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In this video I have a look at a customers 2012 Chevy Silverado that has the classic P0172 and P0175. It also has a P0101 so we'll have a look at that too. These are both pretty easy to correct.
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Getting back on the Chevrolet folks uh 56 a couple Fords feel kind of weird 2012 folks 2012 Chevrolet uh that's a Silverado probably the big five three and the guy says he's got some engine light kind of comes and goes I guess that's what I'm told but he says it runs very poorly in the morning or so. He thinks it runs worse in the morning then the rest of time when he drives it and evidently coming here to drop the thing off it. uh, you know, turn the engine light off but this is the problem. He's been having the engine light coming and going here.

Let's see what the survey says. so I left it sit outside. it just Auto vend here. we'll put her in here.

let it get uh loaded up. We don't want to miss anything important on a cold start see turn our heater off service TPMS 151k on it 151 so she just about done in the Chevrolet World Anyways, at least here in the PRN manual transfer case it is not. It is without trailer, brake controller under 8600 with vehicle stability d95 without. um yeah.

usually these old Chevys you get to drive them right to the junkyard. Unfortunately, frames usually break in half on them right about this year. Let's see, we've got automatic HVAC Here Comes Mrs Oh, what's up Josh too? Approach that for yourself. Yeah, Oh, certainly let's see.

So I'm wondering what codes we're gonna have I'd guess evap. but that's not going to make a car run rough, you know, typically unless the purge is just stuck wide open. But so we're gonna hop into ECM We're not gonna do a full system scan just at the moment? we're not Anyways, we're almost there. Current codes: Oh wow! Po101 Mass Airflow Performance Low voltage and a O2 sensor bank one one fuel system Rich Bank One Fuel spring to make two and your classic General Motors 446 Evap Vent Performance: Okay, pretty interesting.

Well let me get you guys where you can see where we can all see. Hopefully we'll set this up here and see if we can zoom in and we'll get some preliminary data and see what we can do. I'm hoping that's good enough for you. Let's just go into our field trims.

I Think we're going to have a couple issues with the old Chevy here. Oh boy. So our long term right here. we can see it's minus 25 so that's pretty bad.

I'm surprised we said his engine light turned off. Uh, let's look at Loop status. We're going to want to watch uh Point temp of course about 50 degrees outside. right now we want mass airflow I Don't know if we have fuel tank pressure in here.

Oh here's your problem lady right there. All right. Well we know what's wrong with this. Which is this right? here? It's an alcoholic she's been drinking a little um around here you cannot get E85 This guy lives around here so we don't have ethanol fuel and he's a he's a local.

so before we do anything, let's just fix our Rich problem. we'll do fuel composition reset. Um, let's see here right? Is that what we're looking for? We're gonna reset that. We're back to three percent.

Now we're going to back back out of here. We're gonna go to Um. we're just going to reset our field trims. That looks like they already are because we did a composition reset.

So let's go to live data. Let's go back where we were. it still has our pit selected. Let's go ahead and start it and let's just see where our field trims end up.

See what's going on? If there's anything funky with the mass airflow, there may not be because our our Elkhawk counter was off. So uh, ethanol is good, It's it's good to use. Um, it's super duper clean. However, instead of burning a stoichiometric of 14.7 to one, it burns at like 9.8 I can't remember the ratio.

We're going to say almost 10 to 1 9.875 I Think it is something like that. Um, so if the engine is burning, regular gasoline will cause a pump gas so E10 but it thinks it's alcohol, it's going to pour the coal rate to it and make it super rich. All right. So we're in closed loop and we can see our short-term field trim is looking good.

So that fixed our rich condition. Our mass airflow must be reporting correctly. It's cold right now. It looks like It's over reporting a little bit.

but our I don't have RPMs in here, but they're still up a little. All right. So let's go. Um, let's do this.

