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Part 1 F250 Super Duty 6.7 | Hidden Failure Causes the Death Wobble!
Part 2 The 5th Ball Joint!! Ford F 250 6.7 Diesel
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Uping the hood. look who that guy is. Hello everybody good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here I know I am super glad to be here. We are returning to looks like a Part three video of the front end rebuild on that Ford F250 all the way on the other side of the shop over there.

see see it on the rack. We've got the whole front end part on that unit and it all started with this binding universal joint right here. The customer complaint was that the vehicle would uh, bind while steering and uh, it would either steer left and stay there or steer right and then stay there. Uh, what we had found out is there was a bit of uh, a little bit of play in the steering uh, steering components on this truck.

but this drive axle which is located inside the front axle housing had a seized U joint. It turns this way but if I try to go up and down with it, it is. uh, it's not. So we've got a seed stuff ujoint due to lack of Grease see the grease dirt right there full of dirt so I've got uh replacement U-joints they are here I have the seal which is here.

This is the vacuum seal for the front locking hub. Um, the problem is is this requires a uh, a special installation tool. It's a big hammeron kind of unit thing. You'll see it when it gets here.

I don't have that yet I'm actually going to drive to Lakeland to pick it up. Uh, as soon as I leave here today, but that's not going to stop us from making a boatload of progress on this truck. So just like with the fifth ball joint, we're going to uh, employ the use of the ball joint press tool in order to press in and press out. uh, those U-joints on that inner axle over there.

So let's get get this thing set up. Need to go fetch? Uh, need to fetch my U joint. We we've already soaked this down with some, uh, some sealant I Need a hammer? I need a pry bar and uh, we'll see how this goes right here. I Said sealant I meant lubricant.

We've already saturated this with some Rust penetrating lubricant. There we go. Words Hammer Cam Not really. We're just walking back over here.

so I fetched the linear impact driver got the moderate pry bar. We have a universal joint some pliers in case I need them. Got the ball joint pressed. So let's get to work in pressing this unit out in order to get the new unit pressed in.

Let's see what we have here in our in our package. These are monstrous. You joints. Look at that thing that's a beast like size of my hand.

It comes with looks like 1, 2, 3, 4 retainer clips for the cups and then it's got our Zer fitting so this thing can be greased in the future. Now Using our device from Hazard FR we're going to hang onto this axle there so we get it set up in the VIS here. Get in there Locker down. This thing is heavy too.

It's got some gravity in it. like lots of it. Ah, caught my shirt. Stop doing that right about.

Feels good right about there. Get her locked in couple Hammer Taps here. Send it good All right now. I Think I want to remove the outer yolk first, then we'll do the inner or then we'll remove the actual U joint.

Then we'll install the new one. Then we'll add the outer yolk to it. That's kind of going to be the plan here. So one of the first things that needs to happen here is we need to drive out these retainer clips that are recessed into a Groove in the ujoint cup.

There's our new U joint. You see that Groove in it right there. supposed to snap these Rings over that Groove and they will keep that cup from walking out of its flange. We need to get in there and remove the uh, the old ones.

That way we can press this thing out. It probably rusted in. Pretty good, but if we get the right angle on it here, we can hit it out with a hammer. Yep, there she goes.

See it coming right out. Get around the back side on it here. Pop that guy right out of his home. Do one down and three to go Get this one here.

Come out. Please. come out. Come out now.

come out later. Let's just try a different punch here. It's a little longer. might give me a better angle of attack or not.

Or yes, there it goes. Yep, it's all about that angle of the dangle. Get out of there all right. that's that one and the other two.

That might be fun. Let's see here, I' got to rotate this unit some. So this lubricated, rust grease business here is kind of uncomfortable to the touch. So I'm going to get some gloves on.

it's too. Uh, it's too humid today. it's one of those days. Gravits came right at me.

So let's see how do I set you up where I can get a good angle of attack on those. uh, those other little Clips I know just Stu the whole yolk in there like that there? Okay, can barely see it. it's a bunch of like crust stuff in there. but I'll get it out.

Wonder if I should pull that steel off first? Give me some more space to work with. Sure can do that. Yeah, changing directions there. Now that Seal's out of the way, maybe I can get some better access to uh, there little Clips in there.

if I can see them there, a bunch of bunch of dirt caked in I know you're in there little seal or seal. Man, my words are way off today. Hey clip. I'm looking for a clip.

it's cuz I was just working on a seal. That's why that pesky word association buness. Let's see here. Did that one come out? No.

Let's try the other punch again. Yeah, that one's very crusted in there. We go. Got a light on it? See it right there.

That one's out. I'm getting good at this. There we go. Number four released so let's take this guy.

Move it on. let's raise it up some. I Think like right here. lock it down again.

That's enough space to get my uh ball joint press in position here. now. I wonder it's not going to be large enough I Don't think yeah. See that the cup does not pass through the hole in the ball joint.

so I need to put some kind of adapter over this. So when I press this through, the cup has somewhere to go. I Think it's going to be a socket for the wind that's uh, large enough to fit over the Uh The U Joint So we're going to hold a socket on one side, put the seat clamp on the other side, and then press the whole unit straight through. It's either uh, it's going to work or it's not going to work.

It's not going to work because this is too long. We get the shorter one. We're going to configure this properly. Here's what I meant: So we got a short one.

