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My god let me watch. It it's not gonna come loose. You gotta be be kidding me man what's going on with this car. This is ridiculous 2017 accord.

Ex model customer states uh vehicle drifts to the left while driving. Uh they state lube oil and filter and they have 15. Quarts of engine oil in the trunk. And they would like to use that first and uh maybe something about a tire rotation.

But i'm gonna go drive this and verify that it does pull to the left and uh make sure. It is a wheel alignment and then we'll do all the other easy stuff after that ah my other note here says going to new hampshire next week. Check tire pressure put into notes each tire's air pressure. Before you add air pressure per customer request that sounds like a lot of work.

I think they know what the air pressure is all right let us begin first click of the day it's a 8 am click uh never mind i can't operate this device right here come on we're holding up the show there we go let's get out of here. Florida driving rule number. One no motoring without eye protection. This is critical yeah man.

I knew they caught me speeding the other day. Oh here we go look at this guy. They found the secret parking space all right well we haven't gone very far and i can already identify even at parking lot speeds that there is a pull to the left and that the wheel alignment is out of specification. You know it bugs me about that they call it a wheel alignment.

But it's actually a suspension alignment. I mean yes you are aligning the wheels. But you have to align the suspension in order to align the wheels. So i think it should actually be called a suspension alignment plus.

That sounds much more fancy and we like shiny and fancy. Yeah. The uh problem continues even at uh surface street speeds. You see the wheels a little off to the left.

And we are slowly drifting out of our lane. Oh man you guys i'm sorry i forgot we have 46 thousand 583 miles on the odometer and no gas ain't got no gas in it i'm really slacking these days on that one i think like my past three cars. I forgot to tell you guys what the mileage was i'm sorry i must be off in in like this whole. Different head space somewhere hey look a 90s corvette little white corvette right here hello alignment rack okay centered steering wheel neutral real chalk powering down beginner lining now reset yes we have a honda 17 accord.

Sure that one usa accord that one uh 18 for 19s 18s the fancy accord blah blah blah warnings blah blah install heads on vehicles oh it appears for some reason that this scene has no audio. So uh what i was commenting on about is the uh curb rash that i'm finding on these wheels. After i put. The heads on this is definitely something i want to pay attention to because oftentimes.

A customer can look at their wheels. And they notice this damage and then they blame the shop for said damage. I find this to be especially important because when doing a wheel alignment as you can see we are placing a metal device on the people's wheels. Because of this.

It's incredibly easy to claim that you put a steel peg on my aluminum wheel and steel being softer than aluminum could potentially cause damage to the wheel itself which is true but not in this particular case moving over here to the left rear wheel. We can see plenty of curve rash on this one also right here on the edge down on the spokes. It seems to have a lot of damage. It appears that all of these scratches are just superficial.

And that there is no structural damage to the wheel. Assemblies themselves. Okay. The machine is ready to compensate the run out in the heads.

Now what i mean by that is putting these heads on this wheel. That's obviously flawed therefore. The head is not square and true to the wheel. So we have to compensate for that amount of run out the way.

We do that is the lasers take a picture of the head in this position. Then we roll the car back which changes the orientation and position of the head. Then the lasers take another picture of the heads. It compares those two averages them and then it determines okay.

I have this much run out on this access. This must run out on this access and this much run out on this edge once. It does that it can then calculate a true measurement for each individual wheel. And that's what we're going to do right now.

It's a real simple life. It's already taking this first photo roll it back. There waiting waiting waiting three two one ready forward again. Yes.

Sir you can borrow me you're coming. The machine is now capable of measuring the wheels left and right that's toe and then our lean in and out. And that is camber. What it does not know now is caster.

The caster is the angle in relation to the center line of the wheel versus. The pivot point of the wheel for example. If there was a strut here and it leans this way. I'm exaggerating of course.

And it pivots here that's an example of positive caster. If it were swung the other way and the center line of the wheel is behind the pivot point it swings like so that would be considered negative caster. Think of a motorcycle wheel as a positive caster vehicle and a shopping cart wheel as a negative caster vehicle the advantage to positive caster is the vehicle is much more stable in a straight line disadvantage. Is that it's harder to turn and the inverse is true with a negative castered biased vehicle it'll be very very easy to turn but unstable in a straight line again.

I'll go to the shopping cart wheel. You're headed to a straight line you look down and one of the wheels is just kind of flippity flopping around everywhere. It's not stable. So we are now headed into the cabin of the vehicle to measure our caster and we'll do that by entering steering input turning the wheel.

And it'll take a series of pictures of the heads similar to the compensation procedure. We just executed now it's critical that the wheels are not allowed to rotate during this phase so we install the brake pedal depressor that'll apply constant brake pressure preventing the wheels from turning if they turn it'll throw the measurements all off. We have to start all over again climbing on up oh. There by the way sorry about the wind noise from that fan.

It's about 700 degrees. Today. I always start the engine for this just to get some power steering assist and we're just going to watch that monitor. I turn the wheel left the indicator moves left turn the wheel right the indicator moves right turn the wheel to the middle.

