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Appears to be some oil down there. Watch this watch, Let's watch this. Hey Lauren Simba oh my God You gotta go see that in the mirror. Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you're here.

We are returning to the Uh 2007 Chevrolet Silverado with the 6-6 uh Duramax and I'm gonna work on my truck today because my appointment this morning had to cancel starting the engine. See where we're at on our mileage here. Let's see what we get To date Duramax is up to 220 404 miles on the odometer. All right.

we're swinging this bad boy back into the shop. We're gonna maneuver around the left side corner of death here. Put this thing back up on the lift. I Uh, have had a pile of steering and suspension parts on my shelf for months.

They go into this bad unit and I'd like to get that stuff installed today. So uh, let's get this thing on the rack and get going Now my uh, my reason for the urgency on this matter is just a couple days ago this thing has developed some kind of power steering fluid leak and I think it's leaking from the pump? I'm not so certain yet. but uh, either way I need to get this thing serviced and repaired because I can't have my truck leaking fluid everywhere. Okay, I think we're good here tiring down popping easy Hood All right I Don't know if we need to be under there just yet, but I'm gonna go ahead and open it anyway.

There we go. Six Six dirty Max look I got a sausage, waffle, egg and cheese. That's cool. Moving on up.

heavy truck that's always making me nervous lifting this thing up. It's like 8 000 pounds 9 000. If it's fully fueled, that's a lot. A thousand pounds.

Okay, first things first, let's figure out where this leak is. I don't know what's going on with it, but I know it's got a leak and I know it's power steering fluid because my power steering fluid was super low. Oh what's what do we have? Oh I think it's the steering gear. Okay, all right.

well let's pull some panels off and get some things disassembled and see what we've got to work with in here. Alrighty, first things first, let's get the wheel off on the driver's side here and that'll give us some more space and then we'll go down below and we'll start pulling the tip plates off. All right, let's get this thing out of here. Okey-doke So I'm thinking it's best if I go ahead and pull this inner fender liner out right now because I need to get to this area here.

Looks like there's some fluid right there leaking and I there's a bunch right here. I Think it's either the lines or the power steering gear. so let me pull this fender well out and that'll give us a better view. Try to get through this relatively quickly because this this is probably gonna end up being a very long video, potentially even multiples.

Oh yeah, it's gonna take a while. No worries though, We're all in this together right? I Need a better tool? My narrow bladed trim tool was not getting into those little Clips the way that I wished. So I'll use the bigger one. There's three more right over here that should should break this thing loose.

Come on now. wiggle it some. We got it here. Come out and there's a couple little wire connectors on there.

Let me pop those guys loose. There we go. All right. What do we got in here seems I got more than one issue going on here.

We've got this line over here. This is leaking that's coming out of the back of the pump. That line runs up to the Hydro Boost unit. That line has got a leak at the connector or at the area where the rubber meets the metal that at the top and the bottom.

and oh this is. this is cute. My Hydro Boost is leaking. yeah, that's that's a leaking brake booster.

Yeah. I've been getting some pedal feedback when I initially depressed the pedal tube, it'll It'll jiggle a little bit and then kind of come back up. So there's a there's a problem with that Dodger boost unit that's unfortunate. Well I need to fix that.

So let's just let's get on with it. Let me see if I let me see if one's available. Okay, so I've gone ahead and removed the uh the Boost pipe while you guys weren't looking so we can have some more access in here. and I can see here on top of the steering gear there's also a fluid leak.

We should explain why I'm seeing a little bit of fluid up front like right here. it must be uh, running down the frame and then dripping off this cross member. so looks like I'm going to go ahead and do my uh, my steering parts today. Also, I've already ordered a uh, a Hydro Boost unit.

so uh, let's go ahead and start pulling this thing apart. I think I'll go ahead and take the lines off the steering gear up here first and we'll pull the shaft out and then we'll start unbolting the linkage and everything and then we'll move on to this Hydra boost. I Guess that's the plan. Looks like I'm doing all of it today.

