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Customer States: Just Paid for this!! Re-Repair Rejected | 2013 Toyota Corolla #comeback
2006-07 Silverado 3500 2500 6.6 Duramax LBZ LMM Full Floating Rear Axle Dual Rear Wheel Dually
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Customer Customer States Mechanic Fails Engine Transmission Gas Diesel off road race 4x4 street car daily driver scam dealership dealer technician how to

Hello everybody, Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! I am going to catch some serious backlash. uh on this particular video, see ya! I'm driving to work and I I've heard some, uh, some abnormular noises coming from the axle. Uh, we need to go ahead and get this thing up in the air and pull the wheels off. Uh, you guys are gonna be really mad at me for what I've done or actually for what I've not done here but uh I've got uh I've got some ketchup to do and I need to make my daily safe.

So uh, we're gonna go ahead and pull in my 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 with a six six door backs. it's at 226 thousand 631 miles on the odometer customer States grinding noise. Yeah, you guys kind of probably already know where this is going I have uh I have neglected uh, my own equipment for far too long and it is now suffered a failure. Uh yeah, don't worry I'm I can handle it I can handle the re blowback that's about to take place here.

so I'm gonna go ahead pull this thing in I'm gonna get it up on the big lift uh around the corner of death over there. the uh, the fuel tank is empty in the back so I shouldn't have a an exceptional amount of frame Flex when I go to lift this thing up last time I had this up in the air I had like a thousand pounds of fuel in the back of the bed and the frame was just like arching as we picked it up on the rack. But I do believe with an empty tank. I should be okay.

Oh, that door is getting close. Oh okay yo man, it's so close it's like a nanometer away. Ah I got it. Look at that.

made the swing all right. Cleared the door. This truck has a 167 inch wheelbase and uh, it's turning radius is not its strong point. I Can tell you that let's go ahead and nose this thing in right up here.

I had to pull the Subaru out waiting on, uh, well, waiting on some parts. So I figured I'd go ahead and squeeze this thing in and uh, get this thing back up to an acceptable operating condition as soon as possible. I Think we're good here? Yep, talk to the auto powering down Alrighty I've gone ahead and set the lift arms on the rack. Let's go ahead and free subscribe button.

We're gonna go and lift this up. We need to pull the rear wheels off and see what kind of Carnage I have created for my neglect. Oh yeah, we still get a little bit of frame Flex out of it. Look at that.

A lot of weight and a lot of weight and that's the pivot point right there. Moving on up, we're not going to go up super high I'd say uh, chest height is about okay. I'm gonna sit on the stool for most of this job we're working on the axle today. Maybe one more click? There we go.

That's what I want down on the locks because this thing is silly heavy. Many thousands of pounds and lock engaged. Good to go. Beautiful! Oh Check It Out New Edition I Finally got this thing reinstalled from the temporary wall that was over there.

Now it's over here and uh, it's highly effective. It used to be intolerable in here. it gets hot in the daytime, but now we've got some, uh, some ventilation which is super awesome I Want to do two more of those fans? one over here and then one more over there. That'll be three fans pulling air outwards and then we'll get nice, good airflow in here.

and uh, then it can become tolerable to working. which is good. Okay, now, since this thing's uh, very heavy and weebie wobbly I'm gonna put the transmission jack down here under the trailer hitch just to offer some stability. It's not here to hold up weight, it's just here to keep the thing from rocking back and forth.

Which is good because we don't want that and contact right about. Yeah, there we go Now it's supported. Yay! All right. Rolly chair that's gonna go to that side I Heard the noise over there on my driver's side.

So we're going to start with uh with this area over here. All right. First on the chopping block is to get the wheels off because we're not doing anything with the wheels in the way. There's Carnage in here I heard it.

don't know what it is? Yeah I do because when I had the tires put on I found that the the brakes were kind of low. How's my battery? That's good. Uh, the machine was turned down I see more rapidgens there we go. coming right for me.

All right. Tired, heavy yo got it. Very good. Okay, let's see what I've done here.

That's uh, about what I thought Yepper we went. Uh, we went. metal to metal. that rotors chewed up something nasty.

Look at that. I mean it still has some pad in there? You see it? see it. way down there. There's still some Pad but it must be worn unevenly.

