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Move! Uh, it's a keychain for a 2012 Ford Focus SE Model: We're here to do an inspection I Think we're going to do some maintenance on it and uh, we're looking at some tune-up action. Uh, perhaps spark plugs or coils or coil boots or something like that. 1426 miles on the odometer starting Z Engine nice opening. Z Hood Again, we're looking into the 60k service so let's go ahead back this thing up.

get it into the shop real quick like and see what we're working with here. Just gonna pull her straight in. I've got a an Avalanche set up for an Avalanche. It's way up there waiting for uh, some authorizations and some components.

So uh, that one's in limbo. We're moving on to this one. We'll just noser ride in here to the little rack that's good. Parking is the auto and oh look.

pink lights. cool and popular down all right. let's see what we've got. What is these? Uh, two liter, two liters in these focuses over here There it is a little little yellow lever that is I don't know.

Yep. two liter, two liter four-cylinder So one of the first things on the list here was a spark plug. So let's go ahead and pull one of the plugs out. Unclip one of these guys.

That's our ignition coils. That's cylinder one, two, three, and four. You can tell it's number one because the accessory drives are over here on this side, and generally on a four cylinder. they start one at the front and they end at four in the back.

Naturally, there's always the exceptions, of course, but for the most part, that's how they go. Unclick all right down in the hole. Looks dry. Pull this guy out.

See what we have here? I'm assuming these are Originals it's 60 something thousand we'll see. and yep, they say forward on them, it's a forward plug. Let's try to get a closer look in there. Zoom There we go.

Not too terrible and there's there's a lot of erosion going on there. You see that on the anode in the electrode. it's discolored. I'm sure it's worn a little bit.

Yeah I'd say 60k. These are due for replacement. Let's go ahead and add that to the list. and since we're doing maintenance checks, let's go over here.

We'll check our air filter. While it's uh, easily accessible to us, we'll use the same tool. eight millimeter, wobbly. got three or four little plastic screws on this cover.

Yeah, there's number four. way down there cannot reach, cannot easily reach. Come here. Yeah.

I Need an extension? Where's that bolt? Come here. Um, all right. Well, the bolt turns, but it does not unthread. That's fun.

All right. So what I'll do Turned into a lot of work for an air filter inspection. Pull the rest of these bolts all the way out so they don't fling out and get lost. Then I'll just pull up on the cover while turning that bolt that doesn't come out and then it comes out.

Yeah, they must have stripped the plastic threads down on the other side. Anyway, like I said, a lot of work for an inspection. This filter is in good shape. no need to replace it.

I need to. uh, figure out what to do about this strip bolt thing right here though I've been there I think I might kind of have an idea. Okay, yeah, so that thing passes all the way through, right? Watch this. What I'll do is I'll stick a zip tie through the hole and then zip tie it around.

That way the screw has to ride on the zip tie and it'll be able to kind of dig in a little bit and those stripped out threads will be of no matter. All right again, that's a that's a lot of work for a filter inspection. I'm gonna zip ties backwards. Narrow.

Instant regret. It's okay. I'll be all right. Gravity of the flashlight variety.

Come on. Zip tie please. No, yes, here it goes you. it's harder than it looks.

Swear there we go. Okay, so I got a zip tie Down in the Hole Let's go ahead and chop that thing off. now. when I run the screw down, it'll go into the hole between the zip tie and the stripped out thread wall and then I'll be able to tighten that screw.

You're gonna work. Hope so. Click. It worked.

All right. Good idea says. I All right, that's one, two, three and there's number four right there. A lot of work for an air filter inspection.

So I was looking around just to inspect for leaks and things of that nature. and I happen to just take a look down on that spark plug hole. Uh, nothing alarming. but I I can see a decent amount of carbon down there on top of that piston.

Don't know if you guys can see from here, there's there's a lighting issue, but I can see some carbon down there. I think I'm going to add on to this a an induction cleaning service to go along with a set of spark plugs maintenance items. Moving along, we go down. Oh whoa whoa.

Look at that. Look at that. We've got like two or three millimeter front brake pads. Look at that.

that's that's not. Bueno Okay, let's go take a peek at those. Rears Didn't expect to find a need for some brakes on this and yeah, we're about four millimeters, three or four on those rears. maybe a five.

See them down there? Okay, I'll call those. uh, yellow. So we need some breaks up front, Huh? We could suggest some breaks out back. We have similar condition right here.

and is this one looking? Yeah, that's two or three, maybe four millimeter. All right. Well, while we're on the brakes, check out the fluid on click, please. Thank you.