We've got this longer one. It sticks out some. They both sit flat inside of the threaded portion of the press. so we'll use this one.

That should give us a wee bit of extra space here I Hope hope it's enough. If it's not enough, then I've got to rethink my strategy yet again. and that's not enough. Okay, so as a backup, I have another cone here.

Maybe this one will be sufficient. It's actually almost a little bit too big. I Fe It may want to slip off of the Uh U joint over here. Let me show you.

zoom it in. start to navigate. Yeah, see that there's some Gap action going on. It might be sufficient to start off with, but we'll have to readjust I Think All right, we've got the 1/2 in Impact coming in with a 22.

It's going to go on the end of our tool here. and let's start the press action. See that you see it move. Very nice.

It's baring. Okay, bottom out. On this side. let's release the tool.

You know what? Just for fun? Let's see I wasn't supposed to do that. Let's see if the air hammer can just, uh, run this thing off some light. Hammer Tap action. No, yes, okay, it's out.

Let's get a hold of that cup. Was this the Frozen side? Yeah, this is the side that was. uh, that was seized up. That's interesting.

that's not going to come off. Is this one seized up? That one is also seized. Might have to cut this off cuz if I can't get the cups off, then I can't get this uh yolk off of the uh The U Joint H Let's get rid of some of this rubber business cuz it takes up space. if I can I can get it out of there, which that's not happening on that side.

try to drive it off. There it is. That's nice. Okay, so we're going to reference this.

We're not going to turn it. it's going to stay the same same way. So we're going to set that down just like that. Keep it flat and then let's get rid of this one just for fun.

Cool. Got that one good here. I Know we're going to get confused and you guys aren't going to like it. So let's just put some marks on this big unorganized X and another X there.

Now we know where those are referenced. So next, let's take this guy loose and we'll just set it vertically. I Think that that should be okay. Set it up right here.

Lock it down. Okay, lock that down. Now you know I wonder I wonder if I can just run this out with the impact on? let's try it. The worst that can happen is it doesn't work.

Nope, not going to work. That's okay. We can use our big tools to help us adapter up and over Center it as best we can. Visually, There we go.

Impact coming in. let's drive our rod. now. we'll try to run it through the rest of the way here.

No I need to try to drive this cup out there. It goes little bit from the other side. Let's tighten down our bites. Need angry pliers? Wiggle? It's coming out there.

we go. These aren't even the angry pliers I Figured these wouldn't work and I'd have to upgrade to the actual angry pliers hammer and chisel. No other one way to skin a cat or change the U joint. So now need to press this whole business back through and get the other side to come out.

I Don't think this is going to have the clearance so we'll just run this in that direction. Going to go Negative: Not going to go, but we're going to make it relief adapter. We'll set the uh threaded end right on the end of this U joint and then just push the other end right back through Impact. Watch it.

Right here there she is. Nope. I almost shot you guys with the Chisel That also would not be cool. Seriously.

Well, that was not what I expected to do. That's fine. I've got a solution for that too. That's not it.

That's not it. now. watch this. I Don't want to put too much pressure on that flange cuz it'll break it off right.

but we do have some pressure going on right here. Take the hammer and whack the end of the threads. see how it went loose. See that, tighten it a little more.

Yeah, got it. It's apart. Woohoo! So now we can prep this surface up. We'll clean it up with a little wire brush here, wipe all this stuff down, get nice and clean, and then we can get the new universal joint pressed in position.

Goodbye Contaminant. Okay, I think we're good here. Okay, let's get our new ujoint in position. Uh, we need to take note of the position of the grease start that is supposed to Face inward That way it can be accessed.

uh, when driving to service the vehicle. So what we're going to do is pull these cups off. See all that grease in there? This is good. It's going to keep those needle bearings in position if those fall out the way these old ones did.

See that we're going to be in a world of hurt. So what we do is, we pull off both sides, inspect it, check our reference point, slide that guy in. Oh, look, look at the bearings. See what they did right there.

A couple of them moved just from removing the ujoint cup. so we're going to push those all back down. there. We go now.

slide that back over. so the U joint is now in the cup. Therefore, it cannot go anywhere. and I'm going to very gently use our press without the impact.

Well I don't know. maybe I'll temp fate and use the impact. Let's see how I feel in a minute. we're going to use the press to press this cup in most of the way.

That way we can safely put on the other cup without risking loss of the uh, the needle bearings. and yeah, I think I am going to go ahead and just use the impact. it's going to be faster I Feel okay about this. So what we'll do is and this is the important part I need to hold on to this U joint and keep it this way That way when I actually begin to press this cup in, it can't vibrate around from the impact and cause a cause the bearings to come out.

See how she's going, let's readjust it I Don't like that. let's try this way. There we go. See that went in perfect So we went a little too far and that's okay.

I'll show you what we can do is we're going to take our clip and we're going to install that clip on the ujoint cup right here. Get on there clip. Okay, now in position so now we can take our other cup. We're going to slide this U joint away from the bearings in this cup just a little bit.

We're not going to slide it all the way out. That looks good bearings over the ujoint piece. So now both Shanks on this U joint are engaging the needle bearings in the cups. Okay, this one's engaged I can feel it and this one's engaged.

If you pull out too far and you feel the thing flop to one side or the other, then you need to go back and check and make sure that the bearings didn't fall out. but this one feels pretty good. So now I need to press that guy in and I don't mind if it starts pressing on this other cup over here on this side because that one is in board a little too far. Set this guy up like this.