Meaning the bottom side over here must be where the grind is the upper. well. that's the bad news. the uh, the good news is I've got Parts sitting on the shelf over there that have been there since I moved into the shop I Just haven't had the the opportunity or the need to uh to get this stuff changed out.

Let's see what we have here. Yeah I've got I have some front bearings. don't need those. We've got some transmission cooler lines.

don't need those I have some. What do we got here I think these are yeah, those are rear calipers I have front calipers, front control arms over here. There's all kinds of stuff for this truck Now back behind all this. somewhere in there, there's some rotors and a set of pads, wheel seals and Boston stocks sway bar link kit don't need those, that's for something else.

Yep, there's the seals. Okay, so I've got I have everything I need to uh, do pretty much a full rear brake job rebuild I think I have hoses around here somewhere too. Yeah, yeah, there's some hoses as well. So I'm pretty much gonna rebuild the rear axle and uh and get all these brakes fixed on this thing.

It is time I've I've let it go far too long and I've towed far too much to uh to let this go on. Yeah, it's getting pretty nasty. All right. getting started, We're gonna go ahead and do the easy part first.

I'm gonna get this caliper and bracket removed I can't get a tool in here so we're just uh, got to do this the manual way at least on this bolt. I can get a uh, an impact down on the uh, the bottom bolt here. This one must be done manually and like I said. I've got uh, hoses and whatnot for this thing as well in calibers so I'm gonna pull those off later.

but that's also gonna be the easy part. The uh, the hard part is going to end up being this back or these rear rotors. See, these are full floating rear axles, meaning that the axle shaft inside the tube does not bear any weight of the vehicle. So it's got an inner bearing on the Hub and it has an outer bearing also on the Hub on the outside.

And because of that, the rotor is captured behind the bearings and behind the Hub. So I have to pull the axle shaft out. Then once the axle shaft is out, we, uh, that's the actual shaft right here. we're going to unbolt this.

We'll pull this thing out and then take the bearing retainers off and then we can slide the whole assembly off. Now where it's going to get good is I've actually have to uh I have to drive these studs out with an air hammer because these studs are pressed into this Hub face and splined in from the back side of the inside of the rotor. so the rotor sandwiched between the Hub and the axle and between the studs. It's uh, it's going to be fun this day the least.

Anyway, let's grab a 21 and get, uh, get that bottom caliper bolt off and then we can take this caliper out and set it aside. Yeah, I know I Narrate too much. Whoa. Stay there.

Stay there caliber. Don't go anywhere. I Don't want this thing falling off and hit me in the foot? That would not be okay. Just gonna grab this guy right here, pick it up, flip it over, and set it down right here on top of our spring.

and yeah, these pads are toast. Let me pull this one out if I can get it. I Cannot. We must disassemble it here.

Let's just go ahead and pull the slide pins out right now. look at that destroyed it has been. uh, how long has it been about four years? Five years since I did breaks on the rear of this truck? Yeah, that one's still good. That one's not brake pad gravity? Yep, there it is.

That's our nasty chewed up pad worn down to nothing. Yes, I did hear the indicators indicating but uh I was busy fixing other people's stuff. so it's mine. I Know I am last calipers in pretty good shape it appears.

but I'm gonna change it anyway because I have new ones. Okay, let's back this up and let's go ahead and pull the uh the axle tube out and then we'll begin to remove this rotor. Okay, let's pull these guys out. Foreign runs all the way to the center of the axle tube and into the differential.

You're gonna come out negative. Yes, it is good. See that splines into the gears inside of the differential. Oh, way in the middle.

Set this aside. Okay, so right about here, that's our bearing retainer. What we need to do is pull this little clip out. That guy right there that keeps that retainer from uh from backing off and unscrewing.

I'll rephrase. The little clip retains the little key and then the little key is What hangs on to the big axle bolt. See that that's how this is working. So we unscrew this guy right here.

You can see one of the bearings. set that aside and I should be able to just pry this, uh, entire assembly off of the Hub pull it out. Easier said than done. I Have to get behind it with a pry bar.

Let's try a hammer first though. Come on. Come out moving heavy. Super heavy.

That was dual wrench gravity. How about that? Okay, all right, now that it's loose, I'll get under it, pull the unit out, set her down there. We go here at our axle. that's our inner bearing.