Yeah, a little nasty. We could use fluid Services as well. Okay, let's put that back. What else on our General Sixty? Thousand Mile Inspection should I be taking a look at? We've got.

Uh, we got wipers. We got brakes. I Already checked out the tires earlier. They're they're mediocre.

They could use a set of tires in the future. We're about two or three thirty seconds on the edge. The rears look okay. It's lack of rotation.

you get a lot of excessive wear in the fronts and then the rears end up being in very good condition. Okay, take a peek at this engine oil looking pretty good. It's not super black or anything. Okay, all right, let's go ahead and whip this thing up.

I've got the rack set black subscribe button. moving on up. We'll continue our inspection from down below. Okay, oh, look at there.

it's a torn bushing on the lower control arm. See right there. Yeah, right. And oh, you can see right there.

that's not good. Okay, how's the other side doing similar torn bushing? All right? I Was looking for leaks I Did not expect to find that. Yeah, she's torn up. Top two, See it.

How's this one doing on the top? Uh. Yep This one's also torn on the top. Okay, to me, that's actually getting into Priority Territory. See what else we found here? Looking good back here.

Bushings look good. Okay, all right. so we found a safety thing. A semi-safety thing.

These tires are kind of a safety thing. uh, the tune-up sure. but uh I think we need to do some repair rather than some maintenance. This kind of changed directions real quick.

so uh, real quick. I'm gonna go and kind of build this estimate and uh, we're gonna see I'll let my guy know what's going on and we'll see what. Uh, where we're gonna go from there. All right everybody, it's been a couple days.

we're uh, we're headed back onto the Focus I've got a bunch of parts here that I'll say Motorcraft on them. We got front and rear brake pads I got a set of rotors I couldn't get um any Motorcraft rotors. Well, I could, but they were like 200 a piece. but I did find and this is kind of funny to me.

some AC Delco rotors. So we're gonna match some Delco rotors with some Motorcraft parts and we're gonna put those on a Ford I just I find the irony in that and it's kind of funny to me. Um, Also, I've got uh I've got some Motorcraft control arms not the stamped steel junk knockoff ones, but actual four components. these the aluminum ones.

They come with new ball joints, we've got new bushings installed with the brackets, and we're replacing both of these control arms due to the uh, the torn bushings that are on the current units. So like I said earlier, that's priority to me. So we're going to get uh, we're gonna get through that right now now. I did have a set of Motorcraft spark plugs that needed to go into this.

Uh, but my darling wife unit entered a training exercise and she replaced the spark plugs and did the tune-up So I don't have to. She did make a video about that. Um, if you would like to see the video of my wife unit doing her first ever tune-up just check the links down in this video's description and it will take you over to her. Channel Wife unit on YouTube and you'll be able to watch her first tune-up.

Oh hey, wait a minute. Who did that? Yeah, you did that Anyway, moving on up. Flash Subscribe button. Oh you know what? while this is moving up, one more moment of Shameless self-promotion A subscriber Purge That's what I call it.

check and make sure that you are subscribed to the channel. check and make sure check and make sure check and make sure that you are subscribed. hi God You were normal yesterday. You don't have to, it's free.

It really helps me out. Let's set this down on the locks for safety. I'm gonna go ahead and pull the front wheels and we're gonna go to work and attack these uh, these front control arms again. We're doing both sides Motorcraft Factory parts.

We want to solve the broken, sloppy bushing situation that's going on over there. We're gonna start with we've got two bolts and two nuts on top. There's another one here that runs through that bolts this side of the subframe. and then of course we got our ball joint here.

So I'm gonna go after these ones. First we'll get that one ball joint and then you know we'll see how it works out. Let's get this thing apart now. I've got a 19 here and the other side the nut is a 21.

um I think I'm supposed to take the subframe down to uh, reach those bolts. but I believe I can get up in there and reach and get it down with a flexible ratcheting device here. ratcheting wrench. So I'm gonna try to sneak this guy in and we'll see if it's gonna is gonna work out or not.

I think I'm on the nut. Yeah yeah yeah yeah, this is good. All right. Loud noises.

see what happens? I'm gonna come out. Hmm. do I have the wrench the wrong way. Yeah, the ratcheting wrench is going the wrong way.

Hang on. I'm trying to flip that little button. Nope. There we go.

Okay, we've got the bolt. Let's look for bolt gravity and drop the nut. Hang on it's it's like up in here. Hang on there we go.