Let's pop into generic OBD2 See what? Uh, what code's returning on the mill? I Can do it in the OEM side, but sometimes it's easier just to pop in here. You know, were we just dealing with the where the other codes, history codes or or what? Let's see. So three coats found? Oops, Yeah, well look at that. with the drive cycle complete.

let me just see, drive cycle is complete. We have no monitors incomplete. I'll grab our codes okay I've seen these two together. so our rich bencoin rich Bank two uh, being caused by alcohol content being far too far off.

I Don't think that'll set a 101 though. so let's just have a look again at our mass airflow data. Everything's turned off. all engine loads are off.

so maybe this is EVAP code must have been just an old history code because it wasn't pending or active on the generic side. Uh, let's see here so it still appears to be reporting a little bit. High What we're looking for is uh, the grams per second is approximately engine displacement at idle. So I know I need GM's Uh, it does run a little high, so I would expect to see this around six grams per second with the engine warmed up at idle.

No load? No AC no nothing. So being that the engine's still cold, we're going to let this thing warm up. I'm gonna take it for a rep because we can see it's it's coming down as engine loads being reduced as it's warming up and we'll see where it studies out. We're going to graph it.

we're going to go give it some. Full Throttle We'll set our our graph here. we'll go out. give her some beans.

I Guess you guys can ride right there if you don't mind. I Don't know if you'll stay there or not, but we'll give it a try and then what we'll do is we'll see where the mass airflow is steadying out. As long as it looks good and steady, we'll uh, you know we'll give a visual inspection on it. Make sure it's not a mouse living in the air filter because that's a possibility.

You guys probably want to see where we're going. Make you nervous. Hold on here there you go. Tough guy's arm around you I don't want you falling over back there.

That's what she's ready to ball Here we go if I have coaster nothing coming Chevy Thunder Looks good and steady I Don't see any weird dropouts in it. Fall back on the road there fella I Don't feel that torque? Yeah, she looks pretty good boys. let's go back. just do a visual inspection.

So pretty common on these shitties to have your fuel alcohol content way off. especially if you've been at the bar all night. You don't want to be driving around at 75 percent. Let's see I believe GM has a bulletin on these two.

at TSB you can share with your customer. It talks about the importance of refueling and not getting you know 5-10 gallons at a time, or five or ten dollars worth of time. you know, a couple gallons at a time because it looks for a refueling event and then it checks. Um O2 sensor switch rates to determine alcohol content I Mean it's way more complicated than that, but that's that's a long story short, as they say, yeah, we should be about warmed up.

Now let's pull up here and have a look. There's Luna the kitty. Oh, he's got a headlight out too. All right.

So just as I suspected, we're doing pretty good. So we're at 5.8 I Expected to see it around six grams per second in my experience. Tustin Chevrolets Oddly enough, these LS engines being a pushrod. V8 So you know old technology, they're very efficient in airflow.

So an engine is nothing more than an air pump and typically a overhead valve push rod V8 are not very efficient. Um, you know, when you're talking volumetric efficiency, they're usually in the you know, 80 percentile. Now some of these GMS will run in the upper 90s, which is pretty bizarre for a pushrod motor we can see. Yeah, we're holding.

you know. Six and a half now. let's go check. Uh, let's check our fuel trims just to see where we're at.

We should be all good. Now our long term should have populated I'm going to show all and we're going to go to fuel and we want short term long terms on every Bank and it's still reporting. uh, just a scotch On the on the rich side here, so that's pretty interesting. Let's have a look-see at our mass airflow like I say it appears to be reporting about where it is I'm curious though how long he's been driving this with of the alcohol content off because we could be pulling all of this out of the crank case.

Does that make sense? Let's see, the oil change is due. Let's see when it's oil changes do here. 157 According to the sticker, it's got 151 on it. So six, six thousand miles Do it.

150. What kind of oils are you running Where he's getting six thousand miles just says 5 30. huh? Let's go have a little sniff with our sniffer. see if the oil smells like gasoline.

Oh my. God Josh is in here working. Let me tell you what, So we're not bugging him. Let's just do this.

