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2004 chevrolet silverado 4500 heavy duty edition tell because it does not have a regular hood six, six dirty max with an allison. It's a beast of a truck. Forgive me for chopping up the view. It's got uh some advertisements on the front that i probably should not share on the interwebs.

It's a company truck and whatnot big behemoth, though it does work. It is here for uh various complaints and services. Look def, def exhaust fluid. It's the achilles heel of all modern diesels.

If you have no urea, you have no exhaust system regeneration and then your truck is not allowed to drive anymore 57 117 miles on the odometer. I hear there's some warning messages going on with this thing: let's fire it up. This reminds me of my dealership days: change fuel filter, yes, service, brake, trailer, brake system, yes, service, four wheel, drive service, coolant, wow, it's got all kinds of stuff wrong with it. Stopping is the engine - oh that's, that was a stumbling start up needs washer fluid.

This is sad. This duramax here makes my door max over there look kind of small. I have diesel envy. Now we can see here on this menu fuel filter life is zero percent.

We're almost out of depth, my notes also say something about a um abs light that is on. So it's not on right. Now, i'm gon na go drive it real, quick and see. If it does come on, we do have a traction control warning illuminator.

That is illuminated but uh, no abs. So let's uh, let's get this thing moving a little bit and see if we get a an abs issue, things like driving a building all right so far, so good, no abs light. If there is an abs problem, trouble codes will reveal that so i'm gon na go ahead and swing back to the shop. Now we're gon na get started on this next challenge is not crush the rampage.

We don't want to do that. That's good! That's good! Okay! Fall one more steam, you're gon na fit, you might might fit i'm this is cool. This is the rare occasion when we get to popping in the hood twice there. We go, because this hood does not go up this way.

It goes up this way in hood. Lifting now all right, we had a check, coolant level warning message to see. If we have a coolant level problem, maybe we do maybe we don't look at that sideways caps. You know these come in the uh, like 3500 silverados with the sideways cap, and i never understood why it was on the side.

Does anyone know i need to know come on? Oh, that's. Reversed uh, i believe. That's reverse threading. I think it's tight.

I know that here i'll just untighten it yeah these are reverse threaded another. I don't know why they did that kind of maneuver. Okay, we got some aggressive, bubbly action going on here, maybe i'll uh, let this cool off and try again later. I think i'm doing this the hard way as from my usual protocol, because we can clearly see that there is in fact coolant in this reservoir.

Yet the warning message remains so suspecting that the float level sensor is faulty in this, because that was also a common occurrence. As for my recollection, i'm just going to go ahead and jump this wire closing the circuit. Don't do this unless you know what circuits it's appropriate to do it on and which ones it's not yeah. 99 time it's only going to be a two-wire sensor or circuit switch.

So now that that circuit's closed, let's keep it back on and see if the low coolant warning message is still present, i'm locked out, why am i locked out key on engine on change, fuel filter, low washer fluid? Is that it is that all we get hood open, yep, okay, i am satisfied that the circuit is now functioning. Let's go disconnect the jumper wire just to prove that out this is going to kill you guys. I troll everyone. Okay, now that the wire has been disconnected look at what we got low coolant level, add coolant yay, all right, that's good enough confirmation for me, oddly enough, the track light came on.

I wonder: there's there it was. Did you see it? There was that abs light. Okay, so i'm not going to shut this down, it detected the fault on this key cycle scan tool. So the real question is about to be: does my scan tool talk to the 4500s? Maybe it will? Maybe it won't.

I've not had this on a medium duty. Truck yet okay, first off doo, doo, doo, doo, doo and second off, it's really stupid loud out there. So we're we're gon na hang out in here nice and quiet like let's see if automatic id is gon na, do its thing here. Can we talk to you or not and uh the bin programs indicates.

This is a gmc truck, not a chevrolet truck weird, because that indicates that this is a chevrolet truck. Did they re-badge it to sell it under a different brand? No, let's try gmc automatic id number two um. Well, since it's not a chevrolet, it must be a sierra. So we're going to pick sierra four-wheel drive, because this one is four-wheel drive.

It's got all the bells and whistles and we're rocking out a 66 dirty max. Not available as an option, okay, why? Why not? Why can't it be four-wheel drive what that doesn't make any sense, because sierra is coming four-wheel drive oh yeah there. It is. I found another sierra, maybe it's in here yeah l5p, dirty max yep turbo diesel.

Let's see if the ecm has any stored, dtcs, yes, cruise control fault, switch, u0121 lost com with ebcm electronic brake communication, module, uh, u0140 lost com with body control, module; okay, that's not good! Let's get into abs and see what's hanging out in there codes menu again. Some, u codes lost column with the pcm lost com with ecm. These are in the same codes in a different module saying pretty much the same thing. We've got a c1445 system disabled serial data, valid okay, okay, dopes, here's the deal, here's where i'm at so far, i've gone ahead.