All right. let's see here: I think those are 18 millimeter. Really tough to see that one's an 18. for sure.

and this one. that one's also an 18. Good. Okay, pull these guys loose.

Oh I Hate you guys with a wrench. Sorry fellas. Does that hurt? Okay, that one's loose. I've got a drain pan just down below, so anything that spills out of this thing is gonna run into that pan.

Okay, no drippage. yet another. There we go. Yeah, we're we're approaching the uh, the 200 000 mile to fix everything.

Status point on this truck. It's been a good truck, but it's it's time. It's gonna need injectors soon. I Was fooling around with the Power Balance test with the scan tool and I think uh oh I think it's got a couple bad injectors.

There was a couple cylinders that I canceled that the engine didn't really seem to care that O-rings junk. Okay, that's two lines disconnected from the pump or I'm sorry from the gear. Let's go ahead and pull the uh the steering shaft off next. I believe that's uh, an 11 millimeter fastener if I can't reach that guy.

negative twist shaft some here. Okay, easy solution. more extension. There we go.

Unclick please. That's the kill people. Bolt If you forget it, the steering shaft comes off and then you can't steer your car. That would be bad.

Okay, shaft is loose. let's get out here and uh, get some other goodies unbelted since I've decided that today is going to be the day I Do all the steering stuff. Let's go ahead and pull the tie rods because I'll change these tie rods with my Uh my upgraded units and I'll also go ahead and replace the Uh, the center link, the pitman arm, and the idler arm. I Have all those parts in the boxes they've been waiting for this day.

I'm being able to make it are not always a bad thing come out. tie rod there. All right. Let's maneuver back down below a little bit.

We can see that uh, our fluid's still draining and what I want to do now is disconnect the center link for the Uh the tie rods. That's the bar that runs across between the frame rails. I Want to disconnect that from the pitman arm? that's the one attached to the steering gear and is in the Uh The Idler arm over here on this side. see right there.

I've already disconnected the right front outer tie rod. That's nasty. Yeah, tell you what. Let's try to pull all this off as one unit.

We'll take the idler arm and the bracket off and the frame rail on this side and we'll pull the Uh the center link off the Pitman armor. We'll see if we can't drop the entire linkage assembly out as one unit. That'll save some time I Think so. let's go for the steering dampener we need.

Looks like an 18 mil. So while we get started and just to remind myself that failure is definitely not an option here. I Have got to get this done today because I need to tow some equipment tomorrow and if the truck is down I'm not towing anything, that would be bad. All right, that's off.

Let's get. uh, let's get the pitman arm disconnected next. Cotter pin retrieval complete. Nearly complete semi-complete Come here there.

All right. we need to get in there with a puller to, uh, break this stud for you from the center link and I happen to have one that should fit the bill here? Let's find out there we go. Okay, Polar is in position. see how this is gonna go foreign? Let's move around over to the passenger side and remove the bracket for the either arm.

That's this guy up here, so visibility over here is not that great. But we've got one bolt here behind this hose that's also leaking trans fluid and uh, another one up top a little bit. I'm going to reach in, grab those, but they hit those with a socket and then I'll reach around on the back side with a wrench to hold the nut. That's the plan if I can get on that nut.

loud noises I'm not on the nut and I can't see my nut s and not gravity. All right. Well, we're getting somewhere. Let's get the other side or the bottom one.

I should say nut down and a washer. All right. come out there we go. Got it all right? reaching up on the back side of this bracket? I've got the the other washer in hand and here's the other nut and I'm just trying to pull that bolt out next.

I think I need to do, uh, unscrew it. Here it comes. very long bolts. Okay.

A Little bit of pry bar. Whoa. Steering linkage gravity. You see that things started falling right out of there.

Now the question is can I get it to come out the rest of the way? A little bit of Wiggly action here. Yeah, it's gonna come out I'm good, come out worn out steering system Uh, you're stuck. ow. Maybe I should have taken this apart in pieces.

it doesn't want to come out. Yeah, no worries. I'll get it out of here to come out. probably most likely Definitely.

Uh oh. I know I know I'll drop it down through the center. That's what I'll do. remove our drain pan.