We'll be outside mechanics today. Oh yeah, it should be Thunder and this is a big 5.3 I'm gonna go get a rag if you don't smell too stinky I Smelled stinkier because that is always a concerned when it engine's running that rich. you know where it's just pouring the core rate to it? But it must have just had changed because it's pretty clean and it's full. and these things love burning oil.

Let's uh, pop our mass airflow out, have a look in here kind of visual inspection, see if we see anything funky. Just got me a brand new can yesterday. As a matter of fact, my first can I've had that was probably several years old, mainly finally ran out. Stuff lasts forever.

Foreign. so we're going to take this little guy right off. Oh, and she's filthy. You're filthy.

Let me let me set these screws down here because I'm going to send them flying if I don't have a little look. Oh man. I Think it's dark as a pocket, so this side of the fine wires are nice and clean. You probably can't see them on there, but we flip this thing over and it's like carbon black on this side and it goes in like this.

so the clean side facing the engine. the dirty side is facing the air filter, but they're quite filthy. The hot wires on here are, so that's pretty simple. We just need to clean the mass airflow in that regards.

But it's kind of interesting because it seems to be reporting pretty well pretty well where I would expect it anyway unless I'm way off, but which I've been way off before. Now we're going to take a look at the air filter I Can't fathom the surf filter dirty being that it has an Express Lube sticker on it that they like to upsell. what's up Miss though The Odyssey Yes ma'am Got dropped off early because, um, it wasn't running well. Imagine that it's only got like 400 000 miles.

Well, you might want to check that out before we do a timing belt. Oh yeah, you think? yeah, we're just. we're doing it outside in the field repair. Oh yeah, we're in the field.

Is that you're working on the Ford yeah. Take a break from Forge working on Chevy yeah. Bread and butter? That's right. Put your kids are coming through here boy.

everything breaks mostly. Chevy So come on. I Got a whole Chevy hate theme going on. How many cameras you got in this parking lot? Let's see one two yeah, got a couple.

You got two. How many? Dodges Let's see one two. That's right. yeah see I Told you it'd be brand new Express Lube Never Let You Down everyone every time.

Oh yeah, let's see. here's the piece of the box that's broken right here. stuck on this screw which is supposed to be on that screw that was down low that I just dropped and I gotta find but we're out here in the field so I'm gonna get this put back together folks. I'll show you how I cleaned the mass airflow with CRC Mass Airflow cleaner.

Not a spot for the Shelf but it works pretty well. Let's be honest so it doesn't break things all right. hour later I found my screw. not quite that long but I ended up falling like back in this corner even though it was the bottom screw and it sounded like it went that way.

I Found it. We had to do a little fishing now because mother figure, you know what? My last freaking can I Tell you what. Don't buy this. CRC Crap.

This thing pisses me off. My last can leaked all around the top. Look at this here. let me show you something.

This is not this guy. A brand new can I literally just opened it when you squeeze it down came back though the liner up. we give her a squeeze. it freaking all comes out of the top and then you can dump it out.

You know it's dripping back here. If you it just right, they're just all kind of comes out and freaking runs down your hand. There's enough to piss guy off, but we're not gonna get pissed off. This morning we're going to spray a little bit on our Q-tip My last can did that.

I'm gonna show you that this is dirty I'm in a very gingerly reach in here, clean the fine wire and then I can show you the tip of the tip tip of the Q-tip You see how that's got the black spot on it and I'll show you that black spot was around there. I'll put a little bit of cleaner on this one. We'll reach down here. give the bottom one a little clean.

I did hit the air temp sensor when it's in there but you can see see it's filthy. You're filthy. This is why we don't have sponsors folks. we can type CRC cans.

Crap Cleaner works pretty well. Can't say I've ever had an issue with it, but you got to be careful going in there with your Q-tip I Just do it to get the thick sludge off, but you stick a little piece of hair on there like I did. There we go I got it from your Q-tip then you're in worse shape than you were. So now we give it a full douche and according to this we're looking at uh, up to 10 Hp's so I give it a full douche like that and Shake It Off the can makes me want to just Chuck that thing that'd be a fun video and everybody be like you have anger issues.