How's that thing looking? Not too bad. There's no metal chunks and stuff taken out of it. I'm probably gonna order some new ones I don't think I did that yet and then this right here adds our seal. It's a rotating, uh, multi-piece seal so we can't reuse it.

It'll have to be replaced. Tap that guy off. Here's what I meant about having this be a two-piece see how that turns. so this will stay on the rotor.

This will stay stationary on the axle and it rotates as we drive. All right. Let us, uh, let's knock these uh studs out of this thing and separate the rotor from The Hub Then I can pull the bearings out. Like I said earlier, it's going to use an impact driver set that guy right there in the middle, give us some tappy taps, knock the studs right out of it.

Come on all the way. Hear me? there's one. I'm gonna switch this bit out to a flat bit that might be, uh, might be beneficial. Now notice that the threads do not come all the way to the end.

So I'm not going to harm these uh, these studs. foreign. That's our. Hub We're going to reuse this, but I am going to put uh, new bearings in it I Regrettably did not order those earlier, but they're on the way.

Here's our rotor. This will be discarded and then these wheel studs will be reused on the new unit. Okay, so with the exception of some brake clean, it looks like we're in a pretty decent shape on this corner. Uh, let's go ahead.

let's move over to the other side and start disassembly. I have uh, I've already pulled apart the wheels so we don't have to go through that again. So uh again, same procedure. we're gonna pull the caliper off and then we'll pull this whole assembly apart, shoot, start back again with the Uh with our top bolt and I can impact gun the bottom one out.

Let's get under here and use my Uh My lift. There we go long. Leverage What? I do fit inside of a wheel? Well, it's a big wheel. well.

I Can just stand in here and hang out. Kind of cool. All right. that's one we roll around here to the side.

We'll get the bottom one next round. Bottom one that's number two. Don't drop it. It's heavy and up and out.

We'll flip this over. now. This is interesting. We couldn't see it on the other side because I had I had destroyed it.

If we zoom in kind of close here, see all that hot spotting and discoloration, you can even see some cracking in this rotor. that's called heat checking. It's kind of normal on a heavy duty type of setup here, but we can see that these brakes have definitely had some heat put into them before. and I know that for a fact because I Tow very heavy things.

Okay, next we're going to pull this tube out. It's going to be the little van not that big bang talking to Trump Listeners set those right over there. See if I can pull this one out by hand. No.

Nope. I Need a hammer? I'm also gonna need a drain bucket to catch my drainages. There we go. Pull this guy out.

Set it aside. Let's get in here with some little screwdriver action and we'll pull the clip out. Get rid of that, set that up on the leaf spring. Then we need our little key.

There we go. You know what's funny at the end of the day? This right here is what holds the entire wheel assembly on the vehicle. That little little square piece of metal. Interesting, huh? Because without that little square piece of metal, this thing becomes unthreaded.

And if this thing becomes unthreaded, The Hub tries to fall off. There we go. All right. rolling on around here.

Let's uh, let's tap this unit off tap. I Mean beat it with a dead blow. Come out here. It comes okay, that's free and loosey-goosey coming around, picking it up, taking the weight, setting her down.

There we go. Heavy. Okay, now you can see this one. The bearing and the seal came with it.

It did not stay on the axle itself. Taking a look back down below, we're gonna go ahead and hit this thing, uh with the air hammer one more time. Knock all these studs out. All right.

Got him? Those are removed. The Hub is now separated from the rotor. Let's get this thing out of here. This can be discarded.

Save the studs for later. Okie doke. So we've got a lot of brake dust and uh, a bunch of oil and stuff over here, so let's get that stuff cleaned up. Goodbye Blue So pretty, rinse out all the brake dust.

There we go. That's what I'm looking for. Excessive break, clean usage is ruining the environment. All right.

while we're at it. Let's go ahead and run over to the other side. We'll clean that side up as well. I did order some more parts I'm kind of waiting on that stuff I Found out I did not have my rear brake hoses so I've been waiting for those to show up.

So what I'm going to do is start unboxing parts and staging everything. and then when my uh, my missing Stuff shows up I can uh I can unbox it and swap everything over and then we can begin the uh, the reassembly process. Seriously? I need another that was not sufficient? Yeah, get in there behind everything. That's good.