Got the nut? That's one down. Let me try to get nut number two. that sounds a little harder. I think oh I see why there's nuts up here.

These things also sandwich the uh. the sway bar. The sway bar bracket, uh, goes through these same bolts right here. That's what the deal is.

that's why they have a nut now. Got that one is a tight squeeze up there? Okay, those are the two rears Now See, we can do about the front one front. One's Gonna Come Through Yeah, right there it is right there. so let's get in there.

What is that like a 17? Let's get my 90 degree impact in a 17.. All right, let's see if I can sneak this tool in there and then we'll see if it's got enough uh oomph behind it to, uh, break that bolt loose. Loud noises? sure. Do not gonna take it out yet because we still need to, uh, disconnect the ball joint up here now with the bolt.

looks like that's a Torx bit I think that's a Torx 55 which is what I brought with me. Survey says yeah, that's a 55. So what I need to do is hold it on one side with a ratchet and the bit and then we'll go around here to the other side and we'll Buzz that off with the I think that's an 18 millimeter right there. Looks like it.

Yep, let's get it in there with that 18. unclick that and looks like the Bolt's going to slide right out. Beautimous So let's see how good my fortune is. Yeah it moves good.

pry bar need more pry bar? Always more private. just get under it. let's pry it down there we go. Just like so.

this ball joint is free now I can go back up and get that bolt out that we left in I Left it in because I didn't want the thing to come out of its bracket while I was trying to remove the ball joint. Sometimes those ball joints need a little bit of abuse to come out back to the pry bar. Hang on, We gotta pry this guy out over here on this side. let's get behind it and give her a tug or a shove or a press or a pry.

we're gonna pull it out kind of. I'm out there. we go. Got it all right, one removed.

So we got our new unit here again. We can see that the bushing is not torn and is in excellent condition because it's brand new again. This is a Motorcraft part so what we need to do is slide this little unit up into its place right here. Which is kind of going to be hard because I gotta sandwich it between the brackets for that uh, sway bar link.

So I think what I'll do is try to get the ball joint set in first and then we can wiggle that back bracket in, change the order of operations a little bit here and see if that helps us out. So I'm Hmm. see the issue is that other side. the uh.

the sway bar is still bolted down to the subframe. So I don't have all types of space here to maneuver this thing. So what I'll do is kind of get it set up a little bit here and then uh, we'll put the ball joint in and then try to tap it in with a hammer. or pry it in with pry bars.

We'll we'll figure it out somehow some way. No, that's not working there. We go. ball joints kind of lined up.

hey, change that angle a little bit. Hmm. let's try that. I push the ball joint over slightly while you guys can't see there's blinding lights in your face.

It's not good. Terrible cameraman. Yeah, okay, the ball joints up there. Let's run the bolt into it just to kind of hold that in position.

Are we in all the way? Nope. Yep. there we go. Put that nut back on, Give this thing a couple impacts and then we can work the rest of it.

Get on there, please. There we go. A lot of noise is incoming. Okay, okay, so we're kind of in position here now.

I just need to get that thing sandwiched between a little bracket for the sway bar and the bracket on the bushing. So I think what I'll do is try to go in there with a pry bar and just pry this sway bar up some and that should give me the space to nudge this control arm into that hole right there. Okay, what we'll do I'll go in with the pry bar right here and we're not on the boot. we're on the metal part of the steering gear.

pry up on that sway bar, see the space right there we created and then we can push this pushing in and under it. Just like So there we go. Now that's in position. so since these are the hard ones, we'll go ahead and get that little bolts on the other side set up which we're pretty close already and then uh, then we'll go back and get the uh.

The two rear bolts says it is a couple little pry bar taps almost there we go. we'll get under it. that's it bolt coming in there we go. That threaded nicely.

This is good. Let's run this guy down a little bit here. now. swing around to the back and get those last two bolts lined up and then insertate it.

All right. Let's uh, see how close this alignment is I think we're almost dead on? almost not quite. Sway bar is a little off there it is. Got that one in.

next one's coming in on the back and I'm coming up with the nut that I just dropped. Ah, gravity hit me in the left. All right gravity going from the back on that first nut. We'll finish the second one up on the front.

Thank you. Okay, front nut coming in I Know you guys can't see my my hands in the way. Okay, threaded now I Just need to. uh, get in there with my ratcheting little uh wrench here and get down.

oh flashlight and I'm on. Butterfingers Anyway, going back in with the wrench, we'll slip it over that nut and then we can impact that guy down just like so close. See how tight that fitment is in there? Not a not easy to get a bite on that nut. I'm working on it.