We're gonna send that right back to Crappa right where we got it from. We're gonna make Napper get us a new can because we ain't doing that again for another year. I Was looking forward to getting rid of the other can. Oh well, that's worse.

that happens to me all day. I Think we're in good shape. We're gonna stick our bolts back in here or screws. there's one, there's two and then we're gonna take and drive it again and we're gonna see where our fuel trim number is steady out.

I'm not going to clear them, we're just gonna drive it. Yeah, what you guys think about videos like these? Um, which is kind of some scan tool stuff. You know, the boring parts of the job. I Guess if you're into like nuts and bolts things I Guess So we drive the vehicle so it goes through all the different cell blocks.

You know, because each of course that's associated RPM and everything. it goes through different cell blocks and starts to calculate your your long-term and short-term back in the old days, your adapted numerator I Guess it would be. We're going way back in the TF days when we're talking about that. So we're going to go through and just let the ECM populate each one of those cell blocks and start to learn its fuel trim just through various types of driving.

And then we're going to see what we end up with total trim. So that's why. you'll see. like if you're watching the field trip numbers constantly changing your long term like you could give it some beans and then all of a sudden your long term will change.

Foreign. Make a liar out of me. it doesn't but you'll see like a rapid change where it'll hit some big negative numbers and big positive numbers that were stored in there from the previous uh trip. You know previously in that cell block in its memory knew that at this engine load, the field trim was, you know, whatever it was and now all of a sudden it hits that cell block again and action sensor.

You know it's a feedback system, so it's saying no, not today and then the short term makes a quick correction, stores it back in its memory. so it knows when we come back into that cell block again that you know, uh, that's where it's at. Probably none of that just made any bit of sense to you, but that's okay in my mind, it does. So I just pulled over and I was just looking at our field trim data at idle, which appears to be the worst.

That's where it gets the creeps a little bit above 10. Like I said, we'll go back and pop the PCB system off because I'm not so sure that that's all coming from Purge but I was kind of confused. I was looking down here our long-term average without Purge like one zero to twos. I'm like, ah, so this isn't a percentage, this is Lambda Ding Dong I wasn't thinking so.

uh, short-term test. You know, obviously we're very close Lambda being one and here we're making what a 10 12 correction Long-term test. So minus 12 or minus 11? I Guess we're at right now, but um, I don't know how often it populates that. Yeah, because that's that's reading in.

Lambda in our Lambda right now is commanded at one. Okay, but I'm yeah. I'm super happy with this. I mean I've these things will run all day long with a negative 10 field trip without having any.

You know any issues, you know, plus or minus 10 is always a general rule, but I tell you what when you're working on uh GMS with GDI Purge is a huge influencer in field trip data. So I think we're gonna be more than happy here. I unhooked the PCV hose back there for hooks the valve cover, put a plug in it, and then where the manifold draws the fresh air from this side. I unhook that hose and then just stuck a uh, stuck a rubber plug there in the air intake so we'll give that a second to steady out and that'll tell us if the remaining fuel trim values are just because of crankcase gases.

which is what I'm assuming. Oh, look at that. So here at an idle now, we are almost perfectly at zero, which is 100 ideal so you guys can see that there. So that's running as good as it can get, folks.

So that tells me when it goes to the negative 10 or negative 11 where it was. that's all because of. you know, unburned fuel in the crank case from running rich. You know, running rich with alcohol.

even though the oil just got changed, um, there still must be drawing some Vapors if that makes sense to you. So that's the fastest way to tell there. I Think we've done a video on this before on the GDI. It's a very, very common video or a common problem on these.

Let me set you down. So on the gdis, the fuel pump is inside the engine you know runs off the cam like most of them do. All that I know, do and um, what that does? There we go. Make sure we got that thing clicked on.