The indicator moves to the middle. Too far too far two there we go all right now we're going to visually center. This wheel make sure it's straight and level. There we go looks straight level to me powering down.

What is this do my eyes deceive. Me we have an out of spec. Camber angle. The right front wheel is leaning in towards the center line of the car also the right rear.

Is leaning in towards the center line of the car. The rest of these are adjustable. No problem. This is a concern for me okay.

This is adjustable. But we need to pop an easy hood. So let's let this thing back down. It's okay regarding the measurements as long as i set this machine down on the locks and the angle.

Doesn't become too great between the heads and the uh laser beams. I think right about here's my limit on the locks and it's still reading. This is good okay happenings yo. Everybody i'm sorry something screwed up and i lost another scene.

What i have to do moving forward to fix this alignment issue is remove bolts from the right front strut tower and move that tower within the slots and then reposition it thus changing the camber angle of the right front wheel. Doing this does require a little bit of extra labor. Oh one thing else to know tires sometimes are inside outside tires. They are asymmetrical in their thread design and construction and this one has been mounted incorrectly okay.

However before i dig into this i do have to uh actually sell this job because this does require a slight amount of a little bit extra labor. So let me go and talk to my advisory staff. Let's get this done. Oh.

I just upsold myself out of the whole job um. That was a no go with our guy. They don't want to fix that or any of the other style fight. The guy's in a bad place is not happy about it he's got to take it back to the the other person and doesn't understand why we can't make it drive straight with the wrong tire and the camber issue and doesn't see why it should cost extra money so i have uh well no good deed goes unpunished.

I guess i don't know i sold myself out of the job. I could have taken the hour for the alignment and ran with it oops good deeds. So yeah we're uh. We're backing it out it's not getting anything that was a waste of time probably wasted my video.

I don't even know if i can post this video. Now. It's the could be like a third or fourth one in a row. Where we like didn't do anything you know yesterday.

I fixed air compressors the day before that i stood around all day. Yeah sign of the times folks might be assigned times on the bright side he didn't blame me for scratching his wheels alignment head cam hard landing all right it's secure all right honda that's about it for you and you too audience. I guess we're all done here bonus section. Angry honda broken wheel alignment customer auxilary video that's where we're at hello everybody welcome back to my auxiliary video uh if the guy wants to change the oil and he brought his own oil.

I'm gonna do that next first we were in a hurry to leave now now we're not oh. What am. I gonna do there we go good nice and easy one filter and 17 millimeter. All right actually you guys i i kind of feel bad uh.

I set you up you see that entire first video was actually uh just a uh. It was just a ploy. Um. Truth be told.

I have lured you here. And tricked you into watching another oil change video. What no i'm not doing this. Oh my god let me watch.

It it's not gonna come loose. You to be kidding me man. What's going on with this car. This is ridiculous man.

This job is like going down like the hindenburg right now seriously. I can't even okay that one's not working time to use my bigger tool you gotta be kidding me it moved. I win. Let's see if the threads come out with it holy crap.

Yeah. Awesome i love having never worked on this car before yeah. Because that uh it means that we're not gonna get in trouble. Yeah.

I think the threads are fine okay let's go now. It was just stupid tight yeah all right yeah. That's good crisis averted. I saved the day all right oil filter.

How tight are you no that's not bad at all okay all right this next. Part is for all you lube techs out there this is a very critical instructional segment should be taken very very seriously observe please click all right 300 foot pounds that's about where we found it clickage you know the really cool part about this video is not only did i trick you to be here you're still here and that's not even the best part the best part is you are aware of the ploy. You recognized it and yet you still went along with it and the best part is is you're enjoying. It yeah.

We uh brought our own oil today. Looks like we got a valvoline. Something product 0 20. Let's see what we got here that's a full gallon and this is a that's a partial we're obviously not going to use all of it.

But we want to use the partial gallon first according to our consumer ultimate protection against wear that's weird on this side. It says extended protection. So how can it be extended and ultimate. It's ultimately extended this is the kind of day where i go to pour this out and find out it's used to oil wouldn't that be something beginning oil installation procedure.

I'm not going to do it yeah twice today. I lied long range. Oh. That's fancy look at that it says click to reseal whoa.

All right. I think that's about five quarts. Let's start it check. It there we go we got one we got one for this video guys we got one this is now complete okay starting engine no oil pressure light indicated powering down again what i just did was fill the filter and all the galleys inside of the engine now we can take a proper level reading.

What do we got here right on the money right there it's at the top that'll do all right guys with the exception of our oil change sticker. It will conclude thanks for watching. And most importantly have yourself. A great day.

See you guys later oil life reset. Procedure complete 100. Ah. My guy's at the parking.

Lot telling me where to park. What do i do there and go.

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    The road rash wheels show and incorrectly installed tire would make me look at the lug nuts and see if they were torqued correctly or over torqued. Today with technology it can easily protect the mechanic. It used to be he said she said type thing and accuse the mechanic unless the mechanic noted the damage before he starts the ticket and I always noted obvious damage before starting.

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