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Is this thing on says SO waiting for some folks to join? Hi everybody, anybody here yet I Think they're starting to trickle in? There's one I have a 90 second chat delay on guys 90 second chat delay today the last time I didn't do a chat delay and it kind of got a little wild. Hi everybody Hello greetings from Deutschland G hi guys welcome I Have no plan for today's live stream I just kind of felt like like like doing one. It's been a while I haven't it's been I think like two three months. Hello hello welcome everyone y'all are pouring in.

that's awesome. Good evening, good evening to Georgia from Amish Country You're not supposed to be on a phone. Just kidding. Did you guys hear about all those Amish guys that got caught with cell phones because uh of that alert thing that went off on Tuesday Did you guys hear about that? I saw some videos about it.

Apparently some Amish folk were were ousted for having cell phones because the emergency alert broadcast um made their phones go off in their pockets and the same thing happened in the prisons. also. I Read that prisoners got caught with cell phones because the emergency alert made their made their phones go off at the same time. Then they all got raided Mickey thank you Mikey Is it Mikey Mikey or Mickey I'm gonna call you Mikey missing Caster Troy yeah he he had to go do his thing.

Maybe he'll show up in the live stream. we might see him in the chat I Don't know. Do I know any hacks for cleaning your hands? Um yes, it's called lava soap l a vaa it's a soap I think WD40 makes it or it says uh, it's got like a WD40 logo on the thing. It's in a red wrapper.

It's very hard to get, they used to. It used to be plentiful and it did wonders for cleaning dirt and oil and stuff off your hands. but it's it's getting harder to get now. Any plans for my one-year anniversary of the shop? Um, we are so busy I don't know.

we didn't really plan on anything for the one year we are going to SEMA at the end of Uh at the end of this month? Maybe we can. That can be an Uh an annual celebration. We can do that. wife unit's she's here I'm at home I'm on my back porch I think she's inside.

How do you remove a stripped oil pan bolt? Um, like the drain plug bolt? You can try to, uh, like, is it stripped off at the head? or is it stripped at the threads where it's rounding off inside the of the Pan Um, if it's stripped off at the head, you can maybe weld a, uh, a big nut to the bolt and then use that nut to break the bolt loose or get some very, very aggressive pliers. But you probably if it's stripped out that bad, you should probably get a nut welded to it. That might do it. Doc Thank you Thanks Doc appreciate you did some customers follow me from my my last job they did.

Yes, there were I had several customers that visited the uh previous place of employment and they have now come with yes, scrap metal. I pile all my scrap metal up somebody uh William asked what I do with my scrap metal from the shop I pile it all up in a trailer and then when that trailer is full I take it out to uh the recycling place and dump it off. Yeah, you heard the kiddos. they're running around the backyard.
It's a kind of a cool day out. It's 74 this afternoon. so yeah, I've got the kids outside? No. TV I have banned screens from the children Uh, during daylight hours I Think it's probably best.

How's the dirty Max it's it's it's it's a a bigger project than what I thought it was going to be. Uh, we pulled off the Uh the dash to pull the HVAC box out of my truck and then found that all of the insulation behind the dash was just turning into powder and it's coming apart. so I have to insulate the entire interior with with something new and I can't get the uh the factory insulation panel I found the part number for it but it is discontinued and nobody has one. Russ asked any plans on the building it's not my building I'm renting the space that I'm at so I can't make plans for the building I'd like to acquire the building Hello Kitty get off the computer.

get she does that. Come here. G Walking on my screen no, no, hang on. Kick her out.

Come here there. The Doodly DS I can't uh Jerry I can't find um I actually wanted to kind of get a phone ringer that makes a similar sense sound and I cannot find one and I don't know the manufacturer of the last phone ringer so um I cannot replicate the the Doos not right now I'm I'm working on it. If I find that phone ringer again, then yes, Elgato is the director. If I can find that phone ringer again, then I will put the another Dydo loudspeaker in the shop just for all time sake.

the oh, the Penar oil cooler, the OE or the dormund. Okay, so the OE penar oil coolers that's the one in the valley between the Um between the two cylinder heads. Uh, it's got coolant flowing through it and it's got oil flowing through it and it also houses the oil filter. Um, the OE ones and some of the aftermarket ones are plastic which is the same design but Dorman makes an all aluminum one and I Tried that on a Chrysler 200 like a month or so ago and I found it to be a much better and robust looking Uh piece of equipment.

So I would actually prefer the aluminum Dorman cooler as opposed to the the the plastic one. So if you need to replace it I would replace it with the the aluminum one. Carl ask me if I ever used my parts cleaner station and that is no. I don't use it because it is a harbor freight Parts cleaner and when I bought it I didn't use it for like three months and I went to use it and I filled the thing up and found out that the pump does not pump.

So I have a parts washer and I have a pump that does not work. It's low on the priority list. so I did not go get another another pump. Um Amaya says this is boring Really? Hey Troy's here.

you guys check it out. Look Troy's Auto there he is Hi Troy Why is Amaya trolling me from behind your keyboard bro. What is that? Tell her to get her. tell her to come on here and tell us it's boring all by herself.
Yeah! I See you in there lurking tro be lurking in the background. Do I ever hear from my former job? No No. I don't Nope. haven't talked to him since I left.

Tyrannosaurus Roy Troy dude you're a hit man. Everybody's saying hi. that's great Friends always trolling you. That's how it is.

Cliff's in here too. He should be trolling anytime soon. Oh Cody's here Cp's garage. He's here Cody Will you text A-Rod and tell him that we're in a live I Didn't tell him we were doing this Troy's departure was not a Jeep thing.

No no no, not a Jeep thing. I Do not do windshields. That's a negative I am not safe light and I do not want the liability of glass. It's not so much that I can't put a windshield in I Just don't want to.

Um, have to do it again. If it leaks the worst car ever made, that's a matter of perspective. A-rod's here. What's up Brother: Safe Light Repair Safe Light replace.

You can't hear me. Nobody told me that you can hear me. Yeah, yeah, it's you. Cliff Cliff's trolling me right now.

Yep, it worked too. Dingdong I was going to say I hope you can hear me I've been sitting here talking for like 10 minutes and if you you guys can't hear me then I'm GNA feel really stupid good Cliff's over there rolling laughing I bet because he knows what he just caused, you can hear me in my head Chuck that's uh, that's kind of cool actually. yeah. I've infiltrated your crane branium.