Now we're getting smart gear off there we go. Got it. Piece of junk? All righty. We're not done with this assembly yet, but I've got all the new stuff kind of arranged here.

We've got the before and after version. We've got all the OE stuff. OE center link OE steering dampener oei idler arm bracket the pitman arm is still over there attached to the steering gear. The reason all this started is: I wanted to upgrade these uh, these inner tie rods with these sticker units right here which came with outers which are also much larger than the factory units.

and it kind of progressed from there because I couldn't see the sense in putting big beefy tie rods on a wimpy little stock. uh, center link. So I ended up getting the bigger center link, but they also had an option for larger, uh, larger idler and Pitman arms which also came with the option for a larger bracket. So I got the bracket, got the Pitman got all the upgraded stuff and I have the uh, Big Boy upgraded steering gear.

That's a bad unit right there that attaches here and then bolts to the frame. So uh, let's go ahead, go back to the truck. We'll pull the steering gear out and uh, then prep for a reassembly of all the uh, all the new goodies here. you know I Kid you not, it really has, uh, taken me months to get around to doing this.

man. even my bolts are covered in steering fluid. It's not okay. Oh, steering deer gravity.

All right. it's loose now. I Just need to wiggle that thing out and me thinks I can do it. There's probably space here.

all right. let's see. Yeah, that's really easy. She's gonna come right out there.

we go. Oh, a little bit of spillages and we're new. One more real quick comparison. Look at the size difference between these two units right here.

Hope you can tell, but this one is massive when compared to the factory unit. Which is cool because that goes along with the massiveness of, uh, all the other parts. Yeah, I'll flip that guy. Everything looks good.

It's gonna bolt on. Yeah, burger. Let's get this thing installed. Steering gear clicks.

Cookie Dumps new big giant steering gear coming in now. although this, uh, this other unit's much larger and heavier for that matter I should be able to get in there like I said should, you're gonna go in there because if you don't, I'm oh I don't even know it's supposed to fit. Yes, it's fit There we go. Okay, so right about here, there's one bolt that comes through.

So what I'll do is we'll start that one first since I can see it kind of man. I can't even take that thing up. How am I supposed to get it lined up on the bolt when I can't even lift the dang thing. Wow.

mm-hmm Okay, all right, the Bolt's got the weight stay, don't fall out. that was. that was rough. All right.

I'm gonna come up there with the gun and just, uh, run that thread down just a wee bit. that was too far. We don't want clicks yet I just wanted to run it down. Okay, let's move over to the bolt area.

We'll put these last two in and then we'll secure the gear to the frames. There's one number two and I want to start these uh by hand first just to make sure I don't mess anything up cross threaded or whatever the gear turn hang on. Okay, those two are threaded. I'm gonna reach up and just make sure those lines are out of the way and they are.

Steering gear clicks. Okay, going back in a little deeper. I Think it's probably safe at this point to uh to get the steering shaft installed right about. You're gonna go on there.

Where's the flats? There's a flat. and there's a flat. It's gonna fit. Yeah, there we go.

Yeah. I got it. It's wiggled on now. Okay, let's get our, uh, our bolt tightened down here.

Foreign clicks, a little bit more. Hang on here we go. That's tight. Good to go.

Okay now I'm gonna hold off on changing these, uh, or connecting rather, these uh, power steering hoses because I did order some. Replacements However, I don't know if they're going to be here today, so I may actually have to hook those back up. they were coming from north of Tampa and uh, that's probably gonna be the last thing I do Anyway, that being said, let's go and start grabbing some steering components and uh, we'll get this stuff put that together now. I Do realize we took all this out in one piece.

I'm going to assemble it in multiple pieces. That way, it goes together much easier. So what we'll do next is put the Pitman arm on the Pitman arm bracket and then we'll bolt this thing to the passenger side frame rail. Let's go ahead and assemble this little bracket here.

Idler arm clicks: Okay, we're looking in at the bracket for the big idler arm bracket and I'm gonna maneuver this thing in from the back side here past our leaking transmission hose. I've got the two bolts in my hand I'm just trying to get this in. its in its home up here. Not exactly easy.

not exactly hard either. There's stuff in the way. there's one Bolt and second bolt is in position. Good.