See how it's going in? Oh, it's going in beautifully. Look at that all right now. we've met resistance. We're checking to make sure everything is still free and it is.

Let's go ahead and push it in some. see this side here that Cup's going to be seated on the other end. All right, a little more after our readjust. now I can put the clip in on this side, set her in like so that was in, but you can see.

look here. this U joint is really tight and it's really tight because both of the cups on both sides are pressing in on the shanks for the U joint and there's some friction there. So what we need to do is relax those a little bit bit and I can do that with a hammer. What we'll do, just turn it and just kind of drive it that way and what this will do is it will push that cup all the way to the end and try to seat it as far that way as it can and then I'll do the same thing on this side.

We shouldn't see any motion out of it, but we should be able to feel the difference after we're done. See how that's That's just real tight I Want to tap on this till it loosens up I Think that's a little better. a little better. There's still some CL there that's not enough I Know, let's set this down on something solid.

We'll try larger hammers or pneumatic hammas rather as long as it doesn't hit the uh, the rubber. We're good here with this a little better. Still not enough though. I'm going to take here's what I'm going to do this side I Pressed in pretty hard I'm going to give this side a little bit of a press that direction and uh, that uh, that should help even it out some.

Yeah, let's try the ujoint ball joint press again one more time. Just a little bit of motion is all we're looking for Here we go. It's tight again, but not as bad. that side of the clip is seated out and this side that one's also nice and seated okay.

I Think this is a lot better. We're good here, nice and free. it's centered. Let's go ahead and get the other side on.

same procedure. We're going to pull the cups out, inspect them, set them aside, come here cup. No sudden movements. Oh I have to wire wheel this out aor aor in judgment up good.

Now back to our U joint. ah I Looked over and my camera was off due to excessive heat. so I'm not sure how much of that you guys saw. um if it cut out and I don't know yet.

uh I ended up getting this other cup pressed in and we're now ready to get that clip on the cup and then uh, we'll get the other U joint kind of pressed in I I Really hope we didn't lose too much footage. Great way to ruin a good video Ray overheat your GoPro I'm in the hot side of the shop. there's less a less air flow over here with the exception of like that little fan but that one's just not cutting it so thing got kind of hot. Anyway, we now have one U joint cup pressed in.

the clip is in position so let's get our tool back off of that U joint and then we can get the other one in and on. Then we'll set the grease Zer up and um unfortunately I can't put these in the truck yet today cuz I have to like I said drive up to Lakeland to pick up the tool. but get down there. let's slide this thing over.

Okay, all the needle bearings feel engaged. That's good right there. Come back around this side and we'll press this other Cup in position. Feels good.

All right. it's in now. let's get our final clip clipped in to its Groove Get on there. but we can see this one's still binding up a little bit so let's see if we can't relax everything.

Yeah, that side's super free. This one's a little tight. So what we're going to need to do I need to go that way with it that way. that's Direction Yep, now we're relaxed.

look at that so there's no more internal pressure on the ujoint from the cups. They're all seated with their Clips against the uh, the flange on both sides. So I think this is a this one's in good shape? That one is complete with the exception of our grease. C Let's get that guy in next.

Really easy to do. Just run it in with a wrench, spin it around, spin it around. there's the hole right there. Come here up up there.

we are all right. Little grease C Coming in 8 mm wrench. all we need to do is start the threads by hand. just wrench it down.

Now the thing about these is is folks are encouraged for some reason to just make them super duper tight. You don't do that because these threads tend to not bottom out when you install them and if you try to force it, you'll break the fitting off and leave the threads into you joint. uh, thus ruining said U joint. So don't overtighten them or strip the threads out, you just tighten it until it stops and then go.

and we're good. All right guys, that is that this is one successful universal joint replacement. Uh, let's go back over to the truck and get a few of the steering stuff set up on it and we're going to continue reassembly. Uh, up until the point when I need to go and pick up, uh, our press tool for the uh, the vacuum seals.

All right guys, it's road trip time, we're headed up north and uh, kind of East into the center of the state. Uh, we've got to go get the tool for um, those vacuum seals on the front of that Ford and I was trying to get it delivered down here, but I couldn't get it here in a timely fashion. down here it was an Amazon thing or whatever. so I had it delivered to my buddy Cliff's house.

So while we're going to go up there and pick up the uh, the tool and then come back here and it looks like I'm working late tonight cuz I would like to get this thing done and reassembled this evening. uh that way I have a fresh start tomorrow cuz tomorrow's Friday and we have things to clear out of here. So in order to not bore you guys with me just driving around and uh, not talking or talking I've decided that now would be a good time for a story time hence the title of this video mechanic. States I Quit.

Um, a lot of you guys have noticed recently that every now and then um Troy was not present in in the shop and you know for like the past two three weeks I'm getting like that. Hey Where's Troy Comments: Um, the thing is is Mr Troy He has been taken a lot of time off lately. Um, he's just had some priorities and things he's had to handle. and because of that, it's been a kind of a conflict in scheduling and he has decided that he would be better off if he took an indefinite amount of time off.

and uh, he decided he needed to kind of narrow his focus in on some of his other priorities. Um, that being said, he, um, he he has left. Um, he was kind of trickling down. You know he would.