Hope I don't need dealer parts anytime soon with the strike. Yeah. I'm I don't I'm not educated enough to take a position on either side of this strike. Um, but the fundamentals tell me that there's always somebody who pays for things like this and it's usually not the people responsible for it.

That's all I got to say about that. Yes, most of my customers see my vehicle repairs because most of my C customers watch the channel. So yeah, most of them definitely see the repairs on the cars. If I made a video about their car, I make videos.

it depends some cars I don't get to make a video on and some cars I end up making four videos on it just uh, it's organic and however, that works out is however it works out. Happy Thanksgiving we have to get through like Halloween first right and then I'm confused Walmart already has the Christmas stuff up. so I'm not sure which season or holiday we're in. Do customers ask if you're allowed to wait? Do I ask if I'm allowed to video my customers vehicles.

Um, yes, yes. They are aware that I make videos about their car and it's part of my disclosures in my work order where I get to pick and choose if I choose to make a video or not. For example, if somebody brings me their car and they want me to make a video on it and I can't I I can't be bound on they bring me the car in order to make a video. um I do work on cars and that's my business and I'm there to repair their car and I get to selectively choose whether or not I make a video about it or not there.
There's some cars that I record and make videos and never even publish them because I just didn't like. like how it went. Uh, some of the customers are local and some people do travel. I've had folks come from Miami uh Tallahassee Georgia South Carolina and then a bunch of them just from Bradenton which is where I'm at and and of course Lo neighboring cities you know Sarasota uh Tampa Clear Water Things like that is Mrs Dave Mr Dave in here I don't know if Dave's here sorry TR I don't know if Dave's in here I don't think he is.

He watches YouTube in the morning and it is not the morning. so I don't think Dave's here Dave are you here if you're here? man. uh, let us know that way we all can say hi. Dave Actually, if we all say hi Dave right now, he'll probably see this live stream tomorrow morning.

so then he'll get to watch and then he can hear us all tell him hi Dave Dave's not here Man: where's Dave man do I ever hear from p Negative: I have not heard from Peta since he left the last place that we worked at. Once Upon A Time um he went on to go work at another store for some more money and I I don't know where that is and I have not heard or seen from him since hi Dave the Subaru done and gone. the Subaru is almost gone. it's mostly done.

Um I have to put another thermostat in the Subaru though it likes to get hot at idle with the fans running and the fella that owns it said that he had that problem with it once upon a time and they had to put in a um a thermostat that opened at a slightly colder temperature. So I'm still still tinkering with the Subaru St still not here man hi hi Dave Why is Troy Troy left because he had other priorities to handle. That's why Troy left I made it was in I I made a story time in that video. um finishing up the F250 I had a story time moment intermission like halfway through.

It was like an hour and a half long video from yesterday and I I talked about Troy and his departure. Can I work on an 1980 Cadillac civil I did not realize 1980 Cadillac civils were still in existence I can probably work on it unless it's a North star that's leaking oil because I don't want to work on North Stars No, no offense to your Cadillac or anything but just North stars are a whole another animal I Just I Don't do it. Thank you for the wife unit donation. She deserves it.

Did the VTEC just kick in? Vroom Vroom Yes Troy has left the building. he's I mean he's still in the chat but he no longer is. uh, is working at the shop your 67 has VTEC It'd be awesome. Did you mean Finland or Funland I mean Funland sounds better than Finland I think you met Finland because your Super Chat is in Euros make North Stars I North Stars are yeah, they're They're squishy, they're made out of aluminum and they just they didn't hold up too well I skipped yours.
Hang on N8 Where's Nate where'd you go Nate did I skip you I don't see you sorry man Cody You can come over and work man, you're close enough. Drive down here you can take Troy spot. Do it. Jay How's it going Hi Larry Greetings from Egypt Will I do a drainville and a SE and a CVT super Forester I I think I can I don't really like to do drain and fills um I think drain and fills are kind of a half measure and I have the really nice machine that does uh, high quality fluid exchanges.

I would prefer to do a fluid exchange rather than a drain and fill but hey, you're the boss. I'll I'll do what you want but I can do it the Chrysler 27. Yeah, that one. Uh, you did a water pump time and chain and oh what else did you do? It's still running hot.

Does it have a blown up head gasket? Um, on a cold start on that 27. Like let it sit overnight so it cools off. Uh, go outside, do a cold start and let it run for like 15 20 30 seconds and then go out and then take the radiator cap off before anything heats up. If there's pressure under that cap when you take it off, it could be combustion gases and it may have a, uh, a cylinder head gasket leak.

If you did all that work and it still is running hot, it could have a a head gasket problem. Do I ever do remote consults and troubleshooting? Um, you have a 2000? Jeep Cherokee 47 I Have toyed with the idea of doing remote troubleshooting? Um, it's something that might be in the works I know I haven't done anything like that in the past. It's I'd have to organize it and kind of set up an office in a station in a time frame. just dedicated something like that.

Um I was toying with the idea of doing a podcast. Uh, on that subject, but it's not. uh, not something I'm actively doing right now, but it's a possibility. um, myself and some others might, uh, might undertake something like that.

so maybe maybe later. It's all about time. Time's a big deal. Do I regret not starting my business sooner? No.

I've I've been starting and failing at my own business for almost 10 years. Um, it none of it was ever Automotive I've tried other things before. No. I don't regret it and not doing it sooner because I had a lot to learn along the way.

and I think if I had have tried my own shop six seven, eight, nine 10 years ago, I I wouldn't have the experience and the knowledge to to pull it off right now. So I think the timing worked out just like it should. and I I do not have regrets. One of my things in life.

I Don't like to go around regretting things that did or didn't work out because those all those things they they change our Direction in life and that's the kind of we don't realize you know, like the butterfly like we don't realize just how impactful a failure might be or a success might be. and so I don't like to live with the idea of having regrets because you can't change the past and all we can do is learn from things that are mistakes. and I think that's the positive that should be the takeaway. Elon Musk learns from him his mistakes I would hope so.
Guy builds rockets and stuff. My first car was a 1982 Jeep Cherokee I forget what engine it had. it was not the four-cylinder a Dodge Omni we had a Dodge Omni when I was a kid. Yep I've seen a Dodge om I've ridden in a Dodge Omni a staned Civic from Jacksonville man you're killing me.