Where's my nuts got him? Okay, Two washers coming in accompanied by Two Nuts Here we go. All right. Progress. Okay, let's get these guys tightened down a little bit here and we'll go ahead and grab the center link next.

All right. Okay, let's get out from the front side of this cross member and we'll go over here. this little hole in the back step. so I know it's real tough to see in here, so bear with me.

I'm gonna pull the nuts off the pitman arm and the one off the idler arm far away. I Pulled off the dust boots as well just so I Don't lose them. We're gonna slide this center link and I forgot the I forgot the dust Boots the one I just said I removed. Okay, dust.

boots are now on. They're in position here I'm lining those up and the pitman arm nut sorry The Idler Armor nut is on Foreign arm nut is coming on right now. There we go. Let's get some pork on these guys.

Times two? All right, let's back up a little bit because it is very large. inner tie rod time. Let's go ahead and get this guy set up in his position here. So what we're gonna do.

Flip this guy in here and I'm gonna try to thread it on I may need to turn the wheel some get some clearance here There you guys move over. Oh yeah, it's going here. we go I don't want to thread the outer too far from where I started because I've already checked. uh, the length of this and this is close to the length of it of the uh, the old unit.

There it goes. It's through one nut and some clicks. Okay, so the outer is tight, the inner is only hand tight. So let's get that thing with the uh, my big Angry pliers those ones and we'll tighten this guy up A very beefy component I Hate to put pliers on this.

it's going to scratch it. but it is what it is I can spray paint it later. kick Yeah, it's getting tight. All right, that's on there, all right.

So continuing to Pure down into this hole. we've uh, need to move on and get the steering stabilizer installed. this side of it right here is going to bolt into that center link and then this side right here just bolts the frame. So what I think I'm going to do is try to get the length correct first and slide it in as any position it whoa position that's about.

That's about right. It came with a new bolt, but I'm going to reuse this. uh, this Factory bolt because I like this one better. Why I just do.

Maybe it's a better Bolt or a bigger looking Bolt Get in there. Okay, that's how we're going to do this and that's how we're gonna do this. Okay, I've got the nut on now. Slippages: Let me try this again.

There's the wrench that's going on the nut. you guys probably can't see. flicks. All right.

Let's go back around again to the passenger side and we'll slip this guy up into its home here. right there and then. I've got a got a lock washer here we go and a nut. Interesting.

This is very, very close to the grease fitting on that bracket. Hmm. no power tools for me. I'm just gonna have to do this when the old school way.

Yeah, no worries. I've only got all day. Oh my brake booster arrived so we're gonna go ahead and get that booster removed and replaced next. Isn't that what started this whole thing? Was that leaking brake booster or no? No, No.

I didn't realize it was the booster and I thought I was going to change the steering gear and then when I realized it needed a booster I didn't care. and then I went ahead and replaced the steering gear. That's that's what happened here. Okay, well so far so good.

I think I'm on track to get all this done in one day. I think I hope I can get this nut on here. Come on now you'll notice that uh, all these grease fittings already have grease on them because I've already greased them and I do not know if I mentioned it earlier or not, but the that, uh, that steering stabilizer that is a fox stabilizer. It came with the shock absorbers a little bit more.

one more pull and I think we're in good shape. All right. Click? All right, that's on. So let's see.

we've got tire rod center link, idler arm pitman arm bracket steering gear steering shaft same thing on this side. We're good to go. Let's head back up up top there and uh, start working on that brake booster. Okie Dokes We're back up top.

So we've got our brake master cylinder here. This part's still good. This right here is our booster and that's where our leak is at at the Uh. the area at the booster sealed in the back here.

So what we're going to do is pop that fluid level sensor off. We've got a 15 millimeter nut here and another one over here on the other side. We're going to pull those loose and then pull the master cylinder off the brake booster. Then we'll take the lines off the booster and I'll bolt that from inside of the cab.