He wouldn't work like one or two days a week and then he'd work like a week and then you know, take a couple days off the next week. And it was. It was getting kind of inconsistent and it was. It was frustrating for him.

Uh, so we had a chat the other day. He pulled me into the office and you know said he wanted to talk and and Troy had decided that he uh, his time would be better spent kind of doing his own thing and he's going to. he's going to strike it on his own and and go his own way and and more power to him. um I wish him all the best in his Endeavors and I hope he finds success in anything that he does.

uh but unfortunately I'm not going to be able to guide him and help him in that Journey uh any further. so that's that's where Troy has been and that's where Troy is going to go I Don't expect we'll never see him again cuz you know he he left in good terms and we're We have a cordial relationship. we're all still friends over here so no, no hard feelings or bad thoughts or animosity or anything of that nature. He just felt it was time for him to uh, kind of handle his own business all by himself and that's what he's going to go out and do.

So I think it would be best if everybody gave uh Troy some good thoughts and wished him well and uh and like I said I I Certainly hope he uh he finds he finds what he needs and he's able to uh to achieve his goals cuz that's what about is achieving our goals. So having said all that I think it would be a very nice gesture if everybody here uh, who who was aware of Troy and uh and had interest in Troy success uh, comment down in the comment section below and wish him the best uh and wish him good luck and uh, if anybody has any kind words to share uh with our buddy Troy Uh, please feel free to take this opportunity to do that right now. I'm sure he's going to uh to see this video and I'm sure he would be happy to see and hear your words of encouragement. uh down in the comment section uh below now.

I Suppose that brings up the uh, the topic of my other my other guy at work uh Dave and uh Dave has been uh, Dave's been with us for a couple of weeks now. You guys have seen him uh, kind of in the background. He's made a couple appearances here and there. Uh, Dave's a little camera shy as we all are when we're first exposed to any kind of exposure, but Dave's a little camera shy.

So I have not formally introduced Dave uh via video form to anyone. but um, if anybody's wondering, no, I did not hire Dave to replace Troy Uh, I hired Dave to expand the Shop's operation and and then consequently soon thereafter uh Troy decided to depart. which is okay. I mean like I said, no hard feelings but I just want everyone to know no I did not hire hire Dave uh in order to get rid of somebody else.

So I I figured somebody in here would run around and say that or assume that or Poss possibly think that that was the situation hand. and uh, that's not where anybody. that's not anybody. that's not where I was coming from or what I was thinking uh, at the moment a few weeks ago when uh, when we brought Dave on board.

but I figur. that is worth mentioning at this point in time. So that's uh, that's how Dave got here and that's why Dave is here. Dave is a phenomenal employee by the way.

I'm so glad he's here. he uh, he does all kinds of stuff, doesn't give a doesn't give a grief or anything like that. he's He seems to be a model employee. the man is very Orly sound super nice guy and I feel very fortunate to have Dave in my life still riding along.

it's been about 45 minutes. That guy's going way too fast around that corner. no thank you. that's a 90 turn.

You see that guy? 50 mph Anyway, we're riding along middle of nowhere. We're out in the middle of the state going to Lakeland from Bradon which I was going to go up 75 towards Tampa and then cut across. Uh, but the traffic jam today this afternoon is absolutely horrendous and it was like a 2-hour trip. So I'm taking the back roads.

then it'll only be like an hour and 40 minute trip on. uh that. F250 So I have to go to Lakeland to get it. Why they can't deliver it? Because well yeah, they could deliver it.

but um I had to wait an extra day to get it tomorrow and it wouldn't be delivered. It wouldn't be delivered till the afternoon tomorrow. Oh yeah and I needed it This I needed it this afternoon and we tried to. We tried to um Amazon Prime it to the shop and then they rejected the order and it would not deliver to the shop.

So I had to get it delivered to Cliff's house which is in Lakeland. Oh so now I'm driving to Lakeland at 6:30 5:30 to go to go get. Oh jeez, Okay you all right? Yeah, I'm fine. it's just what I got to go do.

Okay I have to do what I got to do? Yeah, all right, we'll drive safe. I'm recording you I'm going to put you on the internet You? what said? I'm recording you Oh yeah, we're going to we're yeah, we're driving to we're all going along. I was making a video about the truck and then then we had to go leave. So now who's who's all coming along? Um the Internet? Oh hey.

Internet? Hey Internet? Yeah it's everybody from everybody from the channel they're coming with me. Oh oh that's sweet. You got support I hope so. I mean they're not here right now.

but I I'll probably post a video later, but they'll be here when you're here. And they're here in yeah, they're here in spirit. That's what we're doing. Yeah, that's good.

yeah. I think so Yeah, definitely yeah. Well, that was a little caught off guard. but yeah I know I'm sorry, you know glad I didn't glad I didn't say anything bad I know yeah, don't Hush Now Careful yeah, don't say anything.

Yeah, watch out now. Um, our son wants to do some sparklers. so oh, do we have any? We do. Oh wow.

Okay, so I think I'm going to I'm going to let oh my gosh, and now your daughter is lighting a lighter I Got to go because they are driving me crazy. All right, don't don't burn the house down. Okay, oh no we won't we'll We'll burn the the outside down. Yeah, just just set the lawn on fire.

That's fine. I Don't care about that. Yeah, we have some trees we need to get rid of. No, don't burn down my trees.

No, not the trees, not the one. no the dead ones. All right. Yeah, you can burn those down.

