Removed interior to bare metal on a Chevy Silverado Duramax. Time to new insulation.

This right here is a classic example of while we are in there syndrome. You ever start a project and then just have it go way too far. We're on the roof of an 07 Chevrolet Silverado looking at a brand new suede headliner. Uh, the problem with that headliner is it exploded into a project of Epic Proportions headliner is supposed to go up here, but that's going to end up going in last.

So that was first part that came out. Last part that's going to go in One thing led to another. The Dash came out of it. The HB box came out of it.

Dash is sitting over here. Carpet came out of it. All the insulation came out of it. All the electronical are out on the floor torn apart.

It appears that uh, a little bit of reupholstery work has turned into an entire interior restoration. hi Dave.

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