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In this video I replace the intermediate pipe, muffler and tail pipe on a customers 2007 Dodge Dakota with the big 4.7 and show some of the frustrations you run into using aftermarket pipes and even throw out a free tip Friday at the end.
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Hey there viewers. Welcome back to the South Main Auto Channel Guys, at 2007 this is the Dodge Dakota It's got the Big Four seven. It needs a new exhaust. We're so Untold Oh, tailpipe is M.I.A that's gone.

It's aftermarket anyways. let's see. Yeah, all right, what's up Mr Joe Are the tires good enough to use another summer on this thing? Yep, Is that what you wanted to know? Uh, well. he wanted them.

Wants him back? Yeah, they look pretty good. Not as good as you, but pretty good tires seeing how deep the tread is. What's up just out here looking at the bottom of the vehicle? Yeah. I Just brought it in.

so there's a there's a truck. Yep, got no light, can't see. so what's up? he's caught to harass us. No, it came out to say he wanted to stay here.

we're just doing exhaust. okay. I got over there. he's Target over there.

that's done over here. We don't do tires over here. Well, his schedule's pretty tight so you might need to I don't even know if I remember how to run Tire Machines Oh yeah, man, it misses. I was a slave driver because it keeps us bucked right to the tippy top.

I Guess that's good. Uh, we're gonna fire up old Vic Here it is. Uh, we almost almost made it to 8 30 in the morning without getting out of the torch. but pretty uncommon if you do it.

This is our number one tool here and suck. Now get out some shades so you can see what we're doing. I'm just gonna go ahead and just chop it off I Got them exactly what he asked for: the intermediate pipe, the muffler, and the tailpipe. So that's what we're gonna what we're gonna do boys.

Oh yeah. Foreign. Thank you. Foreign.

Foreign. foreign. That's not too difficult. We just got to go through and pop our hangers up here.

I Just cut them because it's easier than go on with him at first I think it was only two. Well, of course there's probably another one on the back of the muffler, but that's already that was already gone around back the tail plate. and yeah, there's a third one back here by Turbo that's already on the road somewheres now. it's just a matter of putting them back together.

I'm gonna try to make sure the delivery guy doesn't smash up the end of them sometimes. By the time the pipes make a toss, they're pretty pretty beat up. but they're also paper thin too, so it doesn't take much to squashy ends of them now. All right, so set that one on there.

We don't clamp anything down until the end, but we will stick it on there loose for the meantime so we don't forget it. I Don't think we'd forget it, but couldn't think of anything better to say just because there's that. Next we will stick our muffler on there once we find the right direction. here there we go inline.

it says we're gonna stick it on probably a little further than it needs to go because then we're going to try to pop our tail plate button which hopefully we have enough room. we'll give it a try. Foreign, foreign off here a little bit. Get her Juiced up, let's see if we can get it to come over these tabs.

There's that one and we'll slide it on the muffler and then we'll flip it up here. Now let's get her Juiced up again. I Gotta start kind of rotating things around here to get it set. The rubber out is pretty stiff.

sorry. Well not to mention it's pretty cold there we go, so there's that. Okay, all the hangers are on about start shimmying things around here. Foreign stuff so you don't feel a lot of stress on it if that makes sense.

Kind of get everything kind of sitting neutral usually an aftermarket exhaust. you end up you know, been bench trim and Hangers stuff like that because they're never never really right like this one here. This hanger. it's sitting where it needs to be in reference to this one but it.

but it's bent way in. so we'll stick the pie graph here and just kind of thin that out but mostly want to make sure our tailpipe is level slightly down so it drains. Uh I don't think if yeah, this resonator doesn't have a pee hole in it so you know this will fill up the water and ride out. You know, relatively quickly.

So it's just. it's just how it is how they make them. I Think we can all take a moment and just observe that this is an O7 in New York and it's a daily high mileage. and uh, why is it not crap fluid film baby? It's not mint, but it's the only 07 we get in our shop.

It should be selling now. we'll bend that hanger back, put it here. hit the frame. That's that hanger right there.

We'll see if we can't stick a bar in here and just give it a little tweet. We gotta be careful because these things are toilet paper thin so probably an island can be a bad idea. We're going to heat it up just a little bit that way we don't. You know, dent in the resonator? Foreign.

All right. And right now it's hitting the leaf spring. But that's because the suspension is fully extended. Once we set the vehicle down.

this won't hit the leaf spring, trust me. I'll show you I Wanted to make sure that this bracket or the clamp here is gosh. use your words dude. Big Boy Words: The exhaust hanger wasn't hitting so, but usually you know your suspension isn't full.

Uh, full droop as they say in a Jeep world I Guess hitting leaf spring there doesn't really matter to me at this point. We're gonna help this baby live a little longer life. We're gonna put a little PP hole there. Uh, because like I said, this resonator.

these things don't last long at all. It wouldn't make it a year we'll take and drill a hole in. I Don't think there's a weep hole in this side. Oh no there is.

I think I think they put the wheat pulling the wrong side. Let's see here. I Thought I could feel it. Not negative.

So yeah, there is no weep hole in here. so just poke a little hole just to let the water out. uh, particularly on you know, vehicles that are short trip driven. Like the majority of stuff we work on, the you know, the condensation or the water vapor from the Catalyst process.

you know just ends up just getting stuck here. Of course there should be a weep hole in the muffler too. Yeah, so there is a pee hole. whoops.

Hang on pumping air on here. so there's a p-hole right there in the bottom of the muffler, but it's not too bad job. This job's 15 20 minutes start to finish. Easy peasy baby! Let's go back here because I know we have trust issues on the ground.

Ouch! And you can see we're not even all the way down, but we have ample clearance between the spring and the resonator there and the only time that even remotely comes close to hitting is when it's at full droop. So if he's out, you know, flexing her up. 4x4 in it. Which I Know this color? This is about the maximum.

This truck Dodge right here. see and we made the people right now focusing for me. there's some water. didn't have that in there than the sucker sucker goes off.

but you know, brand it. When it gets hot it starts to come out form of steam doing up here. Yeah, so you know a lot of there's a lot of moisture so that's just it's a matter of fact. folks.

there you go, you're welcome. Free! Tech Go Drill hole in your muffler so that's it folks. Uh, exhaust system on your decoder with the 470 starter up. Listen to the customary manifold tick that all four sevens have.

but uh, rest assured that baby is going to be good and that's it. So if you're doing a home gamer job, probably hacksaw or not. hacksaw, but saws I'll probably be your best option here. We always just use a torch in the shop because it's quick, quick and easy.

That's it. Why don't you guys go down and exhaust yourself in that comment section with your concerns, your questions. The insty the Facebook you guys know what to do. Just remember if I can do it, you can do it.

Thanks for watching.

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