That's fine. All right My Gosh. Okay, I'll call you when I'm when I'm done working on this truck tonight I'll see you later. Okay, Love you love you too.

Bye All right, Drive safe, Bye All right. we are nearing our destination I Hope that the road trip didn't bore you guys too much. We uh, we're got to go up the hill and around the corner and then we're at Cliff's house and then we can go see what he's doing and then go fetch the tool and then I'm going to go back to the shop and I'm going to put those axles in. That is the plan.

Oh look, the Jeep is open H powering down Cliff Your Jeep is a mess it is. It's dirty in there. Can I put your Jeep on the Internet It's fine. I'm going to do it.

Put your Jeep on the internet I Like your speakers here. he is I Like your speakers. man, those are awesome. o Kickers Shiny Is this for when your amplifiers catch on fire? you can put them out.

Absolutely does. Is it like a Halon system system where you pull the pull knob and the whole thing goes off? No, no, You pull the red knob and it comes detached. Do you have to get that inspected? Um, sure here. I Have the unit here, leave that there for later.

That is the seal driver thing. Big Boar goes on the seal. It's got a relief in it for the axle to protrude into and then we smack it with a hammer. Drive the seal onto the Uh onto the axle and then, um, hey, don't clean that up, no leave that there.

Then once we put this thing in the truck, then we hammer it in some more and that drives it into the bore of the Uh, the steering knuckle. So that's what we came here for me. Fetch my box. We're going to get out of here all right.

So it's the next day. Uh I Had kind of planned on coming back last night with this tool to finish these seals and by the time I picked this thing up, it was almost dark and there was just no way no way way I was going to drive all the way back here from the middle of the state, come over here and work on the Ford So I' I've had to Malay that, uh uh, that operation until the next day. So anyway, we need to get this seal driven onto this hub using that tool over there. Now that's not the Ford Tool Uh, the Ford tool is a two-piece tool and this one is a singular piece tool, so I'm hoping it still works out.

What we need to do is set this unit up in the Vise again, uh, vertically, set the seal on and then we're going to take that tool and uh, use the tool to drive that seal onto this area here. I Have saw outside councel on this project on uh, on how this is done and from uh the coaching that I received from Aaron at Power Stroke Tech talk we are going to uh, it's going to be rather violent operation and we really got to put the beans to the Hammer. We're going to have to use the Big 5 pounder the dead blow and uh, it's going to be wild. So let's see how this works out here.

Let let's get this set up just like this. There we go. that's in there nice. make it tight Locker down.

Now the seal the outside part of the seal. that's our inner part. She's going to go just like so and we hammer it on. Need to clean this surface up some with a scrubby, maybe a little bit of brake clean and then we'll get to uh, get to pressing that unit on.

I seem to be lacking green scrubby pads you know, the ones for like your kitchen, your pots and pans. so we'll just use a uh little wire wheel instead. That should be sufficient to uh to clean up this surface here. Oh yeah, that's fine.

make it shiny, give it a wipe. Now this is the crazy part. Set that up like so then the tool goes in position like that. See that? So we're nice and lined up.

Now we take the big hammer and let it rip. Full Speed Ahead Smack that thing down until it bottoms out and then we can, uh, drive it into the uh, the knuckle. All right. All right.

So like I said, I'm following the advice of uh, outside counsel here so we're going to give this uh, the beams with the big hammer. It's biggest hammer that I have and I understand you line it up whack it. Did it go kind of Wow. Aaron You were not kidding.

This is no joke. I've never driven a driven a seal that aggressively before it's on there. Let give a couple more I think it's on all right. Got it? Check that out, it's in there.

you see the seal is still able to rotate which is good. Let's get this thing out of the vice and back over to the truck. We go. Let's get her installed back at the right front knuckle.

Let's get back in here with that same wire wheel and we're going to clean up this ID interior barard here. get rid of all the the nasty and in there and then uh, drive this unit home stiny getting real wipe looking good. Let's get this front surface the snacks with a uh, a little bit more of an aggressive pad. So since the rust is a little bit more built up on this front surface, we're going to knock that off with the just the pneumatic dis wheel connect to the compressor.

slightly loud noises. much more effective there we go. Very good. So one thing to note with like a tool like this is you always got to keep it moving cuz if you don't it'll start cutting away metal and it'll uh, it'll make that surface uneven and put divots in it.

So when polishing with something like this, always keep it moving. Kind of like spray paint. Yeah, when you you spray paint you don't just sit there in one spot and Sh you got to keep moving it around. Same thing with the uh, the sander so that's looking pretty good.

Let's decus toy it one more time. Five Nasty. All right. That's nice and clean and prepared.

axles coming in, cleaned off the splines. We're going to run this down the tube, all right. So I kind of forgot some lubricant on that seal. so I'll come in on the back side here and just give it a couple sprays.

make sure that seal can come and be pressed in quite nicely, like a little bit of lube. There we go. Okay, okay Moment of Truth time there's our tool, let's get it straightened out. Send it not enough.

Still not enough. I don't know if I got it. Mostly it's supposed to go in until this uh, lip right here stops flush against face. Not doing that.

try to hit it high I Wanted to hit it high, but not that high. Yeah, there we go. Couple more got it. Woo! That was a lot of work.