See you? Well, that one's empty. Okay, let's go ahead and set the uh, the pad set up in the calipers and get all this stuff prepared for uh, when the bearings and whatnot arrive. So I'm going to disassemble these calipers. There's not much grease in those.

do that. Set our slide pins aside. Now these are left and right specific. They're going to say ellenara.

But what we need to do is get our bracket and there are shims that came with the pads and those are going to be installed instead brackets. it just kind of clip in right there and one more right here. Like So then all we need to do is take our pad, slide that into the grooves that are on the caliper. Now all these pads are the same so we don't need to worry about getting them mix match.

They both have an indicator Squealer on both sides or they all have an indicator sweetheart on both sides so they're not location specific. Don't want that in there. Set that guy up. Then we'll set our caliper back onto the bracket.

Lube The pins. I'm going to use my purple Lube Yeah, that's better. That will prevent. Uh, that nasty rusted pin that we saw when we took this apart.

It'll prevent that from reoccurring. Lots of lubricant. Nothing crazy, just we're going to coat the surface. Slide that one in.

Get in there please. There we go forward. Come here. Disc boot.

There you go. Okay, that one's all set up ready to be installed. Uh, when it is time, we'll set this aside and repeat with uh, the other one repeat free on clicks. Stay trying to fall.

That's uh, not gonna work. Slide that guy on. you've got to kind of put these in a little sideways. At first everything's a hammer.

Oh, should have done this one first. What was I thinking I Wasn't thinking do you guys know me I Like to do things the hard way. It's just like my my style. That's what I do here the hardest way possible.

you know. Flip caliper right here there we go. Double shaft lubrication? good. Stick that one in.

Get it started by hand first, right? Try your start bolts by hand first. Yep yeah good. Two clicks. Let's pull the dust boot back.

get that seated and same thing on this one here. Pull that back. This one is prepped and ready to go. Yay! Okay now let's disassemble with the hubs and we'll get.

uh, we'll get the inner bearing out of this thing. There's a big giant snap ring down there that I need to unsnap and I can barely see it. We'll go in with the snap ring pliers. If I can't get a hold of this thing.

Come on please come out. Big Snap ring. How didn't you present her? Come out Snap ring. Oh why? seriously? let's try these pliers.

see if we can't get a hold of that ring. Yeah! I got it. Come out Snap ring. There we go.

Come all the way out. Snap Ring Danger there it is. Set that aside that gets reused now. I can push this bearing out.

Let's see if it's gonna come out easily. No, Well, since it won't come out easily, we'll escalate the level of violence. Come out, Come out bearing. Seriously, this is not okay.

What is problem? Did I miss a snap ring or something? I don't think so. Hmm. Okay, there we go. Problem solved.

I'll just press it out with the Press I Think the race was capturing the bearing and that's why it was. uh, not coming out. it's gonna come out and it's out there. we go hit you guys with my bar.

not okay. There's a spacer. There's the Hub Let's see what we've got. Okay, pull that guy out.

That's the race. There's our bearing. Good to go. Let's go ahead and press the other side out and then, uh.

still waiting for those bearings to show up and bearing. Press number two. It's moving. It's coming out.

still waiting on parts I don't have them yet. We got stuff. Just press it more so it becomes not stuck. Come on there it is.

I Win. Good. Pull that out. Yeah.

bearing's free. It's flip-flopping. just like the camera flip-flops. and where's the race? Didn't come out all the way.

Really? Seriously. Really. Seriously. Why? no worries.

Get that right there. and then let's just there it goes. Now it's out all the way. Set that guy aside.

Same thing with that bearing right there. These all look pretty good. but since I'm here, I'm going to change them. I'm going to wait to drive these races out until my, uh, my other bearings show up because I don't know if they're going to come with it or not.

they should. but you never know. Okey-dokes So we're back down below under the axle again. I'm still waiting on some parts.

So what I'm going to do is go ahead and get into the hydraulic system on this and I'm going to begin to replace the hoses. Now the rear axle. It's got one hose right here that splits off. it goes to both wheels and then it's got one hose on each wheel.

Now the one of the hoses I had for the I think the left side that was the wrong one so I had to order it. but I won't have that till tomorrow unfortunately. So I'm gonna have to come in here later and take this apart again. but I do have the right side hose and I do have the center hose right here.