A guy brought me oh I don't it's like squatted trucks I mean you know you do you boo boo. But it's not my forte I'll work on it though. Why? not only if you let me make fun of it some on a YouTube video. how's that? Then I will work on a stance Civic from uh from Jacksonville but I get to clown on your wheels a little bit.

just a little bit. Oh my dream car that's what. Uh, that's what Nate asked me um I don't know I don't know what a dream car would be um I don't like I don't like the super Exotics like Lamborghinis and Bugattis they're not. It's not something that I'm like.

oh I wish I had a you know, a thousand horsepower Lambo or whatever. it's just I don't really. it doesn't really appeal to me. it's too flashy and shiny and I mean I like shiny things but I don't like it's just way too flashy and then you get into like the luxury cars.

but I'm the kind of person that would hop in a in a luxury car with dirty feet and ruin it. so I I I don't really for me some I need practicality I like things that are practical thanks George for the beer money So I I don't really know if I have a dream car I I kind of see them as a tool and I see cars as having some kind of a purpose and it's not it. It's a depreciating asset number one, so it's not something that you want to work yourself towards because you could save up money and get your dream car. But then in five years, it's worth half as much as it was when you paid for it.

So it's it's It's not a thing that it's smart in any way to seek out a dream car. it's just I'd rather have a boat. so my dream car would be a boat. How about that? It's A.

My dream car is a boat with diesel engines that has an air conditioner inside of it. kind of like a floating condo Maybe boat that launches smaller boats out of it Chris Thank you for the Super Chat sir, thank you Mr Reed I Missed a couple messages back there. The hardest repair I've ever done I Got the first time I did a timing change job on a Cadillac 3.6 it's a it's a Dual Overhead Dual Overhead change design or dual overhead cam and it has like two I think it has like two or three chains in there and I actually we had to put a head on this thing. It had a valve leak and both of the cam shafts the intake and the C exhaust cams had the uh the same number cast into them but they were different cam shafts and I got them switched around by mistake and I put the exhaust cam on on the int intake cam side and then the intake Cam went on the exhaust cam side and it ran like garbage and it took like two weeks to figure it out and I had to pull it all back apart.
Do it again. It's like a 14 hour timing chain job. so I I made a huge error and had to do the job twice. I did not love my job that day I do need more work on Forerunners.

There are not many forerunners left I like four runners. How many hours a week? I own my own business now I work all day every day seven days a week with little breaks inside like I'm technically working right now. so I I actually don't quantify how many hours I spend on on work things. it's it's just you don't think about it anymore I'm no longer punching a Time Clock It's everything I do is to just kind of either further the business or promote the business.

or if I'm not doing that, I'm making some content and then I have got to dedicate time for real life stuff like sleep and eating and hanging out with family. You know it's you. You've got to do 10,000 things at once, but you got to compartmentalize everything That way something doesn't take priority over the other. Everything has to have some kind of a schedule.

Raven is watching the stream. Cute! That's CP Garage's daughter. She's a wee little baby. How much does it cost to run the shop per month? I Don't know off the top of my head.

Um, it's not cheap I Mean you've got the uniform, people, laundry people, electric bill, rent Insurance other insurance subscriptions. the list kind of goes on and on. It's payroll, you know I draw a payroll. My wife draws payroll.

Uh, Dave draws payroll. sorry Troy If you're still here, he doesn't draw payroll anymore. But it's um, it's more than $10,000 a month just to be there. Yeah, wife, she knows I don't know I don't she does that stuff.

That's why she's the boss. What's the best way to learn how to fix cars? Find a shop somewhere and walk in and ask them for a job. Somebody will hire you to do something and show up with good work ethic and be honest and people will teach you. And when you make money, go buy some tools and use your tools to learn more things and then repeat that cycle.

Be honest, take your money, spend it on things that make you more money, grow your skill Rin and repeat Am I ever going to race the Freedom Factory I don't have a race car I know it's it is right down the road I drive past it twice a day but I don't have a race car I've got a I have a truck in a minivan and a Tahoe someone just asked what's with the Tahoe that is my Tahoe bought a Tahoe I needed. The problem was is Lauren's van would break down at the complete most horrible wrong time imaginable and it was a huge problem that happened more than once because the alternator kept burning up and the battery kept dying and then the ECM broke and then, uh, it had a ignition coil that failed twice because one of them was an aftermarket one and that didn't last very long. and I got so so tired of having the day ruined and having my kid stranded somewhere because the van was broken that we bought the Tahoe and this is where it gets funny. We bought the Tahoe to replace the van and then my wife loved the Tahoe until she had to put gas in it and then she went back to her van.
So now I'm driving the Tahoe because my truck is in pieces in the shop and that's how that has transpired. Monty has a question. what's up quick? Go Go Go Ray doesn't bug me anymore. What do you mean I don't bug you anymore I'm bugging you right now.

Everything is a hammer. Yes, or it can be a hammer. The problem is, if you use the wrong things as a hammer, you might break the thing that you thought was going to be a hammer like you can't use your phone for a hammer to break it. So there's limitations to that.

There are limitations. The interior work on the Duramax I Had to order um, some uh, insulation panels because I found all the insulation behind the dash was starting to fall apart I don't name my trucks no it to me they are machinery and I don't like the idea of naming Machinery um because it gives it personality but only in your head and I don't think that that's I mean I don't know. It's just it's weird for me, it's just not my thing. No Cliff I'm not using any side of the phone as a hammer.

No I could I mean I call it truck unit? Yeah, that's that works. But I mean like you know people name their you know their their car Becky or Steve I mean I don't know people. People give Vehicles human names and they treat it like it's a a person and it's it's not a person. Thank you for responding on channel from comments I try I I try to especially respond to comments where I notice folks comment often.

Um, it's really hard to do because there's like a thousand comments in every video so it's really hard to hit everybody. But I really do try I I think I can keep track of names and Fa as long enough to at least make the effort to recognize it. And if the comment isn't ridiculous, there's some stuff that's actually nonsensical. and I don't understand.

But if it's not ridiculous, then I totally try to respond to those. Yep, the evaporator is getting replaced in the truck because the dash is apart and the heater core. and I ordered some blend doors. Okay, hang on, let me back up.