Look at this over here, see how it's flush. That's what we're looking for. Flush bit against the Uh The Hub right there. so that seal is driven.

it's in. it's all the way. Woo! That was a workout. One is done.

next one. okay. I'll take my tool back. Aaron You were not kidding there brother.

This steal is no joke. All righty. back at the bench, we've got the short shaft in the Vise Uh, same procedure as the long shaft. We're going to set up our seal and then drive the seal in with the 5 lb mallet.

So we got another seal. Interestingly enough, these say fomo on them you that? but they came in a Spicer box so looks like Spicer Bought a bunch of these aftermarket. or bought a bunch of these for Ford and then repackaged them and then they're selling them aftermarket. Interesting.

Anyway, that guy goes right there and same as the other one. Give it the beans. Sure, that's nice and tight. Did we get it? Think so? Bottom out.

that one's good. Okay, back to the truck. Let's go drive this assembly into the driver side of the axle. I was like oh crap he's not.

Let's get this thing out of here. Heavy. All righty. back over here.

at the left front. that's driver's front wheel. We're going to hit this uh bore on this knuckle with our wire wheel inside. Clean it out, get rid of the de bris and the rust.

We need a very nice smooth food cleaned out surface as you saw on that other side. this seal does not go in willingly. Ah, that was gross, flung dirt and rust in my face. I Do not appreciate that.

There we go. All right. Little bit of d degreasing wiper her out. Throw some lube in there.

There we go. Now we can get the other shaft pushed into position here. Okay, short shaft coming in I'm minding that Seel, we need to put some Lube on that seal. There's a seal on the tube Here we go.

The seal on the other side is at the differential, but the seal on this side is at the outside of the tube. Squeze that guy in there. we go. Okay, coming in with the Mallet let's just send it in a little bit farther.

We have to spline it up. There it goes. So now the inside of this shaft is splined up with the differential in the axle. Let's get our tool set up and it's uh, time to start sweating.

St All right, we're going for it. Big Tammer halfs. Now we can get the hubs on backing plates, the lights, wheel speed sensors, and we'll put all the steering linkage and stuff back together as well. All right.

left front wheel, hub coming back in. it's got some grease on the seal in there. Got our four studs backing plate. Basically we just slide that guy right in position, give it a couple wax with the Mallet to drive the uh, the O-ring seal in, and then that hub's installed after we run the bolts in on the back side.

There we go here. Let's get our wheel speed sensor bolt connected. That's the first Fastener that has become tight. All right now.

we need to get the two big nuts on the back side here and we can bolt that Hub down you. That's funny I said two bolts. It's actually four bolts I don't know why I was thinking too I might have like Cranium fatigue from all that hammer swinging and it's nuts. not even bolts.

I Really can't get my words right on this one. Yeah. getting tired I'm still kind of tired from my field trip that I had to take to go and pick this thing up a tool. Anyway, let's spin it around.

We'll get the nuts on the other side here. All right, we're tight, that is secure. Let's go get the other side next. right front knuckle coming in.

we're on the other side now. Packing plate I Learned from my mistakes. We're going to feed in that wheel speed sensor right now and get those big old studs lined up. P That guy through.

Is that right? Oh no no no no. I'm horribly wrong. What have I done? I was 90 off on the backing plate I knew that wasn't looking right. Come on you.

get in there there we go. put that guy down. Ding. All right, that's in good.

Let's get our set screw in. It's not a set screw. We'll just get our screw in our bolt for the sensor click good and then got our four nuts not two nuts. four nuts.

swing around our back side right here. Screw these guys in and we'll run those down right now while we're here. On this side, that one's on I know it's a little dark in there. Click All right, that's two.

Let's get our rear two. Oh my. AC Machine is done I heard it beeping at us Lauren was commenting on how large this truck is. It's like a whole class on its own.

It really is there we go. that hub's good to go. Beautiful. Well now we're here.

Let's go ahead and get our big snap ring on and then we'll put our Locker in and then we'll snap ring and then Locker the other side. All right here it comes are very large snap ring. We're going to open that guy up, slip it up and over that axle opening the snap ring. Okay, it's over the axle now I just need to se that guy did it to snap into its Groove I think it went.

Did it snap in? Yeah, Yep, that's in okay, snap rings in position. Now we need to just get our Hub in place here. Bolt that guy in and uh, this side's good to go. Incoming Manual: Locker We cleaned that guy up a little bit, sprayed it off, got a light coat of lubricant on it.

Okay, that things splined in couple. Fasteners Three to be precise. There we go. wrong.

Size Correct size. Okay. let's check function of the locker. We should be unlocked and that locks Us in.

We're good. We're locked, unlock one more time, and it has released. Oh yeah, that's how she's supposed to function. Beautiful.

And additionally, it also has a uh, a vacuum. Locker hence the purpose for that big giant seal right there. So you apply vacuum to it with a vacuum pump and you can lock it from the cab without coming out to turn your hubs. That's like a a backup more than anything.

All right. 60 lb brake rotor coming in, slip that guy over the studs, get you set up, and then comes our wheel spacer. We got to have the spacer, so let's go ahead and bolt this thing down. That'll help keep the rotor straight.

It'll make it easier to get the uh, the caliper in position. Let's get them tight. it's not centered. Bottom it out there.

we go. Bottom this one out. That's good, should be centering up now should torque you later. Time to hang the brakes.

Hang the caliper rather. now. one of the pads fell out of it earlier when I was banging on stuff. so we need to squeeze that pad back in.