So I'm gonna go ahead since we're waiting and get this. Center hose changed out I'm not sure if you can see it with the camera view, but there's a lot of cracks and dry rot in this hose. So what? I'll do. We'll go ahead and clamp it off so it can't leak everywhere and I'll remove the block from the bracket down here on the differential.

We'll take the lines off, put the new block on, then we'll go up and disconnect the uh, the top of this hose from the line up on the frame rail up there, and then we can move on to the uh, the caliper hoses. I Figure that's the best way to get this done with a minimal minimal spillage. I don't want to spill a boatload of this oil, we're going to spill some, but if I can keep it from draining all over the floor, that would probably be best. So what I'll do is I'll start breaking all this loose a little bit and then we can move into a quick transition from uh, the Leaky lines to the uh, the non-leaky lines.

What I just said was more conceptual and didn't really make any sense if you're actually thinking about the words. but I think you guys know what I meant. If not, then I talk too much and I should just, uh, just stop. I I'm very fortunate that this is not a northern vehicle because had it been a northern car, I'd be changing these steel hard lines too because they would have rusted and uh, not permitted me to, uh, just assemble them with such ease.

which is amazing I Like being in the south. Pardon sir, did you get it? Oh that stupid stud thing. Nice. You did get it good.

Uh, where's my new one at? there? it is. Okay So we've got the same type of block here. Let's see which side goes where I don't know I don't think it really matters. it appears to be the same here.

Stick this guy in here and get these threaded I won't tighten them yet I'll just thread them in there. we go that right there where it's supposed to be. Where's my bolt that I just took out I don't know I lost it. There it is.

I found it. This was lost and now it's just found good. Read that guy in right there. tighten you down.

Oh, parts are here. What's up man. be right back. Oh no, those were not the parts that I wanted.

that was I mean I did want them. but they're not the parts for this. That's a parts for a nominator. or it was an alternator parts for something else.

It's for a Transit van. Okay, let's tighten these hard lines down and then we'll go up and swap over the actual hose. That feels good. Click it all right.

let's try it right there. clicks. Very good gravity. Now up top right here.

that's our bracket. Tell you what. we should move over here to this side. you can see a little bit more clearlier Yeah, that's good right there.

All right. So up here on its bracket, we're gonna crack that loose. That's our hard line. Make sure it's going to turn freely and it is I need to do this.

Uh, very quickly because I can't clamp off this hard line right here. So this thing is just gonna start leaking everywhere as soon as I take it off. But what I need to do now that we see that it's loose, let's go in and pull that retainer clip off those down. let's get a hold of that clip, wiggle that out, see that, and then pull this loose and we could swap out the ends.

Yes, there is a boatload of air that's going to be introduced into this system. I'll end up connecting my BG machine to it and doing a pressure flush on the whole system. That way, it's all brand new brake fluid. Oh It's leaking, splashing on my leg, but that's going to be done last.

So here's our old hose. Get rid of that new hose coming in. Let's go ahead and thread this and seal it off as quickly as possible. Oh quickly as possible.

Forward to leaking. Now there we go. There We are. That's now.

We're good. Didn't spill much at all. So this piece of the hose here is not indexed into the slots just yet on the bracket. So what I'm going to do is continue to tighten this down.

Eventually, it should start to rotate that and it'll rotate into position. I Think you're gonna go in? Nope here. I Know there it is. You see it slipping.

So now that's Seated on the bracket. let me go ahead and tighten this up some to completely stop the drips. and then we can put that retainer clip back in and that'll complete this hose replacement. There we go.

There we go. Slide that up into its position. there, become clicked on. please.

It's like a spring-loaded clip like this right here. I'll get it. Everything is a hammer. There we go.

One center brake hose replaced. Let's get out of here. Well I have a problem. Uh Parts People just called and they said one of my bearings is not on the Shelf They thought they had it and they don't have it and that their inventory is wrong.

So I'm kind of dead in the water on those rears. so I guess uh. the only thing I can do now is just move on to the fronts. I uh I Actually wasn't prepared to do the fronts today.

