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It’s DEAD! Parking lot diagnosis!
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13 volts 550 cold cranking amps. There we go. It's bad battery. Somebody worked on it once upon a time.

they put a lot of parts in it and they couldn't get it running and they took it apart and I still couldn't get it running and it's still apart. So now I'm gonna try to get it running I Just don't know. This is a found dead type of a project here so for fun let's see if it's gonna crank. It's just there's our our positive ah it is capable of cranking.

See that. let's see if it'll start and it doesn't run. Doesn't crank, doesn't start the water. Need to order a PCM that's the problem happening Z Hood Crap I Have a special delivery Hello everybody Oh good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you're here! Um I think this is going to be a short video.

If I'm right, it's going to be a short video. Um, if I'm wrong, it's going to be a very long video or maybe two videos. Or maybe it won't even be a video I don't know but uh, got a package today. it contains PCM for a 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2.4 liter non-turbo which I have a silvery looking one outside in the parking lot.

we uh, we checked it out and diagnosed it a few weeks ago days ago I don't know how long ago in the past and uh I determined based on what I was coming up with that the PCM had a failure. The vehicle does not crank. Um, it doesn't come on I cannot communicate with the PCM using my scan tool. so if something's going on with it, the PCM that's in the car has all its necessary powers and grounds.

But it is not accepting commands from its inputs and it's not delivering outputs. So we ordered a new one. I'm pretty sure that all I really need to change this thing is going to be a 10 millimeter and uh, maybe a screwdriver. So let me.

uh, let's run out. Well, let's collect some tools. we'll run out there. Uh, toss this unit in and then we're gonna see if this thing's gonna come back to life or not.

Socket Connector Now Usually when I diagnose a failed control module, I'll spend three times as long trying to convince myself that it's not a failed control module. and and I've done my due diligence. But uh, what I'm saying is that I'm never confident with control module failures. or I'm never confident that even though I find a bad module that I have not solved what has destroyed said bad module.

I Guess let's find out if this battery has any power left in it I Think it does. Yeah, we've got power here. See that. No cranking.

It does nothing. At 127 399 miles, it's not a security issue I can talk to security and the key is okay. But uh, like I said, the PCM has has got its inputs coming in, but it is not sending any outputs out and that includes the cranking signal that also includes the infamous Chrysler ASD relay. Anyway, enough jaw.

Jack And let's uh. let's pull this thing apart and see uh, if we can get it to come back to life. Tiring down should be fairly easy. You take module, bring it over here, unplug it, plug the new one in, start the engine.

like I said. This could be a short video, but it's not going to be any kind of video. If I can't get this connector to come off, Come here. All right.

There's one connector two. pinch pry gently. There we go. Number two.

Okay, now taking a look at these connectors. they all appear to match up the tabs. The Locking connectors. Yeah, this is good.

So I'm gonna put the new one in. let's see what she does and I have the battery disconnected you back in your home I don't remember did I unbolt this PCM last time when I was in here or was it already unbolted when we got here? I'll have to go back to the other video and check that out. Oh by the way, I'll put the link to that first video down inside of this video's description. Okay, moment of truth, let's go keep this thing on powering on.

All right. let's see what it's gonna do. Keys Ignition Fingers crossed you guys. Is it gonna live? Hope so Booyah Look at that.

Look at that All right. It's alive. So far, so good. no check engine light flashing I accept that.

let's see I guess I should bolt this thing back in now. What do you think we can do that? Uh, we can put the air box back in and I think I'll go ahead and pull this thing into the shop because got a flat tire and it's got some panels and whatnot that need to be uh installed. So I can kind of Tinker this thing back together. drunk.

Let's see, let's get the air box. Oh this is cool. I'm so glad it runs is my uh, the snorkel so it sucks up water. Okay we've got a little PCV hose right here.

hook that guy up air filter coming in see what else we have. foreign for the fuse block. Let's get that guy situated in there. Please come in there.

There you go. Okay, air box is back together I Still need to tighten the battery clamps. but uh, there you go. All right.

let's get this thing into the shop. take a look at it. So uh, it appears this thing has been parked here for a while. Look at all that rust on the brakes.

That's all. that's a lot. There's our flat tire. Okay, well.

I guess the next challenge is gonna be to see if this thing moves. Put her in gear. We went into gear. it's moving windows.

foreign. Let's get some things plugged in and secured a little bit here. Let's turn the AC on isn't gonna work. I bet the AC is out.

we'll see I bet everything's broken. We'll see there we go. Let's see if it has coolant. It is a PC Cruiser After all, screw it.

this is good. Yeah, that's nasty. It's also nasty. Engine's running so I'm not going to check that right now, but it needs an oil change because I guarantee that's nasty.

Okay I I Need to get air in that tire. so uh, let's do that real quick. like I'm letting this thing kind of warm up and come up to Temp So I'm done with the air pressure. I'll check the AC and see if it's making cold and it's good.

Maybe the fans running it's butt off over there. so I'm hoping it's making cold but we'll see nice extra long valve stem on a on a car tire. that's whoever did that. do better.

It's uh, that's inappropriate. Ugly air pressure, huh? Fill it on up. Okay. 35 pounds of air I uh I already went and got the other ones.

Let's see that's oh. I'm dumb. look at that. I have it on heat.

That's probably why it's hot in here. Yeah, Good job. Ray You're smart. Yeah.

I Feel air I feel cold air. This is good. It's cooling off. it's gonna be good to go.

It needs some gasoline I Don't want to let it run too long. It runs out of gas I Have to push it and that'll be back. So all right guys. Agnostic: Um I Know this video was really far apart from the first one, but I was waiting on that ECM to scale up.

So uh, let's just go ahead and take that long. Um, again, if you missed the first video, just check that inside of this video description for the link. It'll take you back in time. You can watch me diagnose that bad.

PCM So that being said, as always, thank you guys for watching and most importantly, don't forget to have yourself a great day! See you guys later! End of short video.

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