And I did get one of my power steering hoses that's already arrived. but I don't know if it's the uh the one that I need for the one that was leaking that we saw the big one. I think I just have the non-leaker I bought them both I changed things in sets. Uh, what do we need? There's a not right or uh, that's a bolt.

It's on threading a 13. That's what we need. We'll hold that Bolt Very good and uh, one more on the other side. here.

That one's easier to get to. There's no brake lines in the way. We'll unclick that and then hold the uh the bolt. Those bolts are threaded and they actually thread into the booster.

but when you go to unscrew the master, they tend to unthread. We'll just wiggle this guy loose. Yep, and there's that fluid leak right there out of the front seal. Okay, next up, let's go ahead and pull the lines.

We've got one, two, and three lines and then we can go into the cab and unbolt this unit from the firewall. I Think we're dealing with an 18 mil, a 16 mil and then one hose clamp. It's on there. Good.

Come here. Hose clamp. now. rather than tearing the hose, let's give it a Twist that's going to break that uh adhesion between the hose and the little fitting there.

we can pull this guy off. This is the return hose back to the pump. We'll need that right there. Okay, that one's our 18.

disconnect you and that one's our 16. this line looks pretty good. Too bad it's leaking. I'm gonna take that one foreign.

Let's take this uh, this fitting off right here. It's preventing me from getting a good throw with my wrench. Save that for later. I May need to reuse that on the new pump or the new Uh booster.

I Don't know if I mentioned uh, this is Hydro Boost and Hydroboost uses power steering fluid pressure as opposed to engine vacuum for brake boost assist. Since the absence of a big giant uh drum diaphragm device that you'll find on a gas engine, some diesels had a vacuum booster. no, no, this isn't Hydro Boost No, it's got a vacuum pump for Uh for brake boost. It's an electronic vacuum pump.

but uh, they also came with a vacuum pump. and the reason they can't use vacuum systems on diesels is because diesels do not have a throttle and since they don't have a throttle to close, they don't produce much engine vacuum. Therefore, we need a different power source to Uh to supply our accessories. Come here.

o-ring there. Okay, we need to go into the cabin and unbolt this Hydra boost unit from the brake pedal and from the firewall. All right, headed into the cabin. This is going to be a pretty tight squeeze down here and it's It's going to be dark and it's going to be hard to see, but we're gonna get through this.

So looking. oh there's that. Darkness Looking straight up, there's the uh. there's our booster coming through the firewall.

You can see there's fluid on that thing. it's been leaking. If we follow that up towards the brake pedal, more light. There's a bolt right there on the pedal.

We need to remove that bolt and then the brakes position switch or the brake switch will become disconnected. Then we can remove that push rod from the lever. and then we've got one, two, three, and four somewhere. We've got four bolts that unbolt that booster, uh, from the unit.

Okay, so what I need to try to do here is reach up and get that 10 mil bolt out of there. I'm I'm laying upside down in the truck. I'm I'm contorted backwards. it's it's quite uncomfortable, but I'll be okay.

Nice place to take a nap. so I just need to fiddle with this little bolt back and forth. It's going to take a while. I'll check back in with you guys once.

I've got it removed. Okay, yep, still going. Oh, this is murder on the back. I'm very very contorted sideways.

No seriously. this is, uh. this is kind of rough down here. It's coming along now.

Yeah. I got the bolt out. You can see it. got it.

Okay, so with the bolt removed, Yeah. I Can there's a clip in there too? I'm trying to get that clip to come out. It's a it's very spring-loaded Oh, don't lose, don't lose it. I got it.

Yeah, that slips over the brake pedal and then Clips on to the uh. it's like a little like a knob. not really knob I'm not sure what to call it Anyway, there's a the way it's designed allows for that clip to clip over everything and then it secures the rod to the pedal. I forget what it's called though.

nipple knob. Now you guys know what I'm talking about. It connects. Oh, there's even power steering fluid on my, uh, my brake switch.