I Was gonna save that for another day, but since I'm here and my truck is disabled I might as well just take advantage of the opportunity and I'm going to go ahead and pull these fronts off. Fun fact: I've had some wheel bearings, pads, rotors, calipers, and some axles. I've got some upgraded CV axles for the front of this thing and I'm gonna go ahead and uh and pull those out and slap those things in while I have time today. it's uh, it's the most cost effective way I figure I can make use of of the truck on the rack so that's what I'm gonna do So The plan has been altered ever so slightly.

We're moving on to the fronts. Let's get to it. box ticking. Time's running out now.

The reason that I say that time is running out is because I now have to get a ride home and that means uh, life unit's got to come and pick me up. You can't be out all night so I've got to get something done while. uh while I'm here with the down time cat thing off of here. What you need? dude.

Okay, this thing right here. this little Hub This is another feature found only on the Dual rear wheel models. and that's the spacer to accommodate for the offset in the wheels. Because these wheels on the Duallys are different than a single rear wheel models.

and because the offset's different, they put in this big Hub spacer on the front, unbolt this giant Hub spacer, unbolts it from the middle at the axle and we'll unbolt it from these perimeter bolts right here. We're gonna need a one and a half inch socket. That's the big boy right in there on our fastener. unclick, come out, got it hot, hot, and there's a washer in there somewhere.

and get that thing I Can't forget that. Now this right here. This is where it gets good. So we've got these 13 16 21 millimeter nuts.

gotta slip a socket over it and then go into the hole. the guy's out. Then we have to pull the socket off because the socket won't come off with the nut. There's not enough space in here so we've got to get the socket off first.

Come here and then I can pull the nut off and uh I have to repeat that eight more times. Yay! Okay, what is that? Seven seven down last one hubs start to come free Good! Here's our Hub This Feast is going to be reused. we don't need a new Hub There's no, uh, no moving Parts in there. No bearings.

It's just some wheel studs. Go All right. Let's get the wheel turned from this guy around here. we go.

I Need a 21? I Think for the backseats caliper brackets. Yep, pull this guy out and the one on the bottom? Where are you? Oh things covered in grease from that. Uh, it's got a CV boot loop. It's leaking on this one.

You know that? that's why I ordered axles like months ago. Pull that out. I Don't know what that was, but it sounded weird. I'm here.

Caliper come out. These ones aren't as bad as the rears. I I Pad slapped them like a couple years ago. Stay regardless.

I'm putting another set of pads on it. Foreign. Okay, so in order to get this wheel bearing off, we've got four four bolts that come in from the back side of the spindle to here and then two on the other side. Moving around here, we go.

Okay, that's two of those bolts. Let's get around the back side here and get the other two out. We maneuver past this ginormous controlled arm tie rod. Don't do that.

Get on there. Come on. Oh no. Oh no.

12 point strip. that thing that's not okay. No worries. Put a flank Drive wrench on it.

It'll be fine. Okay, let's just get a wrench on that flank. Drive should do it. turn.

Oh there it goes. Nice. Got it? Not stripping? Yeah, the 12 point on that Sonic socket just didn't want to. didn't cut it.

Okay, that's number four. Now you can get this, uh, this wheel hub off of here I think come off wheel hub might need an air impact driver here. Can't get the uh the stud for the axle to press out of the bearing. beginning pneumatic impacts now.

Oh I win, Come out. Just wiggle it some. Oh, that's in there too. Hang on.

It's kind of rusted. It's corrusted, crusty, rusted. No worries there. Now it's free.

That's the bearing. It's our hub bearing assembly. It's the backing plate that's going to get reused. Now let's go back down below a little farther and we can unbolt the CV axle here and get the new one set up.

Okay, this should be fairly simple-ish We're just going to go in 15 mil. Got six bolts on the Uh on the CV axle. There's a flange on the axle that was wild I Almost got hit with a caliper. It appears that uh, it came off.

It's a little red thing that was holding this caliper up it. uh, it must have slipped thing came right for us. Hit you guys in the face. oh my God it's falling again.

it's not okay bro. that was scary. No seriously, that one that was not okay. Hang on here.

Stay right there. Did you reconnect this somehow so that does not happen again? Let's hook it in. Yeah, things heavy too. Am I gonna do this? Obviously What? I did the first time didn't work.