We'll talk about Cletus's Leroy with his with his uh um his Corvette I I get that he did name the Corvette Leroy that's kind of like what I'm talking about. but I think Leroy is more of a character on the channel rather than you know this is my car. Leroy I mean if I went around and I introduced people to Vehicles by their first name, that would be weird. So I I think Cletus gets a pass on that one because it's it's more of like a character.
it is a feature of this program rather than uh um like a he doesn't see them as a person I I think that's what my beef is is looking at a piece of Machinery like it's a person and giving it personality. What about my car though? yeah the carpet I have new carpet for the truck but I'm on pause because I have to redo the installation please Blair asked about tell tell me more things to quote: Go In Go In Your Home Oh oh oh oh yeah that the go in your home I mean all right. So I try to really not play out catchphrases too much. you know if it's organic in the moment and that's how I feel because I I don't script what I'm doing and I don't plan it out And if something's frustrating me where I'm like you're almost there.

just get going. The thing. just go then that that may warrant a go iny home kind of moment. It's it's what I do is I take the stress of the moment and I somehow will turn that into a joke and that's the stress mechanism for me.

And so if I'm telling something to go into my home, that's a better alternative than your F you like you're GNA die it won't. It's better than getting angry about it. So I'll make a joke about it. and then now I don't have to deal with the stress of you know? whatever that little problem is.

That's why it needs to go into its home. You're too good for your home. Oh, there's Monty's question. I was waiting on it.

I Use Quarts on Metric cars. Now the US court. Hang on. Now the US court is different to the Imperial courts.

Uh Str this is I don't know if we quantify our fluids off of us courts or imperial courts. Um, I think those are really, really close. But even on Metric cars, our fluid quantities are usually by the court so it just gets converted over I Understand you guys's um, like user manuals will do things in liters, but they will calculate our measurements in quarts. It's just because that's what we use and there's no time limit on post, but there is a 90 second delay in the chat.

otherwise the chat would just go stupid fast and I would not be able to, uh, come close to reading any of it. Any of it because there's like 1,200 people in here right now. I got a 50% like button conversion. That's pretty good.

1,200 folks and 547 like buttons. Awesome. Didn't even ask uh James just called it out you Slackers hit the like button. No excuses Thanks James James is backing me up in here.

Powers and grounds: Yep. Always check your powers and grounds if you have intermittent problems with something. Check your powers and grounds for sure. Pull your fuses out too.

make sure that there's no corrosion. Russian X Voice Again, another stress coping mechanism. I Am not Rusi I Don't know if right now is a good time in the world to be doing Russian accent voices though. too much political turmoil.
What's your take on electric cars? man? electric cars are really cool and I think that the free market would have no problem assimilating electric cars into society. and I think that, um, we are neglecting our basic needs right now regarding that agenda. and I think we're moving too fast because I don't think the average consumer is prepared to buy $80,000 electric vehicles. and I think a lot of other people don't like the idea of, for lack of a better phrase, feeling forced to get into electric equipment and so they're shunning away from it.

And uh, I think there's too many bugs in the systems right now to make it as reliable as we would like. And I think time and the free market will have the ability to assimilate those without a problem. but we're going a little bit too hard and they're not for everyone. and you know nobody's going to get into an electric car and drive halfway across the country.

You're just. you're not going to do that. not with any kind of efficiency. We're just not there yet and they're just not for everybody.

I mean I I do truck things and an electric truck would not work out for me I can't I can't tow a 16,000 lb trailer with an electric vehicle. Can't do it. What I think would be really cool though, is if we had small, displacement efficient diesel generators. like a small diesel engine that would run just just like what we have with the hybrids.

uh, a an efficient turbo diesel that runs a generator that can Power electric drive units and has a fairly large capacity battery in there somewhere that could, uh, that could mitigate, uh, high demand usage or even be a power assist. I We have all the technology there I just don't think we're doing a good job of implementing it properly and hydrogen would be a really good Edison Motors Yep, what exactly what Edison Motors is doing? That guy, Um, out west built that logging generator truck. That's exactly what I'm talking about. It's efficient, it's cheap, it'll work, it reduces fuel consumption, and it does introduce more modern technology.

So there was a Uh I read this article I guess don't quote me on the state. it was like Pennsylvania or Indiana um some somewhere. not here. The Yeah: they were building I think Panasonic was building an EV battery power plant or a battery production facility and they had to build a uh, they have to build their own Coal Power Station just to power the facility.

The DeLorean was pretty cool. Yeah, it it was really cool to to to get a hold of a car like that. That was really. that was a kind of a special treat.

People got mad at me for making that DeLorean video they said I was trolling them because I made a fake diag how many modules in a 1997 57 Firebird formula convertible T Door I I Don't know a 97. There can't be many one. There's one or two modules in that car lot of Chevy Vault People here, vaults and bolts I Like the idea of electric assisted diesels. Yep, small displacement efficient six-cylinder diesel running a generator with electric drives.
It's a hybrid diesel electric and it's not even new technology. Do you guys know that they've been running diesel electric for years, in the heavy equipment and mining industry and in locomotives like the trains. They run diesel electrics and it is a hybrid? Yes. see.

My other thing on the electric car situation is how much is involved in the battery production that Lithium is. and I think was it lithium Cobalt and few other rare Metals it's it's not a nice process to extract and process that materials. and I think that what we're doing when we look at these EVS is we're going. Oh look, no tailpipe emissions.

That's perfect and nobody wants to take into consideration the the cost of actually producing the batteries for those Vehicles where we're just looking the other way because it's not happening in our own neighborhood. it's happening across the ocean. And I think we're just ignoring it. and that's not okay.

because we're it's It's a fallacy. You know it's just like, uh, the wind turbine business. You know, we ran around erecting all these wind turbines all across the west coast of the country and now they're all piled up in fields because the uh, the turbine blades have outl or they've reached the end of their lifespan and they don't know what to do with them. So they take turbines down, they throw the blades in a pile, and then they bury them.

So you know how how environmentally friendly is that to have thousands and thousands of Acres with junk yard wind turbines piled up in them? Same thing with batteries bearded Forex here. what's up Anthony and yep Paul Paul said something about how much pollution to make make the batteries like that. That's the problem is is we're We're not addressing and paying attention to that when when we really should be. at least considering that we're it's like we're throwing all of our eggs in one basket and we don't care if we're throwing in rotten eggs.

Yeah I get that the that the the Blade story is an old story. Um I understand that but that doesn't mean that it's not happening and you know my my point is that this stuff does happen in other parts of the world and we're ignoring it. You're drinking the the Mexican Cokes ha I went to Costco and I got I got three cases of them. you know the ones in the bottles, not the not the cans.

but yeah the the issue is man and I understand the wind turbine thing is it's an old story like I was saying. but it uh I'm speaking on a conceptual level. You know. For example, if let's say our country over here, we let's say we spend $50 billion dollar this year to reduce landfill.