Yeah, that little guy, that thing, whatever that is I don't know what to call it, but it Clips over that. Anyway, the brake pedal is now free from the booster. We need to go in there with a wobbly bit and I need to seek out four 15 millimeter nuts and then unbolt that unit from the firewall. Okay, I've got the hardest to reach one on a socket.

Let's see if I can't pull that guy out and it's definitely the hardest to reach I can't even. Ah, I can't reach it I'm on the ground reaching in through the door. you recording me back there? Yeah, Lauren's recording I don't even know if I'm on the nut might be yeah. Oh, I have dropped the nut I have recovered the nut.

All right. that's the hard one. Let's do the next hard one girl. Nikes I Can't I think that one's on? Try this again.

Yeah, that one's coming out. Can I reach the nut? It's up there somewhere. this is going to be fun to put back together. I'll tell you that are the nuts hanging out on the on the stud? Got it? Gravity.

Hang on? Where'd it go? So I can prove it there. it is. Okay, that's the next hardest one. The next two are a little easier.

I Had to maneuver this past the past the brake level lever, brake pedal, lever words in order to gain a oh oh I was moving my seat, smashing myself Electric seats. They're deadly. There's number three I don't know I don't know Reaching in I don't know where it is, sweetheart One More Kiss Yeah yeah. okay.

hang on. Daddy's stuck. I'm coming. Hang on guys.

Okay, take two. third hardest nut removal. Okay, got that one. That's number three.

Number Four is real easy. It's right here. I Can see. Okay, that's all for the nuts that hold the booster to the firewall.

Let's go back out under Z Hoyt and extract this unit. Okay, come on out. Booster: we don't need you got to be careful with the brake master cylinder though. We don't want to bend the lines and stuff.

Here it comes. Oh, that's heavier than it looks. There we go. leaking brake booster.

Okay, over here on the bench. Got our new unit, got the old unit and so anyway. the uh. the old unit has the push rod still installed and we need to extract this push rod and install it into the new one.

Really, We just collect the uh little retainer out without bending it. It sits inside of a Groove similar to a uh, like a snap ring. You damage it. one spring cover to fluid and one to push rod assembly.

So put that in our new one with the spring. Let's try this. Yeah, we'll do that. Put that in there and then we can get a little retainer clip in position.

Let's push it back in until it meets that little Groove that's machined into the Uh the bore so you can hear it snap. I Went too far, but no big deal. I'll try again. Ding Text message: Okay, retainer is now in position.

Push Rod's in position. If you don't install this push rod, what will happen is uh, you'll push your brakes and uh, it won't actuate uh, the booster and then you'll have no brakes and that would be bad. All right. Coming in with our new, it's actually remanufactured, but it's new to us.

New unit: That's Heavy We'll stick the rod end in there first and then we'll line up the rest of it now. Go on please. Why? All right there we go. I Just checked in the cab and made sure that that Rod was in the proper position.

Let's Wiggle this guy in. we can go ahead and put that brake Master cylinder in position too. Okay I'm gonna go back inside and connect all these bolts. I'm not bringing you guys with me.

It's a real pain so wait right here. Don't go anywhere. Be right back. Okay, 15 minutes to lay it on my side and my back and my back and my side.

I Got this uh, this unit secured to the firewall. I've got the push rod connected to the brake lever and now I'm just going to go ahead and secure this brake booster with uh I'm sorry Brake Master cylinder with its two uh, two 15 millimeter bolts, nuts Nuts and Bolts bolts and nuts. foreign. Don't need to Target for days, some good old manual picks and uh, one more here on the other side so that's nearly a success.

We're almost finished here. I do have uh, one of the power steering lines that has arrived I believe it's this one right here. see the see the double 90 degree. So I think this is the one.

Let me go ahead and pull this guy out. This line goes from the looks like it goes from the Hydra boost down to the steering gear. So let's get this guy disconnected and we'll put the uh, the new one in its position. This thing should just come right on out of there.

Everything's out of the way. kinda fairly painless. New units coming in. I'm going to send it down the same path that the old unit came out of.

it's fresh in the memory. it goes down and then I'm reaching around on the left to get this aligned with the gear. Pull this plug out. We can go ahead and connect this right now.