We've diagnosed uh! Well, we diagnosed the fuel filter warning light diagnosed the low coolant thing, uh washer fluid should be self-explanatory. We just add some more to it. We found module communication codes for the abs and traction control and trailer brake control, module um we're going to want to focus on the abs situation first. That being said, i ran across the bulletin, while i was looking through the dtc's and found that we need to recheck for a current software update before we do anything uh regarding uh diagnostic there's, a good chance that the uh, the communication line for the abs module Running to the bcm or the ecm has an intermittent fault in it, and i say that because at first we did not have an abs, uh warning light and then all of a sudden, as we were sitting here, the thing showed up.

So i do believe it's fairly intermittent track lights on because there are stored, trouble codes. If i were to clear those, i believe that track light would go out um. Having said that, regarding diagging the abs problem in order to to proceed with anything, as i stated a moment ago, all we have to verify that the current software calibration is up to date and accurate. I can't do that here, so i'm kind of gon na back burner that one just for a moment i'll.

Let the guys know what i think we should do with it, but um as for right now. I don't think i can really do much other than verifying power and ground to the abs module which it does have. I went ahead and um actuated the pump with the scan tool and uh it. I heard the pump come on so i do know we have a good, solid power and ground to that module, which is also reinforcing uh.

My opinion that there is a communication problem now that could be uh in the wiring harness or it could be, the actual electronic control board inside of the module itself. Those were very common failure points that being said, we're going to move forward with the other stuff. They said something about a 60k service that would also include the fuel filter that they want, but uh. We need to address the front and rear differentials, the transfer case, allison transmission, coolant and then, of course, your fluids.

That's going to include your brake fluid and your power steering fluid and the engine oil. So i'm going to go ahead and build out this estimate for these guys um we'll go ahead and send it over to them and uh i'll check back in with you guys when i get an update on what we're gon na do so until that moment arrives, Which should be very soon because i'm not gon na make this two video we're just gon na go ahead and power this down or not there we go. What is this? Oh, i remember what this is for the car we're working on big truck cool. Let's go get it well now.

We know for certain that i'm gon na be doing that coolant bottle. I don't know what else is uh on the list here. I have not checked the work order yet, but uh, let's go ahead and fire this thing up and get it into the shop okay. So, like we mentioned before this has a float level sensor fault in it uh pretty common on these units.

The sensor is not replaceable and not serviceable. You have to change the whole bottle and that's what we have ordered so uh. What i'm going to do is evacuate the coolant out of this for a spill. Free replacement, coolant machine powering on it.

Okay, that is not doing what i want it to do, that is there dokes. We have a replacement surge tank, it's got the side filler and the top filler that bolts on like so and, of course, the replacement level sensor right here. Let us loose these clamps. It's early, i'm not i'm, not fully functional yet check back in at 9, 30.

come off, i'm gon na fire up the recovery machine. Again, there's still some coolant here and i want to try to evacuate it before it all spills loud noises. It's not really loud. All right that was uh, 60 successful, oh more's, coming out.

What is this yeah now we're getting somewhere, it's actually pulling it all into a vacuum. I'm gon na recover a whole bunch of coolants. Out of this machine is full time for some drainage all righty. While this thing is uh evacuating coolant, i can go ahead and unbolt this overflow bottle bolts are sneaky guys.

There are two of them way back over here. I can't see them. I know that they're there so i'll just poke around until i find them all righty. So i need to slide this thing forward.

It's got a pair of uh. I don't even know what you'd call it. It's got a pair of these uh pegs, so to speak, see these little round guys up here and they're fit into those grooves, and i need to slide this assembly uh this way in order to get it out. But i can't because this uh little junction block the thing right here is in the way, so i'm going to remove this, so i can slide this forward, so i can pull it up out of those grooves and we can change it with the new one.

I certainly did not expect to uh have that occur. I didn't think i'd have to take something else off: that's okay, but what we do here - hmm, okay extension needed now. Can i reach sure so there we go got it out with the old. In with the new um, i will have to reuse the uh, the cap that goes on this bottle and uh fun fact for these duramax caps they are left-handed threads.

So if you ever need to replace one, you have to get a gm cap. Connector click. Okay bottle is secure, so oh, that's a tight squeeze in there to get these nuts in hope. You can see the other one's even harder, farther away.

Long range not screwing get down there. Please come on now, all right, all right one more hose, and then we can refill this unit yeah a couple gallons of propylene glycol and we should be good to go here. I think i removed about two gallons, it's gold. So you know it's good number, two away: gallon 2.5 finishing up gallon uh number: three: 3.5: 3.5.

Oh too much spillage; okay! Let's go restart this and bring it up to temp restarting engine. Now how about that coolant level warning light? Is he still here, washer fluid nope, good, no coolant, yeah, then 4.5. I don't think i'll get all the way through this gallon, though, especially if i spill it all on the floor, you notice how this bottle is chambered some areas, it's mixed in some areas. It is not, let's go check the dash and i think it's gone now, but we need to watch the level because we don't know if the thermostats are going to open up and it's going to draw in any more coolant.