It puts gas you know directly, fills over the crankcase, directly, filled up the crankcase with gas, and then pulls it through the PCB system. So now that that's hooked back up, we'll fire it up, and we'll watch our fuel trim over there after it steadies out. We'll give it a second, and there we are with the PCB hooked back up. We're running around Negative 10 again.

so again, not not horrible by any stretch of the imagination. So good blocks here, if so, blacks, so nothing I get too excited about and there we have it. I Guess we just have to clear coats now. Um, let me go back and make sure that was all we had I'm pretty sure it was the EVAP code that was in there and the um.

oxygen sensor code where most apparently have been where old history codes let me just double check. I think that was awesome mass airflow. We fixed fuel trims, we fixed the vet. performance appears to be working.

you know, the canister vent valve and then clearly, uh, our O2 sensor is working as it should. Otherwise, our field trims would be kind of wonky. So we're gonna hit erase and I'm going to give it back to the fella. Obviously it needs a headlight bulb it needs.

Uh, you know it could benefit from an oil change but not 100 necessary. You must only have about a thousand miles on it. It must be the Express Lube I Don't know how many miles they put on. they're thicker usually on these DMS if they're running synthetic.

I only run 5000 miles. Uh, because if you got a customer if you put so right now, he's got six thousand some to go. What? I've noticed on these If you're six, eight, ten, Thousand Mile intervals. the thing ain't gonna have a drop of oil in it when it comes in because it's going to burn all these DOD engines.

They burn oil like it ain't nobody's business. So even on ours. you know if we do our customers at 5 000 miles if they're not checking in between I mean they'll come in, they'll be two quarts low which is not uncommon. Uh, particularly like say as they start burning oil.

So especially you know 150 000 miles is probably an oil burner, but I think we're in good shape for now. I'll leave that up to him what he wants to do as far as going the rest of the way. um, his light's going to stay out now it's back within fuel control. We reset the fuel composition for the alcohol counter, clean the mass airflow, and and the other two issues that were there.

History codes appear to be working, so why don't you work your way down that comment section. Go down there. Leave me the question. The comment, the concern you have find me on the entity.

the Facebook You guys know what to do and just remind viewers I Can do it. You can do it. Thanks for watching foreign.

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  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard R says:

    Eric, when you said , it has 151K on her so she"s just about done , I coudn"t stop laughing , that was so good ! 😂 Thanks for another 30 minute video by the way !

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Reagan says:

    TIL that the little notches on the top of those cans is there to hold the straw? What?!?!

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Reed says:

    The evap vent performance code is telling you that the vent filter is plugged and that is what throws off the alcohol content calculation in the Ecm. Love the videos. Service data describes the calculation for alcohol content.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars joeyf504327 says:

    CRC changed something for the worse! Their cans used to be great but they all leak! The GDI Cleaner leaks atrociously.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Effen Fish says:

    do all "modern" vehicles monitor alcohol content?

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ron Tronnes Jr says:

    Mr. O – PLEASE refrain from those it's about dead comments LMAO I have a 2010 GMC Sierra with the big 5.3 and 161000 miles on it and it needs to last a couple three more years until I can replace it lol

    Yeah, she's an oil burner for sure – I usually toss in a quart of Lucas Oil Stop leak halfway between oil changes as she's got a couple leaks as well.

    Thanks for the videos – always learning from you.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chris Harper says:

    Why was the alcohol counter reading so far off in the first place?

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Festusian says:

    The most impressive thing about you is the great linear logic path you follow. But right behind that is your years of experience and a vast knowledge of what any given reading range should be. Makes it much easier and quicker to find the problem when you don't have to run to a reference source to see if what you're looking at is OK or not.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Common Sense says:

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    One question though – what made the alcohol content setting move in the first place?

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  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alan Robison says:

    I have a 2005 Silverado with over 200,000 miles on it and it's still going strong. Of course I live in south Texas so I don't have some of the issues that you deal with in PRNY.

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars a4000t says:

    I guess this truck is not FlexFuel and doesn't have the sensor to compensate for it?