Hope I Can do this without pulling caliper apart I think I can got to push that guy in there. We go good. So our pad's back in. Let's untwist the hose.

This is how hoses get twisted and we'll slide that guy right back over top. Get in there please. There we go. Got her.

Need two bolts caliber bolts coming in? We get that first one started. that's going to hang onto the weight so I can't drop it There we go, then the bottom one around the back side. wiggle it some till the threads line up. That's good and then impacts with the 21.

Yet again beautiful. That side's good. one more time on the other side and then we'll get the steering stuff taken care of. circumnavigating the Ford once more.

Back around here and we're looking for this side snap ring time on our axle. Make sure that's good you guys down here. We've got our big gravity, got our big snap ring in hand snap ring pliers and we're going to open this unit up, slide that ring over the axle and get her seated in position there so it's over. It was over I Lost it Ting lost it again.

double Ting I Got to pull the axle out. Some primy bar action Here it comes that should do it. That's enough. There we go.

Slipped in I saw it I felt it I heard it. Let's get our cap back on or our locker rather, our manual. Locker Slide this guy in, give it a push and a turn and a wiggle there three Fasteners Co R Qu SLE Sinkle Ser That's good. Let's function check the locking mechanism so we should be unlocked and let's lock it.

Now we're locked, unlock it and we are free. Okay, the Locking Me Mech ISM Works same thing rotor, spacer and caliper. more metal. That's why these trucks weigh 9.

10,000 lb are made out of steel heavy stuff. Rough Country wheel spacer coming in that's ready to rock and roll. uh what? I'm going to do do something differently cuz that other one was kind of flopping around. we'll uh I'll try to put the one of the bottom ones in first just to bring this thing into a line.

see what happens here. So the thing is is, these are lug Centric spacers. They're not centered on the Hub so it uses the lug nuts to Center everything and make it uh, the right orientation. see how I can't fit the socket in Now this thing is turned slightly so you have to kind of work up to it as they Bott them out.

See that one didn't do it here. Give it back that's getting hot. All right that Gu bolted in. Let's get our caliper in position and then bolt it on.

Okay, let's grab this uh 30 something lb caliper right here. Get this guy set up in its position and it looks like one of the pads fell out of this one too. Now let's just put you back where you go, give her a flip, line it up. this heavy stuff pad fell out again.

Bear with me There we go. Wiggle that guy right on in there all the way. Perfect Two big old bolts. grab the top one.

I'm turning the bolt while I kind of jostle this around and that's sort of giving me a reduced frct on those threads. So I can uh, screw them in that one's in bottom one. Woo! Nice impacts. Two are done.

Move on to the steering. Okay, that was one outer tie rod changed out and I know we're doing this in light speed. There's a lot of work to catch up on here. So so we're going to take our bar, fliping flop it around, and pull out the other tie rod.

just the same here. lock that down bolts coming out, and then we can return to light speed. That one, let's break the Uh device loose again. Here we go and we're out of here.

back to the truck. back to reality. There we go. All right here we go.

What we're going to do is we're going to set this bar right up on top of that guy there to take the weight, and I'm going to start over on that side, get that tie rod in, and then we'll finish off. uh over here on this side, stay right there. it's balanced at that. Squeeze on by you guys and over here we'll maneuver this thing up into place.

I Think it went up. Yeah, we'll get the nuts on. Yeah, let's get our castle nut set up here like so and we can go ahead and start to tighten this guy down. It's going to draw the tie rod up into the knuckle and little more.

It's good here. On the passenger side, we, uh, we do something similar. Uh, let's lose the zip tie. It's hanging onto this tie rod here and what we've got to do is put the big end down through the knuckle and then it has to meet up with the other end of this bar as it goes through.

and then we bolt them together simultaneously. That one goes all the way down, shove it through. so we pick one of them up, push one of them down, and trying to get a hold of enough thread here. Yeah, I'm not getting enough thread.

This is not aligned, just proper. L Yet there we go now. I've got enough thread come through. Beautiful.

So reaching down, let's get our nut on there that Gu is. Tish thread it in a little bit of impact action that's try. And then we've got our little locking. Uh uh.

a crown castle nut thing. Um, words are escaping me today. The fatigue is real. The end of the week? Tired.

We have our cotter pin keeper. There we go. We'll call it that, why not call whatever you want? It identifies as a keeper. canceled.

Wrap that guy around so that's pinned on both sides and toght like a tiger while we're here. On this side, let's drop our sway bar down onto the links and the other side looks like it's lined up. So we'll pull that guy down. throw one of the Fasteners on.

Got it right here? Let's tighten this guy up, Then we'll hit the other side. Need a deeper socket? Looks like okay, you're just switch out the whole tool entirely. All right, that one's tight. Loud noises too.

Let's go move on over to the other side. We'll tighten that sway bar link down. Then we can start to recheck everything cuz we're coming up on the end. except for this connection here with those uh, steering stabilizers that's tight rolling around and we need to set this up.

However, however, that went I think it was. Yeah, it goes like that. That's okay. So first, we need to pull this Hardware out.

Get this out of the way. set that down because I want to put the small bolts in first on the back side of the plate. Let's drop those guys down. two of those and then we need to compress these uh steering stabilizers, then drop the bolts in and uh oh, that's not easy to do.

Wow, that's a workout for the ABS I Say oh no, it's going back wrong. Get over here. Fail. Aha got it there.