Uh, space from tires In our country, right? That's fine. That's great. We're not throwing tires and landfills, but at the same time we can ignore another country that sets fields of them on fire. You see, it's a conceptual issue and it's we.
We can't have one side of this suffering, so the other side is free to do whatever they want. It's almost like people in the United States are feeling like they're paying the environmental cost of everybody else doing whatever they want and it's our fault because we buy that crap. So if we stop buying things from the countries that do the things that we feel are the worst, then they will not have the resources to continue doing those things. And I think we act like bunch of Hypocrites on that front because we're Outsourcing our pollution.

We're just looking the other way. Yeah, exactly. It's not in my backyard mentality. So here I'll just I tell you what.

I won't dump my sewage in my yard, I'll just run a pipe over to the neighbor's yard and I'll dump my sewage over there that that's all that we do I Don't know if they did a study on the wind turbine effect of uh, the Earth's orbit I'm I'm pretty sure that that's not okay. not gonna work. Hi Gary Thank you for the Super Chat sir. Thank you thank you.

Luigi Another 31 diesel in an Opal puts out 82 miles per gallon. Yeah, see, that's environmentally friendly. Booah! Luigi has a small car and it does not have a lot of Mass to it. That's the other thing is how heavy are the cars that we're driving around? So my dude's got a very lightweight car with a very small engine and it gets him from point A to B and he gets better fuel economy than a lot of motorcycles.

No Lithium was harmed in the making of his Opal. So G to get banned for running my mouth about EVS make batteries from nuclear waste so it lasts forever. Bro, it's a good idea. Yes James the sewage was a metaphor we are talking about Cards, rewind it and go watch it again.

You'll see Scotty's still going I'm fine. all right I'll take that is he has he been running his mouth about EVS Scotty hello Minnesota See, you know the problem with hydrogen in cars is they have to hand over control of hydrogen to the general population. and hydrogen is kind of volatile and explosive. So I don't think that the average person should be riding around with a bunch of hydrogen.

That's it's someone's going to blow up as the UAW strike affected getting parts not yet. Uh, actually it might. uh I Went on I hopped on Rock Auto the other day and I was looking um for New Old Stock GM parts for the interior on my truck and I found that uh Supply is diminishing even from Rock Auto So I'm pretty sure that if uh, if the UAW strike is going to start affecting the aftermarket, it already has because people either a they they've already, uh, they've depleted the inventory just through normal operation or they went out and bought up everything that they could anticipating a supply shortage. They could have done that or there just is no more parts.
We're not sure yet. Parts Have been three months out that's been normal since 2019. Like I don't I Don't really think our industry is going to care because we've had supply chain crisis for for what three years now coming up on four years like I Think we're kind of used to it. Poke Fan has a 2000 Corolla that can hold a vacuum on the AC system AC comes on and dumps the pressure clicks off.

where's the pressure dump out of Die In The Stream Can't find the leak anywhere you replace the condenser, huh? I Bet you it's got a leak in the evaporator if you can't find a leak. I Mean so here's the thing about a vacuum test. Everybody goes, hey, it holds a vacuum. That means there's no leaks.

Not really. that system is designed to hold pressure. It's not designed to hold a vacuum. Um, Additionally, when you put under vacuum, that's like 30 inches Mercury Well when you when you pressurize it, you're putting 100 lb to up to 300 lb of PSI in it.

Like you click that system on and that compressor kicks on. It's going to run that high side pressure up to 250 300 pounds just on Startup and then it's going to level out and settle down as the system equalizes and then you're going to be running like a steady 225 to 250 psi. So depending on what part of the system is, it's always Under Pressure So a vacuum test is really not sufficient to tell you if it's going to hold refrigerant. What a vacuum test will tell you is, hey, when I put refrigerant in this, it's all not going to spew out everywhere.

It basically tells you you have everything connected properly. That's pretty much it. Unless you put it into a vacuum for like two days, then maybe that's legitimate. But then if it loses vacuum, how do you know if it wasn't the machine that leaked or the fitting like the connection with the hose that could have leaked.

So I don't really find vacuum tests to be the end. All be all. I would check and see if you have a an evaporator leak though. Um, what you want to do is charge it and then shut your blower motor off, put the windows up, go inside, and the next morning come back outside, click your blower motor to one, and then key your ignition on so it turns your blower motor fan on.

Don't start the engine, just key it on and then smell your vent. If you smell and you'll know it. If you smell it, you'll smell a chemical odor at the vent. If you smell that inside the cabin, you have an evaporator leak after I finish the interior.

What am I doing next on the truck? I Don't know. Let me let me just get through this interior thing because that was literally a 55 gallon bucket of worms that I opened. It's going to take a while Hi Dave Jacob Works in parts and he's seen a lot of back orders already. Yep, the older you go, the harder you find.

So here's the thing about those UAW strikes. Let's say there's one or two plants out there that they're making older production Parts You know stuff for a 2008 Superduty or a 2010 Chevy pickup or whatever. Well, when they go to reopen some of these plants, they might not reopen all the plants. And so it stands to reason that the plants that are not going to be reopened if that were to transpire would be the plants that do not produce the older parts.
Does that make sense? It's a possibility. So we may be at a point where we will no longer see new production older. Parts because that's even a trend with brand new stuff. Sometimes we have a car that's two three years old and there's already components that are discontinued on it.

Do I buy cars to make repair videos and then sell the Cars Nope, I Do Not I have never bought a car to make a video. Um, and then sell the car I Don't do that I'm not a dealer. Um, that's that's. a lot of extra risk I Don't want to put that kind of time in I might have a PT Cruiser for sale one day though.

I did buy that I had a customer bring a PT Cruiser with the it's had bent valves, the timing belt broke and pistons hit the valves. bent the valves and I did buy that car. Yep, that little red Miata is still sitting out back. It's going to get repainted one day and then they're going to sell it.

but it's It's a back burner project, but we still do have the Miata If you want to buy it, email me it's for sale. It's not the best. Miata Um, you need to be a Miata person to appreciate this. Miata Kind of like a Jeep Speaking of Jeeps, Jeep Renegade is having a code for a knock sensor circuit low.

Is it just the knock sensor I don't know U Circuit low. Uh, low referring to low reference and low reference is usually ground. So when that code says you have a circuit low, what it's saying is that circuit instead of U having um having some kind of positive feedback loop, it's no volts. There's nothing happening on that circuit.