It's already got a new o-ring on the end of the fitting here, so I don't need to to install another. Please become screwed in. Just wiggle it. Some not gonna tighten that all the way.

I'm gonna get both lines connected first. All right. Moving down below, we can get our Uh, our line attached to the steering gear down here. the fitting's almost in the correct position.

I'm holding the line over there on the right so I can manipulate it and then I'll just, uh, start these threads right here, always making sure to get a couple turns in manually before you attack it with a wrench. These are easy to cross thread, sometimes not all the time, but sometimes I think that's good. Tighten this one down. I I Don't have a replacement for this one right here just yet.

And there was another one that goes from the pump up to the booster. I'm still waiting on that one. I'm hoping they get here before, uh, before I'm all done, but maybe maybe not. I might have to just reuse what I've got here so far and then replace them whenever they show up, which will probably be moments after.

I Put this wheel well in and finish the job. That is the way Murphy's Law it'll get you every time that's starting to Snug down. This is good. Oh I Also have the uh, the two transmission lines that we saw that were leaking I went ahead and ordered those two clicks but uh I don't think I'm gonna do that today.

All right. moving back up top, we can tighten down the other end of the line and then I can put that return line back on I don't think I ordered that one that low pressure return line. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't Yeah, it shows up then then I did and if it doesn't Well oh, come here then I didn't get that out of here rubber cap. Wow, please come out there.

it's harder than it had to be. Okay, return line that's on. We'll get that guy clamped I guess now I wait until uh I get more parts there. we go.

All right. Well, while I'm waiting around uh I suppose I can clean up all this nasty that's down here. Get rid of all that uh, all that oil dripping nonsense. It's contaminated my truck.

Goodbye Power Steering lubricant that's better. Nice and shiny again. I Like shiny. But what I don't like is power steering fluid inside of my wiring looms and whatnot? That's gross.

Ah, another. Okay I Have a new arrival here. I Actually ended up with three three hoses that were delivered. Um I already have one installed actually.

Four Hoses I already have one installed. There's this one and then there's two more over there with two different part numbers, but they appear to be the same one. Um, so I think I have two of the wrong houses. Anyway, I've got both of the ones here that were the primary leakers and that's all right by me.

So while we're at it, I'm gonna go ahead and pull this guy off of the power steering pump because the little short hose that I have up here goes from uh pump to brake booster. Now you saw that I didn't have a lot of throw for that wrench down there. So we're gonna get the stubby wrench out. So here what I'm gonna do is before: I pull this old one out I'll sneak the new one in and we'll get it set up just like the old one.

that way there's no, uh, no questioning how it was routed there so the new one's in position with the old one. Let me squeeze this old guy out of here and we can go ahead and get it put back together. Ah, it's leaking food on the floor. Okay, so we know it goes like that.

Sure, come on hoes that goes over there. That one goes with that weird goofy angle. sorry if I'm breathing into the microphone. This is uh Close Quarters combat around here Here we go.

Please thread Foreign. Maybe next time. Come on. I think it started to thread? Nope.

I am not aligned. Let's try it that way. I think I got it? Yeah, yeah, we got it now. Okay, okay A little bit of wrench action here.

We'll get this thing secured and snug down and then we'll go back up top to the booster and connect the other side. I will uh I'll check those other lines that I've got over there on the bench. but I don't think that they are the uh, the correct ones. So I might not get to change the rest of them today because again, I need this truck tomorrow and it can't sit overnight.

plus uh, the wife unit already left click So I don't have a ride home so I need to get the truck done Like right now. let's get out of here going back up top and the other end of that line is right here and that's the one that connects up here to the booster. Let's get that out of there All right? Y'all all right? A couple turns on this fitting. Foreign.

Still need to put on some uh, the rest of the removable parts. Come on, let's get this one on there and then we'll go. and uh, double check those other two packages and see if one of those is the is one of the other replacement lines and then if not, we'll put the turbo pipe back in, refilled power steering fluid into stockings, the engine and that check for leaks. All right.