So we're going to let this thing hang out here in idle for a while uh. While it's doing that, i guess i can fill up the diesel exhaust fluid because it does only have 15 life left on the def. And if you don't put def in your diesel, it will shut you down and you don't get to drive anymore. Of course, that only applies to domestic vehicles.

We can ship these things overseas, all day, long with zero emission stuff on them. No problem at all. But when they're sold here domestically, you got ta. Have all this extra nonsense, yeah too bad.

The standards cannot be applied evenly only selectively from here. It's a highly specialized death tunnel blood plug synthetic urine right, that's two and a half gallons in almost i have uh one more box and that should put this tank at about 90. Full okay number, two coming in it's bending! No! No! I need you to get in there go straight there yeah there we got it all right, bubbly. I think that's about it.

Five gallons left, considering that one of the many warning indicators in there is for lower washer fluid. I guess we'll fill that up too. I want to get as many of the warning lights off as possible. It's also kind of silly.

You can't throw that bottle up all the way. Okay, now i'll, just put this back empty, so the next guy can refill it all right. What do we got? Left diesel exhaust fluid level, okey dokey next trends, temp new trailer, brake yep, yep units fuel filter, zero percent. We are replacing that so i'll just go ahead and reset that monitor right now, there's a new one.

On my box reset! Yes, oh you know what you got: ta shut them down and then restart fuel filter life 100. There we go victory all right, i'm gon na. Let this thing hang out and idle for a moment until it comes all the way up to temp and uh. Once that is done, i'll recheck, the quote level, then we'll go back down below into the frame rails and uh, replace that fuel filter down there.

Okay, it's been about 15 minutes, looks like the level has stabilized. Let's go in there shut this thing down and then we'll get that fuel filter change down below powering down all right, we're down here on the driver's side at the frame rail. Just behind the transfer case. I leave the fuel filters up here inside of the frame.

Let's scooch that in close as we can that's a gigantic transfer case, this is kind of fatiguing doing on the ground. Laying on my side look 20 bucks. Ugh ah found my face little splashings back up some here there. Let's see how nasty this filter is at zero percent life not very actually looks kind of new uh.

Oh look at the o-ring in there. Do you see that? That's not good! This thing wasn't filtering at all yeah. You can see that see where it's like folded out. Ah perfect right there, let's get out of here real quick hunting, glove okie doke.

So i got a new filter here, but um. No! This is not enough filter, not enough at all. We have the wrong stuff. I need to go order, the right stuff to be right.

Back pardon me, you, like that stainless it's gon na be bougie. Coffee can't believe i just used that word. Long gone are the days of the maxwell house from the percolator nitrogen infused frothy, goodness. Oh, the frustration is mounting well a couple things i want to touch base on first, the o-ring was not coming out.

It actually sits in there at that weird goofy angle and second thing after three wrong orders of this filter. I have to put this filter back because now the filter is like special order and it's going to take a couple days to get here, because i guess all the parts stores pulling up the vin. It brings us the filter, that's the smaller size. That is for the uh, like the one ton pickups and the three quarter ton pickups.

This is a much larger truck than that and consequently, it's medium duty and it has that particular filter uh. Yes, it's got a part number on it. We've crossed the part number a billion times um. Nobody has one it's one of those parts that are unobtainium so uh, so this thing has to go back in for right now, so i i guess we failed on that, but um on the bright side.

Is it actually doesn't look to be that terrible um? I i think we can put this back for now. Uh the car is gon na stay until we get the right part, but i can't just have this truck disabled sticking out in the parking lot like this. So this thing has to go back as it relates to the content of this video. I guess that doesn't really matter much, because we got to see a filter coming out and a filter going back in.

So i suppose the operation is a success when you look at it from that point of view, see that's the thing about life. Is it's not uh? It's not a black and white type of situation. There's often multiple different points of views on any particular given subject. The place where we fail as human beings is that we don't understand that it's okay for other people to have a different point of view than yours, because none of us are right and none of us are wrong.

We just have different life experiences, ending philosophical rent. Now, filter click we're sorry due to fuel prices and logistical errors. Your component is on national back order. We don't have an update from the manufacturer for when they're going to restart production all right folks, all i got to do now is just key this on a couple of times and to re-prime the fuel system and, of course, check it for a leak.

These have a lift pump in the tank, so they're not like the older diesels, where you had to manually prime the system and then bleed the air out. It's a closed system and you just let the pump do the work for you. So a few key on cycles and she should start no problem. It lives all right guys.

That's gon na be a wrap for this one. I think, as always like. Thank you for watching this video hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please let me know about it by tapping that, like button down below, if you didn't enjoy this video, sorry can't do anything about that.

So again, it is always thank you for watching and, most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day. See you guys later morning.

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