Um, it's not a circuit high which would be indicated of an a disconnected plug or something like that or a cut wire. So circuit low would indicate it's either shorted to ground or shorted internally. Or um, or potentially there's an issue with the ECA M or the the control unit. Um, definitely something you would want to have diagnosed.

Uh, what you can do to check um, check circuit low on that nox sensor and if you have the ability to is unplug the nox sensor and then unplug the ECM and then find the other end of that pin. there's going to be two pins on it should be. It should be a positive and a ground on it and you want to do a resistance check on both of those at both connectors, one at the PCM and then want the knock sensor resistance. Check both of those and if those are okay, then you can hypothesize size that the wiring is good.

Also, load tested. If you're so inclined, put a light bulb on it and run power through it. Um, uh. so at that point if if it resists, if resistance checks are good on the circuits and you can load test it, you are left with the sensor or you're left with a potential problem in the ECM.
um I would look at an ECM last, but you can look up resistance specs I think for the sensor if um or or look up, you have to look up the procedure on how to test that sensor um and then test it according to the manual and if it's out a specification that's probably your circuit low code. More than likely it's a sensor, but it could be anything you know. You could have wires that rub through and they're shorted together somewhere. You got to look at your wiring and inspect all that stuff first.

Rise's live. How exciting! Yeah! I don't do many lives I I I don't know. that's not my thing I'm trying to get used to it but I'm I'm camera shy so can I address your last chat. Sorry Doc I missed you didn't mean to hang on Norby Thank you hang on I Gotta go back to to Doc real quick last last Super Chat Doc Doc Doc Doc Doc sorry Doc and if I skipped anybody else I did not mean to Doc you're far away.

Hang on Buddy scrolling back wow, that's way up there dude that was before Luigi and Gary we were talking about EVS I can't scroll back that far oh no. Doc: type it again and or copy and paste it and I'll look for you in the chat dude I said dude I assumed yeah I don't know if I should be assuming but I did the grin says different? What doesn't does not waiting. we're all waiting for Doc Hang on. We have to wait 90 seconds Doc: Ah, someone found it.

Uh, the Creator console of YouTube is notoriously bad for retaining super chats. Yeah, yeah, it didn't do it I'm really sorry man. I'm looking for your chat though I'm looking, don't see it. Does anyone else see it? DOC Listen man, if if if it doesn't show back up and I can't find it and I miss you, um just email me man and I will get back to you I Promise Kevin Mode activated Ray Assumed something on a public forum.

Eyes are glowing red. Freaking laser beams are shooting out. but Doc yeah Doc has the floor. What happened to the Chrysler with the blown up engine timing chain repair I ordered a new engine for that Chrysler with the blown up penar and it is uh on its way.

it's not a new Eng it is a a pullout Engine with less mileage live every month or two I mean I was thinking of doing it on Sundays it could be a good Sunday thing to question and I State Cliff found it my man. High Voltage code for an ignition control module on a 96 Cheyenne swapped it out. same issue Ignition control module on a 96 Chevy site. What's the code? Tell me what the code is.

In fact, you know what. Hang on Doc I Really actually do need you to email me that now. email me the code. Um yeah, email me the code and I will see if I can look into it a little bit better.

I I I'm going to want to pull up a wiring diagram. No, that does not mean bigger. Hammer We don't take hammers to ignition modules, No sir. I I I No, we're not gonna do that.
Small hammers we need a small Hammer Like a pinpoint Hammer The shower in the office. I Would like to get rid of that shower in the office because it is not, uh, the best use of space. but that is not my office. and I'm not going to tear out walls because I don't own the building I already spent enough money on a building I don't own when I put in that uh, that other garage store? Yes Troy was discussed earlier in the uh, this live stream and uh, the video from yesterday.

it's titled I quit on the thumbnail. Uh, we discussed Troy's departure from the shop in that video but all is well. Yep, he was in the chat earlier I don't know if he's still here, might have left. he didn't say bye.

Yep. Monte Carlo Got the door fixed. What happened? so someone asked me more than once about that mon. Carlo What happened is we pretty much did a complete restoration on an' 07.

Super Sport Monte Carlo and the uh, we sent it off to have a wheel alignment done and the guys it wouldn't start I Guess the battery died while it was on the alignment rack. Dudes left the key on and so they couldn't start the car. So they went to push the car out but nobody helped the tech that was working on it and so he pulled on it like with the steering wheel and left the door open. The car went off the ramp and gained some speed and the door ran into the wall of the building and it smashed up the door that had two-day old paint on it.

So the body shop had to order another door, change the door, and then repaint the door because the other shop smashed the brand new paint job in. It's exactly what happens when you restore a car. Somebody wrecks into it. Cliff Doing 105 miles per hour on Q rated tires in a jeep? Yeah, yeah, he does that I told him not to do it the 67 I Remember that that was not my 67 and uh, the guy that owns it put it somewhere else because it had to leave my building.

so no more. 67. It's in another closet somewhere. Someone said goodbye to a troll.

is there was there a troll in here? I Didn't see anybody throw anybody out Cliff should have thrown him out. There should not be a troll here. This is a troll free zone I Am the troll. so I Do not accept unworthy challenges from lesser trolls.

Do your worst I think what did it is I started pinning the trolls. i' pin their troll comments and then they all just left. Life is a ser series of troll events. We're all just running around messing with each other.

Hey, one of my customers just texted me oh Matt you're the one trolling me Oh okay, yeah, don't troll me, dude. No, we take that seriously around here. He said, you're a streamer now I I mean not really, but I'm trying to not be camera shy. Matt's the guy that has, um, it's that.
um, what color? It's not red, it's like the maroon. 04 Chevy Suburban Is there really a Troy Auto Now he doesn't have his own shop? No, he's He's got a logo and he's got some T-shirts and stuff. but he has not. uh, solidified uh, a brick and mortar facility.

To my knowledge. October 22nd is the one year at the shop. No way. Chuck knows people actually thought that flux capacitor that Patrick's talking about.

Folks actually thought that I was really trying to convince them that the flux capacitor and that the diagnosis on the flux capacitor was real and they did not pick up on the fact that that was a um, a parody and I was just having fun. Highest mileage car I've ever serviced. Uh I had I had a Mustang once. um I pulled up the data on the scan tool and the ECM said that it had 10 million miles on it.

Does that count? It didn't actually have 10 million, but the computer said it did. So I'm going to go with 10 million according to the ECU highest mileage car. 10 million miles. What is a troll? A troll is a person that will show up and start disrupting the flow of reality and causing problems.