We need to figure something else out. what to do? Well, good thing I'm replacing that hose because it's probably ruined now. Don't fall. What was I talking about earlier? Okay, well.

now that that disaster has been averted and I didn't get hit in the face, let's pull the rest of these. uh, these bolts out of this flange. I'm getting tired, not doing okay. That's bad on it.

Getting tired, running out of steam? Pull that one out. I mean those bearings weren't that bad over there? Yeah, well. they're 240 something 26 000 miles on it. and I figured since I've got to pull it apart while I Oh, I'm doing the brakes I might as well, right? Plus, it'll free up an entire Shelf from all the parts that I have piled up over here.

It's nice talking to someone. Press the bearing. Yeah, no. Well, I had to press the rear ones and see that then the shaft's just going to come out through this hole here.

Don't make a liar out of me. Shaft come out. Please. Come on.

Oh, it's so heavy. it's sinking. You're on. It's lubricated and gross.

They're all coming through the hole I know you fit. or maybe it doesn't pry. Bar yeah, Fry bar. I Don't know, maybe not.

Let's go over here to Southern side. try to work it from a different angle here. Yeah, come out. I'm running out of a strength here and patience.

My resilience is getting thin, waning, please. Flipping hole. Why don't you? It's getting stuck in the sway bar here. Okay here.

I'll just take this. uh, the sway bar link out right here and then it will come out. Got the 15 down below. There it is.

We'll just bought this guy right out of here. I can put it back later. Maybe that's a 14. man.

I'm out. almost work this thing out there. it is. That's what I needed.

Don't want to lose these pieces. These are not very old sway bar links there. Okay, Axel's out now. I Can slip the new one in and we'll reverse procedure.

Okie Dokes I've got the new axle unboxed. it's hanging out over here next to the old one. You can see a couple differences in the design round flange. we've got a bigger beefier Center section here looks fairly decent.

Yep, let's go ahead and get this guy installed. So what I'll do is I'll just bring it up and in through the hole in the spindle knuckle and then we'll bolt it back on to the uh, the front differential over there. And then we can get the other components back together. And now that I've gotten out of my own way and pulled that uh, sway bar link out, this should go in very easily.

Well, much easier than the old one came out. Get up there in your home, please. There you go. Beautiful.

Just like that. Let me get our bolts started here now. I'm going to tighten all of these bolts, get them in by hand, long before putting any kind of torque on them. There we go.

Three of them. Let's rotate this guy around which it doesn't want to turn on. There you go. There's number four.

Drop one. There's number, oh dirt on that one. There's number five. Going in one quick turn, you're making a lot of scary sounds over there.

Man, are you okay? Yeah, You make me nervous. You okay? yeah? I'm good? Yeah. All right. Well, don't be the boy that cried wolf now and you're not okay.

Let's go ahead and tighten these guys down. Oh Wrong socket. Switch it up. right through there.

two of them. Let's give it a spin. Filthy three Here Comes Four A little far on my last spin. Let's back that up.

Get number Five right here. Turn it around again. There's our last one. I See you there It is All right.

Axle is installed. Okay, all right coming in, we've got a new hub bearing with our backing plate on it. We're gonna slide that over the axle shaft, taking care. Did not pinch our wheel speed sensor wire.

slide that in start to get that thing aligned and we'll get that guy bolted in next after. I Move this. uh, dangerous brake caliper here. I Did not want that thing falling on me again or you guys balls on you.

That's that's all so bad there. Okay, let's get the bolt started on Yeah by hand. We're gonna start the bolts by hand. That way we don't cross thread them.

excuse me hanging the cross thread master. There you go. That's one in. So now.

I think half ball, second one coming in from the back through the backing plate. Why aren't you going through the backing plate? Because it was misaligned? That's why. second one's in. Get the other two on the other side.

one of them right here coming in. you guys can't see I'm not moving the camera now that one started. No, it's not there. Now it is.

And bolt number four also from the back side and that one's also started. This guy goes down like so. set that aside. let's get these guys tight.

Okay both. Numero Uno Draw that thing in. clicks There we go. and I think I can get this Oh I can get that one too in the back.

Oh slippage. Double slippage. Yep, that's not gonna work. Wrong angle of the uh of the drivetrain here there now.

I Have access to these bolts. Good. looks better. Oh, while we're here you can throw this axle nut on maximum clips.