Bear with me folks. Is that about? Well, that's close. Send it, see what happens. Nope.

it's reversing. That's not what we want. re-reverse Please get on there. Come on you, it's not working for me.

Perhaps I'll have better luck with just a simple, more direct approach. I Don't know why that didn't fit the first time, but it fits. now that works. Loud clicky noises.

we and uh, of course we got the one on the back side. Let's get out of this little dungeon here. You guys can't see what's going on there. We go.

That on sure is. Click Alrighty, that's one control arm. Good to go. Let's move over to the passenger side and we'll We'll uh, repeat said procedure right about here.

Let's do the ball joint first. Why not? Yeah, let's get some light on the subject here so we can see what we're doing. That's good again. We're coming in with the Torx bit T-55 and our 18 millimeter rapid unclicks.

Okay, moving forward, let's go ahead and get the bolt on the control arm. That's not cool. Look at that. Oh what.

There's stuff in the way. How am I supposed to get that out of there? Oh, you got me. Ford You got me. Yeah, this needs to come out, but there's there's an AC compressor compressor in the way.

Hmm, this was easy. Okay, let's move you guys up here. Maybe I can squeeze that out I'm gonna try to take it loose and squeeze it out before we, uh, start pulling compressors and whatnot off of there. So uh, let's make the attempt.

let's see what's going to happen I don't know if it's gonna come out or not. actually I need to rephrase that it is going to come out. The question is going to be is how difficult is that operation going to become? Well that's tight. It's like ratchet breaking type.

Turn you? You There We go. It's moving now. Yeah, one kick at a time or two or three. Yeah.

I don't know I don't think that's going to come out of there without unbolting that compressor unless there's something I don't know. Four guys, do you know? is there something I don't know. Am I doing it wrong Banshee fatigue noodle arm and I just unscrewed this into a corner. Can't get my tool back re-tightening the fastener.

Come here. Okay, it's kind of coming. It's coming out. Hmm.

there we go. We'll just bend it. Just some slight bending Is that it's not bending? It's it's form fitting. That's what it is.

Yeah, we're form-fitting this in reverse. Come on. Do it. And uh, we're out of space and it ran into the compressor.

I've got a I have to pull the compressor off All right. Well this escalated quickly. Isn't it? Pull the uh this? Splash Shield thing down. give us some more space.

Thought: I was gonna cheat and kind of game the system here and I was wrong. Mechanic game system pays for it all right? So wisely positioned. There's like this metal skid panel protector thing on the bottom of the compressor and that's probably so you can't run over something and smash the compressor in. Anyway, we need to remove that guy.

Couple 10 millivolts. oh those are that's the bolt that holds the compressor to the oil pan. That's this is going to get interesting very fast because that's the stretch belt. and I think by taking off the panel, I'm taking off the compressor.

Let's see. Yeah, that's that's all the compressor bolts right there. Uh uh how oh man. this upsets me because the Labor Guide was wrong.

It was so wrong. Okay, so what I need to do is remove the stretch belt I wonder we got a 13 mil bolt. There's one more holding this compressor on. Let me pull that off and we'll see if this thing's like gonna turn at an angle.

Maybe I won't have to, uh, replace that belt. The thing about stretch belts is if you unstretch them to remove them, then you need to replace it. and and I don't want to replace it because we don't need to. So let me see if I can work around that.

or I could lower the subframe down. You could do that. It's a it's a possibility here. Um, yeah, we've already gone this far.

Let's let's do the compressor thing. What's the worst gonna happen? I have to put it back together. Okay, see how it turned? That's the uh, the tension coming off the belt. so we'll pull that thing off of there and this is still in the way at least now.

I can move it some see if this is going to help us out or not? Maybe hopefully probably. Yes, No, that didn't help. Backed into more of a corner than I was when I started. Okay, uh.

now what do we do? Come this far? Let's go ahead and disconnect phone's ringing. Let me disconnect the electrical connectors so I don't break them and maybe I can just kind of give this a tug and pull it down. hello raise phone Ray speaking. Be right back.

All right, let's go back. try this again. I'm off the Phone now. The person I was talking to was gonna know he's gonna know I I think I think I can muscle this out.

This is totally not the right way to do this and bet four guys are laughing at me. Yeah! Oh I win I win Didn't lose the subframe. haha got it. That's the bolt.

Victory is mine. No I say that like I'm not gonna have to put that back in and that's gonna be fun. Uh well. Anyway, we'll deal with that later.