That one's in. it's in enough. Put the washer and the nut on it. One more stabilizer on the other side.

I've got a push on this one that's kind of harder. Humans are better pushers than or not better pushers than pullers we're built for Pulling Not pushing almost halfway there. more. Wouldn't it be easier if you did something easier? Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's always easier when you do it somebody else's way.

Oh no, you don't There we go. Got that through. Be up, fall. there's our nut.

Let's get some torque action on here. Ring nice. All right. Those guys are tight.

So what I need to do is get the back two. uh, those rear two Fasteners in position up in the hole there. let's get those guys on. I'm missing one of my nuts.

we got one. Come on. I'll get it. seriously.

H What is problem I know I'll run the wrench in from the back. Problem solved. Get me back by wrench there and I need one more nut which I found it. it's right here.

Got it. Put that on our other? Bolt The music stopped. Oh no. must be all out of Wi-Fi This was easier to do taking it apart.

Okay, steering stabilizers are now reconnected. You did it all wrong. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Speaking of mood: Parts Uh, one of them had a uh aert fitting for right over here and I need not neglect that cuz that would be bad.

Let's get that guy screwed in 8 mm. We'll run this thing down and again, we're not going to break it off I Don't think the original one had that little uh what you call it on there you guys remember I don't Anyway, re fitting is in place. All right guys. Let me.

uh, let me get those light things reconnected real quick and uh I'll be right back. Quick recap: So we got our wheel lights on. Spacers are on, brakes are on, wires connected. Tie rods on Tight Tight tight tight Tight Tight Tight Tight Tight tight tight tight.

All this stuff's tight. That's tight. That's tight. All is well right here.

The only thing we lack is some deifying with uh, my fingerprints on the rotors. Get it. Nice and shiny goodbye fangy prints. We don't need that stuff embedding into the pads.

Get rid of that. Give her a turn that was a cool effect. See that? Wipe that one down making a mess. Hey look I Got a warrant in Canada Now great GRE Organic compounds.

there we go. Give her a spin, little bit more wash down action. Good to go. All right.

37 in wheels and tires. Get these things up in position here There we go. Right on the studs. Beautiful! One side.

let's go. fet to the other side. okay, wheels on NASCAR Make them tight. All right, that one's done.

other side, circum navigating the Ford for the finalized time I Think we're almost there. Fellas almost there. and ladies, can't forget the ladies. We love the ladies.

No seriously though, especially around here. This channel is. 4% uh, female viewers? Um, not counting the wives and the girlfriends that are also watching. I'm thinking that's because channel is logged into the dudes' uh account, not the ladi's account.

Ni yeah, 0 4% according to the analytics torque you later. Okay, let us go lift this thing up some. We'll get our safety Jack out from under the vehicle and then we can set her down and I've got to fill the oil back up. We did an oil change on it but I got to set her down and then we'll take her out on the road here.

Get some hydraulic pressure built up cuz this thing's sitting on the locks. Moving on up there we go, starting to flex and she's off. lift off, anti-gravity achieved all right off the lock loock release and send her down slowly like Wiggle all the way down there we go. speed it up and contact down she goes.

Beautiful moment of truth. Let's fire it up. Take her out on the road, make sure our steering wheel's not sticking. prep the thing to go over to the alignment shop.

I Think we can call this one pretty good. Key it on restarting the engine. All right. Turbine power All right.

Wheels Feeling good? Let's get this unit pulled out going to be a tight s. We got her got to kick it out wide. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, we're going to fit no problem.

All right guys. feeling pretty good so far. Let's take it out up over the bridge, get some speed going here and make sure this thing feels pretty good. Uh, so far I have the steering wheel mostly straight I Don't think it's going to take a whole bunch of uh, adjusting to get it right, which is good.

What we're really looking for though is a sticking condition. If you recall back in the first video on this, uh, this truck, you turn the wheel this way. it would stay that way. If you turned it that way, it would stay that way and it felt a little bit loose.

So we need to make sure that our sticking binding business condition is no longer present. I'm going over everything in my head. Wheels are tight, tie rods are tight, axles are tight, everything's tight. Oh I See a return happening? Good right? turn.

Nice. All right. We're pretty good here. Beautiful little beans.

Traffic's clear. Let's ride. Full Steam Here we'll start a bit of a turn and it centers. Cool.

Yeah, we need to get the thing wheel aligned and then uh, we'll do one more test drive after that. But I Do believe that this uh, front end rebuild SL repair on this 2016 Ford F250 with a 67 turbo diesel is complete. Things in really good shape. front end's nice and tight.

rebuild refresh is complete. More importantly, we got rid of that binding U joint up front and the axle tube. So all that being said folks I have nothing more to offer you on this particular video series. I Hope you enjoyed this series on this truck again.

If you missed a part, part one, or two, this video is part three. but if you missed the other two parts on this particular truck, just go down and check the links inside of this V video's description or the link down in the pin comment and it will take you back in time to the part one and or part two, whichever those you prefer. I'm going to go ahead and close this one out right about now. I Do such things as always by thanking each and every one of you guys for watching this video.

Certainly hope you enjoyed this video. If in fact, you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that. Also in the comment section down below, do not forget to tap that like button while you're down there and most importantly, have yourselves a fantastic day! See you guys later in video into Ford F250 Into frontend rebuild into test drive ending of transmission.

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