In this video I bring you along as I swap out the valve cover on a 2005 Nissan Altima 2.5 that had some leaking spark plug tube seals. Come to find out you have to purchase the entire valve cover. The tube seals don't seam to be sold separately. -Enjoy!
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There viewers and welcome back to the south main auto channel got a c05 nissan nissan it's the ultima it's the 2 5 sl and the guy tells he's got oil on his pistons. What that means is he took it into a shop apparently because he's got this misfire problem that it does have on the number one cylinder. And they told him that he has oil on his pistons uh at least on the number one piston and they put spark plugs in it. And you know here we are at any rate.

What they mean is his spark plug tube seals are leaking so this was in the other day. I pulled the uh pulled that coil out so i can have a look at it and indeed. There was you know oil saturation all over it so he gave us permission to fix it amongst other things he wants done i thought i'd bring you guys along when we fix this oily pistons and see if this ignition coil is any good when i drove it in the other day it was not misfiring. However it sat outside for a little bit here two or three days.

While we were waiting on parts. And it is now misfiring so uh perhaps that's the results of the old oil on the piston. So we'll take and unplug these now in my limited research. I did not see spark plug tubes offered for sale on the old nissan and i think i've been down this road.

Before i did call. The nissan dealer and they did agree that they do not offer. The spark plug tube seals. Nor did the aftermarket valve cover gasket kits.

They did not come with tube seals. So you're required to buy the entire valve cover. How ridiculous is that number four is dry number three is dry number two is dry number one wet piston uh. The coil's pretty saturated with oil as you can see and uh rest assured.

Though it's not a bad piston. So what we're gonna do i guess before we tear this apart. I did buy a valve cover for it we'll have to open up that box. See what it looks like this one let's just wire up.

There's a hose in the back into the pcb. I'm assuming looks easy peasy to do and then we've got the fresh air side of the pvc pcb positive crankcase ventilation. Let's have a look at the uh new velcro here. We go ordered.

It from napper uh ultra eight itch class gate. 580721. Valve. Cover.

Let's have a gander here. Before we get too deep my knee. That guy couldn't get it for a while so we went this route from probably the same stuff not the same stuff. It doesn't say nissan on it the part that baffles.

Me is you know obviously somebody makes the valve cover. Therefore obviously somebody makes the tube seals to put in set valve cover. Did come with a gasket in it hopefully. We're not going to get burned with this jobby that one's loose that always seems to be a bit of a stiffy.

So we're gonna have to be careful with some of this stuff. We will take them both loose right there that gives us a little more room to get to the hose. We'll go that clamp back if we can that hose is unhooked goody goody that hose is unhooked the duggar look out there buddy go get a magnet. Because you don't want to drop down.
Sounds. Like josh is having way more fun than we are all right. There's that so these are all shoulder bolts uh all appear to be the same and now we need to crack the valve cover so it's not loose already which it isn't you know ladies what give her a little pry stick that pocket. There we are so there's that yeehaw now it's just a matter of making sure.

It's clean. I'm going to use a classic carbide scraper here. We're just going to come across it make sure everything's cool. This is uh has a little recess here.

I would have thought that was machined on the same plane. But it does not have some numbers on it too interesting. There is a little dabs of silicone here in the corner. As you can see silicone starts here comes around probably when they do the timing cover.

I imagine so we'll put a little drop of silicone. The corners off so it's kind of common practice. You'll see try to keep the junk out of the engine things pretty clean so now this is all cleaned out brake cleaned. We're going to put just a dab of some ultra gray here in the corner.

Just to be a hundred percent certain and do it on the back side also it's pretty common practice. You'll see on you know the style valve cover or any time. There's two machine surfaces coming together. They'll often have the recommendation of putting a little silicone.

There and then on the tube seals that you apparently can't get we're going to put a little silly cone on that the different type. Though some super lube. Some slippery silicone just that way there they slip over the tubes. Nice and easy.

We're not fighting that at all we should be in good shape. Now. It's like ky for cars. I'm going to get a couple bolts started here now that i haven't started.

We're just going to kind of work our way around start drawing it down and letting the seals expand over top of those spark plug tubes is that's it baby. So. We'll stick the oil cap back on and then i had to get this little guy off the other valve cover. I didn't notice that uh.

It's just for this wiring. Harness holder back here it clicks into the valve cover. So we'll give it a classic reach click that into there and then we'll take and stick the hose. We're trying to make a video.

Oh. I'm just trying to work so. Excuse. Me excuse.

Me oh stand by stand back. While i was answering. They're very lovely. This is all those questions.

I hooked up that pcb hose on the back side there. And then i will snug them up now those belt cover bolts those are shouldered bolts. So you can't really over tighten them i take that back you can over tighten them in the center. You can tighten them down until they break you can't really over tighten them in the sense that you can over tighten.

The gasket because the bolt. Only goes so tight and then it stops and then you keep turning and then it breaks down so don't turn it until it snaps. I guess. That's what i'm getting at that's all i wanted to say makes our silly cone smooshed out and it did so now we have to clean out the hole down.
There we have to get the oil and garbage out of it it's just mostly oil no real garbage and then we have to clean off this coil to make sure. It's not just arcing across the oil you know that's a pretty good conductor. So we'll have to get this baby sprayed off the rubber boot. You guys can see the rubber boot should come off it so we'll get all the oil and crap cleaned out of this and hopefully.

This coil is still good if not what you know putting the coil on it we'll take our known good coils. We'll stick them back in there put a little dielectric grease in the bottom of them to keep them from getting stuck on there. And hopefully insulate and keep all the electrons where they need to be and then we'll just take our other coil here i got to clean that we'll put that back together this had a lot of oil in it we've jammed in there pretty good so yes hit the floor uh. So oh you guys might not be able to see anything.

But um. They do you just pop them apart. I just popped it apart took all the rubbers off it and then cleaned it in our eco friendly parts washer. Which is basically just soap and water soap and water soap and water some kind of arm and hammer stuff.

I don't know if they charge you 300 every three months 100 a month cost me to keep my parts washer does not include eating it the entire time what a joke. They do it. Because it's eco friendly and it's the law here in the prny. We can no longer have high voc parts washers because polar bears are dying.

However since we've gotten rid of our petroleum. Based parts washer and now they only offer a silicone based or aqueous water based. So since they've done that we now go through like 13. More cases of brake cleaner per month.

So i don't know if it really helped anything it just made it more of a pain in the ass. But that's just my thoughts on it okay. Let's see if this thing runs now without skipping or if we're going to need a new ignition coil stand by got that there you have it folks fix the oily piston. I guess it will be uh and also fix his misfire so that's good uh.

Fortunately for this fella. The misfire seems to be coming just from that oil saturated coil. You know just you know causing spark outside the cylinder. We'll call it uh that's not making it down the spark plug and uh that's that so piece of cake uh.

We're able to get the valve cover here through napper who still doesn't sponsor us and it comes with the spark plug tube seals. I don't know what the deal is with nissan on these vintage engines. Why you have to buy the whole stinking valve cover. I'm sure there is some source out there some wears in the www dot.
Fix my nissancom world that people know about but here in the shop when we're buying our parts from you know brick and mortar stores uh. It's hard to you know spend all day looking on the ebay and stuff to try to come up with you know some solution here but either way. It's fixed. We can stand behind it give them our unlimited limited warranties and uh that's that and uh.

I don't have a transition there but go in that comment section the institute facebook you guys know what to do just remember viewers if i can do it you can do it thanks for watching hey.

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