Let's go ahead and get these two bolts out next and then get this unit removed here. Now let's see if I can get this thing in. Yeah, I can I you know I I Tried this when I first started the other side and it didn't seem to fit very well I don't know what I was doing wrong, but now I can get this in no problem. Don't know what the deal is.

Anyway, loud noises must have been operator error. usually is because the the bolts didn't do anything. they were just sitting there. So definitely definitely operator error.

Come here nut got her. Put that one aside and then we're gonna get in and get that other one. Yeah, see now we're not lining up. it's not a little off center and whatnot.

I See you nut. Got it? Okay, we need pry bar for the ball joint right here. Pull this guy. No, we don't.

It's out like I said I Win! Ah, come all the way out. Please do what? I say Oh yeah, we need to pry. Bar that out. Okay, all right.

remember now. Very very thoughtful for getting forgetful. that's the word forgetful today I Don't know I'm distracted I'm wearing many hats today. Lots of stuff going on.

You know it's like Nicholas Cage said what was that movie uh Lord of War It's not the double lives that are the problem. it's the triple and quadruple lives to get you in the end. I Think that's uh. I Think that range true.

When you have to wear many hats, you know it's the third or fourth half that gets you. First two. No problem. Three.

All right. manageable. You get into five or six different hats and what makes the world a little bit more complicated than it used to be? Come out then you. Why? strategic? Friday There we go.

Got it all right. Two units out. Let's get that. Let's get that other one off the floor over Yonder and we'll get that thing bolted in next.

So uh, emulating what I did on the first one, we're gonna start with the the ball joint I've changed the angle of it a little bit to make it line up a little easier. Let's see how this is gonna work out for us today. I Need to kind of turn the steering system a little bit. It's going to let me extend this knuckle sum so I can get the ball joint lined up I think I hope it's better.

Side's not fine I don't like this side over here. The other side was easier. Yeah uh oh it came out I heard it I was looking down for the pry bar in a pry hammer. Get in there or not it said nope.

Foreign. Seriously, what is problem I don't know. Third time's a charm. Angles aren't right.

That's what the problem is. This is hitting the back of the that backing plate. so pulled this out some. Um, not working a Little Closer stay there, don't move, not you I'm talking to the ball joint.

Yeah, there we go. Go ahead and run our bolt through 46 and where'd that nut go right on the floor where I left it Torx 55 Coming in on the other side, it's gonna hold the stud Bolt Whatever. Angular impact eclipse. Okay, now it can't fall out.

So what we need to do is push this guy in and we'll go up top and pry bar that sway bar up some and then we'll slide that rear mount in. Now that looks like kind of a challenge all on its own because there is the electronic steering portion of the steering gear and that's interfering with my my prying. So I can't pry where I Pride on the other side Perhaps I can get under it? Oh I see I see where I can go. We'll go right here.

a little pry the sway bar up. bring me sway bar go up that's not working. Not working at all. Okay I'm gonna go down over here and try to get it from the back side.

Maybe Is that gonna work? Uh, perhaps. Yeah, Maybe not really. Maybe not really. kinda I think that worked.

Yeah, it did a little bit here. What we'll do: Left hand on the pry bar pulling up in the sway bar. Now we're in business. Woohoo! Get the top line up.

Negative: a little bit more. We'll do the threat assist method that didn't work. Sway bar bracket is misaligned. How much misaligned I don't know I can't see it, can't even feel it.

Um I'll tell you what. let's get the second bolt started because that one looks like it's straighter. We'll try that. Nope, that one's not straight either.

Far off is it I can't see I don't know if it's off this way or if it's off that way I can't really tell I think it's off this way. So I'm going to push the sway bar that way. Oh, there we go. It's all right in, that's what we're talking about.

Good stuff. So here's our nut. let's get that guy up there I Hope the lights uh working out for you guys. It's not I'm sorry I'm not going back to do it again.

There we are all right. That nuts in beautiful. Once we get these guys on, we only have to deal with the the hard part. There it is I Love the thread assist method.

really helps. Yeah, that light was terrible. sorry folks, you couldn't see I couldn't see we're all in this together. but hey, at least you could hear me right.

Let me squeeze that guy in get her threaded. uh 21 wrench. Nice. Okay, one more to go and that's that.

uh, goofy AC compressor looking bolt thing over here. Okay, so this is the part where that little uh little stunt that I just pulled trying to get this bolt in and out. it's gonna pay off. It's either gonna pay off or it's uh, I'm gonna pay for it one or the other.

