster to be dealt with later on. Gross and uh yeah, we're where it's coming along. Um I still need more overhead lights because there's so many dark spots in the building. like look at this huge Shadow line right here. Well this happens to be where all my tool drawers are. so when I go to get into my boxes I can't see what's in there. Yesterday when I was doing that brake job I was in here with a flashlight trying to find tools. not very efficient. I did bring the rest of my my plug-in drop lights and stuff I've got to set up kind of a charging system on that. figure out how to charge all the flashing lights. um like I said earlier I brought the charger for my impact so that's now here Milwaukee Chargers here Snap-on Chargers here I'm gonna move the speaker probably on top of that shelf or something because I don't need real access to this. it just needs to be there to make sound for me and you for us. and uh, unfortunately I have found some roof leaks that one needs to be fixed and especially this one over here. This one's kind of wild and that's coming from up top like right through the roof panels. I Did find out that these eight foot shop lights in here are powered so if I can get a hold of some light bulbs then I'll have at least some lighting here and then some lighting over here in that area so we're it's coming together anyway. we're packing this show up I'm getting out of here I need to feed the youngins. they're getting kind of starving so uh, that being said, um thank you guys for watching this video and as always I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, let me know about that by tapping that like button down below and dropping me a comment or two while you're down there and I will see you guys on the next one powering down. Phew No more lights! Uh oh, that one. that one's still on the little pull string. Gotta work on that. See you guys later! Thanks for watching! Have a great day. end of shop transmission.

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    A good tool is the breaker finder at Harbor Freight… 20 bucks… worth it. Plug into the outlet/circuit with the little transmitter dongle and scan the breakers with the probe. You can get the same thing at HD for 40 if you are not cheap like me…. says Kline on it even though it's EXACTLY the same tool. Makes it worth more!
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