And they'll run their mouth. and they'll insult people. Uh, just for the sake of getting a rise out of someone else. And they often know that they're wrong.

but they will. never. Well, they they. They do it deliberately just for the attention.

That is what a troll is in a nutshell: I'm sure there's more to it, but that's kind of what. I See what a troll is? So Elaine Trolls are not good. Those are mean people. Yeah, trolls.

like under a bridge. You know they come out and demand you pay them or they harass you until you give them what they want. Yeah, Troll? Yeah, Cliff's a troll. See, you can have.

You can have good trolls. You can troll people to make them laugh like those are. those are welcome trolls. I am a good troll I I Mess with all kinds of people.

but I think it's funny I won't marry you sorry I can't do that. You could be trolling me. So a troll is the alphabet soup? Yeah? I think yeah, they're there. There's something else.

Nope. Yep. Chuck's close. Nope that.

see those those people aren't funny politicians in the IRS they're not funny. Those those are more like uh, um, the I Can't say that. Never mind. I'm not gonna say that I'm being broadcast live on the internet.

You guys know what I mean though. Subaru is mostly finished I need to put a different thermostat in it. Am I going to board up the door of death and put in an air conditioner? No, No. I'm not going to do that.

There's things that could or or that may or may not take place over the next year or so which could dictate the configuration of the building. We put it that way: Can I zip tie the cable guide of a window regulator to the motor so it won't move around and break. You can probably zip tie the cable. Yeah, you can probably do that.
It's either going to work or it's not. Scooby-Doo Thermostat Dang ads, You got an ad? There's a mid roll ad. Seriously. I am 38 years young I've been so I'm pushing 40.

The rest of my peer group is in. we're in the same place. You know we're all we're coming up on another decade and for like the past. uh, I don't know.

like the past year I'm like oh, I'm getting old I feel old I'm tired I'm getting old. oh my knee hurts I'm old and I decided that I'm gonna stop doing that because if um, if I keep running around saying that I'm old I'm basically going to manifest into my own reality that I feel old and I feel tired and I don't want to be old and tired. so I am no longer referring to myself in as old in any capacity. So I'm 38 and I am young and I'm going to maintain that mental frame of mind.

so I'm taking Prybar to life. There we go. Yeah, 40 is not old anyway I still act like I'm 25 mostly hi James thanks for the Super Chat sir, thank you I assumed again but I figure I can get away with that one. See that was trolling right there I'm trolling a narrative.

Favorite cars to work on the easiest ones. Those are the favorites I Like Diag stuff, Diag is fun because it's never the same thing twice. Yeah. YouTube premium if you have YouTube premium.

you don't watch ads. Four ads. My dude's got four ads man. sorry guys I didn't turn off ads but I didn't know they were gonna shove them in there like that.

I'm really sorry. just skip past them. Wait, the YouTube premium people are getting ads. Also, that's not part of the deal Toyota Hang on.

I'm not following the the context of the Toyota JL I I need more context I harded you but I don't know. What about it? Do you want me to troll a Toyota I Control Toyota people are y are giving me uh I got a bunch of uh like buttons for mentioning trolling Toyotas they're like oh, he's gonna start picking on Scotty Ray's about to troll Scotty here. Watch this. How often do I go live? um I don't know.

Every couple months maybe Cliff I'll make you a deal I will get Amazon Prime if you get uh YouTube premium because I'm too cheap to pay for Prime and Cliff is too cheap to pay for premium troll The Kill I Can't see we think that Scotty Kilmore actually has like an army of counter trolls or he has like 20 different accounts and he is the army of counter trolls and anybody who has taken on Scotty Kilmore gets cancelled and no one can figure out why Toyotas um are the best for their target Market but they're not the best for everyone. Just like one ton trucks are the best for their target market but not for everyone Avalon or okay eco mode and sport mode which is better for the Avalon okay um what that does to my understanding in every manufacturer's program in logic is going to be different. but those different Drive modes uh, they affect I think they affect shift points more than anything and maybe a little bit of power output out excuse me, power output and could be a couple other things. but those modes are for your driving style.
So let's say you're in a hurry and you want to get somewhere fast and you want a bunch of acceleration, you may want to turn on sport mode. or if you're just on a Sunday leisurely Drive hanging out not really doing anything and I'm gonna troll you like most Toyota Avalon Owners do like that, then you would better be better off in eco mode because you theoretically should not burn as much gasoline. So hence eco mode. and I did stick a little troll thing in there for you.

Yeah, so I think that's preference I I don't I would just not turn the button on or off and just leave it alone. or I would turn on sport mode. so the little Eco Leaf thing on the dash goes away to remind me to be environment environmentally friendly. Um I don't want to.

Oh the oh, the flatbed record truck. Um I don't know I need to get all the stuff it's I'm being used I'm using it for storage I need to get that stuff off of there because I'm not using the truck to do truck things. it's a storage parking lot. Eco mode.

Save the Earth Exactly. People are dying, ecosystems are dying because you won't use eco mode on your Avalon My show is your daily routine. Thank you! from Denmark What's up? You get a heart too I did not know I could heart the super chats until just now and I'm gonna start doing that Jelly Bean Also from Europe drilled B Brembos in the fronts and back do size Brembo brakes 180 horsepowers worth it or Overkill now no, there's nothing's ever Overkill if you use it and it's also not Overkill If you want it and you're not going to, you'll never be in a situation where overkill on your brakes is going to be a bad thing. I think so you're good there.

My show is your daily routine in New Zealand Thank you. that is. Uh, that is warming to hear because I You know at first when I was making videos I didn't realiz that I was impacting people in in a multitude of ways. You know some people liked it because I don't use file language and some people liked it because they were in lockdowns and couldn't go outside and I gave them comedic relief I didn't even know I was funny and then all of a sudden people started laughing laughing at me and I was like okay I'm I'm bringing something to somebody Then there were folks that were interested in the work that I do and they got to learn something.

So it's truly been a blessing for me to be able to reach out to people and and touch their lives in ways I never thought possible. So I thank you guys for giving me the podium to do that with. You guys get mad at me when I don't post a video I See a lot of folks in here. they're like I look for you every day every day and I usually Post in the morning.