Haven't decided yet which one that is I'm aiming to get this thing aligned. Yeah, just like that, that's where it needs to be. So what I needed to do forgot how I got this out. Not about a bit of an angle.

All right. Got the tip in now and tip came out okay. try again. Here it went.

It went a little bit foreign. get in there. Yep. I'm paying for my mistake now.

go on Yeah buddy, that's what we're talking about. Okay, now we're in business. Kind of. The next challenge is going to be getting this Stretch Belt back on without having to re-stretch it and then getting this thing set back up where I can bolt it on I can't just put the bolt through it and run them in because they'll go in Cross threaded and ruin the oil pan I can't push it up enough because it it levers itself and then stretches the belt.

so I need a way to push that up to create the stretch. Even this out line the bolt holes up and then thread them in the aluminum oil pan. That's going to be fun. Fortunately for me I have an idea.

it comes in the form of a jack stand. What I'll do is I'll just use this guy to press up on the compressor housing and that's going to press it against the oil pan and simultaneously pull on our stretch belt and get the thing in alignment. I Think that's going to work? See there? it's gonna work or it's not right. So let's give it a shot.

see what happens? Yes, no yes, Is it working? I think it is. Yeah, that's close too. It's it's still at a slight angle, but it's it's pretty close. the belt is stretched.

I'm going to try to get a couple Fasteners in here and see if those start threading by hand. I do need to get a little bit more angle on this though. There's nothing I can really use to work it about like that that's close I'll just wiggle it. we're real close guys.

It's real close to being able to tread. Oh yeah, yeah, that back bolt threads in. That's nice. Perfect.

We're gonna win. It's actually gonna pay off that back bolt that's threaded in very nicely. Sweet. it was Wiggly Some fine.

I'm gonna run a couple of these other bolts into it if I can not. with that socket. try this one right here. That one's too too short.

That's not the one. This is the one and that's not aligned. Let's try this one Maybe one out back. let's get that guy in.

Well I know that that one back here is all the way threaded. We'll go. we'll hit that one. see the angle change.

That's what we're looking for. This is exceptionally Dangerous by the way, if you were to mess this up, it's going to cross thread into the old hand. We don't want to do that. We do have to take these back out to put the little cover on.

but what I want to do is at least get this big 13 bottomed out all the way and then take those back out. wrong way kick. Okay, it's back in position. let's let our jack stand thing down.

Get that clear dude. now I can go back in and we'll pull those 10 mil bolts out and uh, put that little Shield thing back together again. The 13 is what's kind of holding this all together. Probably picked all righty Shield Coming in there's our small 10.

and how many big tens? There's a long one that goes there. a little threaded one of that one goes here and this one is right over there. Beautiful. Wrong way.

Nice. Okay I just need to get these electrical connectors reconnected. You can't see them there kind of up and in the back, but I did disconnect them, try to squeeze out a couple more nanometers worth of clearance I don't know how effective it was. Regardless, those are clicked back on.

That's good to go. Now we just need to get our Big Bolt here set up and that's a success on the control arm. Where's me, ratchet? I Gotta say I I At first thought, I kind of made a bad judgment call with pulling that off and and I sort of did. That was very risky because an impatient person would have you know, could have just ran those bolts in and stripped them out.

I probably shouldn't have done that I probably should have just done both of the subframe and let that fall down so I could just squeeze the bolt out, but I didn't want to I like to do things the hard way. It's like kind of my ammo. maximum manual packages. Ah, there we go.

All right. let's back up and get the skid. Shield Plate thing put back on and we're out of here. and uh, and since this operation is complete with the control arms uh, skid plates down and I just changed my mind I'm going to leave that down for now because I've got a couple other things to do like change the oil on this so I have no reason to put it back up just to finish the video when I can just go ahead and finish the video right now by thanking each and every one of you for watching the video.

Bet you didn't see that coming as always I hope you enjoyed this video. If You guys did enjoy this video. Please let me know about that by tap that like button down below again if you have not done so and you would like to do so to support the channel. Also, I would ask that you subscribe I would ask, but you consider tapping that subscribe button also down below it's free and you get a notification whenever I post a video if this is the kind of thing you're into, if not, then don't subscribe.

But hey, you know what, It never hurts to ask which is why I did twice so again and as always and that'll conclude my third moment of Shameless self-promotion on this particular video. So again and as always, thank you guys for watching. And most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves great day! See you guys later in deferred into Patrol arms in day into video See you.

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