Click All right. I Just uh, double checked those other packages and it looks like I have this line right here in triple kit. So uh, let's see. I've got both of them connected to the gear.

The one from the pump has been replaced and that one there has been replaced. Okay, so we're good to go. Let's refill this unit and I'll go ahead and uh, put my charger cooler pipe back on. All right, let's uh, let's try some power steering pouring things here.

It's gonna be super long range because I can't get the bottle way down there. but we're gonna try see if I can do this. Oh this is so this is gonna be so bad. Hang on.

this is gonna be a miracle if I can make it. Oh failure. Oh God it's so bad. Hmm we're almost full.

I'm Gonna Fill this right to the top. Oh there we go. All right. I'll need to add more later, but that'll do for now.

Shiny all right. boost pipes coming in, Careful sensors there she is. Whose pipe has some, uh, some auxiliary sensors on it for my Banks gauges? Almost. it's a it's attached down at the intercooler now and right here.

Nice. Okay A little bit of clamp action clamp click. Okay, we've got a boost pressure sensor plug that in and a intake temperature sensor. All right.

one more clamp down below you guys can't see. Okay, that does. restocking the engine. That was a Snappy restart trying to refill without spillage that's looking about right right there.

Here we go. All right. let's go ahead and take a look and check the leaks. Nothing here here.

This is good here. Nothing we can, uh, and nothing running out of the bottom. This is also good here. Alrighty, I would say that is a success.

I Want to go double check my gauges and make sure that those two are still functioning okay. Ambient? uh or I'm sorry. charge air temperature that one's reading and it's not reading pressure at the compressor because it's not making boost right now. So I'm assuming my gauges are working.

Good to go. Let's power this thing down. All right guys. Let me go ahead and get this thing back in the air real quick.

I'm just gonna slap that inner fender liner back in. I'll toss the wheels back on and then we'll go out and hit the road and see how this thing feels. Now, you guys are not going to be able to feel it because you're inside of the TV or in the phone, but I'm going to be able to feel it So I'm gonna go drive it. I'm gonna feel it and then I'm gonna tell you guys how it feels.

sound good thought So all right. go at the road. Okay, let's check. check the brake pedal operation.

We've got brake pedal. steering is connected and it seems to be working. This is good. All right.

let's back this bad boy out of here. see how it rides rounding the corner of death. Nice. We have the clearance.

All right. let's hit the road. I think I said that like 10 times. All right.

Well it's got brakes. This is good. It's a good starting point. Steering feels pretty good.

I Can tell there's some air in the system but that will continue to purge later on. Here we go. How's my alignment did I Get it close? No not really. Kinda Yeah It's a little off to the right, but yeah, so far so good.

It has brakes. It has steering. All the components have been replaced. think it feels a little tighter.

There were some slopping those outers I know where there was some slopping the inners I didn't have to change that center link because there's no joints there. and if I recall, the idler arm and the pitman arm were replaced in 2017 at the dealership that I bought this from I think so there were. those were like what. five years old? six years old? Something like that? We're not going anywhere.

This guy's broken down okay. Backing out? Yeah, go ahead and uh, wait for that little car right there to move and we're gonna leave. Yeah, that dude's bird is broken. It's unfortunate.

Go right on over here. It does feel better. It's not not as, uh, wobbly as it used to be. it's a little tighter.

I Just like that, the pieces are much larger than the OEM units. Theoretically, they should be much stronger and uh, much more durable as well. All right guys. I'm gonna go ahead and swing this thing around and head back to the shop.

and uh, I Do believe that's gonna close this one out for now. So uh, as always like to thank you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video. I Know it was a little long and we bounced around quite a bit, but that's uh, that's the nature of the Beast and it was what it was.

Uh, anyway, if uh, if you did like this video, you know the drill. Please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. If you do not like this video or have some other kind of a creative or constructive commentary, please feel free to insert your opinion in the comments section also down below. So again, and as always, thank you guys for watching.

and most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of Chevrolet I Was making my left turn first. Let's see if this dude obeys the laws of uh, making lefts actually I'm about to ride out right here a little steam.

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