Um, is it like a massive disappointment if I miss a video in the morning? JL I will 100% put your license plate on my wall if you send me one. 100% Every license plate that I have with the exception of like two or three of them were all donated by viewers. Chat's going Whoa! Super fast. Hang on Hey you guys, we have more.
We have more like buttons in this chat than we do viewers in this chat. That's epic ratio right there. What is my address to send a license plate? If you go to my channel page and go over to the about tab at the bottom of the about tab there is a PO box and that is the address that's the mailing address. Please do not send stuff to the shop address because mail has to change hands a couple times at my building.

I Will not let you work at my shop for free. We can't do that. We we. We cannot do that.

I I Can't conflate YouTube with the brick and mortar Shop store. so I couldn't have somebody working at the shop that's not there to work at the shop and folks that are there to work at the shop for free. Um that it Toes that line a little bit and it makes me feel kind of awkward. So I I really would not be able to have someone there? Um, you know to help out and hang out and work and stuff because it really does take away from what I have to do there.

Well, are you qualified? Don't you don't stop paying me to say that? Yeah, don't do that. I'm G I'm giving you a heart red hat. but yeah, no more. If you, if you insist, do a dollar like don't be a big baller bro.

We're not in the economy for big balling on on super chats. Be cool. I Do pay more than minimum wage though. Are you qualified? Are you local? A lot of folks missed the phone that you know I'm G Tell you guys what that that doy Doo sound was a coping mechanism for the fact that some genius decided they need to put a loud speaker outside in an area where there are no actual phones at the other side of the building away from the actual phones.

So when the guy who's supposed to be answering the phones needs to, the phone ring is ringing. Everyone in the building gets to hear the phone ring. And it was the most nonsensical placement of a loudspeaker that was turned all the way up that one could possibly imagine it. It was almost like a situation where you're going.

Hey, let me try to emotionally damage everyone here with this loudspeaker. It's it's like someone tried to do it because there's no other thing that came out of that situation besides emotional damage. Which is why every time it rang and I'm going running around like an idiot. that was just me making fun of the fact that somebody has an IQ of like 36.

That decided to put that loudspeaker over there and that thing was like $500 too. They spent money on this. They spent a lot of money to do something stupid and so that was my coping mechanism. I Just I I was trolling them at work exactly I was trolling them with dly does emotional damage yeah Do I have more than one Po? Yes, there is more than one post office box.
Uh Lauren my wife unit. she also has a PO box that is much closer than my PO box and that is around the corner. um her PO Box address is also on her about Tab and the reason that I did not get rid of my PO box address which was next to my last shop was because they are a small local UPS Store and I did not want to have them lose a customer because I have one of their big spaces and it it. it's like 60 bucks a month or whatever.

but I didn't want to just stop doing business with them because I moved to the next town over. so I kept my PO box and I still go over there and pick it up I just wanted to maintain that relationship with the UPS Store I do not know if I'm going to hire another Padawan at this time I tend to let the universe do its thing and it will present to me opportunities. And when those opportunities show up, that is when I Um, that's when I may or may not decide to choose somebody you don't like the USPS I I don't have a position on the USPS per se I just did not want to stop doing business with the folks I was doing business with. But on that note, the other PO Box is a actual USP SPO box What happened to my torch? Ah my torch.

Yes, my torch. So I was torching something one day and I had welding gloves on and I'm torching away and my torch wasn't running right and I kept adjusting things and it just still wouldn't run right and I was having a really hard time getting a clean cut. um with my torch set and I looked down at the handle I'm holding the torch. there's flame coming out of it I Looked down at the handle and the entire handle was glowing red hot and I didn't feel it because I had thick leather welding gloves on.

But what had happened was is somewhere in that handle where those two pieces were supposed to be pressed fit together. There was a leak and it was letting air draw in. and because there was oxygen getting into that acetylene stream, the flame managed to migrate into the torch head and it was burning inside of the torch head. which was really scary because it was probably moments away from traveling its way up the, uh, um, up the hose.

And if it makes it to the tank and up the hose, then the tank gets to explode and then there would be pieces of Ray all over the place because of some, uh, very, very cheaply, unsafe made imported piece of crap torch that could have killed me one day. and so I immediately smashed it and threw it in the garbage after the flame. R Well, the flame arresters. Those are in the hoses yes, but the head did not have an arrestor on it and also the torch head could have melted in my hand and then, um, it could have also caught fire and blown up.

Either way, I could have been very seriously hurt by a cheap piece of crap. Um, and so I did not want to, uh, keep using it. So I broke it and I threw it away and I've not replaced it because finding a good torch is hard to do. It's very hard to do and there's no updates on the tow truck.
New Question: No updates on it's not fine. Cliff No updates on the tow truck because I haven't done anything with the tow truck. It's kind of sidelined. I'll get, I'll get around to it later.

Yeah. I It was like an immediate rapid self disassembly with that torch head. and so now I don't have one another. another new torch.

Jelly beans Got it. Try to submit. Uh to get my Shelby worked on at your shop. Follow the directions.

never heard back from there. Is there a rejection letter? I don't know Red Hat I'm I gotta talk to my wife unit about that. Which email address did you did you send it to? You can type it in the chat Shelby I'll work on your Shelby sorry JL I'm not in Cali I've been there a couple times but I'm not there. it's really really far.

I'm I'm kind of bothered that I wasn't able to respond to Red Hat Maverick's request. I'm I'm really sorry man here. Hang on I'm going to hang on. My wife's going to be so mad at me for this.

I'm G to give you guys my shop email address but I'm going to redact it so it's not permanent. Okay, we Forte can work on a Shelby the Shelby's mine. don't touch it. Hey, actually you know what? I think A-Rod and bearded Ford Tech should work on your Shelby because what kind let's get? Is it a good Shelby or is it like the is it like the junkyard one that they pulled out of the River from? Uh, what was that movie Gone in 60 Seconds Like is it A? Is it like a really primo one or is it A because I'm thinking if we have a real Shelby then the Ford guys should work on it and we can totally do it at my shop.

Just comment the email on his channel video yeah I don't know what you're talking about Cliff yeah we can totally work on the Shelby a Dodge Shelby the GT500 is it Elanor I hope it's Elanor You had a bearded fortech had a short on an AC compressor for a Shelby a white one I didn't see that short man I didn't know you got a hold of one of those I didn't know what is a Dodge Shelby hang on I gotta look this up a Dodge Shelby charger oh that that's like 80s. It looks like a fox body Mustang kind of is that right I did not know that that thing existed I was completely unawares check my phone text says yeah I know Cliff won't let me well I mean Cliff my email are th

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