Good. All right. New rotors coming in that's gonna slide over the Hub So then just like the rear, that hub goes over top of it. Now we're gonna have to do the same procedure as removal.

stick the socket on these, tighten it down, and then tighten down each one of these nuts one at a time. We go. Let's get them all on there. first.

one more there. it is. okay. Stock coming in.

There's my extension. Come here. All right. That's all.

Later Those guys installed. Everybody's tight. Okay. Incoming Loaded Dual Piston caliper The Star left front I Already have the pads installed, hence the term Loaded Slide pins have been lubricated with additional lubricant.

Now we just need to hang this guy from the bolts. Bolt this down and we'll get the hose swapped out on now. Where's that hole at? This thing's heavy. Everything's heavy When you're heavy duty.

let's make that a t-shirt All right. Bottom Bolt: There's a hole at. ah, it's too lubricated. I Can't find it.

There, It is there. Okay, let's get that guy tight. 21 millimeters. Okay, let's run these things down all right.

One bottom one there we go. Come off now. we can come up top and, uh, get rid of this caliper the old one and then get that hose swapped out. Okay, we're gonna start this hose transplant at the banjo fitting and we'll just move our way up to the uh the connector there.

Let's see here, that's gonna go just like so new Crush washers. Let's go ahead and thread that guy in, tighten you down later now I Need to move this uh, this old caliper out of the way. Stick it over here for now. Maybe I'll hang it off of a here I know, hang it off the sway bar there.

Now it's way way out of the way. Perfect. Okay, that's one of the hoses. Put up the bracket for the hose, Get this guy disconnected, Slide that hose out of the way and the new hose can take its place There we go.

Click and right down here. We have one more, one more fastener. all right there. Get in there.

there we go. Got it? Let's go ahead and Route the wheel speed sensor connector first since everything's in order. over here. Okay, let's see up top it's going to plug in behind.

the shock absorber mounting hole is right right here. There we go. Beautimous food. Okay, let's do the hose transplant next.

I was hoses not holding any weight. the The Hanger is go ahead and crack that loose, back it off and then we'll pull the clip out. We are going to spill some fluid here. The nature of the Beast to pull this guy out, uh, become gripped onto that clip.

Now where I think these vice grips have a gripped their last? Vice There we go here we are. Set that aside. that brake fluid looks nasty. Good thing.

I get to do a full fluid exchange. See where's my little reference pin? there? It is right there. It's got a little Tang on that that lines it up with a notch that's in that bracket. If the tangs are not in, then you won't be able to get the little clip in and then the hose will just flop around a little more kickage and then we'll just stick that clip back in.

I think it went I Forgot goes like this: Yep, everything's hammer beautiful. One hose transplant complete. Get rid of our spillages. That's nasty.

goodbye. you know how that happened. And now I can get rid of the uh, the old caliper here. We'll pull this thing out and set this aside to be disposed of.

Okie Dokes Recap time. So we've got new pads, calipers, rotors, caliper hoses. We've got new axles in the front and front wheel bearings on left side. I Uh I Have a confession I Went ahead and did the uh the right side.

Without you guys looking you can see right here. We got all brand new stuff on this side as well and uh, still in limbo. The reason that I did the fronts is because I've been limbo on the rears I can't get the the bearing that I need to uh actually as both of the outers I cannot get either one of the outer bearings to begin reassembly of this one. so I'm on a hold I do have one brake hose, but I'm not going to put that on until the caliper is ready to go on.

There's really no need to uh to crack the system open again. So this thing's hanging out in limbo until I get parts there's old Parts there's new old Parts new parts four old Parts over here and the left rear is in the same condition as the right rear. just uh, waiting on those bearings to show up. and since I'm not going to get any of that stuff until tomorrow morning and my truck's going to hang out night I see no reason to do the fluid exchange on it and Purge out all the air and I'm not even going to be able to put the wheels on yet.

So that being said, I have no choice but to close this particular video out. I'll do such things as always by thanking you guys each and every one of you guys for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, have any questions, comments or concerns.

Please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below. Drop me a like button while you're down there. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later in the Silverado in a brake job in a day in the transmission. Until the next time.

Have a great day! I'll be the same Goodbye Farewell Adios! Finn.

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